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May 30, 2006



Well, O'Neill went along the border later when it was a routine to do so.


Angry Bear you mean?

Oh well, Kerry's narrative "based on real events" can replace Wilson's as an object of moonbat obsession and allay/redirect guilt about being draft-dodger or anti-Americans.


"I have decided not to get in the mud with silly questions."

Predicted. Har de har, har.


O'Neil went into Cambodia from a different river system nowhere near where Kerry says he went up the river.


"Predicted. Har de har, har."

I think Tom's prediction that the Angry Bear would say that has to be one of the neatest rhetorical flourishes I've seen. Nicely done!


Long winded? ::grin:: That's his best shot?


These people are one-trick ponies. Hand them any facts on any subject and their comeback is 'Bush is worse!'.

I thought the stupidity was funny for a while. Now I find it pathetic.

The Unbeliever

For shame, TM! Stop pestering the lefties with inconvenient facts--you know how annoying that can be as they cling to their chosen Evil Conspiracy of the Week!

Ghengis Khan

It is a well known fact that John Kerry had his own personal dredger,paid for at his own expence to create a super secret navigable tributary into Cambodia,it is named after him,I translate,"The Long Streak of Water" the last word is somewhat idiomatic with no Direct Engish translation.


Notice all the deflection that goes on in those comments. They always turn to Bush's record. I forget, who was it that made their record an issue? Who was it that attempted to perpetrate a fraud in order to sully the record of their opponent?

Finally, when they've shot that weak load, they turn to the "Bush Lied" nonsense. They continue to ignore the reports of the ISG, the SSCI (not to mention the Butler Commission) as well as the NUMEROUS documents currently coming to light that demonstrate clearly the justification for President Bush's actions.

Pathetic, mouth-breathing, drive-by media addled morons all.


"drive-by media addled morons all"

In this instance Kerry is stirring the pot, putting the matter to reargument.

I am still waiting for him to show us the "CIA beret". What, does it have the CIA insignia on it? The letters CIA? LOL. There's no such thing, he just made it up, used to decades of unquestioning acceptance by the old media.


I like cites. I didn't mean site; I meant cites.

The best blogger sites are those who do cites. Not those who do the ad hom or just crack quaint remarks.

Keep up the good cite/site!

...always a pleasure to read good cites...

Captain Ed


I dropped a note in as well, mostly in support of CY. Did they really think that PCFs were dinghies?


The real world never intrudes,this is the virtual generation.


You can always count on a lefty to change the subject when confronted with inconvenient facts.

And the AngryClown started off with Jonah Goldberg's critique of Al Gore's claim to spending a summer in France--ending with John Kerry in Cambodia is still quite a stretch!

Chicago Station

I actually think Confederate Yankee is being a little too catogorical in his response. See my comment at Angry Bear.

Oh, and I also take Mr. Maguire to task for being too easy on John Kerry.


I'll pass on that thread for now. You guys got it under control.


Don't forget that CNN has photos of John Kerry in Phnom Penh on official government business regarding the Khmer Rouge. (No word on whether any hats were exchanged).


Bravo, oh prophet!


I hate haloscan.....hopefully at some point my comments over there will show up. I tried to warn pgl about the size of the swiftboats over at CY, but he didn't listen. Oh well....


Some points that get lost in the Kerry Kerf .. screw it, Thingamabobber.

1. Kerry's PAC was named the Citzen/Soldier PAC. One might suppose that Kerry was highlighting his military service, or at least certain parts of it. There was no mention of Kerry's flawless execution and attention to detail as the aide to the admiral back stateside.

2. The minister 'band of brother' guy didn't actually serve with Kerry ... yet he introduced Kerry using warm, personal recollections that didn't manage to exist in reality.

3. My wife was prescient when she pointed out in April/May that Bush wasn't making an issue of his military service in the camapign so - who gives a fuck about Bush's service record now? She was more interested in current topics and for the life of her couldn't understand why Kerry felt it so important to bring in his Vietnam experience, given that it was a long, long time ago and only lasted a couple of months.

It wasn't the fact that Kerry saw combat in Vietnam, it was the degree to which Kerry made it an issue.

4. Kerry's inability to run a campaign nullifies his ability to be a president, in my book.

Fuck it, the guy screwed up the management of his campaign worse than Gore - and, despite Bob Somersby's "War on Gore" talk, Gore was hellaciously bad at running his campaign. Forget the reporting on the campaign, just the details of the campaign - the way Gore actually set things up is what screwed him over. The press was just along for the ride.

5. Tom could host a fund-raiser and offer a prize to the first Left/Lib that could reconcile Kerry's own statements about his three months in Vietnam. No Swift Vet Stuff, no Navy Reports ... just Kerry on Kerry action.



What does pgl stand for,Parental Guidance Lock?


perfectly gullible loser



richard mcenroe

""I have decided not to get in the mud with silly questions."

"Uh, sir, why are you pointing the boat at the mud?"
"That's a silly question."


Man that thread is a perfect demonstration of the left's current problem. Inability to honestly repeat what someone else said, personal attacks, hyperbole, outright dishonesty, unable to stay on topic, the works.

I have a theory that when you read that sort of a thread you come out dumber than you were before and that factor explains a lot of what passes for left-think nowadays.


I know when I'm being spun, I don't need to live with the spinner to decide if I know all the facts.


Jerry, perhaps you can explain then why in multiple irritating inconclusive debates with left partisans, I have yet to receive a single acknowledgement that Kerry did not in fact spend Christmas in Cambodia. They always change the subject.

BTW, I overlapped "in country" with Kerry and did spend that Christmas at MACV headquarters. A fact that is "seared, seared" into my brain.

richard mcenroe

"... just Kerry on Kerry action."

Worst. Porno. Ever.


Ya, but Kerry did'nt actually START the war and sell out just before like Plame/Wilson.



Plame Wilson sold out? First I heard of it. Like a book or movie deal or what?



Plame Wilson sold out? First I heard of it. Like a book or movie deal or what?

$2 million for a book deal.

You know screw this working hard for 20+ years stuff. The way to go is to get involved in a big scandal and then sign a $$$ book deal with a huge advance. That way even if the book tanks, you're still golden.

It's appalling that the Paris Hilton method of advancement seems to be the most optimum.



I use "nonsense" and "garbage" quite often. I hope TM isn't talking about me.


"And remember, whatever you do, Don't Talk About The War!" - John Cleese as Basil Fawlty, Episode: 'The Germans'

Really, the Left should learn that... unfortunately they have suffered a collective blow to the head...


LOL...thanks ajacksonian - Fawlty Towers - that was a funny episode.

ed - was just being facetious with Spin. Sorry. I took the only part of the comment that I could understand.


Suppose there was a stabbing outside a nightclub. In court, the one eyewitness testifies that the assailant fled in a silver-coloured taxi. On the night of the offence, it is known that only 15% of taxis on the road were silver. Furthermore, when the crime scene is recreated, it is established that the witness is 80% accurate at picking silver from non-silver taxis. You are the judge. What is the probability that the taxi involved in the crime was silver? Initially, it might seem, given the eyewitness is 80% accurate, that the probability the taxi was silver, as claimed, is also 80%. But this ignores the error the witness makes when observing the much more common, non-silver taxis. In fact, to work out the correct probability, we need to invoke a theorem devised by the Reverend Thomas Bayes, published in 1763, two years after his death. This theorem allows probabilities to be calculated accurately on the basis of full knowledge of all initial possibilities. When this non-intuitive, but mathematically simple, theorem is applied, the true probability that the taxi at the crime was silver is found to be only 41%; less than a one in two chance. In the Australian tradition, you should therefore bet that the taxi at the crime was actually not silver. We jump to the wrong conclusion unless the Reverend Bayes’ approach is applied.

What is happening here? The fact is that we are all victims of cognitive illusions. They are potent and almost impossible to ‘unlearn’, just like visual illusions, such as the ones in which two parallel lines with different cross hatchings seem not to be parallel, or two identical parallel lines with differently pointing arrowheads suddenly seem different in length. Just as these sensor y illusions expose the unconscious brain processes involved in perception, so cognitive illusions reveal the brain processes involved in thinking.

You guys are about as close as one to get of people who have no understanding of the laws of probability and are all victims of cognitive illusions

Jimmy's Attack Rabbit

I guess Kerry figures the only way he can get Schrum to run his campaign again is to try and resolve his Swift Boat problem.


Well, you can be a victim, or you can try to do something about it.


Did Mellman want him to release his military records then? Does he now?

There's a whole mass of cognitive disillusion in them. Let's have at it.


I can't physically go back to that Bring It On thread again so I am posting here. Kerry can't accept the fact that the majority of people just don't like him. Unfortunately here in Ohio most people find him a dissembling fraud. On the evening of the repub convention when President Bush was accepting his party's nomination for president, Kerry held a rally in Springfield, Ohio. My sister lives in Springfield where they roll up the sidewalks at 9:30. This was a midnight rally with a bunch of people from Dayton bussed in. Then there is the Wendy's incident where much better food was substituted and don"t even get me started on the fake geese hunting fiasco. He must think Ohioans are a bunch of rubes! We are not and we proved it at the voting booth by not electing this poseur.


Very interesting Spencer,exactly what subject are you refering to?

richard mcenroe

Jimmy's Attack Rabbit -- Kos raising his money, Shrum running his campaign... maybe we shouldn't rush into condemning the Senator from Ketchup. This could be the sinkhole that freaking swallows the Democratic Party...


So let me get this straight...they're trying to defend the Christmas in Cambodia lie with the Bush was AWOL lie? What planet are these people on?


spencer, I don't have a clue as to what Bayes' Theorem has to do with this discussion. The only posterior distribution mentioned here concerns the location of the rice in Kerry's butt.


richard--You took the words right outta my mouf..Let the Dork run again!!!Hold up on the discrediting for a while..Don't shoot till you see the whites of their eyes..Keep your powder dry..Hoe many ways can I say it?

Rick Ballard



Clarice - Right. And don't feed them 'questions that need to be spun into gold' in a comments section.

It's OK to rise to the bait but taking it will leave you with a sore mouth.

Jimmy's Attack Rabbit


Actually, I'm hoping Schrum runs Hillary's campaign and continues his perfect record. The Kossacks may double-down on Kerry but I have to think it will dawn the other donks that his "electability" is a myth.

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