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May 20, 2006



I liked 'Democrats have a few isolated seethers of their own, but they aren't generally among the party's leaders.'

Kerry seethes, Feinstein seethes, Dean seethes; don't you seethe it?


Who will rid me of these seethers?

How about a seetherian section?


'Democrats have a few isolated seethers of their own, but they aren't generally among the party's leaders.'

Yeah, that jumped out at me too.

Kennedy, Pelosi, Reid couldn't use a healthy dose of dramamine?

They sure seem, er, seethe sick to me

(And try saying that five times fast).



Dramamine might help a seether disorder, but so might the bar bitch you hate.


Post coitictal, some know less.

Tom Maguire

Kennedy, Pelosi, Reid couldn't use a healthy dose of dramamine?

Is Dean not a leader, not a seether, or both?


"Democrats have few isolated seethers of their own"? ROFLMAO.

I guess he hasn't met the folks at Daily Kos or Democratic Underground, who have elevated seething into an art form. Michael Moore, Babs Streisand and the Hollywood crowd: Seethers all.

Methinks the gentleman doth project too much.

Paul Zrimsek

Poke around on this guy's site and you'll find that all those years of shaving have taught him to recognize a seether when he sees one. (Sample: "Too bad the gunman didn't take down a few of the jerks at the NRA who are constantly lobbying to make sure "gun enthusiasts" have access to AK-47's and other totally unnecessary weaponry.")

Dramamine? Hope you folks don't take lithium when you get on a plane!

Bruce Hayden

Instapundit pointed to an article in the Washington Times today on the Democrats plan to charge the Republicans with a "culture of corruption". It doesn't help them that the Ranking member on the House Ethics Committee was forced to resign his post after it turns out that he had made some $6 million under extremely suspicious circumstances.

No matter how load the Democrats scream about corruption, it just isn't sticking. The Administration is remarkably clean for a presidential administration.

So, they are left trying to criminalize policy decisions on the War on Terror. Pelosi, et al., are talking right now about investigations into WMD, etc. and Conyers wants impeachment hearings.

Beto Ochoa

I read most of his posts and that blogger is sick in the head.
Along with the insane "Too bad the gunman didn't take down a few of the jerks at the NRA" quote he reveals himself as a Food Nazi and pornographer


Meh. One side accuses the other of being mean, the other side accuses the first of being corrupt. They're all a bunch of peas in a pod.

Would we be better off (politically) if we were all more polite? Mebbe. If you believe the history books we've been this way for 230 years.

The immediacy of modern communication as well as the mass access is the difference I think.

I do think the radical left wields a bigger cudgel against the Dems than the right over the Pubs. OTOH the right did get Miers withdrawn and that was a very big deal.

A better question might be which set of seethers will exercise more influence in September, the right or left? Being as Dem politicos feel obligated to actually post on Kos I'd say the left will.

mark corlazzoli

i guess to a lefty seething is believing.


Excellent, excellent. It's the proof of faith. Not seething, not authentic. I've got to remember this one, Mark.

richard mcenroe

Oh come on.

When was the last time the Daily KosBots, the MoveOnBots and DUmmies started ranting about something and it DIDN'T become a Democratic Party soundbite out of Pelosi or Reid or Durbin within the week, let alone Teddy, Kerry, or McKinney?


Where's Aaron Burr when we need him?


Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. The Curmudgeon must not pay much attention to his congressional leadership.

Other Tom

Seems to me that Al Gore can seethe with the very best of them.

Now to get way off topic: For those who haven't seen it, the folks at TruthOut are sticking by their guns, with this posting at noon PDT today. What to make of all this?


Well, according to Will Marshall on C-SPAN this morning, one of the things to look forward to from the Dems later this year is more of this from the Progressive Policy Institute


Short version: Pay no attention to the myth that Dems are soft on national security, (Bill Clinton was an aberration) the real Democrat models are FDR and JFK. Future Dems will be much tougher on terrorism than Bush who could have captured OBL by now if he were serious about it.


What does Kos get out of backing Lieberman's opponent? I don't think they can keep Joe from getting the nomination.If I', right,Kos' record will be (what?) 18 and 0. If he succeeds, won't the party make itself more clearly left (and unable to win) to respond to this show of force..Won't moderates see that as writing on the wall and ask for directions to the exit..


They are Kos Dancers evoking a way of life that has passed. If they can only get the progressivity right, there'll be magic.


As long as they don't understand how to balance national security and civil liberties, they have little hope.


Fox is the only station I've seen cover the swearing in of the new government in Iraq.
It's good news from Iraq so naturally MSNBC is silent or showing their legends or cold case shows.
Dems continue to be soft on terrorism and will continue to lose elections except for Ray Nagin who has incredibly won re-election in New Orleans after totally botching the evacuation during Katrina. I wonder if He would have won if people who live in Atlanta and Houston hadn't voted for him.

Jim Miller

FWIW, my congressman, Jay Inslee, did not reply when I asked him why he thought Nancy Pelosi was qualified to be Speaker -- and possibly President.

Barney Frank

Richard Mcenroe is exactly right.

The 'leaders' of the Dems are Soros and Kos and the like. Pelosi and the other followers are led by these goofs as easily as a pig with a ring in its nose. Doesn't mean they haven't always believed the leftist tripe, only that they have always been afraid to so openly advocate it until led to the promised land by the Deaniacs and other nutters.


Drudgereport reported this evening that the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE WORKED TO DEFEAT NAGIN.



seethe: to be filled with intense but unexpressed anger

rave: talk wildly or incoherently, as if one were delirious or insane

Those politicians who rave are a lot easier to detect than those that seethe. Methinks the X-Curmudgeon is confusing the two.

It is probably safe to say that also all politicians in DC who don't rave, do seethe. The population of outliers is too small to worry about.


Eh, The dems could investigate a ton of things -- or they could just focus on investigating something about Iraq. If the war continues to just be "6 months away from turning", Bush's poll numbers still abysmal, --- it seems plausible to me that you could construct a narrative to really hurt Bush. Clinton's investigations were all over the place, and what he finally got caught on was what most people don't care at all about.

The real question is -- assuming dems investigate Iraq & find lots of embarrassing evidence of deception and/or gross incompetence -- how will it play out in the public? I would guess, if this were to happen today -- Bush and republicans in general would be in gigantic trouble.

Beto Ochoa

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Beto Ochoa

Here's an example from Lurkers link

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@a href=" http://drudgereport.com/flash5no.htm " target="_blank"> Drudge Report <#

Now switch the signs at the beginning and end
http://drudgereport.com/flash5no.htm " target="_blank"> Drudge Report


I'm too lazy to right click my mouse to use the built-in html editor on my Firefox Extension and you want me to copy and paste your form and substitute characters?



Thanks! You mentioned Firefox extensions. I use Firefox but not those extensions. Can you tell us more about which extensions to use and how to use them?


Other Tom

The Dems have zero chance of gaining control of the Senate. The House is 50-50. If they get the House, they'll investiagate everything under the sum, but folks like John Conyers will be the faces of these investigations, and it won't sit well at all with the great middle of America. And besides, all this stuff has been investigated till Hell won't have it by the 9/11 commission, the SSIC, and etc. If the Dems really want to trot out Richard Clarke and the like once more, I say let 'em.


Drudge Report

testing...I stay challenged


***the CIA official discussed in the defendant’s presence the dangers posed by disclosure of the CIA affiliation of one of its employees as had occurred in the Novak column.***

"The defendant's presence" is a hell of a long way from "I told the defendant".But is it nice that Fitzgereald is getting round to defining the offence,pity he didn't do this from the beginning.


Sorry wrong thread,which only goes to show that the world doesn't work like Fitzgerald thinks.



I use this this extension on my laptop (I'm not on it now so I'm not 100%) and I just installed this one on my other computer a few minutes ago to respond to your question.

Technically they are designed for BB Code but as you can see it works here too.

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Hope this helps.

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