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May 22, 2006



Per FNC and the injuries "consistent with rape" were equally consistent with "no rape" for there were no tears, abrasions or bleeding. In sum, NADA.

Further the accuser told multiple stories--twice saying there'd been no rape, once claiming as many as 15-20 attackers were involved. On one occasion she said her fellow dancer had been in the room when she was raped,something that woman characterized as "a crock."

Lew Clark

I'm as sure them there Duke boys raped that girl as I am that Scooter Libby outed a CIA covert agent!


I have one simple question.

Why wasn't Juanita Broderick believed by any liberals, when she claimed she was raped by Clinton? She certainly had a more credible story than this women. Should I go on ?

The only thing missing in this story, is that Karl Rove was behind it!


I also feel Juanita Broderick should have been believed and also question why the NBC Lisa Meyer report on Broderick was held until after the Senate impeachment vote.
In our society money and power can sometimes determine justice which is a bad thing. We love to be a part of rehabilitating people but there are numerous victims of these perpetrators that still have to salvage their lives. I don't know the true story involving these Duke players but I really hope honesty will prevail and not avarice or exploitation.

Gary Maxwell

Just as I thought. Blood sample was collected in the SANE exam so a tox report is surely possible. Why hasn't it been turned over. Funny comment by the defense in one of the motions. I am paraphasing but it says in effect, Prosecutor Nifong, while running for reelection hinted to Newsweek magazine that tox report would show the presence of a date rape drug. My emphasis added. And then lists a specific edition so the article no doubt quotes him.

So which is it Nifong? Are you lying now or where you lying to get elected back then? Yea gad, the first witness for the Defense may one Michael Nifong!


I'm wondering if the discovery documents are publically available?


The defense has those docs because state law requires the prosecution to turn his evidence file over to them. I know of no obligation on their part to keep that information secret and they obviously are the source of the latest reports.



What frankly worries me a bit is the probable impact of this case completely crapping out. We all believe this case is garbage. But there are people who actually put stock in this, and they're going to be extremely disappointed when it goes belly-up.

If I lived in that area I'd be concerned with a probable mass riot once the charges and this case are dismissed. You're going to see all sorts of crazy conspiracy theories about power brokers and white KKK-style coverups and whatnot. The participation by the New Black Panthers isn't going to make things better.

If this idiot DA isn't careful he could very well ignite a racial war down in Durham. People are well armed in North Carolina and they're not going to cower in their homes like what happened in Los Angeles. If there is a mass riot, expect it to become extremely violent very very quickly. And expect it to grow beyond local police control almost immediately.


I have heard that Mr. Nifong will ask the court for an indefinite stay in the Duke rape case so he can take time out to help OJ find the real killer(s) or win re-election, whichever comes first.


Prediction: no race riot. I live in NC tho not in Durham area...they have been living together for centuries.



I used to live in Durham too. And normally I wouldn't bother suggesting such a thing. But a lot of people with agendas have piled onto this and they're all expecting a resolution that they can use politically.

And that's never a good thing.

Bill Mitchell

From all of the reading I have been doing, the only one that seems to think this case is anything more than a steaming pile is Mr Nifong.

Does he really believe he has a case here?

Cecil Turner

Does he really believe he has a case here?

I'll bet he believes it was a really good case:

Mr. Nifong won 45 percent of the vote in the three-person Democratic primary, just ahead of Freda Black, a former assistant district attorney, who won 42 percent. A leading candidate had to exceed 40 percent to avoid a runoff, and Mr. Nifong has no Republican opponent in the general election.


As the CEOs of the race industry have been saying for a long time, there are two sets of laws, one for whites, one for blacks.

This case is about rectifying those past inequities and those three white guys are the pinatas.

Just as they, the salesmen of the race industry, don't think Justice Thomas is black, they don't care whether or not she was raped, just that three white guys are caught and made to feel the thousands of years of how the white power structure treated blacks.

It's a bad day for law. Nifong should be tried and jailed. What a piece of garbage.

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