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May 18, 2006



Let your talking do the fingering.



Aren't these records available for sale to commercial purchasers? Perhaps instead of handing the records directly to the NSA a front company purchased them?

Or perhaps the NSA simply contracted out the program to a private contractor, who then contacted the companies in question and bought the records from them. This could work with the stipulation that the private contractor reveal to the NSA any significant connections to any phone numbers supplied by the NSA.

This would provide the various phone companies with plausible deniability, isolate the NSA from this actitivity and still allow the NSA access to the necessary data if there is a need.

*shrug* sounds plausible to me.



Buy a prepay phone for your daughter and let her handle her own phone bills.


I am beginning to think the whole thing is more or less made up. But they wouldn't do that? Would they? Where's Mapes working, anyway?

Can't wait for the first leaks after the briefings. 3/2/1


If the NSA could provide contact information to *and* track lost phones for parental units, now that would be double-fantastic service to the gen public.


ed wynns.


As most of the billing is done through a firm in Israel, maybe the numbers were provided by them, not directly from the companies, who can in all truth then state they did not supply them. Just a guess on my part.


If your daughter's American Idol favorite made the finals, then it was dad's money well-spent.



Last night they said that 550,000,000 votes had been cast.


Doesn't it cost $.50 per vote? Did someone make $250+ million just on voting in American Idol?

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