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May 17, 2006



The jury's forbidden to do that, Lurker.. Truly it's hard to see how the prejudicial nature outweighs the probative use of those.Just remember , this is discovery. I do not expect the the judge will be making conclusive rulings on admission at this point. Basically he made Fitz show his hand to Libby on the articles .

I'm having a hard time seeing how they could be sensibly redacted to remove the bits about lying administration officials.
Ok, I'll give it a try ;-)
What I Didn't Find In Africa By Joe Wilson

[redacted lie about who sent him]

[redacted lie about what what the CIA did with the info]

[redacted lie about the forgeries]

(Mr Wilson is former ambassador to Gabon married to the former Valerie Plame with two sets of twin children.)

I dunno -- whaddya think? It's certainly concise for those jurors who don't like to read...

cathy :-)


That's about it. See--again this is discovery--Fitz didn't want Libby to know now he was going to try to get that crap before the jury. If Libby's lawyers hadn't succeeded in making him tip his hand, he'd have tried that in the middle of the trial--now everyone has a chance to really focus on them..under less pressure..
Man, you can imagine from these and the presser what the gj was fed.

mark c

how about Jason "Longshot" Leopold


Is your legal system about justice or scoring points?

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