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June 24, 2006



verner, Eli Pariser. It may be that someone--say, Hillary was behind persuading some Townhouse members to leak to Zengerle..Kos poses the biggest threat to the saner members of his party, after all, but it seems to me he is his own worst enemy by his overreaction to the slightest criticism.


hmmm...seems Cleo's hero has left the building...I'm guessing Cecil's posts had something to do with it.


Hmmm...I can think of a lot of people that might want to take the 'net roots' down a few pegs. There were only 1,000 of them at Yearly Kos and the most well-attended panel was the gossip CIA panel. As I understand it, many of the more political panels were less well attended, yet this is supposed to be a political movement.
Then politicians showed up, some threw them parties, and it didn't even get them much goodwill. Why bother?

In the end, it is just people here and there scattered across the country that don't add up to any kind of electoral power. They make a lot of noise (think of the Alito filibuster weekend) and can make themselves pains in the @ss, but they don't represent enough votes to make it worthwhile.
Plus, Kos has threatened taking down various consultants.
I don't think anyone wants him or his leaderless group to be the face of the Dem party.


Yep Topsecret, that's the story of the day. Who really holds the reins in the Democrat party? And how do you handle the kooks on the fringe that make up about 25-30% of the base? If you alienate them, and they go to some nutjob third party (KOS for president! LOL) then you can hang up any chance of them ever winning on a national level again. The votes over the last decade have been too close.

The repubs are united on Iraq, and I suspect there will be some compromise over Immigration before the midterms. The stakes are too high. The idiots who claim that maybe it would be good to hand it over to the dems only need to pull up Daily Kos to know how stupid that position is.

On the otherhand, KOS has 'em whipped into such a frenzy--no way they'll vote for any candidate who doesn't toe the Murtha line over Iraq.

Then we come to Hillary, who has a formidable war chest, and has every intention of using it. Whoever comes up against her will be cut to ribbons in the primary.

Fascinating. I'm loving it.


verner wrote:


Don't you have a seminar somewhere you could be attending?"

I think the left call them "workshops"... seminars just sounds too corporate for the moonbats.


To be fair, I told Glenn I disagreed with the characterization of it being false, because I may have express some kind of sentiment close to that.
So perhaps it was just someone channeling Gilliard?----

So Gilliard has just subtly admitted he has allowed fellow traveler, I mean Townhouser to make a total fool of himself?

Could it get any funnier? I wonder if Gilliard will get in more trouble for embarrassing Glenn or betraying the trust of the cult, I mean Townhouse?


I seem to recall reading at least 100,000 words of Tom's decrying sloppy reporting, sloppy investigating, etc.

But now the truth is out. Tom has no problem at all with sloppy (or in this case quite possibly made up) reporting.

Provided of course, that it isn't accusing Bush or Republicans of something negative.

Situational ethics are fun! And if having standards is good, surely having multiple standards is even better.

Right Tom?


I think you're missing the point Davebo.

I won't speak for Tom, but I for one could give an ant's behind who is telling the truth.

Not my problem.

In any case, what we know to be the truth, whether TNR is accurate, sloppy or not, is quite damning--and proves what we've been suspecting all along. The "people's" grassroots, leaderless movement is being led by a shady, well-financed, elitist vanguard.

No surprise there, by the way. As I've posted above, its just history repeating itself.


Davebo, Tom can speak for himself but I don't read his post as excusing alleged faking of e-mails. Greenwald's whining is what he finds so funny!

But then you probably think the CBS memos aren't fake and therefore you don't have to resort to situational ethics.

richard mcenroe

Let's see, when was the last time The New Republic actually and knowingly posted something obviously false, as opposed to an opinion or perspective I happened to disagree with?

And when was the last time Kos, his acolytes and his desperate defenders laid out obvious bullshit?

Gee, who to believe, who to believe...

Rick Ballard


You see them as too scattered and I see them as too tightly clustered inside meaningless (electorally) Blue Castles - although I agree with you 1000% that their total numbers are insignificant. Joe Trippi got out at the right time and with more money than any of his copycats have garnered. He's the one who set up the initial scam and Dean's "success" is simply being repeated.

If the Dems don't get the nutroots off the porch within a month it's going to cost centrist seats. I'm not even sure that locking them in the attic will do any good at this point - they've already provided too much ammo to the Republicans.



Here's what Tom had to say on Glenn's blog.

"That belated UPDATE implicitly admitting that two of the emails are genuine sort of dampens the point of the original absurdly misleading post."

So because two of the emails are legit, the third is irrelevant.

You are right of course, Tom can certainly (and has) speak for himself.


And I'd add that Glenn never implied at any point that the other two emails were fakes.

So the whole "belated update" line is, well, pure BS.


In similar vein, Drudge reports that Saddam is persuaded the US is about to reinstall him as President of Iraq.

Cecil Turner

But now the truth is out. Tom has no problem at all with sloppy (or in this case quite possibly made up) reporting.

That "quite possibly made up" bit is a little hard to credit. If Greenwald is going to call Zengerle a liar, he has the burden of proof. Considering 3 of 4 of the mails are undisputed (and Gilliard's first response on the fourth was to complain someone "violated [his] confidences"), it isn't terribly convincing.

Situational ethics are fun! And if having standards is good, surely having multiple standards is even better.

You mean like calling someone a liar and being unable to prove it? Greenwald's assertions are in fact well out in front of what even the alleged author if the disputed e-mail claims. And that's Greenwald's ethical issue, not TM's for calling him on it.

(I do, however, agree that TM's reading of Greenwald's treatment of the other two e-mails was overly critical . . . Greenwald sorta lumped them in there on the first go-round--"what he purported to be various e-mails"--but did not actually imply they were made up.)


they've already provided too much ammo to the Republicans.

True. Kerry did two things they wanted done very badly (the Alito filibuster, the Iraq pullout) and they both faltered badly. The netroots, like moveon before them, simply aren't giving out good political advice.

Good point about Trippi.


Is it BS or situational ethics you are concerned about? Your thinker is on the blink bub.

Tom Maguire

From Mr. Greenwald himself:

Only someone entirely unburdened by ethical constraints would think that it's a defense to point out that at least two of three e-mails published by TNR were authentic.

I must defer to his expertise as to the behavior of those unbound by ethical constraints.

My point, which I am sure is perfectly clear, is that Greenwald failed to note (until his UPDATE) the highly relevant point that two emails were genuine. Only a certain type of true believer would consider that to be irrelevant in assessing the various means by which an inauthentic email could have gotten into the mix (if that is what in fact happened).

Well, we are talking about a Greenwald effort, so ad hominems and distortions are about all we can expect from his supporters.

Please remember Glen Greenwald blogs from no particular ideological viewpoint.

LOL - I'll do my best.

Foo Bar

... rather than convey the impression to the outer world that he is a bug eyed ...

Attack Kos' behavior or ideas all you want, but I don't think you're representing your side very well by making fun of how he looks.

And yes, let me save you all the trouble of digging up quotes where Democrats make fun of the appearance of Republican leaders by preemptively acknowledging that that happens all the time and that I don't approve of that either...

Tom Maguire

More from GG:

The only evidence which could bolster Zengerle's accusation would be e-mails from other bloggers saying that they wanted to write about this issue. The only such e-mail Zengerle has to show that is the fake Gilliard e-mail.

Doew anyone else mind having their intelligence insulted? This is from the Mike Stark email:

If we can ignore it, great.

But I think that's hoping for too much.

Hell, our own readers are going to bring this shit up, let alone all the dimwits in Malkinland... You just can't expect to get anything by the netroots.

To insist that that does not suggest an interest in writing about this is delusional; to think others will agree with that characterization of the email is, excepting semanticlown, unreasonably optimistic.

And let's cut to the Greenwald email:

If it isn't answered substantively by Jerome or someone on his behalf, I think it will settle in as conventional wisdom somewhat quickly and will be an albatross for some time to come. Ignoring the story or hoping it stays unnoticed doesn't sem like a viable option at this point.

Imagine that! Zengerle thiks this is a call to respond to the accusations - silly man.


I think it's be a pity to have this shitfest end prematurely. I think half of us ought to write to TNR and tell them to keep it up. And the other half to Kos to say the same thing.
I'm assuming Davebo, Greenwald and Semanticleo are for writing Kos..


I think it's be a pity to have this shitfest end prematurely.

I'm just guessing but I doubt its over.



Rove recently said

Among Democrats, my sense is that the blog world has tended to strengthen the far Left of the Democratic Party at the expense of liberal, but somewhat less liberal, members of their party. It has tended to sort of drive their party even further to the Left rather than focusing on good ideas that would help unite people around common goals and common purposes. Instead, the Internet for the Left of the Democratic Party has served as a way to mobilize hate and anger - hate and anger, first and foremost, at this President and Conservatives, but then also at people within their own party whom they consider to be less than completely loyal to this very narrow, very out-of-the-mainstream, very far Left-wing ideology that they tend to represent.

Who would want to foil Rove?

Mister Snitch!

"The so called "grass roots" democrat movement is no such thing."

Yes, it's just another lie. That's why so many left-wing blogs and movements prominently contain words like 'truth' or 'progressive' – because otherwise, you could never tell that they had any relation with either concept. (Same reason they had to call the Communist Party's propaganda rag 'Pravda'.)

Grass roots? Crass roots, maybe. But real grassroots movements represent deeply-held public sentiments, while self-proclaimed asshole Marcos represents only fellow assholes. They're loud, they're nasty, and they're irresponsible – but they don't represent a majority.

At the end of the day, this crowd is about as memorable as a breeze blowing off a trash heap. Sure, it stinks, and everyone notices for a moment, but then we all move on to something more meaningful.


BTW...you got to see this new embarrassment...airbrushing the astrology...don't tell WAPO blog though...


Cecil Turner

Attack Kos' behavior or ideas all you want, but I don't think you're representing your side very well by making fun of how he looks.

Please. It's Kos's expression of high dudgeon that makes him look like a "crazy, wild-eyed radical" . . . and that's quite controllable, and fair game. (Especially as counterpoint to his own unfortunate quote.)

richard mcenroe

Foo Bar -- You're right. It's mean of us to make jokes about Kos's appearance.

Let's just post pictures — FABulous...!


--You're right. It's mean of us to make jokes about Kos's appearance.--

Oh please...sandpaper snatch Kate, anyone?


Thanks, rm, I knew that was around somewhere I just couldn't remember where.


Attack Kos' behavior or ideas all you want, but I don't think you're representing your side very well by making fun of how he looks.

screw em....


perhaps FooBar where's a blindfold at posts like this


or say when he visits the http://www.smirkingchimp.com/


wear's, not where's


Fish-mouthed also...like Dean.


and sorry, didn't Murtha and Larry Johnson. et al just reference Rove's WEIGHT in recent discussions and let's not for get Larry sensitive speculation of Rove's mother suicide!

Tom Maguire

I think half of us ought to write to TNR and tell them to keep it up. And the other half to Kos to say the same thing.


Let me see if i can help Davebo, who wrote this:

So because two of the emails are legit, the third is irrelevant.

No, that is not what I said. What I have been saying is that the presence of two legitimate emails changes the likelihood pf various scenarios that include a bum email.

For example - suppose Zengerle simply confused a header and a footer on a forwarded list of thirty emails. In that case, all three emails are "authentic", but one was not by Gilliard, but instead by another Clownhouser. That would hardly change the thrust of the Zengerle article.

Of course, someone who did not realize that two authentic emails were part of the story might not hit upon that hypothesis. And someone reading greenwald's post might not realize that two emails were legit.

I am not, Greenwald's distortions notwithstanding, saying that a fake email is irrelevant; I am saying two or three real emails make the fake story a bit harder to understand.

richard mcenroe

wears, not wear's.

richard mcenroe

If that e-mail is fake, all Greenwald has to do is post a screengrab of where the e-mail was alleged to be, but isn't...


Do I have to stop calling her Bella Pelosi now?

richard mcenroe

Rocco — Bella Pelosi is now known as The Godmother, after her family heritage...


I have to say this is a wonderfully amusing controversy, albeit an inconsequential one.
TNR published three e=mails the gist of which is that Kos was telling his select group of boggers, jounalists and politicos not to write about a story that might embarrass him. He did so using the "Townhouse list".
Glenn G claims that one of these emails was a fake, probably because he did not receive it.
The claimed author says that while he may have expressed the thoughts in it. he does not recall sending such an email to the Townhouse list.
Glenn argues that this email is important because it suggests that at least one recipient, the purported author of the email
actually might have blogged on the issue without receiving Kos's email.

There is a problem with this claim. That Kos's email went to the Townhouse list is significant in some weak sense, because it shows that Kos was attempting to organize a sort of conspiracy of some bloggers and journalists to suppress information on a subject embarrassing to him.
But the significance of the disputed email, if any, lies in its existence in any form, and its representing the views of its author. That it was sent to the Townhouse list, if it was or was not, is completely irrelevant to that significance. And the author has actually confirmed that he had such thoughts.

Thus Glenn may be perfectly right in claiming that the third email did not go to the Townhouse list, and the TNR be right in the claim that the email was geniune, and reflects the reaction of the author. Whatever the genuineness of that email might be, its purported author seems to have confirmed that it represented some of his thoughts.

Thus Glenn seems to be a little wild in his accusations of fakeness and bad behavior by TNR, and his arguments seem to me to be a bad joke.

Or am I missing something? Would the questioned email lack significance if sent eleewhere than to the Townhouse list that it would have if sent to it?


I don't understand any of it. Left wingers can't even do their own homegrown scandals in a decent, straight forward way.

Whenever I try to understand what's going on, my eyes glaze over and I nod off for a moment. Their idea's are boring and hard to follow, too, so it isn't surprising I'm confused.

Barney Frank

"Left wingers can't even do their own homegrown scandals in a decent, straight forward way."

LOL, Kelly.

Foo Bar,
I agree, to an extent, with your sentiments concerning making fun of an opponent's appearance. However, you would be taken you more seriously on the subject if you could establish that you have complained in like manner when the lefty's you mentioned have done the same thing.


Wow. These Townhouse Crackers are really militant. They always seemed so nice when they spent their days painting milk-chocolate stripes on shortbread cookies at their magic treehouse rather than covering politics.

It's hard to feel sorry for Kos. I mean, you grow up as an awkward teen on network television and a few years later you can shutdown entire redlight districts of linkwhores by fiat.

Now do the official Kos kneepads come standard with that blog alliance or do you have to pay extra for those?

Foo Bar


perhaps FooBar where's a blindfold at posts like this


or say when he visits the http://www.smirkingchimp.com/

... did you read the entirety of my original comment ?

Please. It's Kos's expression of high dudgeon that makes him look like a "crazy, wild-eyed radical"



Not the same thing. Is the idea to make fun of his "astonishment or curiosity"?

Anyway, it's not a big deal. Perhaps Clarice might have been just as likely to use that phrase if Kos in reality had smallish, deep-set eyes. Let me just say that when you call him that some people might get the "mistaken" impression that you're making fun of how he looks. I'll leave it at that.

richard mcenroe

Clarice, to be fair and put that picture in context, he had just started the Ethel Merman medley that was the highlight of the CNN featuire.

I think he's doing 'Everything's Coming Up Roses' there...


I owe a debt of gratitude to the Daily Kos. Had it not been for this post:

""I just got a call that someone "crashed my gate" and drove through my office and my daughter's room. Had we been home I would have been working at my desk, and she would have been sleeping in bed. Instead, I was here, so the family's fine... I can now honestly say "Thank you for everything, YearlyKos.""

I wouldn't have found Brit Harry Hutton (who described the Daily Kos as a "tedious website about American politics")and his equally comedic commenters at Chase Me Ladies I'm In the Cavalry (see June 11, 2006 post).

H/T Chicago Boyz


Since the other two emails were real, the most likely explanation is that the third email is also real, but for whatever reason was not seen by some members of Townhouse.

Maybe it was only sent to a secret group INSIDE Townhouse, perhaps known as "Penthouse." The Penthouse forum probably didn't include the members who didn't see it.


I ever there was a member of townhouse condemning silliness such as -- fat wingers, sandpaper snatch, chimpymchitlerbuton, suicide missives and such...I missed it. There may be some, but I bet they aren't members of Townhouse...additionally Hero's such as Murtha weren't called to the mat.


Very funny, RM!

Rick Ballard

I wonder when an authentication procedure for Clownograms will be instituted?





>Please remember Glen Greenwald blogs from no particular ideological viewpoint.

So if this is true, how does Glen qualify for membership in the clownhouse?


Greenwald's just not in the inner inner "A" list circle. It's so obvious. Anyway, as I said earlier, I've known Jason since he was a cub scout and cannot believe he'd lie or that he has any reason to.


Attack Kos' behavior or ideas all you want, but I don't think you're representing your side very well by making fun of how he looks.

But it's ok to diminish the horror of the Holocaust!


I slipped into a phone both and turned into SUPERDOG to check this out, and yes I'm using my X-Ray vision as you can see from the pic.

I can't believe Greenwald is having a fit with Mr. Maguire, who I know we all deeply respect.

With Kos, Armstrong and Greenwald acting like Larry, Curly and Moe it certainly seems to me they should be dealing with their own problems rather than getting in a fight in which they're overmatched.

Now we know what happens when Dems open their wallets for lefty bloggers. And it certainly appears the other lefty bloggers are wired right into the command network doesn't it?

And guess who benefits from all this?

Ah well, back to more important things for me.

(ps: TM Dave says he sent you an email)


Or the butchery of US contractors in Iraq.

It's a hard double standard to keep up with, and I'm not going to bother. I just want Kos to stay alive and at work thru November.


I get it, Fake but Accurate is okay but Accurate but Fake isn't.

Rick Ballard


Perhaps it's a matter of semantics - "no particular ideological viewpoint" means a status of Clowncorpsman II and thus not privy to all messages from Clowncorps Central to which a Clowncorpsman I might have access.

David R. Block


Everyone would not get it unless they had set their options to get it. You can set both Google Groups and Yahoo Groups accounts up so that you can read the stuff at the web site without having to have messages delievered to the inbox of your choice.

Been there, done that.


My bet's on "Penthouse", the insiders inside the inside.


Heh...NOW it's OK to BURN THE SOURCE Calling TruthOut and Jason Leopold?


Herbie Wilker's...are you watching Sushi TV?

Barney Frank

Returning to the title of this thread; judging by Glenn's humorless efforts here I think it safe to say his career in comedy is going to be right up there with Pauly Shore's.


So let me get this straight. According to the left:

The problem isn't Armstrong's and Markos's ethics.

The problem isn't Markos attempting to kill a story using his influence.

The problem is that TNR supposedly printed a fake e-mail. (whose writer refuses to deny he wrote.)

What am I missing here? Does this make sense to anybody?


Not to worry all. I'm sure it will all be cleared up in 24 hours.....well - better make that 24-business-hours. On second - no third thought I suspect by next Wednesday. If no then by Friday or Saturday. Well....maybe by the elections. Nobody makes a fool of the Spanish Inquisition.....

Charlie (Colorado)

Attack Kos' behavior or ideas all you want, but I don't think you're representing your side very well by making fun of how he looks.


Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot

Representative John P. Murtha, the Pennsylvania Democrat and Vietnam War veteran pushing for a quick withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, on Sunday mocked Karl Rove, the president's senior adviser, for championing the war while "sitting in his air-conditioned office on his big, fat backside."



Ayman Al Zawahiri released another video telling Americans Bush lied to them. Think he's a KOS fan?

The Commissar

How about this comment from Gilliard on an earlier post on his blog:

HaloScan.com - Comments
As for having my e-mail quoted in a subsequent piece in TNR, I will only say that someone violated my confidences, and that TNR's ethics are for shit.
steve_gilliard | 06.23.06 - 9:46 am | #

Is it still fake if Gilliard complains that TNR quoted his email and violated his confidences?

Bill in AZ

Rocco, Zawahiri is prolly a ClownCorpsman I. He'll come out in defense of Kos in a week or two - for some reason it takes him a while to get his talking points.


Hmmmm sounds like Gillard is trying to have it both ways.



Yep...but you know Jane...it's hard to tell a fellow Townhouser anything but what they want to hear...


YOU are so right. The real little scandal here are the identities of the journalist that are TownHouse memebers...I mean KOS is an activist directly coordinating with campaigns...and sending out message machine emails...is it right that say Dan Froomkin (if he were a Townhouse member)-- who is on the payroll of WAPO be coordinating message with Kos? And isn't that legally questionable? As far as equal time? (not sure there but it make you wonder - how many columns has Froomkin done on a KOS endorsed candidate?) --well it's ethically questionable, I think.

I am not surprised TNR didn't reveal any journo names, but one big hanky here is - what jounralists are TownHouser's?



I love my own typo



Heh...NOW it's OK to BURN THE SOURCE Calling TruthOut and Jason Leopold?

You mean, like how lots of liberal blogs have been calling TruthOut and Leopold have been calling?

Dear me. It's carnival of the shills here, as usual, led by Tom 'Squinting Exegesis' Maguire.


I am not surprised TNR didn't reveal any journo names, but one big hanky here is - what jounralists are TownHouser's?

I think it is basicly the Soros stable if I had to make a guess--topped by Blumentahl and Brock.

Gary Maxwell

OK I am back did the poo flinging monkeys all leave? Did occur about the time that Gilliard said wel maybe I kinda did say something like that, his third iteration of the absolute truth?

I want the e-mail released too. That would be wild to see who all is on the list. Bet me that some big name MSMs are on there. But you have to give me some odds so I can make a haul like Jerome and Kos.


Brock and Froomkin, certainly. GT townhouses are pricey..I doubt any lefty bloggers live there..Blumenthal doesn't..Pincus does.


OMG...I bet dollars to doughnuts Keith Olberman is a TownHouser!!!

Rick Ballard

Look for places with Ronald McDonald lawn gnomes, Clarice - that's the signal for those in the know.


OK Rick...I think I your cryptic but I am stuck on Clarice's


TS, If they are actually meeting in a georgetown townhouse, they are meeting in the home of someone in Washington who has more money they the bloggers are likely to have. Likely it is a professional with a big paper, mag or tv gig. I have no idea where most of the usual suspects live. But the last I heard Pincus lives in georgetown.


****who has more money than the bloggers are likely***


Clarice...I did figure it out...now the wheels are turning.


I agree Clarice. If you look at the links at KOS, that should tell you. Wolcott at VF, Huffington Post.

I also think that it is interesting to put the KOS alumni into a special link section. My guess, they're getting a little stipen too. Old trick on the left. Open up little clones so that you can make your movement look bigger and more important than it actually is.


Juan Cole
Joe Conason
Josh Micah Marshal

People at Tapped?


Dan Iehl's done some digging and it looks like Armstrong's using the PAC money to support bloggers..and the SEIU seems to be big daddy somewhere in this labyrinth of orgs and funders in the nutroots..See what you think..
"Lost in the current controversy over MyDD founder Jerome Armstrong's apparent belief in astrology, are other reports which could cause some to question if it's a good idea to have an individual who ran afoul of the SEC minding on line contributions for political candidates.

As The Hill reported on June 15th, Daily Kos has transferred administration of Blog PAC over to MyDD. MyDD also indicated its decision to no longer distribute funds from the PAC to political candidates, but to use them, in some manner, to support bloggers themselves.

BlogPAC, a liberal political action committee started in 2004 by the Daily Kos’s Markos Moulitsas Zúniga and several others bloggers, is under new management.

Chris Bowers and Matt Stoller, who write for the liberal blog MyDD.com, took control of BlogPAC earlier this month. It will no longer operate as a traditional PAC, raising money to support candidates and participate in elections, Bowers said in a statement on the website.

“Under our management, the mission of BlogPac will be primarily to defend the netroots and improve the quality of online activism,” Bowers wrote. “What we do not have is a formal entity to defend and enhance the political activity of the progressive blogosphere and progressive netroots.”

Bowers told The Hill that BlogPAC does not need to steer money to candidates because ActBlue, a website that lets bloggers and readers contribute directly to candidates, has helped raise more than $5 million for Democrats since 2004.


In Sunday's paper, conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks attacks the founder of Daily Kos for acting like a "Kingpin" who "commands his followers" to "unleash their venom on those who stand in the way," RAW STORY has found.

"The Keyboard Kingpin, aka Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, sits at his computer, fires up his Web site, Daily Kos, and commands his followers, who come across like squadrons of rabid lambs, to unleash their venom on those who stand in the way," writes Brooks. "And in this way the Kingpin has made himself a mighty force in his own mind, and every knee shall bow."


Cllarice..which raises more questions about the dubiousness of journalists-- that's people who are on WAPO or AP or NYT's payroll- being on a strategy/activist/pol operative/message group.

Someone should ask Froomkin or the ombudsman point blank.


here is WAPO's ombudmen's email



Patterico Cancels his Subscription to the LA Times

As did Kathryn Jean Lopez.


--Froomkin called former New York Times reporter Judith Miller a “humiliated and discredited shill.” --

Well, is he a shill for Kos and the Roots?

Rick Ballard

"like squadrons of rabid lambs, to unleash their venom"

Brooks needs to get the old metamixer into the shop. As was once said of one of my lesser efforts: "That's a 24 carat trainwreck."


Riehl raises some interesting questions as well about Armstrong's and MyDD's connections to the SEIU...

Of course, the townhouse meetings could be taking place in some politician's house..and many Dem politicians reside there, including John Kerry.


Rick Moran just did a brilliant piece on NYT / LATimes / WSJ.

Patterico told NYT:

"Patterico has cancelled his subscription to the Los Angeles Times, one of three papers who broke the story yesterday. The other two were the NY Times and the Wall Street Journal.

He pointed out to the subscription specialist who tried to talk him out of cancelling that he wasn’t doing it because he disagreed with the newspaper. And anyone who has read Patterico’s year end summaries of what the LA Times has done knows that he has plenty of ammunition there. Rather, he cancelled because he cannot abide by the paper’s decision to publish details of the top secret program:

I told the man that officials from the Bush Administration had begged the newspaper’s editors not to print this story, but the editors ran the story anyway. I told him that I think publishing the story was completely irresponsible, totally lacking in any justification, and has posed a threat to the safety of our country. And I just can’t continue to subscribe to a newspaper that would do such a thing."

RM: This is another way to make newspapers think twice about publishing such stories. Hopefully, many more will follow his example.

RM's remarks about Keller:

"Keller is a coward. And his refusal to appear on shows like Hugh Hewitt’s program only leaves the impression that he knows what he did is unjustifiable under any doctrine that includes “the public’s right to know” or that the Times was acting in the even more problematic “public interest.” The reporters on the piece are less responsible but should still demonstrate a little backbone and come out from behind the Time’s firewall and explain themselves."

BTW, didn't NYT offer an early retirement offer for its employees? They just might be slated for another RIF.


Wow, what excellent investigative work Reihl did regarding Armstrong, KOS, MyDD, etc.

Rick Ballard


Here's a link to a Kos interview with the SEIU president that goes back about a year and a half.

It looks like nutroots are similiar to aspen roots.


I think Riehl might be onto why Kos has been acting up so. I wish the LMRDA reports SEIU has to file annually were online.. I sniff something.


Me too Clarice. I never paid much attention to KOS. SEIU was a major player in US Labor against the War. I think that the labor part of the "anti-war" movement was facilitated with the help of the notorious radical David Cortright, who co-ordinated efforts with Win Without War. (These people have all known each other very very well since the 60's--Cortright, Heather and Paul Booth, Ira Arlook at Fenton--all former SDSers.). As for Stern (SEIU pres.), here's the money quote from DTN:

The current president of the SEIU is Andrew Stern, a former New Leftist who came out of the University of Pennsylvania. One of the eulogies given at a Democratic Socialists of America memorial after the death of DSA co-founder Michael Harrington gave tribute to "the people who worked with or fought with Mike who now staff high councils of the AFL, like Andy Stern of SEIU…." Stern is one of many radical union organizers who came out of the Midwest Academy which was formed by SDS radicals Heather and Paul Booth to train community organizers and infiltrate the labor movement. Paul Booth who was a secretary-treasure of SDS is now the assistant to Gerald McEntee, a member of Al Gore's cabinet in the 2000 campaign and the president of the other powerful government union, AFCSME. Heather is the guiding force of the radical organization ACORN and was a legislative aide to Democratic Senator Howard Metzenbaum before he retired. So successful has the Booths' Academy been that its work is now carried out by Union Summer, a program entirely financed by the AFL-CIO to train radical college students to become union organizers. Union Summer is run by the son of Democratic Congressman Sandy Levin, nephew of Democratic Sentator Carl Levin, so incestuous is the Union-Democratic nexus.


And you folks gotta read this one. It shows how the SEIU (Stern)/AFSCME (Booth)/teamsters were involved in corruption during the Clinton administration.


The teamster money laundering scheme was run through the bogus non-profit Citizen Action--run by Heather Booth, Ira Arlook (Fenton VP) and TOM ANdrews (WWW and friend of Joe Wilson)

And KOS is involved with them--likely being bankrolled by them. Boy are those hot wires crossing again!


--co-ordinated efforts with Win Without War--

Funded by Dana Preist's husband Mel Goodman's outfit...CIP



One of the most sophisticated of Fenton's anti-war projects is the co-mingling of Win Without War and the Center for International Policy (CIP).

---end verner

--Dana Priest's Husband, William Goodfellow the Executive Director of Center for International Policy (which we already know)...but CIP runs ... WinWithoutWar

Win Without War's fiscal agent is the Center for International Policy (CIP).

HAH! Guess who sponsored *Epic* Wilson Lobby Day -- in which he (with Ray McGovern lovingly by his side) informed attendees --on June 14, 2003 he was the un-named (calling Mr. Fitz, no one knew before July 6th you say?) AMBASS quoted in the NYT's and London papers, and said he thought the story had legs?

The Iraq Forum, training and grassroots lobbying would have been impossible without the special support of: ADAMS Center, Amnesty International–USA, Arab American Institute, Church of the Brethren Washington Office, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Friends Committee on National Legislation, Fourth Freedom Forum, the Methodist General Board of Church and Society, NETWORK – a Catholic Social Justice Lobby, OxFam America, Pax Christi USA, Peace Action, and Win Without War.

---July 29, 2004 update: In an undated statement, Heinz Endowments President Maxwell King has denied that money from his foundations to Tides has funded "partisan causes and fringe political groups" (presumably a description that includes CAIR). King states that "every penny of Heinz's support to Tides has been explicitly directed to specific projects in Pennsylvania" and provides a listing of those projects. So, it appears that the Heinz foundations themselves do not give to CAIR, just to an organization that gives to CAIR.---LINK

(warning, another PDF link)

The following organizations received grants from the (The Tides Foundation) - Iraq Peace Fund in 2002-2003. We hope to continue helping similar efforts until the war ends.

• Center for Internationa l Policy www.ciponline.org
Founded in 1975, the Center for International Policy (CIP) is a nonprofit educational and research organization promoting a U.S. foreign policy based on international cooperation, demilitarization and respect for basic human rights.

• Education for Peace in Iraq Center www.epic-usa.org
The Education for Peace in Iraq Center (EPIC) is a grassroots organization dedicated to improving humanitarian conditions in Iraq. It seeks peaceful alternatives to effectively address legitimate security concerns and end the humanitarian crisis in Iraq. EPIC uses education and advocacy to affect progressive change in U.S. policy toward Iraq and U.S. public opinion.



--National Win Without War members include: American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee , Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities, Campaign for UN Reform, Conference of Major Superiors of Men, Council for a Livable World , Education for Peace in Iraq Center , Families USA, Feminist Majority, Fourth Freedom Forum, Global Exchange , Greenpeace, Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), MoveOn, NAACP, National Council of Churches, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, National Organization for Women (NOW), NETWORK A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby, Pax Christi USA, Peace Action, Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR), Psychologists for Social Responsibility, Rainbow/Push Coalition, Shalom Center, Sojourners, Soulforce, The Tikkun Community, TrueMajority, Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations , United Church of Christ, United Methodist Church General Board of Church and Society, Us Foundation, USAction, Veterans for Common Sense, Veterans for Peace, Women's Action for New Directions (WAND), Working Assets, Artists United to Win Without War, Musicians United to Win Without War. Win Without War's fiscal agent is the Center for International Policy (CIP).--

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