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June 22, 2006



Now, that is not to say that Saddam was not a threat in the WMD department. You're not trying to claim THAT now, are you?

I guess you have me there, verner. But I think the degree of threat bears measuring.

Kinda like PUK's letter opener. He's like a Viking screaming his war-cry while waving a
wooden sword. He makes a lot of noise, but isn't capable of any real damage.


Undeniable: It's now clear that the New York Times is a national security threat.


Leaks and the Law

Captain's Quarters was supposed to be online with Hugh Hewitt regarding this topic.

What are the odds of DOJ winning against NYT and LATimes?

No wonder other MSMs have been fairly quiet.


You have used the Viking metaphor before,it was lame then and has not improved with repetition.They must teach you more than than this at your remedial English classes,surely?

It is best not to use imagery of subject about which you know nothing ,having said that,that must restrict you severly.

richard mcenroe

PeterUK -- Hail, Ragnar! OOOOOOOOODIN!


Mcenroe,I told you not to blow that horn,now the place is going to be full of Vikings,you know what they are like when the have had a bevvy.
Whilst I am tempted to go all "Blood Eagle" on Pedanticleo,this is a family show.


Whilst I am tempted to go all "Blood Eagle" on Pedanticleo,this is a family show.


PUK's gonna pull in his wax horns now, lest any impressionable youngsters fall prey to his acerbic prose. ::chuckle::


I see you don't know what a Blood Eagle was Pedanticleo,look it up,try and find pictures.Improve your limited repertoire of images

By the way you are plagiarising Sues :: ::

Rick Ballard


No that's her new signoff - short for ::chuckleheaded moron::.


I suppose it is an improvement,for months she has been putting a thumb print on the screen.


PUK and Mallard;

Writer's block, eh?


Peter U.K.

Blood Eagle, I remember that came up when we were discussing the Battle of Maldon in English class.

A bold fashion statement for Leo, he should acquire one immediately.

And "Kosymandius" was classic.

And to pick up an even more obscure reference of yours from an earlier thread, doesn't Kos bear an uncanny resemblance to that skinny fellow in the "Carry On.." movie series?


Okay now I need to the link to scary larry's pre-911 declaration that al Qaeda was not a threat. Anyone have that handy?

Carol Herman

Peter in the UK. I was at Woodstock! I got there early. The friend I was with, drove his GTO Pontiac to the back of Max Yazgur's farm. Covered ankle deep in cow shit. Since the cars were supposed to do the work of plows. Instead, with bearly a few rows of cars in place, the rains came. AND, THE CROWDS ARRIVED IN DROVES, TEARING DOWN THE GATES. Some had tickets. We did. Most just knew it was a FREE concert. Mud, music and all. But to its promoters it was a financial LOSS.

I thought you'd know that. If you had been there you'd realize there was "no check to cash" ... Later? I guess the film helped bring back some of the funds.

But sometimes the route to money gets very complicated, indeed.

We are, as a nation, a two party system. Right now, following about 60 years of flux, idealism, and cold war shinanigans; we're facing a crisis within elite institutions. We don't have a DRAFT in place. So we have "yoots" running amok. Getting sliced and diced by exhorbitant college credentialling bills. And, basically running about ten years behind our grandparents.

What do I mean?

Well, in the 1940's, engagement happened early. People married in their teens. As husbands then went off to war.

Now we postpone this. High school kids aren't sporting engagement rings and marriage plans. But college as a maturing station? You're kidding me?

Add to this not just the sexual revolution, but the real revolution. Births can be stopped because the technology is commonplace. People just aren't bouncing out large families. (Which is what gave Detroit the idea to make station wagons, so you didn't have to leave a few of your children at home.) Today, smaller cars are practical. Means smaller number of passengers inside, though.

And, in this environment the old "democrat" reference ... which was said about Harry Truman ... "He was like so many men in small towns going in for their haircuts on Saturday afternoons." Heck, Norman Rockwell painted NORMAL people. Those Post covers went the way of the horse and buggy, though, come the 60's.

And, today? The democratic "machine" is busted.

In a two-party system.

It will never get put back together, again. But there once was a time the NY Times was an upper crust paper. Meaning most of its readers belonged to the Republican Party. And, to country clubs. And, the average person in the street was a democrat.

Oh. And, to talk on the telephone, you were married to the wall. Because the phone wasn't transportable in your pocket.

We're still a two-party system. Though, I'd guess, lots of kids today, instead of "picking one" ... tend to tune out.

By the time 2008 rolls around, you can write off C-BS as having anything running that would be of influence, politically. And, you can write-off the NY Times. Whether Pinch is "perp walked" out of the paper, or not. And, I think NOT. I do, however, think the paper can be sued silly. Maybe, even in a mayoral contest, where some candidate, wanting to get a leg up, goes after the 9/11 money that poured into the Times, so they could build a new way-station. Public money mispent in terrible ways.

Maybe, today, the NY Times proved it can get milage on basically a boring "eye glazing over" story about banks. No gun. No Willy Sutton. Just a story about electronic data-mining.

Ya know what? Without oversight, I'd bet those zeros and one's could get stollen faster than breaking into a vault! It's like sticking a straw into the ocean; and then realizing the strengh of the suck when Algore comes along to tell us, through heat, there's more water than before.

It really sucks to be a democrat.

And, it sucks to be pinch.

Kos? About to bomb like a dot.com


Jane..Larry C. Johnson, "The Declining Terrorist Threat," New York Times, July 10, 2001. Johnson, a former CIA officer, was deputy director of the U.S. State Department's Office of Counterterrorism from 1989 to 1993.


Thanks Clarice


You're welcome,Jane.


With 2,500 US soldiers having died in Iraq, to grant an amnesty would be a “huge political football” before the November mid-term elections in the US, he said. But he added: “This is what we did after the Second World War, after the Civil War, after the War of Independence. It may be unpalatable and unsavoury but it is how wars end.”

The Government intends to form a committee to distinguish between groups that can be considered legitimate resistance and those that are beyond the pale. “For those that defended their country against foreign troops, we need to open a new page . . . They did not mean to destabilise Iraq. They were defending Iraqi soil,” said Adnan Ali, a senior member of the Dawa party of Nouri alMaliki, the Prime Minister.

Reading directly from the draft package, Mahmoud al-Mashaadani, the Parliament’s Sunni Speaker, told The Times: “There will be a general amnesty to release all the prisoners who were not involved in the shedding of innocent Iraqis’ blood.” Neither the Iraqi Government nor the US Embassy would name the insurgent groups involved in the discussions.

But Mr Talabani said that after the last meeting the groups went away to agree their position. He had since received “a message from a common friend that they are ready to discuss finalising an agreement with the United States and the Iraqi Government”.

Mr Khalilzad recently told The Times that reconciliation required “a comprehensive strategy that has political elements, that has security elements, and that has reintegration elements in it: decommissioning, demobilisation, and reintegration of these forces.”

The draft marks the first time the Iraqi Government has endorsed a fixed timeline for the withdrawal of coalition forces from Iraq, a key demand of the Sunni insurgency.

“We must agree on a timed schedule to pull out the troops from Iraq, while at the same time building up the Iraqi forces that will guarantee Iraqi security and this must be supported by a United Nations Security Council decision,” the document reads.

One insurgent group involved in the discussions told The Times that the timetable for withdrawing foreign troops was key. “We are not against the formation of the new Iraqi goverment, but with certain conditions, which are to put a timetable for the pullout of US Troops," Abu Fatma, from the Islamic National Front for Liberation of Iraq, said.

Adopting a carrot-and-stick approach, Mr Khalilzad and Mr Talabani have also used the threat of Iranian influence in Iraq to persuade the rebels to come on board.

“I have said to the Sunnis, they complain to me about Iran, but some of the things they are doing in terms of their fight and the insurgency is serving Iranian interests,” Mr Khalilzad said.

richard mcenroe

"...doesn't Kos bear an uncanny resemblance to that skinny fellow in the "Carry On.." movie series?"

Hey! Frankie Howerd was a man's man and tower of personal integrity next to Eyes-Wide-Open Kos!


Semanticleo: ""I guess you have me there, verner. But I think the degree of threat bears measuring."""

Funny, the person who claimed Iraq and Saddam were the biggest and soonest threat was the Democrats Vice Presidential candidate, John Edwards.

In 2002, John Edwards told CNN’s Late Edition:

“I think Iraq is the most serious and imminent threat to our country. And I think Iraq and Saddam Hussein present the most serious and most imminent threat.”

So Semanticleo, could you find a quote where Bush or Cheney said the Iraq threat was 'imminent' like this Democrat. Or do you think Bush made him say it??


Wow, I posted twice at scary Larry's site and he sent me two emails. Both as nasty as it gets.

Here is the final sentence of the first one:

"If you are an
honest person you will realize that what you claim "I said" is not true.
If you're just a right wing hack you would deny the existence of trees
even if one was shoved directly up your ass."

What a guy!


Jane, how is "I said" different from what he wrote? All's one can do is point to his writings and taped interviewes. Plenty things he's said have been proven wrong.

Yeah, what a guy!


"how is "I said" different from what he wrote? "

Good point. And it looks like you have it covered.

What I can't figure out is why he took it to email. That's sort of creepy. Usually people who email you are in agreement with your point. Is scary larry that timid?


Now scary larry is writing veiled threats about knowing who I am and where I live.

I truly hope he decides to run for office some day!

Barney Frank


Beware, Larry may still have contacts in the "shove a tree directly up their ass" directorate.

You might ask him how one would go about indirectly shoving a tree up someone's backside.


You know the most notable thing about Larry in email is that he sounds like a petulant 17 year old. It's downright scary that he ever worked in government.


Jane, I'd block his emails if I were you.Tell him if he has anything to say to you he should do it in the same forum in which you addressed him.

Bill in AZ

Just post his emails here - they're good for laughs. He and his buds have "done things"... er... scary things, I think. Wonder if the tree thing is one of those things.


Okay. Here is the latest. (Note that he didn't even start the sentence with a cap)

"so certain I know nothing about you or where you live? you kooks are
entertaining, I'll say that. moronic kooks, like you, even more so."

Bill in AZ

What a pathetic insecure little man. He can't say anything without some implied threat. Always has to bring in the soooooper seeeekrit agent bit. 'Course, I don't know any conservative women who can't take care of themselves, so he's afraid of them - gotta lay on the threats.


Perhaps those emails will come in handy one day.

richard mcenroe

Ya know, Jane, I think you havew case for publishing ALL of Scary Larry's e-mails...

M. Simon

The key to what the Marine Command knew is Blood Money.


OT: FEC fined Edwards for '04 campaign.


My sense is that the media may not get the Haditha charges they so desperately want. They wanted Haditha and the other civilian case that the BBC hyped and was disproved, because then they can run with "massacre".

These sporadic charges against soldiers for one or two killings is not going to cut it for the media. They want their massacre story.

Now, has Murtha framed this so that the military will feel compelled to bring charges even though the case is weak, don't know.

The left will feel as bad as not getting Rove if they don't get Haditha.

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