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June 01, 2006


Carol Herman

Did Hank Paulson play LIAR'S POKER while at Goldman Sachs?


Somehow I doubt there will be any Bush holdovers in the new Clinton White House in 2009. In fact I doubt she'll even reappoint Bush judges that were held back as a gesture of goodwill.


This signals more "globalism" and so called "free-trade treaties" which works against American manufacturing and works for American financial services industries.


The big issue is that Snow is gone. He has had one of the most successful runs as a Treasury Sec has ever had...and he lacked either the intellect or personality to brag about it.

Paulson is a modest guy, but infinitely more qualifed to publicy read indicators, good and bad, than Snow.

Much more gravitas and a very sober supply sider.

I wish Snow well, congratulate him on a good run, and will now look foward to the effects of placing an individual with credibility(sorry john) and an ideology consistent with conservatism(sorry paul).

Robert Reich, love him/ hate him, inspired confidence. Bush is now trying to get someone who can do it too, 6 years after he took his presidency.


please read and comment on this:



Actually Reich wasn't Tres Sec, sorry, but he was part of the economic team, and later took the Labor post.

Ruben was a stiff.


Reich is an incoherent knee-jerk liberal liar.


As were a lot of Clinton appointees.


I don't trust those Golman guys. They are slick and a bit dissembling.


Paulson was the guy Bush needed to really take a swing at Soc Sec reform.

When a top financial guy tells you the system is broken, it has far more legitimacy than the head of CSX.

Does this mean Bush is going to swing for the fences, one more time?


I was reading online, and the Captial Research Center did a newsletter about Hank Paulson was the Chairman of The nature Conservancy.

You can read the entire newsletter here:



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