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June 27, 2006


Carol Herman

I grew up knowing that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle killed off Sherlock Holmes. But there was a rebellion out there, from readers, and so he had to "bring him back."

Here, Rowling admits that authors don't want their characters to be used by others; hence, there's a strong desire to kill off their creation.

Anyway, I just finished the Bartemaeus series, and Nathalial's killed at the end. Rowling's identified the reason for doing this.

While in the Harry Potter series Voldemort's locked into Harry. So if one goes, so goes the other. However, there's a poll up when I open Yahoo. That comes from ABC, and there it's a close call between voters selecting Voldemort/Potter, and others selecting Snapes and Draco.

I know Doyle used Oscar Wilde as his model for Holmes. I've no idea, however, who Harry represents at all. Other than the fact that Rowling's very well versed in gothic myths and tales.

You bet, since I've read the others; I anticpate her next book, too.

Travis Klein

Is Harry going to die?

I think he will,I like the idea about the mirror it makes sense! I see Harry defeating Voldemort but dieing in the act. Rowling would then use Harry's hearts' desire, he would meet his parents finally and be with the people he loves most! Dumbledore and Sirius would be there also.

Rowling has rumoured that the last word in the 7th book is scar. My last line would be: "He hugged his parents and smiled at dumbledore and sirius, he had done it. And when Harry felt his forehead there was no trace of a scar."


The mirror only shows desire, not truth. If ron isn't head boy in the next book(which makes NO SENSE!!! since he's a horrible student)ron won't die. Also, The entire series is based on her own personal lonliness, I don't see her making ron's mother, Hermione and Jenny suffer in a single book, just to kill one person (valdemort.)

I Think that she is treating Neville as a main character. I FIRMLY believe that in the "prophecy" of "for one to survive the other must die" or whatever, I think that the "one" and the "other" are not Potter and Valdemort, but rather "potter" as one or the other, and Neville Longbottom as the other one or the other. Two children, equaly likely to be the enemy of valdemort, and Val marked his enemy, but NOT his destroyer.

Then again, as she has been all throughout the series? She's has a LAZY ASS plot outline, I don't think she knows the outcome until it comes out of her poorly formulated writing. I would prefer a more scientific text, but she doesn't. The "half blood prince" gimmick was so flogging lazy, and silly.

Truth is, that she has written 6 books, without a focused finale other than killing off the main character, or crippling him in a way that prevents others from proffiting off of her "accomplishments," especially since SHE is harry. There is no way to guess what is going to happen in the next book, all there is, is hopes.

I hope, she makes Neville the actual hero who kills valdemort, and I hope harry takes the hit, or distracts val with a prima incantata act or some such, leaving val open to nevilles killing blow.

Harry should not come out unscathed, Harry dicked up every day at Hogwarts and his opposition to Val, caused every single death in the series. But I guess he will.


She writes like a 12 year old, for 5 year olds, thinking she's actually got something to say, but who cares? 12 year olds are just that stupid now, but it's such a phenomenon I MUST read, (and I will read, though I must tell the truth, HPatX is the only series I love the audio books of for some reason. JK owes Jim Dale MAJOR creds!)

Blah blah, it's so bad, that there is no outline I can follow to formulate my opinion, the last book will be unsatisfying.

My only whish, following the last HP book? Is that she allows others to write about "Hogwarts A History" prequels.

As long as it isn't her, I think that would be an interesting series, and it would make her a LOT of money without having to taint our children with bad literature.


Harry can't die. The boy needs an earth-bound hug for once in his life.
He'll be what? 19? Ready for love from someone other than his parents to fill the void their deaths left.

Will Dumbledore be back? I think he wanted Sirius to kill him, don't you?


Three quick points:

1. I don't care how badly it's written. My hat's off to anybody who can get a ten year old to pick up and read a 600 page book in this age of video.

2. It's a cash cow. As long as she leaves Malfoy and Harry alive at the end, she has a printing press locked in the basement she can turn on anytime she wishes.

3. If we must speculate, my guess would be that Hermione and Ron get over themselves, find "true lust" and get taken out during the act ala Halloween. :-P


Liberal or Conservative?

Harry et al L
Malfoy et al C

Ban that book!

End of story death bets: Hagrid, He Who Shall Not Be Named, Snape (yay!), and... Ron(?). Too bad.


My long-shot idea: "for one to survive the other must die" was spoken to Harry and Dumbledore. Dumbledore realized he must die for Harry to survive. He arranged with Snape for this to take place.

Bruce Hayden

My guess is that Ron dies, but Harry lives. Hermione may also go. Can't think of anyone else close enough. Maybe Hagrid?

The reason for Harry living is that this leaves open the possibility that she could write a series about him as a young adult. There has been some mention of this in the past. Of course, there is the problem that Rowlins already supposedly has more money than the Queen, but still...

Despite all that is said negative about the series, I am a fan of it. It turned my kid from an indifferant reader into an avid reader within days. And that is something that I don't think you can force with kids. It was almost as if a light went on, and hasn't gone off. As the books in the series have gotten longer, the reading time has dropped from three days down to one or two now.


Since the book is based on devil worship, I doubt Harry is going to see everybosy in heaven, unless the author has figured out that heaven may be hell.

richard mcenroe

Kos wants Harry dead. You just know it.



1. Voldemort broke up his soul into portions and put them into various devices.

2. A person without any part of a soul dies.

3. When Voldemort tried to kill Harry as an infant it was Voldemort that was nearly killed. But Voldemort wasn't killed because of some strong defensive spells but it still reduced him to a non-corporeal shade form.

4. Harry the infant got his scar when Voldemort was reduced to a shade.

5. Harry shares many of the abilities and powers of Voldemort. Including being a parsifal (snake-talker). Specifically Harry is exactly as powerful as Voldemort, just not as experienced.

6. Anytime Voldemort does anything, Harry's scar burns.

7. This is all because Harry's scar *is* the final container of Voldemort's soul.

This is why Snape didn't kill Harry when he had the chance. This is why there was an injunction against killing Harry by Voldemort. Not just because Voldemort wants to do it himself. But because he *must* do it himself in order to recapture that portion of Voldemort's soul that is imprisoned in Harry's scar.

The key to killing Voldemort is to destroy every device that contains a portion of Voldemort's soul. So this means that either Harry must die or his scar must somehow be destroyed.

This is the link that binds the two together. But in destroying that link Harry's powers will probably fade dramatically.


Frankly I think Harry will die at the end by sacrificing himself to finally destroy Voldemort. Then his two friends, already close, will marry and have a little boy they'll call "Harry". Who will be just like him, except there is no scar.


I picked Harry and Voldemort to die at the end. But I think J. R. Rowling may have a surprise waiting for us.

Can't wait for the next book. Will order at amazon and get on the list.


Remember the line used over and over--Harry Potter, the boy who lived. She can't kill him off--no one will want to read the book or see the movie. She is still young and full of ideas. Harry's life at Hogwarts may be over but his life as an aurore (sp) is just beginning. She says herself she likes/loves Harry. Why kill him????



She can kill him because of the world she's created. She can continue with Ron & Hermione as they raise a family. She could continue with other characters as they grow older, develop and become main characters in their own right. She could edit anthologies of stories written by other authors all set in her universe.

No matter what happens to Harry there are many other possibilities.


I've never been wild about the scar-as-horcrux theory, because it seems like the scar was created quite accidentally by Voldemort, but in book six, the process of creating a horcrux was implied to be complicated and not well-known.

As a result, I'm in the Harry will NOT die camp. My guesses for two deaths: Snape and Hagrid. And Voldemort, of course.


I second the praise above for Jim Dale's reading of the Harry Potter series. Do yourself a favor and listen to the final book -- or any of them, for that matter.

They belong in the pantheon of books that should be listened to -- along with P.G. Wodehouse's Jeeves, read by Jonathan Cecil and a variety of Charles Dickens (Bleak House, Hard Times, etc.). Dickens was originally a magazine serial read by candlelight to the family as evening entertainment.

CDs you can donate to the library after reading, but I keep the iTunes download of Wodehouse's "Feudal Spirit" and "Code of the Woosters" where they can be replayed repeatedly.

Liberal or Conservative?

Harry et al L
Malfoy et al C

Ban that book!


Having a little problem with projection, jerry?

Voldemort and The Death Eaters -- Islamofascists

Daily Prophet, Ministry of Magic, Moral Equivalence Forces who continuously snipe at Harry, Dumbledore, et al, and claim that their resistance to Voldemort and the Death Eaters is delusional and based upon being uppity, and who continuously undermine Harry's efforts to save them because they would rather the world be destroyed at Voldemort's hand than Harry get credit for defeating him -- The BBC, NYT, The Guardian, MoveOn.org, Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, John Murtha, John Kerry, George Soros...

Unfortunately, I don't think we have a Harry. The Bush Administration is more like the Weasley family. Hearts in the right place, but not quite having what it takes.

cathy :-)


If she kills off Harry, Ron, and/or Hermione, I'll never touch those books again.

I don't think she's selfish enough to kill off Harry just to prevent anyone else writing about him. After all, someone else could resurrect him as well.

If Harry dies, I'm willing to be she has a way for him to conquer death.

And the HP books have NOTHING to so with Satan worship. Wizardry is a kind of gift, not a deal with the devil, and the power is inate, not derived through satan worship.

Carol Herman

Jonathan Stroud kills of Nathaniel at the end of the Bartemaeus trilogy. Doesn't affect sales at all.

IF Harry lives out a normal life, then the scar has got to go.

He's already NOT returning to Hogwart's! He's walked out on Ron's sister, too. After a brief romance, "because he fears for her life."

Dunno who Rowling's kills off. But I'm sure the book will be anticipated.

I'm not so sure it picks up new readers at the rate it did when the series kept being written.

Like Gone With the Wind, though; some books continue to have sales. And, there's no "discard after due date" on them.

On the other hand, if Rowling is tying the hands of Disney, then not only does the kid die, Hogwart's ends its existence, too. How else to keep Disney's hands off theme parks?

I've never been wild about the scar-as-horcrux theory, because it seems like the scar was created quite accidentally by Voldemort, but in book six, the process of creating a horcrux was implied to be complicated and not well-known.
Accidentally? I think that Voldemort was fully intending to create a horcrux, and the only accident is that it ended up in Harry's scar rather than whatever Voldemort intended the host to be.

So, yeah, I think that Harry is doomed. He will destroy all of the other horcruxes, and then he must die to destroy the last one.

cathy :-)


I don't think Harry's scar can be a horcrux.

Recall that Voldemort believed Harry to be the child of the prophecy -- he was there to kill baby Harry, not to make a horcrux of him.

Now it's possible he was also planning to use Harry's death as the power to make a horcrux -- human sacrifice was a requirement. But if Harry' death was supposed to make the horcrux, it couldn't have worked. He didn't die. No death, no horcrux. Harry doesn't have to die to kill off Voldemort.

Unless Rowling forgets the logic of her own universe. Which could happen, of course.

Tom Maguire

If she kills off Harry, Ron, and/or Hermione, I'll never touch those books again.

My theory is that, assuming Ms. Rowling intends to have a relationship with her grandkids, nephews, and nieces, she won't go into history as the woman who killed Harry Potter.

Similar reasoning suggests that Ron, hermione, Ginny, Ms. Weasley, and some other obvious faves are safe.

However - the Crack Committee assures me that Rubeus Hagrid is a goner.

Apparently, alchemy makes a Big Deal out of the colors white, black, and red.

Sirius Black - gone.

Albus (white, look it up) Dumbledore - gone, for now.

Rubeus Hagrid - Good-bye, Ruby Tuesday.

So I am told.


Who I wonder has won a reprieve?

Snape gets the reprieve...

Every fairy tale about the lost child who is actually royalty and Stalky and Company by Rudyard Kipling are precursors of the HP books.

But, hats off is right to anyone who can make a 10 year-old read 600 consecutive pages.


Snape obviously dies just as they find out he was working on their side in Voldemort's camp; where would the pathos be if he lived? And it's got to hurt, so besides Hagrid, one of his close friends will die. Probably, as Tim says, Ron, which was foreshadowed. But it could also be Luna or Ginny. Probably Luna.

The scar is definitely the final Horcrux. Harry is going to prepare to "sacrifice himself", because he will realize that the only way to destroy Voldemort is to die himself in the act. He thinks it is worth it. And the beauty of this ambush is that this is the kind of logic that would never occur to Voldemort, as he would never have such a thought himself. So he won't be able to counter it immediately. Harry's sacrifice will add power to the spell to make it effective enough to kill Voldemort.

But at the last minute, Hermione, the cleverest witch of her age, is going to finesse the spell in some way, so that Harry will "die" then wake, and the scar will be gone forever.

Charlie (Colorado)

Since the book is based on devil worship, I doubt Harry is going to see everybosy in heaven, unless the author has figured out that heaven may be hell.

One barely knows where to start making fun of something this fatuous.


Having read all 6 books and seen all the movies I believe Hermoine, Ron and Harry survive because Good always triumphs over evil. Possible deaths include Malfoy, Snape Dumbledore or Hagrid. Even though the latter 2 are good their deaths would have an effect on the numerous fans of the series. Harry and friends are invincible.These books are excellent and the concept and execution brilliant. Any who say otherwise are jealous of Rowling's originality and are literary snobs.


maryrose, Dumbledore did die in the last book.


I think the big three of Harry/Ron/Hermione will make it, but no one else is safe.

I am personally afraid that one or both of the Weasely twins are goners. Fred and George are such figures of fun that their death(s) are bound to rip the guts out of a lot of people.

Alien Grey

I read a rumor that the two deaths occur near the beginning of book Seven. So could it be the Dursley's died. Dudley survives becauses he listens to Harry tells him.

John Loki

I am sorry I just don't get the whole Harry Potter thing. I don't have a problem with the witchcraft, I just don't get why it is so popular.


The Potter series is wonderful because my children and I can share the love of a great story that appeals to all of us. We parents spend enough time having to live through things that our kids enjoy (remember Pokemon? Barney?) that it is refreshing to have such an enjoyable mutual interest and it's a book, no less.

Enough spoilers already! My 10-year-old son and I have just started the first book in the Bartemaeus series and now I know how it ends. Sigh...

Tom Maguire

Snape obviously dies just as they find out he was working on their side in Voldemort's camp;

I agree - Snape and Hagrid have no shot of making it to the last reel.

Ron may have won a reprieve (per my Crack Committee) - they have no doubt he was marked for death, based on several books, but maybe he makes it.

I am adamant that Fred and George live - neither death would advance the plot, as far as I can see, and Ms. Rowling has the grandkids to worry about.

Harry is going to prepare to "sacrifice himself", because he will realize that the only way to destroy Voldemort is to die himself in the act. He thinks it is worth it. And the beauty of this ambush is that this is the kind of logic that would never occur to Voldemort, as he would never have such a thought himself.

I was telling a Committee member this afternoon that in the final showdown, Harry might just glare at Voldemort and say "Let's both die, then - I think that prospect only frightens one of us". Fear will paralyze Voldemort, and Harry wins. And lives.

Neville Longottom either dies or is carried off a hero, and he can easily count as a major character.


JK was inspired to write about harry soon after her divorce, she was a single woman (is she a mother?) with only a neglectful husband to define her. I don't think JK, in that metaphor would mind killing harry, because to kill harry, would remove the requirement (for herself) of desire she needed from her lousy husband.

As for the "one and the other" there are only 4 options in my opinion. FIRST! JK's press releases in the last 3 days are based on NOT allowing anyone to write a sequel. Anyways, lets go through the list of seconds?

Dumbledor: not a second, he was pre-eminant.

Valdemort: maybe "the other" since CLEARLY val will die, but she said "2 other main characters will die, but I haven't written it in yet, it's a surprise to me" or some other such paraphrase. so the Two "main charactars, are NOT Val. Cuz it's OBVIOUS that Val will die, you think she's Zimmer Bradley? she doesn't have the balls.

Potter: He is definately one of them, since the prophecy was offered to dumble...

Longbottom: My prefered surprise hero, she's big on stupid lazy gimmicks, but if neville is the one who kills neville as harry dies? I will be happy, since Neville is the only character I really cared about. (the St. Mungo's part, where he tucked away the candy wrapper as though it was a priceless heirloom? Neville suffered MUCH more than harry, harry, had the gift of ignorance, Neville knew that his parents were there, incapable, and noble, and they suffer day in and day out, because they were GREAT people, while harry is just an, in fact, pampered bitch who didn't learn shit in school (note? his father who was slaughtered easily by val, was able to manipulate his own, and others bodies with a though? and harry can shout "expelliamus" I think that harry's a bitch"))

The only other option?

Harry, with his connection to the muggle community? will destroy the power of the wizzarding world, this isn't an uncommon fantasy method. Maybe the one or the other, isn't harry and val, or harry and neville, but rather, Wizarding, and muggle.

Maybe Val, with his attention to his muggle life, and harry with his own attatchment must destroy the muggle, or wizarding community, so that there is either no wizarding, or no muggle world after their own fight for final conquest (which also fits into a messianic appocolyptic fight) (Excalibur did much the same thing, the difference is Excalibure was a good movie, and HP is a shitty series, with a good hook "for the kids" sales point)

Trust me? Harry is useless, there will never be another "harry potter" book, cuz JK IS Harry, but, I think she will whore herself out, in exactly the way I said, and I don't mind.

Let young, new, motivated fiction writers create stories based on "Hogwarts a history"

If JK doesn't allow that? I would say. . . .damn near. . . that her Ex-husband is right.


Tom? The ONLY emotional moment I found in the books was Nevilles connection with his crazy mother, and his LOVE of the insane gift she gave him.

Neville? Is the kindest and strongest character. "petrificus totalus" from the first book.

If it isn't neville who killes val? I will throw the book. I promise you, growing up, I had holes in many walls of my bedroom "do you get angry?" "Yes" "why punch walls" "I don't punch walls, I throw bad books!"



The Mirror of Erised:

This has been brought up before. The description given by Dumbledore is that the Mirror simply shows a person their desires. But I think it can also show the future. Remember Ron saw himself as both Head Boy & Captain of the Quiddich team? To become Head Boy you must first become a Prefect.

And who really thought Ron, of all people, would become a Prefect?

And also consider that Dumbledore didn't have any compunctions about deceiving Harry when he thought it was necessary. It would be a very difficult thing for Harry to live with the knowledge that he wouldn't just have a chance to die, but he would actually die relatively soon.


(Thanks for the reminder. I couldn't remember what they were called off the top of my head.)

I think Harry's scar must be a Horcrux. It definitely links him to Voldemort. It allows him to feel what Voldemort is feeling. To almost think what Voldemort is thinking. To see what Voldemort sees.

And there is the simple and extremely strange fact that Snape chose to not kill Harry when he very obviously had the chance. Why? Because Voldemort ordered him and the other Death-Eaters to not kill Harry.

Why on earth would Voldemort give orders for Harry to remain alive when Voldemort himself was more than willing to try and kill Harry himself?

Consider also the vast displeasure that Voldemort showed when he was informed that Malfoy used his Diary horcrux as a prop against the Ginny.


Sorry folks but Neville is a foil. A living example of what Harry could have been had Neville been chosen instead of him. But I seriously doubt that Neville will suddenly bloom into someone who would be capable of killing Voldemort. Yes Neville did bloom somewhat during the Dumbledore's Army practice sessions. But even in the last book Neville hadn't progressed very far.

It's far more likely that Neville will journey with Harry and watch his back. But it's also very possible that Neville will be a weak link in Harry's group. Remember that Voldemort works best by misdirection and subversion. And Neville has a huge gaping wound in the form of his mother and father.

The doctor's of the magical world cannot cure his parents. But what price would Neville pay to get his hands on a cure? What limits are there to Neville if assured of restoring his mother and father to sanity? Next to this vengeance would pale to a far distant second-place.

IMHO I think Harry's development in part is an echo of his father's. His father despised Snape and did everything to make his life miserable. Harry does the same thing to Malfoy. There are echoes and parallels between the two. Harry's parents only really came together near the end of their schooling. So has Harry and Ginny. It's possible that the one character saved by JK is Ginny. That she is going to break the parallels with regards to her.

But I still think Harry will die. There simply doesn't seem to be any other way. Harry simply isn't as strong as Voldemort. He's not as accomplished. He's not as knowledgeable. And he hasn't spent years, nor does he have that time, to discover the myriad ways to make himself more powerful.

In a standup magical fight Harry has never won against Voldemort.

The only way that Harry can succeed is by destroying every horcrux that contains a piece of Voldemort's soul. When Voldemort continues to live after that last horcrux has been destroyed, Harry will realise that the one last secret that Dumbledore wouldn't tell him is that he, Harry, is himself a horcrux.

Sorry folks.


Sometimes a scar is just a scar.

Harry is not a horcrux. His death was intended to be the initiation of the 7th horcrux, but that plan fell through when the curse back-fired on Voldemort. With all of Dumbledore's careful horcrux hunting, do you think he would have failed to determine that Harry was holding a piece of Voldemort's soul and done nothing to remove it when it was so close at hand. After finally telling Harry all, would he have failed to disclose that important piece of info? No.

I think that Harry and co. will return to Hogwarts. Can you seriously imagine Hermione failing to graduate? Perhaps after a summer of horcrux hunting, our trio will realize the best place to stategize and research will be at Hogwarts. (Restricted section, pensieve, Dumbledore's portrait?)

I think that McGonagal will die in the end (along with Hagrid), and the redeemed Snape will become the new headmaster of Hogwarts.

Perhaps with the death of Voldemort and the Soul Pieces (great name for a band!) the scar will disappear.



With all of Dumbledore's careful horcrux hunting, do you think he would have failed to determine that Harry was holding a piece of Voldemort's soul ...

1. The horcrux may not be the scar but Harry himself.

2. Dumbledore may not have been able to remove it because the horcrux is Harry and not the scar and to remove it would kill Harry.

3. Dumbledore did some extraordinary things to keep Harry from knowing just how terrible a situation he was in. Do you think it would have been easy to tell Harry that in order for Voldemort to be truly and finally defeated it would take Harry killing himself?

4. Dumbledore died unexpectedly early.

5. I haven't read the relevant books in some time. But I was under the impression that Dumbledore wasn't a master of horcruxes, Voldemort was.

6. There is no possible way that Snape will be redeemed. Snape specifically pushed those two sisters of Sirius Black into casting the Unbreakable Vow on him to kill Dumbledore. I think the reason why Snape was trusted by Dumbledore was that there was an Unbreakable Vow between them.

Snape wanted this Unbreakable Vow specifically to kill Dumbledore. That murder is a rather large barrier to redemption.

7. You haven't explained how or why the close connection exists between Harry and Voldemort. If Harry isn't a horcrux, and thereby shares Voldemort's abilities, soul and mind, then how does that work?


To answer #7:
Pg 843 OotP, Dumbledore to Harry:
"He only heard the first part foretelling the birth of a boy in July to parents who had thrice defied Voldemort. Consequently, he could not warn his master that to attack you would be to risk transferring power to you-again marking you as his equal. So Voldemort never knew there might be danger in attacking you, that it might be wise to wait or to learn more. He did not know that you would have 'power the Dark Lord knows not'-"


Hermoine will play a pivotal role in saving Harry as will Neville. Both possess unique powers that could aid him in defeating Voldemort.Ron and Hermoine will end up together along with Harry and Ginny. The twins are safe also but I agree that McGonegal could die along with Hagrid who will sacrifice himself for Harry.


John Loki-just read some of the books this summer and I promise you will become hooked.


Harry's Scar, or harry himself as a Horcrux:

If it works out that way? I will throw the book harder.

To create a horcrux you have to capture the death of an individual you have murdered, and replace that soul/death with your own and place it in any one of the various nouns. If Harry's life was to be dedicated to the next horcrux, then Val failed halfway through, and I would like to see anyone drive a car with an engine only 1/2 assembled.

HARRY is not the horcrux, and in fact, I think that one of the "surprises" if the stupid lazy, hackishly bad writer ( I don't care what you say, kids learn to love reading, because their parents read to them, Harry Potter is a socialist approach to reading "I love harry potter though it sucks because my child reads thanks to his friends who tell him to read it!" FUCK THAT! I'm all about "my child read a book I've never heard of, and it's an AWESOME BOOK!") is that dumbledor was wrong.

"7 is the most powerful number in magic" or some such. well one part, must exist within the body, so thats 6, Harry was supposed to be the 6th, but he survived, and no life was lost, so that is 5 total horcrux's, with 3 of them being identified.

The Diary, 1, the ring 2, the necklace (likely destroyed by regilus) 3, the cup 4. Only one horcrux needs to be identified, while only 2 must be destroyed, and Val, himself in his body is number seven.

The only twist I could think of is that Val in his arrogance, thought that it meant 7 PLUS him, which would be the cause of his demise while trying to slaughter harry. So the last chapter might be harry, holding up the sword of griffendoor, OR maybe Fawkes, and destroying them before val could raise a hand.

Of course JK isn't a fan of "good guys killing people who deserve killing" she's a good billionaire socialist in many ways, so Val will likely kill his own final horcrux, since he f'd up and spread his soul too thin.

Note? None of the good guys in the books have killed anyone. . . EVER! YET!

Harry or Neville, will kill val with either a mistake on the part of Val, or with a big ugly kiss, cuz only the good guys deserve to die in JK's socialistic world.

Rhymes With Right

First -- who goets the reprieve? Has to be Neville, who I m sure she never expected to become such a beloved character as he developed.

Who dies when not expected to? Well, it sems obvious to me that you need some sort of "paired" death -- leaving me to think that it may well be the Weasley Twins who are sacrificed.

Amanda Leigh

(I'm just copying and pasting what I wrote on another message board, so sorry if you read it already!)

Before I post anything, I would like to firmly establish that I think that it is very silly to think that only two characters will die in the final book. J.K. says that "two die that I didn't intend to die," and I find it almost impossible that she wasn't planning on killing anyone. I think that this means there will be AT LEAST three casualties, and thats just on the good guys side

Here's my entire list of characters that I think may die, and why, with my most plausible candidates at the top, and becoming progressively less likely...

***Voldemort-I'm really not even couting this one, because I really don't see how J.K. can let him survive. It just wouldn't work. For a children's OR an adult's series, it just doesn't seem like something that she would do.
***The Death Eaters-I think most of the death eaters that were mentioned in OotP and HBP(Bellatrix, Dolohov, Amycus, Amestris, LUCIUS MALFOY) are beyond the point of redemption, and so none of them will survive. Malfoy may die at the hands of his son or Severus Snape. I hope Harry or Lupin does away with Ms. Lestrange.

1. Severus Snape-No matter what side he's on, I think he's pretty much doomed. If he's good, he will die in some incredible tragic hero style death and save Harry's life, finally proving to him that his intentions were pure...and if he's really evil, well of course, he'll get whats coming to him! Most likely a character other than Harry will kill him, though, perhaps Ron or Neville, someone else who really had a vendetta built up against him

2. Harry Potter-This one is more wishful thinking...I think the emotional impact of Harry's death would be astounding, but only if done the right way. In my eyes, as long as Voldemort is dead and the evil is vanquished, Harry could still be a casualty without the theme of good triumphing over evil being thrown out the window. Especially if Harry died protecting someone-Ginny, Ron, Hermione or Neville. Also, as someone else brilliantly mentioned, it has been mentioned that when Harry looked into the mirror of erised, he saw himself with his parents. Also, Dumbledore said at the end of OotP that the person that Harry would do anything for, and must have cared a great deal for, was Sirius Black. All three of the people he loves most are dead, and those who are closest to him that remain might also perish in the course of book seven. Wouldn't it be a bittersweet-but beautiful-ending if Harry finally ended up where he always longed to be? I am also a supporter of the ever-popular "Harry is a horcrux" theory. The prophecy says "Neither can live while the other survives." Well, if we look at it from Voldemort's point of view (I know, terrifying!), what better way to ensure his safety then to make it so that Harry had to die to kill him? According to the prophecy, this would make it impossible for Harry to kill Voldemort. Of course, someone else could do it, of course, but Voldemort wouldn't have thought of that-he's far too vain to think that some nobody could kill him. I also think its quite possible that Neville is actually the boy refered to in the prophecy-someone else brought up a very interesting point that had never occured to me-Neville could hold the prophecy. That means that it must have had some tie to him. Hmmm... Also, the nickname "The Boy Who Lived," which was given to Harry in the very beginning of the first novel, could be foreshadowing, either his death or survival.

3. Peter Pettigrew-I feel that Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs will all end up together in the end. I rank Peter Pettigrew ahead of Lupin because he is CERTAINLY a less likeable character, and its possible that he will remain evil to the very end. These are also my main theories for the character who got a "repreive."

4. Remus Lupin-Once again, I think that the four friends will all meet the same end, but I think they would want it that way =) I also think that Lupin is one of the most loved characters in the series, and I believe J.K. had also mentioned him being one of her favorites. This could either be a good thing or a bad thing for Remus. I think he would be a good character to kill, because it would tug at reader's heartstrings, but it wouldn't absolutely outrage fans the way a member of the trio's would.

5. Ron Weasley-Ron was always a character that we were given mixed feelings for. Obviously readers were supposed to love all three members of the trio, but Ron was a bit more brash and tactless than Hermione, and he did do some stupid things that might have lessened the degree of some fan's love for him. This, I feel, makes him another prime candidate to sacrifice his life for Harry. I don't think this is incredibly probable, though, because (since I think that Harry will die) I think Ron and Hermione will survive. Personally I think there would be more of a backlash over breaking up these two than killing the title character, no? But I think this would be the ultimate heroic redemption for Ron, much like it would be for Snape, only he is not as hated and due for redemption as the potions master. Also, his death would give Harry the final push he needed to have the strength to kill Voldemort.

Ginny Weasley-Ginny is another very popular character that fans have had a chance to develop strong feelings for. I think we have all rooted for her romance with Harry, and she has become a much more prominent and popular character, with readers AND with Harry. As foreshadowed at the end of HBP, Ginny and Harry's close relationship could put her in great danger. Like Ron, her death would also be the ultimate fuel to drive Harry to finally destory the dark lord. I think she is a less likely candidate, because she has already been victimized in CoS.

Neville Longbottom-In my theories, Neville is the dark horse; the underdog who comes out of nowhere to ultimately end the war. Ever since we found out that Neville could also be connected to the prophecy, I have felt strongly that he will play a MUCH bigger part than we could have previously anticipated. I interpret this as meaning that Neville will actually be the one to kill Voldemort, possibly ending up dead himself but once again providing the sort of heroic death he deserves. I think that if he does end up killing Voldemort, he will survive. I also support the theory of Neville killing Bellatrix, if Harry doesn't get to her first-someone has to avenge my favorite character!!!! I prefer that Harry would kill Bellatrix, sacrifice himself to allow the death of Voldemort, and then Neville would finish the job.

Draco Malfoy-Another candidate for the ever popular "heroic redeeming death." Readers have somehow found a way to love this secondary villain - he has the biggest fanbase that I'm aware of. I always felt that he was a character who couldn't be all bad, but at the end of HBP, I finally KNEW that he was not destined to follow in his father's footsteps. I do not think that JKR would give him a defining moment like that and have it mean nothing. I think Draco may also be the one to strike the final blow to Voldemort.

Hermione Granger-I think it is very probable that one of the trio will die. However Hermione is the least likely to me because, quite simply, she seems too smart not to survive. Also as previously mentioned, I think fans would be more distraught over Ron and Hermione being broken up than anyone's death. I hope most of all out of all of the characters that THEY get the happily ever after.

Rubeus Hagrid-In my opinion, it is not necessary to kill any of the other teachers (excluding Snape, who plays such a huge role in the events that are sure to come), but out of all of them, Hagrid is probably the one who wouldn't survive. If thats how it goes, I think Hagrid may go into the final battle a little too eager to avenge Dumbledore, and be taken out by one of the death eaters.

Other characters that I don't have theories for: Any other member of the order(Tonks, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Moody), hogwarts faculty, and pretty much all the students are vulnerable.

-I don't think that any muggles will get involved to a point that they risk their lives, at least not any that we know particularly well.

~~~~~~~~The Reprieve~~~~~~~~~
(No order-I'm not as passionate about these ones^^;)

Harry Potter-I feel that, whether he lives or dies, Harry Potter's fate has been set in stone since the idea entered her head, and it is VERY unlikely that JKR would change her mind about the most pivitol plot point in the entire series at the last minute.

Draco Malfoy-I just feel like he is the most probable character that she would have considered killing, and then rethought.

Peter Pettigrew-she may have written the character off at first, and then decided that she could make a point by keeping him alive, or give him a larger, nobler purpose to serve.

Remus Lupin-She just might love him too much =)

Luna Lovegood-Since she was one of the characters we were more recently introduced to, it seems like that JKR hadn't quite written her fate in stone.

Sirius Black/Albus Dumbledore!?!?!-While reading this collection of theories, it somehow occured to me that the character who was given a reprieve may not have been one that is alive now. She could decide that Sirius/Dumbledore had not actually died. I must add that I think this is HIGHLY unlikely, and is actually not wishful thinking, because the tragic characters are my favorite =)

Amanda Leigh

Wickedpinto, two things:

1. You think maybe you could watch your language a little bit? There might be kids on here, since people keep insisting that this is a children's book

2.......Who on Earth is Val?


I think she was talking about "Val"demort


"Longbottom: My prefered surprise hero, she's big on stupid lazy gimmicks, but if neville is the one who kills neville as harry dies? I will be happy, since Neville is the only character I really cared about. (the St. Mungo's part, where he tucked away the candy wrapper as though it was a priceless heirloom? Neville suffered MUCH more than harry, harry, had the gift of ignorance, Neville knew that his parents were there, incapable, and noble, and they suffer day in and day out, because they were GREAT people, while harry is just an, in fact, pampered bitch who didn't learn shit in school (note? his father who was slaughtered easily by val, was able to manipulate his own, and others bodies with a though? and harry can shout "expelliamus" I think that harry's a bitch"))"

...Harry suffered just as much as Neville did, if not more.

Neville's parents were tortured into insanity by Voldemort. Well, that is extremely sad ... but you are overlooking the fact that Neville at least has a grandmother that cares for him. Neville has many relatives, in fact. Neville KNEW what happened to his parents after it did happen!

Harry grew up not knowing what happened to his mum and dad, or not knowing the TRUTH anyway. Harry grew up being bullied and tormented by his cousin, Dudley, and degraded by his uncle Vernon. He was forced to do things for his "family" and treated like a servant. He was forced to sleep in the broom cupboard. He never knew what a happy home was. He never saw pictures of his mum or dad. He never got to see them.

And even after the happy discovery that he was in fact a wizard, Harry's life continued to grow worse. Slowly, the people that were closest to him, the closest things he had to a father, vanished. First Sirius, and then, supposedly, Dumbledore. Cedric Diggory was murdered in front of his very eyes. Either you haven't read the books at all, you've just scanned a few articles and made a few biased speculations, or you haven't read them thoroughly enough; constantly throughout the books Harry himself says, again and again, that he hates being gawked at because of his defeat of Voldemort; he doesn't like being treated like a celebrity for something he can scarcely remember.

And then, of course, everyone starts HATING him instead. Even Ron, his closest friend, turns on him. He goes through more psychological pain than anyone his age should. And yet, amazingly, Harry never wavers, he never backs down and he hasn't yet. He remains pure of heart; even though he has seen the darkest of magic, he hasn't forgotten how to love. He IS NOT a "pampered bitch" and he never has been. Long live Harry Potter!

Mr H

I believe that Harry Potter will no doubt beat Voldy, but will be left with Hermione as Ron will have been killed - this I am sure of. JK Rowling seems to leave certain clues around like when the boys were testing their sweats in the Grifin common room, or when Harry and Ron argue and then agree, where these events show how JK is hitting the very core of our hearts in an attempt to make us remember those scenes for some strange reason. I believe that the reasons are because they will be memorable one day, and that we will wish that Harry and Ron were together again. Unfortunately, I believe that Harry will have to deal with perhaps the death of also his grandmother: Mrs McGon.... need I say more. She has always had a soft spot for Harry and JK has made it show in almost all of the films to date. Finally, I believe that Harry will not need to search for the Horcrux's as Voldy will lead Harry automatically to them instead. Therefore, I think Harry's journey will be a show and development of his extra ordinary skills as a Wizard instead. And also, where he suddenly realises that he has the combined power of a Grindor and Slytherin, a power that Voldy clearly does not. It would also make a superb ending to a truly remarkable story.


keep your eye on neville, folks. i have no more idea of how ms. rowling will end the series than the man in the moon does, but i know misdirection when i see it.

for 5 books, we saw - out of the corners of our eyes - we saw neville grow from a bumbling knucklehead clown into...something else. by the time book 5 ended, we saw that neville had a past just exactly as tragic as harry himself; we saw that neville was becoming a wizard to reckon with; we saw neville had the the heart and courage of a lion. he stood against the death eaters, and was willing to stand against them by himself, if need be. just like harry.

that's quite a progression. and then, in book 6, we saw neville....not at all. she swept him under the rug; outta sight outta mind and all that.

i highly doubt that was an accident. i also highly doubt neville will stay swept under the rug in the finale.


i think in the final battle harry and voldemort will begin their duel and in the midst of it prior incantatim will occur which will leave voldemort vulnerable harry will shout to whoever, possibly neville, "finish him" they will then send the avada kedavra spell at voldemort which will kill him but since harry and voldemort are connected through their wands the spell will kill both of them


hey man I really don't want Harry 2 die if he does I will go 2 J.K. Rowling and kill her myself.=)hahahahahahahhahahahahahah ahha. I also think that Hagrid will die and Prbly Harry but Jo said there were 2 MORE deaths than she expected. Sooooooooooo every1 could die except like Neville for instance. OK so Neville's like still alive but Harry and them are dead. I also think Hermione will die along side Harry, but if she doesn't then i hope she won't marry Ron. I hope Harry lives and that Harry proposes Hermione. I don't belive that Neville will kill Voldemort, but if he does, he will hate all the publicity he's getting. But I think Rowling will kill off Harry and Hermione.It's sad but that's how the books usally end. Priori Incartantem is very important, so if Neville does kill Voldemort, he will hesitate and try 2 argue with Harry because he knows Harry will die but Harry insists that he does that. It will be bad for Rufus Scrimigeor the Minister fo Magic, Because he wants Harry to be the Ministry's "poster boy". I think also, though, that Neville will be very important, because he was just, POOF, like gone. I really fell Dan Radcliffe, for he has to go through all this in the movies.

Does anyone else think Harry and Hermione Should get married?



I think that Harry is going to die so then he can get rid of Voldermort.Hermione and Ron should get together-i mean come on it is sooo obvious they fancie the pants of each other! When they grow up they shall have a baby boy and name him Harry after their beloved best friend.

Red Rum

Here's my theory. Considering JR's love of anagrams and such, Voldemort could stand for " death of love ". In which case he may be destroyed or saved by an act of love. He and Harry are most assuredly linked and will share a common fate. Voldemort's pride, fear, and destiny will cause him to attempt to destroy Harry. Harry's knowledge and acceptance of this bond between them will allow him to overcome or more specifically absorb the essence of Voldemort's evil and incorporate it into his own being. It won't be a blast of magic that destroys Voldemort, it will be a flash of insight and love. Yes Harry has the right stuff.

Ozzy Girl

I agree with the horucrux theory i was thinking the same thing myself but it is not something one would want to beleive as this would most likely mean that Harry has to die.
I have another theory to do with the book

In the last book Snape and Dumbledoor were heard fighting right...well what if Dumbledoor told Snape to kill him... i know it kinda sounds ridiculus but if you think about it it kinda makes sense. Snape needed to kill dumbledore or at least make it LOOK like he killed dumbledoor for Voldemort to beleive Snape was on his side. Snape didn't want to kill him which is what they were arguing about. But Dumbledoor had a plan he wasn't really going to die....yeh sounds a bit farfetched but read on and you will see what i mean. Dumbledoor took Harry with him to find the horucruxes, but what if they really weren't going to find a horucrux, after all they never did find the horucrux in the end did they?! Remember Dumbledoor had to drink that stuff, he made harry keep giving him that stuff no matter what until it was empty...why?! My theory is.. that stuff he made harry give him to drink was some sort of potion to keep him alive when snape killed him.
Also when Dumbledore was pleading with Snape I don't beleive it was to not kill I beleive he was pleading with Snape to kill him to do as he had been asked to do.
Then when they were all in Dumbledoors (now Mcgonagals) office after Dumbledore was pronounced dead and you could hear the pheonix crying (the pheonix crys to heal things it doesn't cry if there is nothing to heal)
Also the body they buried if you read through, JK Rowling made a point of saying that the body being carried by Hagrid was wrapped in a sheet a nobody was able to see him at all.
One can only assume that it was not Dumbledore being carried up and that he is away somewhere alive
Also when Snape was leaving the grounds and Harry and Snape were fighting, if you read it, it wasn't like they were fighting, at least from Snapes side, it was as if he was trying to give Harry a lesson, to teach Harry, so that it may help him.
One can only assume that Snape is not working for Voldemort, he is not evil (well appart from his usual self), he is on the side of good and Dumbledore is not dead, he is alive but needs people to think he is dead ( for example Hagrid.. if Hagrid knew it was not Dumbledore he was carrying and that Dumbledore was alive he would not have been upset like he was, too big a give away that he's not dead don't you think?) except for certain people such as Mcgonagal who would have needed to know so that his plan could go ahead, that he may live and have Voldemort beleive he is dead and think that Snape is once more his loyal follower.


To not have Harry Potter die would be to betray the theme of the books. That theme is that there are things worse than death. This began in the first book (see the end of it). And one such thing is to live in shame knowing that you could have prevented a great deal of suffering but failed to do so. This is a very good lesson for teenagers on what a hero truly is. The books are essentially meant to be read by people the same age as Harry Potter. That is why it is all happy endings in the first three, and then gets darker through adolescence.

Ozzy Girl

Completely agree ... not that i want Harry to die of course. But I don't think there should be a fairytale ending (for want of a better term)
But I don't think Harry will die because JK Rowling said in an interveiw that she had to change the planned ending basically because there was too much of an uproar from child fans and no child fan, wants harry to die, I think that was probably the original plan though, to have harry die.


i think that Harry shouldn't die because he's the main character! Harry is loved by everyone and it would crush people if he died! Also if he died why would you want Ron and Hermione to get together? It is true that JK might put Hermione and ron together but when harry dies, it might make hermione so crushed b/c she actually loved harry. And also in the 7th book, Dumbledore did say that Harry's most powerful weapon was love.Love is the secert.you'll never know.JK might put a big twist at end that invovles harry and hermione. you'll never know also that my opinion could be wrong.


If harry didnt die... i wonder what would happen in the ending. i mean it would be hard for JKR to write a book that will suck you in... especially when youve got such a good expectation like she does and six sequals up your sleeve. But the one thing i would like to see is hermione and ron... lol like everyone else, but whatever happens ill be looking forward to what happens.

Smelly SoX


I've heard that Ron and Hermoine are gonna get 2gether.

Who da heck is Jenny??


Will harry kiss to hermoine? B'coz I love Hermoineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....................................


i know its probably a bit far fetched but wouldnt it be funny if ron and hermione did get together but then in this battle thats meant to happen ron and harry die....theres the sad bit now the funny bit... draco and hermione end up together.
yeh i know really farfetched and unlikely but then again draco isnt REALLY evil... and maybe he picks on her coz he likes her and he has to make everyone think he doesnt because he CANT love or like a mudblood.
Now that ud have to agree would be one hell of a twist


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