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June 17, 2006


Other Tom

Make no mistake, folks, he's going out in disgrace and he knows it. So does everyone else. His partisan bias and zealotry clouded his judgment and brought him low, as surely as Watergate brought Nixon low. He is a dishonest and somewhat foolish man, and the manner of his leaving is cause for great celebration.


At this point the only interesting thing about Rather is that he and his former colleagues broadly in the media still do not understand, or claim to not understand, that what he did was wrong and that the docs were a fraud.

That is some seriously powerful denial and detachment from reality.

Charlie (Colorado)

This is what the Japanese call "getting a window seat." They don't fire him, just give him a job where he has to sit and look out a window because there's nothing to do.


I wrote this about the report released at the end of the internal CBS investigation--I'm prejudiced, but I don't think anyone else did a better sum up of what the netwrk's own investigation showed about this fraud.


Jimmy's Attack Rabbit

I still haven't watched CBS since Memogate, (football excluded of course).

richard mcenroe

Captain's Quarters was the go-to place for me during Rathergate. Excellent coverage there.

richard mcenroe

Does the image of Dan Rather sitting alone by himeself in a grubby NY movie theatre, watching an homage to the days when reporters could get away with crap like his, give anyone else a little tingle of schadenfreude?

Carol Herman

"Courage," putz.

Nah. I don't hate to see him go. I'm just sorry it took so long; and he's still allowed to hang onto his disgrace. Probably makes Nixon's ghost, laugh, though?


LGF,FR and Captain's Quarters best covered the minute by inute unraveling of the TANG memo story iteself..IMO..and, man, that was exciting to watch..

Other Tom

One thing that has always struck me about broadcast journalists is that they are constantly yearning for some long lost Golden Age, usually personified by Edward R. Murrow. The underlying theme seems to be that, Brother, back in the good old days broadcast journos were absolute colossi. What are they so nostalgic about? Granted, Murrow did some marvelous live reporting from London during the blitz, but that about wraps it up. To watch some of his stuff nowadays is simply embarrassing, like his White House tour with Jackie Kennedy. Dan Rather's image of himself as some sort of throwback to this mythical Golden Age is nothing less than pathetic.


Yes, it is..reminds me of "Oh would some gift, the giftie gie us..."

They are like US Senators--pampered, cosseted, overpaid and out of touch...

Patrick R. Sullivan

I think we have a name for Dan's blog:

"There's a lot I have yet to figure out."


Dan just needs to allow free comments. MSM does'nt and neither do those blogs.

Rick Ballard

The comforting thought to take from this is that no one in the world gives a damn who takes Comrade Uncle Walty's replacement's place.

There was a time when it might have meant something of importance but that time has passed.

Thanks should be given.


You don't believe Moonvies (sp?) that Couric has already earned her ($15 million) salary?

Isn't it amazing how the dopes have ruined network news and Hollywood in a single generation?

richard mcenroe

He'd rather be Edward R. Murrow... but he makes a GREAT Ted Baxter...


Bravo,RM! The best comment of all.

Barney Frank

Mark Cuban has always made me queasy with his insufferable mouth and infantile behavior.
Lately I notice he's supporting liberal causes, which I assume he has all along.

A loud mouth, infantile, jack ass, capitalist pig who turns out to be a liberal.
Wow what a surprise. Who'd a thunk it?


It is sad to see a 74 year old man clinging so hard to yesterday when the only way he will long survive is to enjoy today.

Yesterday will not be around either today tomorrow, and Network News will never be as influential as it was during his youth.

And the medium that we are working in now, the giant killer that was his undoing, did not come into play until Dan was middle-aged.

At least he is a healthy, wealthy, famous man.

Time to enjoy yourself, Dan. Don't take it personally.

Bruce Hayden

I don't really have a lot of sympathy for the guy. He tried to swing the 2004 election on multiple occasions (abu Ghraib, RatherGate, missing explosives) by abusing the trust built up with the American people over a half a century for broadcast journalism in general, and CBS in particular.

In short, he got caught cheating, at a game where cheating could have, and maybe almost did have, major impacts on this country's security. By this cheating, he was trying his hardest to put someone in the White House who doesn't have the temperment or the training to fight the War on Terrorism and to win.

So, no, I don't feel bad about his slow slid into oblivion. If anything, I think that he doesn't deserve even that.

Carol Herman

Clarice, that's a winnah! The dopes did indeed ruin hollyweird and the MSM, believing they could be the gatekeepers of talent.

Well, that's why nepotism doesn't work.

Should'a been nipped in the bud.

Carol Herman

Ya know, there's a lesson out there if you scratch back the time line. H.L. MENCKEN.

He once had a stellar reputation. And, took his poison pen in hand to lambast FDR.

FDR, meanwhile, never put anything in writing.

Guess whose won the contest, there?


Sorry RM and clarice, but I have way more respect for Ted Baxter... he at least made me laugh and you could have at least some empathy for the guy... he never hurt anyone either.

Rather, on the other hand, was a manipulative F*ck, whose forged but accurate documents, will always be his "Monica's blue dress"... what they now call the "throbbing memo".


Rather always flirted with going over the line with first Nixon and then George Bush the 1st. This guard story was over the line and he forgot to double-check his source material because he wanted the story SOOO bad! He lost his objective edge there and it cost him his career. He also trusted Mary Mapes and didn't realize her ABSOLUTE OBSESSION with the story. Had he been more aware I think he would have been more cautious. But the thought of turning over a presidency and being a kingmaker for John Kerry was just too tempting. The bigger they are the harder they fall.... His was a huge drop that left him stunned as to what had happened to him.

Carol Herman

Well, TED BAXTER was, in fact, a real dummy. While Dan RaTHer only plays dumb when he wants to.

It's part of the PC life. Where a poker face representing stupidity is played like a BLUFF. So that no other work needs to be done.

Dan did plenty of harm when he had that mike up against Nixon. And, he's falling harder than old "stonewall" himself. At least there are positive things in Nixon's record. And, his WaterGate horror was built on a sham. Where the FBI was the "finger."

Wonder if "Lucy Ramirez" has a birth certificate registered within the CIA? Or FBI? But we will never know. UNreporting has become such an MSM habit.

I still say Bob Woodward needs to come clean on what he really knows about what's behind the MSM efforts to make Americans believe we shouldn't have faith in Republican Presidents.

The story hasn't folded.

mark c.

name for Rather's new website "This Blog Won't Hunt".

JM Hanes



The word 'gloat' seems synonymous with the right wing. I think they would have more compassion for an aging Heavyweight boxer or NBA star past prime, who returns in one last grasp at forgone glory, then tanks as befits his physical condition. Such ones tend to be remembered more for their final appearance, like a houseguest who stays a couple days too long, than they do for the history of greatness they have amassed.

Dan Rather was a superb reporter, but a lousy anchor who tried to return to his craft, then promptly forgot what he knew about journalism.

Say what you will with all the venal and vile hatred you can muster, that the evil MSM is the primary ventricle for all the world's ills, but it is these people who have kept watch over the Powerful, and kept them moderately in check so that the profligate whores cannot run riot with more
temerity than they already do.

Rick Ballard

"but it is these people who have kept watch over the Powerful"

Yeah, look at how closely they've followed the Oil For Food scandal and Saddam's purchase of two security council members votes.

It's a shame that refills aren't available for brainpans.


"profligate whores cannot run riot"
You are insulting the second oldest profession with that remark and it is disrespectful to boot. Though it does seem to describe Val and Joe to a tee.



You mean what have they done lately?

Not much. I'm talking about the history of the press.

mark c.

I think 'leo misses the point. I would love to not have to go online to get both sides of the story. hell, i'd accept having my source acknowledge that i just heard one side of the story. He should rejoice in the fact that from now on, politicians (and media)are going to have to be honest or they will be exposed by the nutroots or wingnuts, pronto.

Mike Myers

Things haven't changed much now that Dan has gone; I watched CBS newsreader (a pretty one of the female persuasion--but hardly a journalist) tonight, asking some of the most inane questions I've ever heard concerning the capture of two American servicement in Iraq today. It's pretty clear that the elevator doesn't go all the way to the mezzanine with her, but CBS puts her out there front and center for all the US to see. They just don't give a darn--put out whatever slop fills the half hour and they're good to go. I didn't bother with the rest of the half hour, and won't bother again.

brenda taylor

i am delighted to see dan in the shape he put his self in .look how many people he humiated what goes arond comes around. didnt happen soon enough.


'and it is disrespectful to boot.'

In connection with the Legislative and Executive (Maybe the Judicial, as well)
it would be oxymoronic to use the term


Has earned the title-not to be trusted. Lokk at how they muffed{no offense to Sue's earmuffs which still remain "hot"} the Katrina coverage with actual lies being reported. They also buried the story that the same Wm Jefferson of La. or as he more affectionately known "COLD CASH" ordered a coast guard chopper to take him to his home so he could get stuff while the rescue operation was at its peak. For stealing and holding up rescue operations he should be ejected from the House. As it is he was voted out and had to be removed kicking and screaming.

Robin Roberts

There should be no respect for Dan Rather, he knowingly attempted to influence a national election with fraudulent documents and got caught.

Frankly, I think he and Mapes should have been prosecuted.

Old newsman

"The word 'gloat' seems synonymous with the right wing."

Winners gloat. Losers whine.

"I think they would have more compassion for an aging Heavyweight boxer or NBA star past prime, who returns in one last grasp at forgone glory, then tanks as befits his physical condition."

Aging sports stars play fair. Dan Rather didn't. He mistook reporting the story for being the story, tried to bring down a presidency with false documents, got caught, and refuses to believe he did anything wrong.

"Say what you will with all the venal and vile hatred you can muster, that the evil MSM is the primary ventricle for all the world's ills ..."

Ventricle? They certainly carry water for Hamas, Jihidis and the Democrats.

".... but it is these people who have kept watch over the Powerful, and kept them moderately in check ..."

That's the dream. "Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." Too bad it's the other way around these days.


If you can't muster any respect for even our Judiciary system you should try living in Castro's Cuban dictatorship. Now there's a fun place. Too bad Elian Gonzalez is doomed to spend his life there. After Castro dies I hope Elian emigrates.


"Dan Rather was a superb reporter..." ???

Yeah, like William Shatner is a superb actor!

At least Shatner is entertaining.

Tom Maguire

Since Semanticleo is back in full swing, I wonder why he/she won't answer a seemingly simple question from an earlier thread - after all his/her whining about the comment policy here, and at righty sites generally, I never did get a reaction to the "policy" at Mahablog, which (as it related to me, anyway) was "ban anyone winning an argument".

Maybe Semanticleo is really SemanticDuck.

Carol Herman

Nope. Dan RaTHer sat on his stool and read the teleprompter. Before he sat in his chair, he spent two hours in make-up, getting his hair fluffed. Not exactly great reporting, all all. EVER!

Talking heads.

Now he wants to blog. Well, someone's already laid claim to his calling it "this blog won't hunt." He can also call it "Nixon's mirror," for all I care.

Tuned that putz out long ago.


"Say what you will with all the venal and vile hatred you can muster, that the evil MSM is the primary ventricle for all the world's ills ..."

Say what you will with all the delusions of grandeur you can muster, the evil MSM is the large bowel causing or complicit in many of the world's ills.

No coverage of Darfur - check
Distorted coverage of Iraq - check
Carrying water for the DNC - check
Obscuring the muslim involvement in Paris riots - check
Cheerleading for the Mexican/Aztlan/Mecha marches - check

I will long remember the thought of Big Dan watching "Good Night and Good Luck" alone in a movie theater, sort of like Pee Wee Herman or Howard Hughes.


rathergate.com by Mike Krempasky was my go to source


It ain't a matter of Semantics Leo... the guy's a phony period.

leo wrote:

"Dan Rather was a superb reporter, but a lousy anchor who tried to return to his craft, then promptly forgot what he knew about journalism."

Sorry bub... but Rather claims that lying is acceptable behavior, even for a President, so there's no doubt he feels he can lie as well... pure arrogance in my book.

From the O'Reilly Factor May 15,2001

O'REILLY: No. How can you say he's (Clinton) is an honest guy then?

RATHER: Well, cause I think he is. I think at core he's an honest person. I know that you have a different view. I know that you consider it sort of astonishing that anybody would say so. But I think you can be an honest person and lie about any number of things.

Now read the whole interview and then tell me he's not the biggest POS going.

http://www.papillonsartpalace.com/dan.htm>O'Reilly Factor


Say what you will with all the venal and vile hatred you can muster, that the evil MSM is the primary ventricle for all the world's ills ...

I think he meant to say that the evil MSM is the LEFT ventricle.



You seem to be grwoing increasingly bitter for someone who is 'all about winning'.

Why should I answer simple or complex questions originating from your narrow perspective? Like Reynolds, you prefer the safety of your own insular universe and venture out of your badger den only when it suits you, like when you can proffer words that require response from me, yet have no personal integrity to insist the same of self.



I have reverential respect for the system, it's the current occupants I have trouble with.

richard mcenroe

"but it is these people who have kept watch over the Powerful"

Oh, horse droppings. Can we PLEASE get over this fairy tale of the "press" as the crusader for justice?

The press, the Anglo-American press in particular, was born in bile, partisanship and prejudice and promises to end its days the same way. Read the papers from Jefferson's day, read the New York and Chicago press during the Civil War. And today's journalists are embracing all the old vices: the NY Times still proudly displays its Pulitzer for the blatantly false reporting by Duranty on Stalin's starvation of the Ukraine (a time-honored journalistic tactic known as trading truth for 'access'). the LA Times happily forgets to tell its readers it's in bed with developers on major constuction deals, and bares its hindquarters to LA's civil service unions and race-pimps to ignore the way King-Drew Medical was killing poor patients of color for over ten years, before government action finally forced its typing hand.
And the Boston Globe, that paper of record, that actually wrote with a straight face that if Mary Jo Kopechne were still alive today, she'd support Ted Kennedy's stand on health care for the elderly.

Please. The modern media have all the moral authority of a pedophile priest.

Charlie (Colorado)

Not much. I'm talking about the history of the press.

You're picking and choosing the history of the press. For every Tammany Hall, there was a Daley Machine, or a Prendergast Machine, or the Chicago Trib in WWII --- or the NY Times today.

Charlie (Colorado)

Why should I answer simple or complex questions originating from your narrow perspective?

Because you hope to maintain some credibility when you ask lots of questions from your equally narrow perspective?



The record is spotty, but the fact that some are aware they are being watched and cannot predict if or when they will be exposed, makes them just a little more careful. It is not a perfect system, but is democracy a clean and clearcut process? How about the court system?
These are not perfect but they are the best we have to offer; the best in the world.


"like when you can proffer words that require response from me, yet have no personal integrity to insist the same of self."


You would do well to examine the context of my redirects to Maguire, before you answer in his behalf.


I've heard rumors that Dorothy's slippers were not ruby but Rather silver.

This would be a good story for Rather to investigate. "Gee Toto, I have a feeling Dan is not in New York anymore".


Please. The modern media have all the moral authority of a pedophile priest.

Quote of the day!


Please. The modern media have all the moral authority of a pedophile priest.

Quote of the day!

Part of the Bush legacy of lowered expectations.

JM Hanes


"Part of the Bush legacy of lowered expectations."

What does that have to do with Hillary's agenda?


Have the people at Time, learned anything in their last go-around with the Special
Prosecutor. Fresh from recovering from the
whole Plame kerfluffle, they highlight a
story where the identity of an CIA mole
in Al Queda is revealed. I mean, they didn't cite the name, but how many Bahrainis in Al Queda, with this level of
knowledge of such a plot; can there be;

Carol Herman

Oh, Clarice, what fine writing skills you have! What a delight to go over the Thornburgh(sp?)/Bacardi(sp?) report reviewed by you.

Certainly a train wreck. But still, the MOTIVE was Kerry's. He wanted to deflect the Swift Boat Vets. Tricky monster, that gigolo.

Interesting, even if the truth is slow to catch up to lies; Kerry didn't win in 2004. And, a majority of voters (4 million more than those who voted for the donks), voted for Bush. It was a resounding success, for Bush.

I also think that Dan RaTHer understands the pickle he's in. He understood it as quickly as WaterGate unraveled for Nixon. Two men who share uncharacteristic similarities. You can't knock them down with the truth.

So Nixon resigned the presidency. And, C-BS (which must be in lots of financial difficulties these days), has FIRED Dan. His exit is GRACELESS. And, that's about it.

Yes, Cindy Sheehan is getting a movie starring the aging Saradon. I don't care. With Brando dead, who could play Dan flopping around, now, like a beached whale? For 40 years his ego inflated. He thought he could do anything he wanted. CUTE.

At least we know who votes for donks these days. Not a bad lesson for Karl "the genius" Rove to make hay of; while the donks go to sleep in their good night. COURAGE. Dan doesn't even own his tag line.

Carol Herman

Au contrar-ie. Bush doesn't lower expectations at all. He's a marvel at self-control.

In the parody called the white house press corpse(s), two questions arose the other day. Easy shots. About Rove. AND, BUSH DIDN'T BITE! No re-direct. No cute one liners. Just letting the monsters in the press pass gas.

I don't know how he does it.

Temptations always lurk in witty retorts. BUT NOT OUR PRESIDENT! No stains on the Oval Office. Just the Man for the job!

Perfect? Nope. He's not dealing with the Saudi menace, yet; as far as I can see. But he's causing the Saudis to gamble profusely. And, who knows? I watch the same stuff coming from Israel. Let the loonies contaminate their own nests. No need to interfere. Or explain. I'm sure there's a poker faced gambit in here. And, not somewhere else.

Meanwhile, Bush's reserve is far better than cute retorts to the enemy press. He sees them from where he is; flailing about miserably to connect to the audience. And, the audience? Watches the BALL OF TRUTH. GOAL, Mr. President. GOAL, Mr. Rove. Great thinking.

The Internet has reached maturity, here. Even though it does atract its artful moonbats. If they were peddlers with pushcarts, they'd know they'd be going home without transfering their product for cash.

While they hang out there, and are starved for attention. Why bother? Mother Sheehan is their Madonna. And, Ann Coulter's book is #1. I bet pinch wishes he didn't have to run that column, about best books, today.

You bet. We're winning. Even if Dan RaTHer's mug isn't where treasonous mug shots belong. Oh, well. Kerry's still in the senate. And, Teddy still has "splash" in his car. I think the donks are traveling without rear view mirrors. Or they'd see Truman's fist raised in fury and anger. The last of the donk's leaders are truly departed. And, Clinton still wraps his pants around his ankles, preferring whatever comes along, to his wife.


My Unwitting Role in the Rove 'Scoop'

By Joe Lauria


Carol Herman

Joe Lauria is a whore.

His "story" is that he interviewed Jason Leopold about 3 weeks before the Rove-indicted PHONY story broke. But he was interviewing him about his book, detailing drug addiction; and how Leopold substituted "news breaking stories" for cocaine.

In doing so, he left Leopold with his cell phone number. Stop me, if you're a female whose given away a phone number to a lunatic.

Anyway, Leopold disguised himself as Lauria; And, lo and behold, after the LIES got shot down, Lauria tried to find out if his own name was used by Leopold, with a "source."

You know the answer.

Also, Leopold brags his best lies were directed at the ENRON scandal; where he made opposing counsels paranoid with each other.

This time, Leopold got "caught." Well, so did Dan RaTHer. Doesn't matter much if truth-telling isn't one of your skills.

And, Lauria blames the INTERNET! Among the host of claims he makes. Because we're narcisitic. BULL SHIT. Thank you very much.

Lauria, and his ilk are a bigger part of this problem than you think. But go ahead. See if I care? I don't tune in the nutworks. And, if I do watch TV, I'm hooked on the FOOD channel. Go figa.

Barney Frank

"How about the court system?
These are not perfect but they are the best we have to offer; the best in the world."

Is it? By what measure? What experience do you have with European courts for instance?

Having had extensive experience with US civil courts I have no problem believing other countries have superior systems.

This mindless patriotism and jingoism of the left is tiring. What next, "America, love it or leave it"? ;p

Carol Herman

Ah, dear Barney Frank, our "court system" is UNDER-used. Steven Lubet, in his book, says that ONLY 3% of all civil cases EVER reach a jury!

It's all about poker. And, how BLUFFING rules.


But it can be fixed. Once the donks are tossed, there will be a greater effort to sit better judges; and, I'd guess, better professors in the soft-"sciences," across the elite university system. Otherwise, the alumni will stop sending money.

From where I sit, it looks like Bush understands that the Saudis have deep pockets. As does George Soros. Doesn't make them "clever" investors, when they keep upping the ante, hungry as they are for "stealing America."

Anyway, Mark Steyn's article, headlined at Lucianne, today, makes excellent observations. With nudity thrown in for good measure.


...using memorandums that the network, and later a panel of outside investigators, said they could not authenticate.

Yea, I see that language all the time down at the local Post Office - you know on that bulletin board with the Wanted posters? Wanted - creating documents that could not be authenticated - yadda yadda. Only the FBI uses that in-house copper shop talk stuff - "forgery."

Hope that rag didn't hurt Ambush Dan's feelings. In Texas, you say "Dan Rather" and they say "Git a rope..."

Carol Herman

Sure. He'd RaTHer be "Edward R. Morrow." But he's really humpty-dumpty. And, C-BS stuck with this sort of talent isn't going anywhere on Katie Curic's smile, either.

When it comes to donks, you can't even say ..."and the horse they rode in on."

RaTHer exposed the whole game. So let him cling to his fibs. See if I care.


Rather and Cuban aside...

HDNEWs is incredible in a lot of ways.

Letterbox an HD pictures are a completely new form of medium.

Two clips that stood out?

Video from Afghanistan and Aerial footage of a submerged NO.


(The big knock? They keep using the same 15 second clips...if you have seen the first 15 minutes, you've seen all the visuals.)


I think it's pretty clear what happened here: all this time Rather thought he was talking to the ghost of Edward R Murrow, he was really talking to the ghost of Walter Duranty.


I can't decide if it's more annoying when the right wing or left wing beat up on the MSM.

Barney Frank

"I can't decide if it's more annoying when the right wing or left wing beat up on the MSM."

Why not save your annoyance for the MSM themselves? They've certainly earned it.

BTW if you insist on choosing between the right or left being annoyed with the MSM then pick the left. The right is ticked off that the MSM is biased. The left is ticked off it isn't biased enough.

Patrick R. Sullivan

OT, but poor pathetic pgl at Angry Klown is asking for a field trip be taken on Plamegate to:



Rather is a contemptable phony who thought he was right out of "Front Page" with his folksy Texas sayings, two hour makeup sessions and suspenders. Ego bigger than Texas, integrity smaller than a gnat.

It never ceases to amaze me that once someone gets hired on and starts to write or report for a news outlet they suddenly become experts on any imaginable subject whose views are supposed to trump everyone elses.

Dan here is a prime example--not much knowledge or real intelligence but lots of low, animal cunning and a vast sense of his own importance.

JM Hanes


Exactly! My father used to call it the God complex, and with Rather, it was compounded by the fact that he was just not all that bright. You've summed him up perfectly. I thought he was an embarassment before the forgery fiasco. Whenever there was real breaking news to cover live as an anchor, he ended up looking like a deer caught in headlights.

The weirdest Rather moment came right after 9/11 when he was booked on Letterman's show. In what was clearly not a spontaneous moment, he recited the words to America the Beautiful. Letterman began to make a sympathetic comment, but Dan wasn't through! He rolled right over his startled host, and started in on Verse 2. It was just so obvious that he intended to get emotionally choked up on screen and needed more than one verse to work up to it. I remember wondering how many times he had rehearsed it, and whether he practiced with a mirror. See Dan Rather. See Dan Rather feel.


Goodbye, and Good Luck


I couldn't have said it better Dr. John.

Ken Summers

"Useless fun"? I had some useless fun too (the first link is actually a roundup of useless fun)


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