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June 19, 2006


Gary Maxwell

Clearly he lost the race among white voters to Freda. His only hope was to get enough black votes to make up the deficit. And if you start looking at timelines of his statements versus dates on subpoenas, it starts become clear that he was speaking without having some items in hand, while making it seem to the press and therefore the voters of Durham that he did have it. A shameful performance that only a Ronnie Earle could admire.

Monkey Trainer

Totally OT, but weren't we supposed to have some kind of accounting from truthout today?

- MT


I'm betting that even with the Nifong controversy that turnout for this off-year and out of sync election was miniscule. Outside a Presidential election it always is. How many of Nifong's margin would even have known an election was being held absent this one case? How many will remember to vote absent such an inducement? In a general election I'm pretty sure the Reps or Dems could run Larry Fine against Nifong at this point and Larry would be a more able, reasoned and sober fiduciary for the jurisdiction, by far, though long dead and never known for his jurisprudence.

Geek, Esq.

I hope Nifong knows a good civil defense lawyer. He's going to need one once this traveshamockery of a case gets tossed.

Gary Maxwell

Blue Moon time again Geek. One of those rare timese when we agree on anything other than the time of day.

Carol Herman

There's enough shame in this to go around. The real harm, over the long haul, will be to Duke's LAW School! How so? It's not bad enough it handed Nixon a credential, it did not come to the aid of the LaCrosse Team at all. When they were in dire straights. And, the Administration has been handing out bogus PC papers, these kids have been forced to sign.

Plus, you believe "zero tolerance" for alcohol at any American college? These kids have nothing to thank Duke for, when it comes to the "memories."

Nifong's bad enough, but the Duke administrators are hip-deep in awful.

Richard Aubrey

It has been said that lacrosse players are privileged. Indeed, watching the NCAAs leads one to note that far more players did their high-school ("prep") playing at someplace that sounded like "St. John's Academy" rather than "Skaneateles Consolidated". The spread of high-school lax notwithstanding.

These guys, and their families, were, in the aggregate, going to have money. People who have a good, involved time at college tend to give money as alums.

Not this bunch. Not their families. Not their friends. Not their families' friends. And not a bunch of other folks who have finally noticed that, even at Duke as elsewhere, the primary requirement for being a college administrator is to have no spine and no morals and no judgment.

Who'd want to give that place the big bucks?

This is going to cost.


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