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June 13, 2006


richard mcenroe

""I must stop Fitzmas from coming!
But how?""

"You're a mean one,
Mister Rove..."


What Chris Mathews doesn't grasp.

I know that's a long list, but if his main complaint is that Rove, etc. OUTED a covert agent---HE HAS FOUND NO EVIDENCE THAT ROVE OR LIBBY OR UGO (ARMITAGE MATHEWS GUESSES) KNEW SHE WAS COVERT.

So Chris, the person to blame are not those that may have talked about Plame , NOT KNOWING SHE WAS IN A CLASSIFIED POSITION OR WHATEVER....but it is Wilson himself that CAUSED THE WHOLE MESS BY GOING TO THE MEDIA AND LYING IN THE FIRST PLACE.

You can't blame the people who didn't have the information. Wilson had the information, his wife hasd to see the consequences of his actions.

So Chris, you need to point the finger at Joe Wilson, he had the knowledge and he was recklessly indifferent to his wifes position because he wanted an in with President Kerry.

If Wilson had told the truth, I knew nothing about forgeries, I have no clue if my information went to the decision makers, etc. but he didn't he lied his ass of to get noticed and then exclaims he's been wronged after his lies were exposed.

Every bad road leads right back to Joe.

Sara (The Squiggler)

Danking: I just got a GOP email with these video links:

Bush in Iraq videos

Rather than post them separately, you can get to them all from one page.


Plame was so deep down double undercover that nobody knew she was covert,even she didn't know.


Wow check out the Bush to the troops video in via Sara's site. He was on his message.

Talking about the universality of the desire for freedom and the desire of Iraqis to leave their children a better world. Its powerful stuff.


Anyone notice Tom McGuire's update regarding Schumer?

Boy, didn't he jump allo over Fitz! He's demanding Fitz to go after UGO or produce something.


Um excuse me, Mr. 70/30?

"Let me gulp down some crow - last May 8, I pegged the probability of a Rove indictment at 70%; a few days ago, I marked that down to 50% - well, at least I had the trend right."

Not good enough.

And not even one post on the thread to properly take some lumps. Where were you? Crying with your new DU and Kos friends? Comforting and consoling one other? Hmmn? Hmmn?!

Personally, I feel that the board should come up with some sort of appropriate punishment.

Starting with a couple hundred "I shall not question Clarice, ever!"

Board, what say yee?


Anyone notice that the university panel wanted Ward Churchill fired!

How are the upcoming elections (primary and governors)?


And Mr. Mathews, why have you not told your viewers in the last THREE years that Joe Wilson believed Iraq had WMD and would use them against us and said so publicly right up to the war.


Chuckie wants Fitz to commit a crime. He can't write a report. He can't discuss GJ testimony (not put into evidence). But, hey...let's not let something like breaking the law stop us in our quest to frog march Rove. ::grin::


The Decline of the Democrats
is almost Complet



Perhaps Daily Kos, Jason Leopold and Waas could take a lesson from those GITMO boys that assumed room temperature last week.

In the immortal words of Kos....SCREW THEM!


danking, I can't take on so much responsibility.
About that Webb speech:Kerry not only has a tin ear on politics, but he and his people manage to put together the most puerile speeches, and I say that in full recognition that American political oratory is really dreadful as a rule.


Hehehehehe...how about this One of Kerry's most puerile letters????

Read the comments! So grateful Kerry did not win '04.


Jason Leowho?

Sara (The Squiggler)

Talk about being out of touch ... and no wonder the Iraqi Defense Minister hates CNN ... Larry King's guest for the evening ... drumroll ... Al Gore.


"A Canticle for Leopold"?


Ah, Mac is right. It's going to be one heck of a summer!

Don't forget, we don't even have the CIA/NSA leak indictments. At this point, it will be the icing on the cake--or the last nail in the cofin--for any democrat hopes of reclaiming the house.

I hope they come down next week.

And just took a trip to David Corn's blog. Poor chap had to delete all of this AM's comments. Wonder why?

Can't wait to see what Corn writes when we all find out that, contrary to what he wrote--and he was the first journalist to do so-- Valerie was not covert.

Au contraire.

Time to cut the losses, get off the Wilson merry-go-round and MOVEON.


Loved that CNN response! Remember how the reporters gave Scott McClellan a hard about about tuning to Fox News and nothing else?

Al Gore on Larry King's show? UGH. Anyone notice how puffy and red his face has gotten?

Strata-sphere has some excellent write ups about Iraq and indicated MORE leaks coming from the State. UGH!

Mac predicted that Bush went to Baghdad to discuss the handover to Iraq.

And...Pakistan Offensive Continues Against AQ!


Al Gore for the hour!! With his lovely wife Tipper!
Don't even have to watch it..

Question Al won't get:

Hey Al, you ever hear of teleconferencing? oh inventor of the Internet?

Why do you have to fly a next generation killing internal combustion engine jet and gas guzzling limosine all over the globe to warn us about our affect on the environment??

Reminds me of all those Democrats last summer who went to the gas station in DC to oppose gas prices. THEY ALL SHOWED UP IN SUVs, TOWNCARS, HUMMERS, ETC.

Sara (The Squiggler)

Schuster speaks:



Shuster LIED!, Rove not TRIED!

Shuster LIED!, Rove not TRIED!

Shuster LIED!, Rove not TRIED!

One thing he needs to ask himself is how many leftist nutcases are going to off themselves after going through two years of waiting for the inevitable indictment of Nazi Rove??

How many people did you kill Mr. Shuster?


Check Hannity and Colmes. Byron York is online with them.


What you will never hear:

Al Gore joins us by Internet phone from his solar powered 900 Square Foot home in Tennessee, where he is pedaling a bike to generate the electricty for this very call.



My favorite comment...

"How can we stifle you if you won't shut up?"




Very clever PUK.


Taranto summed up Al Gore perfectly: the only moment in public memory that Al Gore was brilliant, statesmanlike and at complete peace with himself was during his incredibly classy concession speech in 2000. This is clearly a man who does not want to be president.

cathy :-)


That's good, because I don't want him to be President.


About the only thing you can say for Shuster is he isn't worth a damn reading tea leaves...

Charlie (Colorado)
Chuckie wants Fitz to commit a crime. He can't write a report. He can't discuss GJ testimony (not put into evidence). But, hey...let's not let something like breaking the law stop us in our quest to frog march Rove.

Don't sell Chuck short --- he's a moron, but he's an intelligent and crafty moron. Look what he did: he's come out (got himself on TV) and demanded (good with the Kossite base) that Fitz produce a report that the "American People deserve" (good with the Dem-leaning and a nice sound bite for TV ads) a report that might actually be embarrassing if it happened, but that Fitz cannot legally make. So he gets TV time and good face time for the Dem troops, while taking no risk that anything would actually come of it.

If he's really lucky, the Kossacks will start saying that Bush et al are "supressing" Fitz's report.


Well, well, well..the VIPS are back ..this time working with the Soros funded Human Rights Watch (see Haditha Massacre Hoax) to deny the Israeli claim that the explosion on the beach in Gaza was caused by the Palestinians and not by Israel. http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/?/entry=21040_Mainstream_Media_Disgrace_of_the_Day&only> VIPERS & HRW Together Again

Rick Ballard

"Mac predicted that Bush went to Baghdad to discuss the handover to Iraq."

Bad bet. No big draw down until after the big 'Shootout at Sunni Gulch'. Coming to a theater near you (if you live in al Anbar) soon.

Before the opening of NAS George W. Bush at Um Qasr and the opening of the Joint Iraqi/American Desert Warfare Training Center probably, but not 'til after the shootout.

It's not quite over yet.


I don't want Gore as our president either.

I see that the VA Senator primary election was won by Jim Webb over Miller.

The OH polls, being that polls have been known to be wrong 9 out of ten in the last few years, showed the democrats in the lead for governor (Strickland over Blackwell) and Senator (Brown over DeWine).

Ohio needs to stay RED.


I know exactly why the Dems will lose in Novemeber. They can't handle good news for America.

It's all but this, and but that. Bush's polls went up when we got Saddam, Bush's polls went up after every election, they went up after we killed the Z-Man BUT they always go down again.

And when it's pointed out the REAL progress that has been made in Iraq: the new government, the standing up of the Iraqi army, and the Iraqi people ratting out the terrorists, all the Dems say is BUT if the Iraqi's are doing so well why are the troops still there?

One Dem strategist tonite even said Bush has NO PLAN.


If the Dems could shut their traps for one day, one stinking day, they might gain some traction. They just can't help putting foot in mouth.


Thanks for the link, Clarice. The VIPS / HRW sure builds a spider web into everything, donja?

I was astonished to learn the number of UN resolutions generated against Israel versus Palestine. Most of the UN resolutions levied against Israel were unenforceable.

Ya think UN would be quick to write a new resolution against Israel after this? Not after Kofi's comment about a bomb found on a beach! Strange coming from Kofi.

Withdrawing from UN is part of the Texas Republican Party Plank and I agree with it.


Me, too.
Marc Geralsco HRW was the guy who came forward with the CIA secret prisons in Poland story. He formerly was an intel officer on Iraq for DoD. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of him in the coming months.


Did you guys read about the Desecration of the Marine Corps Emblem? Check Flopping Aces and Hot Air. Flopping Aces is friggin pissed and I don't blame him.

Tom Maguire

Starting with a couple hundred "I shall not question Clarice, ever!"

Good point. But I had the trend!

It took me a while, but I finally remembered the last morning I felt like this. Some fine day.


My favorite part of hardball was Scrummy saying getting Zarqawi and President Bush in Iraq was a photo-op and why wasn't Bush in a flight suit. No wonder he keeps helping dems lose elections-he's soft on terrorism.
The discussion with Vandehei was good -he doesn't believe in beating a dead horse-plus he's cuter than isikoff and dickersen.


As I recall you made your Rove prediction AFTER visiting the dark-side -so- all is forgiven. Sue and Gary's comments have been tres amusant today.

Roger Dodger

David Shyster is obviously still bitter, and will be for the rest of his life, that Fox News canned him for being a moron. I love it!


It is a really fine day, TM, and you did get the trend. It's all fine.


Wilsons' Rock Creek Boss is Palestinian.


I wonder if Odeh and Elias are brothers? Wasn't Capital Trust involved in Oil For Food?

Wilson's a liar

Patton -

You are so right, of course. All roads in this sordid mess lead back to Joe. He is a mediocre career foreign service bureaucrat with an overinflated opinion of himself. He took his one chance at the brass ring by throwing in with the Kerry campaign, and his bait to them was his phony story about "what he didn't find in Niger." He saw a chance to convert what was a nothingburger career in the backwaters of Africa (foreign service stars never stay in Africa for long, it's the worst posting you can get) into gold. It was easy to convince the stooges in the Kerry campaign that he had a real "bombshell" story they could throw at Bush, and it was just as easy for the Kerry flacks to sell that phony story to the New York Times, which as we know has only a cursory acquaintance with the truth these days. I think Joe convinced dear Val that he would be a hero and no one would ever know about her until she became Mrs. Secretary of State. But in reality he was blabbing about her to everyone in Washington because he couldn't resist using her to pump up his own credentials.

I just wonder when the morons at the NYT and WaPo and MSNBC are going to realize they were had by this phony gasbag. And when the third wife is going to figure out she was had too. He is a bad man and he needs to rot in obscurity and poverty for the rest of his life.


TM, it's back to "Rove, Unlikely to be Indicted." Which I think is fair and honest reporting.


Rocco -- 50 years ago left Bethlehem? Buried in All Saints Cemetary? They're Catholics. Driven out by the Islamonazis. Who are almost done -- most of the Catholics have been driven out of Bethlehem and the other historically Catholic villages of Palestine.

cathy :-)


Still would like to see a JOM/KOS Plame debate/discussion on C-SPAN.


Armitage is Uncle Fester! I've always liked him.


Jeralyn has another very interesting post up, for me anyway, about sealed indictments and Leopold/Truthout:



You guys, hanging on Armitage's every word! Let's hear the Bronx cheers!


OK...as usual, I am wrong! Odeh Aburdene and Capital Trust are not involved in the Oil For Food scandal.

In 99, Jack Kelley writing for USA Today reported that Mohammed Hussein Alamoudi headed Capital Trust and both were being investigated for funneling funds to Osama.

After Alamoudi's lawyers disputed Kelley's report, he corrected that allegation and I better do the same!


Kelly's claim had to do with OBL's bank.
Since then Al Alamoudi was linked to the Taliban and to the OFF scandal.


Thanks cathy

I didn't mean to imply they were Muslim, just that they may be Pro Palestinian as is Wilson and his ilk.


P.S. Al Alamoudi is Ethipian-Saudi and his nephew was convicted in Va for aiding terrorism.

JM Hanes

http://justoneminute.typepad.com/main/2006/06/no_charges_agai.html#comment-18489919>Herbie Wilkers, Virtual Mongol http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/watermark?doc=KRT%2Fkrtillustrations%2Fdocs%2F008%2F406&logo=krt>Hound!


Abdurahman...wasn't he caught at Heathrow with 450K give or take?


Sounds right, but I can't remember the details.

Anyway depending which Wilson cock and bull story you read, Al-Alamoudi gave him space in his office or was his boss.


I read that thread at TalkLeft last evening. I think Merritt did a good job of getting back into reality, although I note that in her update she squirms back into the pathetic 'TruthOut Told the Truth!' position she's been desperately clinging to.

She does do a good job of explaining the sealed case thing though.

What I found interesting was the second comment in the thread (the last comment that was up before I gave it up for the night), because I saw a lot of this yesterday on lefty sites. Check out this guy's riff:

Using Occams razor I wonder...

Is it possible that bush gave rove a "secret" preemptory pardon under some manufactored clause concerning National Security of one of the unpatriot acts?

This would explain why no one has seen anything in writing, why Fitzgerald hasn't said anything and assuming that he waited until an indictment was either under seal or ready to go it would not inherently contradict all of Leopalds story.

I admit that I have no evidence on this and that i created completely out of my consideration of what I know of this case.

But, ego aside, it would seem to be the simplest explanation for all the known facts.

Occam's Razor? More like Michael Moore's pretzel. This guy's moniker? "rational".

That's right, that tinfoil crap was developed and posted as an example of the application of Occam's Razor by a guy named rational.

You really cannot make this stuff up.


Alamoudi is certainly someone who deserves further scrutiny. He has a number of companies, and if I'm not mistaken, was involved with a french oil concern in Iraq. He also owns half of Ethiopia.

One must wonder why he was so keen on Joe that he would allow him to use Rock Creek Corp. "office space." I think it's clear that Joe was employed by Alamoudi,whether he admits it or not. But what was Joe doing? He has avoided discussing his past business life like the plague, and nobody in the MSM seems to care.

The way arab families/tribes work, I doubt the nephew fell far from the Alamoudi tree--if you get my drift.

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