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June 20, 2006



Extensive links to your material on the TruthinessOut.com "fake but accurate" story. Thanks.


Cecil Turner

Well, I'm kinda bummed, 'cause the new comment thread is pretty dull. TruthOut has apparently banned so many commenters that there's not even any rabble-rousers left. The regulars' ability to reconcile contradictory information is impressive (as noted from the last post of the previous thread):

If the grand jury gave the indictment to Fitzgerald, who then read the indictment to Luskin on May 12 giving Luskin 24 hours or one business day for Rove to get his act together before file, May 16 is exactly when the indictment would be filed with the court. Think about it.
. . . but it's not nearly as entertaining as watching them try to rebut a YGBSM comment.


TS:I stole this theme from you, you know?



Wislons 'little literary flair' regarding thigs he knew in the intelligence community
most likely meant he LEARNED THEM FROM HIS WIFE!!.

Maybe that's why she was called FLAME.

Got a flair from the Flame.

Of course he couldn't admit that his wife tends to share intel with him...which would be an interesting question if Fitz ever put him on the stand.


Think Tooth Not would by the 15 hours of:

Fitz: Your guilty!

Rove: Am Not.

Fitz: Are too.

Rove: Am Not.

Fitz: Are too.

Rove: Am Not.

Fitz: Are too.


Anyone think its weird that MSNBC Keith Olberman has covered the 'Libby' story the last couple nights and seems to be hopeing/praying for a Presidential pardon of Libby.

I haven't watch the show, just caught part of it flipping channels.

It just seemed odd that they should be pressing now for discussions of pardoning Libby..maybe not wanting to see this case proceed.


Seixon's on a roll.
Here's a review of all Jason Leopold's reporting on Plame since October 2003. Everyone of these lying tales is sourced to the VIPS (a group of lying ex-CIA guys linked to Joe Wilson).
"There's a lot to be revealed and said about Jason Leopold's earlier reporting, in addition to the Karl Rove indictment story. One could speculate that the unwillingness of Truthout to reveal their sources may have to do with the fact that those same sources may have been involved in virtually all of Truthout's reporting on the issue going back into October 2005.

The Leopold "Missing Emails" series seems to be partially or completely baseless, while promoting the idea that Cheney is the focus of the probe, a notion that has only come from journalists connected to VIPS: Jason Leopold and Richard Sale. Ray McGovern, EIR (where McGovern contributes), and Leopold's reporting repeated as late as last month the claim that Cheney is the real target of the probe.

This is not a coincidence, it is a planned and orchestrated propaganda campaign."



Clarice, you see that PBS is airing a show about Cheney tongiht?


I read it--and boy does that lineup look like a pack of stinkers.


There's been a scandal brewing as it turns out Kos has been endorsing candidates his partner, Jerome Armstrong, has received consulting contracts from, and it has turned out that Armstrong has an unsavory record of pumping stocks he had an interest in for which he entered into an SEC settlement agreement. Riehl notes that Armstrong also had a history as an astrologist and analyzes why the netroots will fail. I love this conclusion:
"I predict the Dems will take all fifty states when Venus aligns with Jupiter and kisses Mars butt. Pardon me if I don't ask the latest Democrat wizard-kid what he has to say about that."www.riehlworldview.com/ca...troot.html


Apparently, the TruthNot guys never considered this.

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