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June 20, 2006


Rick Ballard

"give me zombies any day"

Kennedy (pick one)

Hollywood could remake "Night of the Living Dead" on Capitol Hill without a casting call - a roll call of the Dem caucus would do the trick.

Much scarier than vampires.


Tooq, nice link. What more would we ever need to do than publicize that table? (I once spent a day with a master door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman, whose miracle line was "I can tell you're an intelligent woman." The result of this line was truly an amazing thing to behold.)


BMOC Has A Blog. Think he's come to evangelize us heathens. Maybe he hopes to establish a Liberal Outreach Mission right here at JOM.

Noble, really.


Remember this


"Night of the Living Dead-" a classic film-and yes I agree the dems you mentioned Rick are perfectly cast in this Horror film.
We need an Alfred Hitcock character to introduce it-Levin perhaps or Murtha?

You are the go to gal on this Haditha story;
as the sister of a vet I salute you!


OT: remember Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in that Legend of the Vampire movie-Ugh, it grossed me out.


Thanks, Maryrose, But for the most current info S & L is the go to place.

JM Hanes


Great Stuff! I see you've certainly got the hang of photobucket since first we met. :)


Can we call Nancy Bella?


Gettin there JM...Thanks


Just to remind those, I FEAR NOTHING:

Here is an E-mail I sent to United States Assistant District Attorney Daniel Saunders who is Lead Government Prosecutor in The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment:

Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 18:45:21 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Mario Nitrini III" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Re: LAPD Lieutenant, Now Captain Jeri Weinstein, Former LAPD SGT. Mark Arneson KISSY--KISSY, OH, and SO MUCH MORE..................
To: daniel.saunders@usdoj.gov

Mr Daniel Saunders:

From: Mario G.

Date: Jun 18, 2006 4:16 PM
Subject: LAPD Lieutenant, Now Captain Jeri Weinstein, KISSY--KISSY...
Body: Lieutenant, Now Captain Jeri Weinstein, Kissy--Kissy with someone a few years back, who's MAJORLY NOW, I'll just say Involved putting it mildly, in The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case. Well, VERY, VERY, VERY much involved in The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case. You're not going to believe who it is? But, BELIEVE IT. And is it More than just Kissy--Kissy on the Lips? A LOT MORE---In Fact, a Grand Slam "HOME RUN.....................," if everyone get's my drift.

LAPD Lieutenant, Now Captain Jeri Weinstein, KISSY--KISSY...............and LAPD...............................

Is it LAPD Data-Base Wiretapping and Conspiracy, and MORE?.....................YES


The OJ Simpson Case

Former LAPD Sgt. Mark Arneson's and nowLAPD Captain Jeri Weinstien's "KISSY-KISSY Boyfriend and Girlfriend relationship of the past is being covered-up, AND, FOR REASONS, BIGGER THAN BIG-TIME (NOT ANYMORE). Jeri Weinstien helped Arneson get Information through LAPD data-base for Anthony Pellicano. I've got LAPD Captain Jeri Weinstien legally NAILED with tapes, and MORE...........

This E-mail is going out to MANY, MANY People on "BOTH" Sides involved in The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case, and Media People.

I am TOTALLY SICK of being Covered-up...................
I am TOTALLY SICK of being Threatened (CHICKENS, why don't you do it to my face).
I am TOTALLY SICK of Being Covered-up in Certain Court Cases.
I am TOTALLY SICK of being ILLEGALLY and CRIMINALLY Retaliated against by Certain Government Agencies, Federal and State (Legal Justice is coming my way, and LEGALLY MORE).
There's Legally More.............................................................

Just in case anyone missed it:




The OJ Simpson Case

And here are just a few others I sent E-mails to with the same Text:

Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 19:28:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Mario Nitrini III" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Re: LAPD Lieutenant, Now Captain Jeri Weinstein, Former LAPD SGT. Mark Arneson KISSY--KISSY, OH, and SO MUCH MORE..................
To: FoxReport@foxnews.com

Mr Shepard Smith:

Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 18:42:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Mario Nitrini III" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Re: LAPD Lieutenant, Now Captain Jeri Weinstein, Former LAPD SGT. Mark Arneson KISSY--KISSY, OH, and SO MUCH MORE..................
To: bfields@ggfirm.com

Mr. Bert Fields,

Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 18:19:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Mario Nitrini III" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Re: LAPD Lieutenant, Now Captain Jeri Weinstein, Former LAPD SGT. Mark Arneson KISSY--KISSY, OH, and SO MUCH MORE..................
To: questions@lapdonline.org

LAPD Chief William Bratton:

Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 08:40:06 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Mario Nitrini III" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Re: LAPD Lieutenant, Now Captain Jeri Weinstein, Former LAPD SGT. Mark Arneson KISSY--KISSY, OH, and SO MUCH MORE..................
To: talkleft@aol.com

Ms Jeralyn Merritt

There was a lot more, and more to come.


Rick Ballard

Not Hitchcock - maybe Rockefeller as Vincent Price type.


I'm sensing a walkback on the part of the press on Haditha - the 'massacre' meme is still being pushed a bit but not with the fervor of ten days ago. I'd say that Greenberg has passed a 'please shut up' message around based upon polling.


As for "military sources" for news stories, there is another thing to consider in that you might be hearing the product of someone's RUMINT ... or rumor intelligence. The military is quite active in their unconventional channels of communications and every once and a while there is a nugget of truth to it, most often it's the product of something not unlike "the telepone game".

Carol Herman

There's so much Nixon in all of this stuff, I'm starting to believe the left's been infected with ghosts. ALL are bluffing. None are worth buying used cars from.

But the Internet is NOW keeping this story alive. Who knew we were all such a "pair of legs?"

M. Simon

Gary Maxwell | June 20, 2006 at 01:08 PM,

Joe Lieberman likes capitalism. Another big strike against him


Rick Ballard, Came from Flare about an hour ago and took notice of you guys...correcting the AP news about the Dems gaining more funds than GOP.

Oh, what a crock of sh**t.


So, M. Simon, you hate capitalism?

Greg F

Gary Maxwell wrote:

Based on Specter recantation of the TO nonsense, I conclude Marc Ash is a liar or a moron ( and perhaps both).

Considering what Gabriel Sutherland posted in the "Expect The Unexpected" comments:

Marc Ash was paid $125,835.00 in 2005 according to their 990.

I would say that Mr. Ash is not a moron, just his readers.

Bill in AZ

Kos likes capitalism - check out DummyFunnies Kos blogola post. This has gotta be soooooooo confusing to liberal/socialist moonbats...


Rick, You may well be right about why the press is backstroking. I have never seen such a reaction when people saw what the counter facts were. Americans are not buying the cold vengeance, their all lying baby killers story this time around.

I don't see mcGirk writing for Time again in the near future. And now, it's on to Human Rights Watch which has been exposed in Gaza but whose role in the "massacre" story is still not fully appreciated.


I sense a walkback on Haditha also. Remember the media ran with this for two weeks, starting with Memorial Day Weekend.

The press needs to be careful. Their reporting on Katrina was terrible, but they were not held responsible. We can laugh at Jason, but the reporting on Plame case by the MSM was very bad and just as biased.

The media is probably going to let the military do their work for them. They can selectively pick the worst parts of the reports to highlight, or hint a coverup.

Remember indictment day, MSM outlets were predicting and hoping for multiple indictments right up to the minute before Libby was indicted. They didn't let their disappointment last long and hyped it for days.

Rick Ballard

Well, Doofus Dan never quite filled Comrade Uncle Walty's Birkenstocks at the Eye of Sauron and his TANG Kinko's adventure (as wells as the internal "report" on it) left what remained of a sentient audience with a slight suspicion that the MSM may not have been as "fair" as they advertised. Junior Sulzberger has revealed himself to be totally incompetent as a businessman as well as a willing shill for every seditious lie that comes along.

Perhaps it wasn't a Greenberg poll? Perhaps the fellow travelers at Pew ran some numbers that AP fed back to the usual suspects? Numbers that suggested that piano players in brothels were deemed more trustworthy than journos (rightfully so)?

Perhaps it is beginning to sink into the tissue remaining in the quasi vacant skull cavities in newsrooms that sedition really isn't a hot sales tool?

We can only hope.

richard mcenroe

You know, the one thing I miss on the internet? I wish we could see Ash running to his car, trying to hide his face with his briefcase, while a Tom Maguire runs after him with a camcorder shouting embarrassing questions.

Maybe we could platoon in Evan Coyne Maloney?


Rick-I don't think the media is aware that a majority of the American people don't trust them or their reporting.

About six months ago, when there was some critcism of the media's reporting on Iraq, they seemed generally surprised. ABC took a poll and was surprised that the results were not favorable to their cause.

That led to about 2 days of introspection.

These people live in an echo chamber. I was channel surfing and was amazed at how the media is spinning the murder of these 2 GIs as something that will hurt Bush. It's amazing.


Rove Speaks...Decision08

Among Democrats, my sense is that the blog world has tended to strengthen the far Left of the Democratic Party at the expense of liberal, but somewhat less liberal, members of their party. It has tended to sort of drive their party even further to the Left rather than focusing on good ideas that would help unite people around common goals and common purposes. Instead, the Internet for the Left of the Democratic Party has served as a way to mobilize hate and anger hate and anger, first and foremost, at this President and Conservatives, but then also at people within their own party whom they consider to be less than completely loyal to this very narrow, very out-of-the-mainstream, very far Left-wing ideology that they tend to represent...


Can't take credit for penning the rules. I just apply them as I seem them. Have I seen that type of behavior from the right - in some places yes. But not anywhere near the level as from the left.


the sniffer strikes again...



OT - But about Lieberman - you can check out my new blog at Connecticut Politics Watch. I put up an article about Nerd Lamont...I mean Ned.


Hey, is that TruthOut investigative unit working for DA Nifong in that Duke "rape" case?

Solid work there, too.


in case it was missed it Luskin emailed
with another response to June 20 TruthNot story...

"It is insane and nonsensical, equal parts bizarre innuendo and alleged facts that do not square with reality or the American legal system. Truthout's stubborn nuttiness to the contrary, some times things are simply as they appear: Mr. Fitzgerald completed his investigation, reviewed the evidence, and concluded that it simply does not support a charge. There never was -- not for a second -- any secret meetings at my office, plea negotiations, secret sealed (or not so sealed, as the case may be) indictments, or last minute concessions."

Again...I think this one sounds rather vague doesn't it? /sarcasm off


Rove nailed it, TSK9.


Rove's got it.

If the GOP wants to clean their clocks--my advice, put on 15 minute info-mercials with noting but George Soros and Howard Dean's crazier moments.

The C-Span Kos panel would be good too.

That should do it.

Rick Ballard


Read the commencement address delivered by Junior Sulzberger. It encapsulates everything wrong with the MSM as well as Kerry et al. The hay day of the MSM - bring down a President and lose a war. They were scum then and they're scum now but this time they lose.

They also are beginning to comprehend just how badly they are going to lose. NYT Class A common is half what it was when President Bush was inaugurated. With just a modicum of effort on Junior's part it will be worth less than a quarter of its former value by the time President Bush leaves office.


I think they're business plan is to live off full page lefty org ads and paid Dem campaign pieces.
What I can't understand is how Newseek and Time managae to stay in business. How many doctors and dentists' waiting rooms are there..and even they are going to cheaper, more neutral stuff..

Mister Snitch!

Any site that has 'truth' as part of its name or motto, as in 'We have a corner on the truth market, we'll decide what's true and what isn't and anyone who says we're disseminating anything less than the absolute truth is a fool or incompetent'...

Well, you can finish that thought. Me, I like to decide for myself what rings true and what doesn't, and I like to extend that same respect to others.


****Their, not "they're" business plan******


Larry Johnsonis doing his best "taken seriously" impersonation over Howie Kurtz


JM Hanes


Enjoyed your search for the real http://ctpoliticswatch.blogspot.com/>Ned Lamont, and will be checking back for updates!


Somehow I missed this bit of the Kulture of Korruption

Run, Forrest, Run!--II
Remember Brian Doyle? He was the deputy press secretary at the Department of Homeland Security who resigned after being charged in an Internet pedophilia sting. As blogger Kevin Alyward noted in April, Angry Left bloggers savaged the Bush administration--but, as Alyward noted, Doyle turned out to be a registered Democrat.

It now turns out that Doyle is in fact one of the Angry Left. The Orlando Sentinel quotes one of his emails to "Ashlynne," ostensibly an underage girl but actually a cop:

Doyle told Ashlynne he had met President Bush once, stating in an instant message, "he is not a good president. nice guy but not a good president . . . he is not very bright and it is evident . . . bush is a liar . . . there were NO weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. total lie to go to war."

That lying SOB, Johnson!


all the left response


And from another DKos poster:

This case of the arrest of Bush appiontee Brian J. Doyle of U.S. Department of Homeland Security for sex crimes is nothing new. Aren't all those Republicans that way?

M. Simon

Lurker | June 20, 2006 at 07:21 PM,

I would have voted for Lieberman over Bush had that choice been available to me.

You can make your own inferences.


Something odd about Truth Nots story.

Notice Truth Not doesn't ask for on the record denials or report on the record denials from anyone in their story. They contact Fitz spokesperson who they know will say NO COMMENT.

But how about calling Rove, or his attorney and reporting their response in the story.

All they do is go back to their super-duper secret sources for more crack for their BDS pipe.


Poor old Larry.

He doth protest too much about never being on TV after what he said about Rove.

Not to worry though. Amy Goodman will have him back on "democracynow" with Phillip Agee again.


Thanks, Specter! I bookmarked it and will read it shortly.

Clarice, sounds like an excellent goal! Think people are seeing through MSM's reporting based on anger and hatred. Time to bring HRW down.

M. Simon, I see Bush supporting capitalism as well. In fact, Lieberman and Bush are equal supporters of capitalism.



Again...I think this one sounds rather vague doesn't it? /sarcasm off

Read the post and the comment thread and you'll see Merritt and her friends over at TalkLeft simply cannot accept that Rove is cleared.

Its sad really, at least to me. I used to think Merritt was a responsible adult if slightly to the left of Ralph Nader. Now I see she's in the last stages of BDS - where up is down, black is white.


Interesting! Far more connections between KOS, Jerome, SEIU, and...more



This is what I'm talking about. A reader/commentor at Raw Story left this as a comment about Rove:

"F**k you Karl Rove. We are angry and we hate you and your boss as well as the rest of the f***ed up media and crony s*#t we all see all the time in addition to what has become of a once great country going down the tubes!!!!"

Take your pick. I can go to almost any left web site and find this type of rant. It is not so easy on the right.


From JoPo at the NY Post:

And even as they do so, they often can't help but draw a complete moral equivalence between the actions of U.S. forces in Iraq and the conduct of the insurgent terrorists. Consider these sentences, published yesterday by the liberal blogger Jeralyn Merritt: "It's hard to express the sinking feeling this news brings. What can you say to the families of these young men to help reduce their grief? When does it end? Torture is disgraceful. But the United States does not have clean hands."

What was that about Merritt being some sort of reasonable leftist?


In honor of Jeralyn Merritt's comments, I just sent Diane Irey $100. GO Diane Go!

Dump Murtha.



Read Reply #6 of Troop "redeployment" by Dems

Expected response coming from the left regarding the two brutally murdered soldiers.

AT has a new article about wakening the sleeping giant. I hope this is true of the majority of Americans, in spite of the liberal polls.

P.S. Jerralyn Merritt's posts are becoming more revealing of her liberal side, socialism, appeasement, putting the blame on America first and foremost before the terrorists, putting more weight on civil liberties over the protection of our country and its freedom without realizing that our country could easily be lost to terrorism within one generation.

The way the soldiers were tortured and slaughtered is no comparison to what America has done. Have we beheaded anyone, btw?


I'm really mad as hell and not going to take it anymore this morning. I'm tired of the retro-gressive left trying to take this country down with their bogus campaigns based on lies and designed to denegrate the president, our military and our intelligence gathering capabilities.

There is a pattern to all of this.

Let's sum it up:

Scandal 1. Abu Grahib--brought to us by DAVID HACKWORTH, the military advisor for Ben Cohen's TRUE MAJORITY (Fenton Client) and passed on to Mary Mapes at CBS--who needs no introduction.

Scandal 2. Joseph Wilson--brought to us by a whole host of radical groups including the Nation, Institute for Policy Studies, Center for International Policy, Iraq Policy Information Project, Fenton Communications, the VIPs and the John Kerry Campaign.

Scandal 3. Secret Gulags in Eastern Europe--brought to us by Dana Priest of the Washington Post, wife of Bill Goodfellow of CIP, and Mary McCarthy of the Clinton NSA--friend of Joe Wilson, Rand Biers, Richard Clarke, and supporter of the Kerry Campaign. Also by Human Rights Watch, an org heavily financed by Soros and with a close working relationship with the ACLU.

Scandal 4. NSA leaks. Pushed by Electronic Policy Information Project, a storefront org. of the Fund for Constitutional Government where Robert White, the president of CIP, is on the board of Directors. FCG's executive director Conrad Martin is on the board of CIP and executive director of the Stewart Mott Trust. Both FCG and the ACLU--the two organizations most heavily promoting the NSA scandal were both housed at the Mott House in D. C. All have links to Fenton Communications.

Scandal 5. Haditha. Just read Clarice's great pieces at AT or Sweetness and Light for a round up of that. Again, Human Rights Watch plays a dominate role.

Every single one of these attacks has been orchestrated by a close knit group of far left anti-American activists. Like O'Reilly said--time to expose them!


Jeralyn is just another $oros $chill

after I read the thread by Marie26 at DU I went to talkleft to see what they were saying...I don't remember any dissenting opinions...they all just gobbled up the truthnot BS with a smile...in the thread at the DUmp about 50% were not buying it.

someone with an account at talkleft should post the DU debunking info....but Jeralyn would probably delete it cuz it might disrupt the choir :)

richard mcenroe

"Its sad really, at least to me. I used to think Merritt was a responsible adult if slightly to the left of Ralph Nader. Now I see she's in the last stages of BDS - where up is down, black is white."

Dwilkers — You. listened. to. a. lawyer. NEVER listen to a lawyer that you're not personally paying.

richard mcenroe

topsecretk9 — Hell, I pegged the perv Doyle as a Democrat soon's I heard he was a Time correspondent brought into the government by Norm Mineta during the Clinton Administration. That's old news.

Now the fact that Norm Mineta ain't hanging from the windsock at JFK, THAT's a continuing scandal...

John Loki

Any activity at the Court house this morning??? Have federal marshalls frog-walked Cheney yet?? LOL!


I've just seen Bush and the Austrian PM discussing Guantanimo.

I think I have a solution.

Put all the innocent little "bakers" and "Farmers" on planes, Land at CDG, dump them on the tarmac.

See how the Europeans like it.


Is this an analogy:

Nagin and Blanco called the National Guard in. The dems and MSM said nothing.

If the major of NO and governor of LA were Republicans, the dems and MSM would be screaming for a "Police State".

Yup, check Michelle Malkin. She was quick to point this difference.


Good suggestion, verner.

Where was Larry Johnson in the middle of these scandals, btw?


Michelle Malkin provides a way to verify the KOSoola / Armstrong numbers

Isn't KOS connected to anyone mentioned in the scandals above?

JM Hanes

richard mcenroe

Since so many of your posts read rather like the last word on any given subject, I don't think I've mentioned how much I admire your succinct, sharply pointed, observations. Real wit requires unusual powers of discernment, on top of a facility with words. I always enjoy yours!


Dr Sanity's post is very saner than the dems and MSM. Read Diane West's post also.

I see that 5 hours each today will be devoted to the debate of the two resolutions submitted by the dems. The prediction is that neither will garner enough votes.

Rick Ballard

Sometimes a single blog entry tells you everything you need to know - take a look at sweet Jeralyn using Mumia on a Ghraib post.

It's irrelevant whether CheapTalkLeft is sponsored by Soros, whether she's paid for it or gives it away for free, the disease is the same.

brenda taylor



Larry Johnson joined forces with the VIPS. The VIPS are all tangled up with the above mentioned groups, as is Larry. Larry was even a keynote speaker for Win Without War! He even appeared on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman right before Phillip Agee!

A good way to track it is to google up all the petitions Larry signed.

Think of it this way--RICO investigation with a dose of money laundering. You're dealing with a bunch of agitprop orgs that stem form the same sources, with interchangable players who share the same ideology (hate America), and who in most cases have been working together since they were chanting Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh in the streets in '68.

Key players are IPS, it's spin off CIP, Human Rights Watch, the ACLU and the so called government watchdog/civil liberties orgs that are mainly associated with Fund for Constitutional Government over at the the Mott House, Fenton Communciations (molds the message for footsoldiers like moveon.org and KOS)--with various Fenton clients playing bit parts(Medea Benjiman the vicious kook and Code Pink for example).

As for funders--I've identified a few that are key from about a dozen or more--Ford Foundation, Stewart Mott, Ben Cohen, Tides and Soros.

If you eliminated the above mentioned from the political landscape, you'd eliminate about 90% of the "strategery" behind the anti-american left.


"Take your pick. I can go to almost any left web site"


How is that reply in any way responsive?


See, Leo's doing the ole seminar trick again.


Oh Please.


See how the Europeans like it.

verner- I've long seen the Guantanamo thing as one of the issues Europeans love to hate us about, but their governments secretly condone. Much like whatever CIA planes are flying in and out of their airspace.
It's a problem they just don't want to deal with, they know we will, and they'll slam us for it in public as often as possible.

brenda taylor

c-span aired ted kennedy on the top of some building saling his book and all his close colleuges were there hillary and the clan and teddy looked over and said tell george i been trying to call him.if i remember right it was george soros so go figure





Nice try. Don't make me quote a rule number atya.

You asked if the rules could be applied to the right too. I said maybe, gave you an example of a typical post from the left, and said that I've not seen that level of vitriol and vulgarity on the right. What's not to understand?


Sorry! Thanks boris.

Ted Remington

Hi all,

I wanted to apologize for the posts that have been placed on this board with the text "GOPs are Simpletons" under the pseudonym "BMOC." Whoever is posting these messages is providing a link to a blog that I maintain. However, BMOC is not me. I have never been to this site before noticing the amount of traffic coming to my blog from this site.

"BMOC" is almost certainly an individual who lurks on my site from time to time who wants to embarass me by posting idiotic messages linking to my site on conservative-themed websites. The sad thing is that he's been a victim of this himself (liberal posters putting up assinine posts linking to *his* website), and I stood up for him and did what I could to help track down the folks responsible for the faux postings.

Apparently he's embraced the very tactic he was victimized by.

At any rate, I just wanted to let you all know that "BMOC" is not me, and while I'd be more than happy to have you stop by my blog, I'd never say something as dopey as all GOPers "simpletons." Heck, I don't even *think* that! I'm on the opposite side of the political spectrum from most Republicans, but I think that both the left and the right have their fair share of both simpletons and civilized people. It would be nice if more of the debate were carried out by the latter rather than the former.

Thanks, and sorry again for the silly posts put up in my name.




Do not miss Byron York's latest...once you read it something become crystal clear about the Senate Intel Committee over the years...boy those Kerry Campaign members have tentacles to try to the end to ensure the "Bush Lied" meme carries on, don't they?

The Kerry Campaigner on the Republican Staff of the Senate Intelligence Committee 06/21

...“As the Senate Intelligence Committee struggles to complete its investigation into prewar intelligence, some Republicans have become increasingly concerned that they are at a disadvantage in the bitter and partisan fight over what is known as "Phase Two” of the probe. “We don’t have a majority on the committee,” says one Hill Republican, noting that while the GOP, of course, maintains formal control of the committee — there are eight Republicans and seven Democrats — Republican lawmakers have lost effective control because two of their own, Senators Chuck Hagel of Nebraska and Olympia Snowe of Maine, sometimes side with Democrats.

Now, National Review Online has learned that a key Republican committee staffer in the politically charged prewar intelligence investigation is a veteran of the 2004 Kerry presidential campaign. Eric Rosenbach, hired by Sen. Hagel to work on prewar intelligence issues, came to the Senate after completing studies at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government under Rand Beers, a top foreign-policy adviser for Kerry. In Fall 2004, Rosenbach took three weeks to volunteer for the Kerry campaign in York County, Pennsylvania.

“Senator Hagel knew that he worked for Rand Beers,” Hagel spokesman Mike Buttry tells NRO. “He did not know that he had volunteered in the Kerry campaign.”

Gary Maxwell


What exactly is the obsession with Mark Hyman all about? Sorry but it seems to be your only talking point, 24/7. I wont return to your blog but am sorry someone is linking to you under false premises.

Gary Maxwell

My response to Mike Buttry?

Well he certainly knows now. What is is doing about it? Hagel is disgusting. Does he still fancy himself presidential material?

Rick Ballard


More evidence of the bone density of a RINO skull. Thick hide, thick skull, very small brain, easily distracted, with a minimal field of vision. Hagel also has the large ego that often compensates for the small brain.

Some days DC seems like an endless loop of 'Dumb and Dumber'.

Carol Herman

Maybe, there's a bigger question? A year ago, Marc Ash earned over $125,000. That's not bad, ya know? But has he duplicated this?

It's not unusual for "car salesmen" to have commission checks that vary. And, when they lose their touch? Ever heard of Willie Loman?

I'll guess that TruthOut and Time. And, NewsWreck, all understand that the market can pull the rugs out from under them. I'm not sure of this. Because I haven't "looked." But when I was a kid LOOK and LIFE were vying with each other for readership. (When JFK got shot, LOOK had the unfortunate role of having a hit piece coming out. While LIFE got the roll of film from Zapruder.) We forget that teams play against each other. Sometimes the GIANTS are defeated by the YANKEES. And, when I was a kid, people used to laugh at the METs. Times change, though. It has something to do with being inside the ring. Growing old. And, becoming a punching bag. Instead of a "butterfly." What a cycle.

This site is a delight, by the way, because it's willing to discuss the nitty gritty. AFTER the news, overhyped, explodes on the organization that provides this stuff; you've got to suspect that "something happens."

While the MSM goes deaf, dumb and blind. I now consider ALL of this stuff! Including what you see when you ask dead-eyed people questions about their products ... as POKER BLUFFS. Nothing else explains why they're not involved. But there's a way of deflecting work, taught early enough in our school system, where if you don't poke around with curiosity you're rewarded.

If you do poke around, though, a teacher will use a red pen to tell you that your answer goes beyond what they had been looking for.

There's been a lot of damage done by our educational system. How so? It's easy enough, now, to get a credential without having to learn Latin. Or do calculus. People got fooled into believing it was "okay to study for the test" while all the interesting things were tossed off.

The prices are still being paid. But if you can read. And, you can write. You can, after about five years of learning how to do so, early in life; head off on your own. It's good to remember Benjamin Franklin believed in, and created, the free library system. And, Lincoln actually left school early,to labor at hard work. Such was life.

As to "Dumb and Dumber," I don't envy congress-critters. Like whores, they have to cater to a wide variety of tastes. And, it's not about "luv" ya know? So they develop a skin that tells them when they need to open their umbrellas.

I'd guess that inside DC's halls of power(s), there are some concerns that the donks are splitting up. And, the curious children want to know whose gonna end up with mom (Pelosi), or dad (Dean). Can you imagine some willing to go it alone? Well, Juiliet was only 13 when she was making her big decisions in life. Congress-critters are older. And, they're not about to fall in love. So, expect something strange, ahead, as "Dumb and Dumber" try to find a new circus boss that promises them endless re-runs.

brenda taylor

hagels brother is a democrat im sure the oranges didnt fall far from that tree.he acts like a demo anyway.



I can give you tit-for-tat if you want to play that game. Just admit there is, percentagewise, an equal number of crazies on both sides. You can delude yourself into thinking it's all about the left, or you can apply one of your rules. (#1 for instance)

You f-----g elitist bleeding heart think we all just talk shit? Instead of trying to make fun of us go fucking FIGHT FOR YOUR COUNTRY AND JOIN THE ARMY.

Posted by: IraqOrBust | 09/23/2005 at 06:29 AM

Ha ha, the best part of writing this will be forever wondering if that was a liberal who clearly "got it" or a rightie who simply followed the rules (or knew them going in). Love it. Well, IraqOrBust, if you're a leftie, well played! If you're a rightie, you're sadly mistaken. A. You guys end up making fun of yourselves and B. Tell the pro-war rightie bloggers – the 101st Fighting Keyboarders – to sign up; they're the ones who support this quagmire.

Posted by: Joseph | 09/23/2005 at 07:01 AM

jus goes ta show your nothing but a terroris loving commie libral shitass. George W. Bush has more penis in his little finger than you hav in you're hole head!

Posted by: GodLovesHalliburton | 09/23/2005 at 08:07 AM

Ha ha. Keep 'em coming!

Posted by: Joseph | 09/23/2005 at 08:12 AM

You bleeding heart commies deserve all the hell God brings down on you and your eliteist sins.


Sleep late and you can never catch up with the JOM postathon!
Verner you have another good piece waiting for you to write up..
Rick, I blogged your AP site again..on the funding issue and sent it to you.
Now I have to check out York.

Barney Frank


"What I can't understand is how Newseek and Time managae to stay in business. How many doctors and dentists' waiting rooms are there"

Time and Newsweek can't possibly be surviving on three year old subscriptions can they? :)

Gary Maxwell


who didnt see this coming? Susan Estrogenich thinks Dan Rather is getting a rare deal. He made a mistake she says. And CBS should get the same loyalty from its viewers. On that last part we agree, but for entirely different reasons.


Think of it this way--RICO investigation with a dose of money laundering. You're dealing with a bunch of agitprop orgs that stem form the same sources, with interchangable players who share the same ideology (hate America), and who in most cases have been working together since they were chanting Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh in the streets in '68.

Key players are IPS, it's spin off CIP, Human Rights Watch, the ACLU and the so called government watchdog/civil liberties orgs that are mainly associated with Fund for Constitutional Government over at the the Mott House, Fenton Communciations (molds the message for footsoldiers like moveon.org and KOS)--with various Fenton clients playing bit parts(Medea Benjiman the vicious kook and Code Pink for example).

As for funders--I've identified a few that are key from about a dozen or more--Ford Foundation, Stewart Mott, Ben Cohen, Tides and Soros.

Has anyone charted these connections (with names). It might be educational.

Carol Herman

It shouldn't slip out of mind, that during the 2004 election cycle, the MSM kept asking Bush to "admit to one mistake."

Well, now. They can ask, I guess. But they don't know how to come clean.

And, that's gonna cost them BIG TIME, when it comes November. Pelosi will be able to use "her rag to clean up the house," to stem the hemmorhages for all I care.


Beat me, Barney. I can't imagine who wants to pay for old, wrong news.

Don't miss the Kosolafest at Kaus. The Kos/Armstrong fandango is emitting a strong stench. http://www.slate.com/id/2144065&#kosolafest

Rick Ballard

Thanks, Clarice. AP never fails to deliver. The Dems were all set to blow their bugles and the President eclipsed them.


Rick Ballard


TS found a site with a very good interactive chart. I forgot to bookmark it - perhaps she will be kind and refresh our memories. I believe that Frontpage has something too but I find that site a bit difficult to navigate.


Ugh!! this is a campaign button? these are the people who want to run this country?



Sunny Days,

I charted a bit of it over on the sweetness-light blog.

Trust me though, if you started diagraming connections between these folks, you end up with a big black dot.

You might want to go over to David Horowitz's www.discoverthenetworks.com and click his maps (Try clicking ISP--WOW!) Although I can tell you from my own look at DTN, some orgs. are not listed, and neither are some connections that I know of. It's worse.

It would be FASCINATING for a systems engineer to enter the data--like money connectiopns, what boards these people serve on, who they've worked with in the past etc. etc. to see what it would look like.

There is nothing like it among conservatives--no where near the co-ordination, nor the influence in the media. They Fabricate the news, then send it out to their little mouthpieces like KOS and Huffington. You see it happening over and over again.


This is a fasinating exchange between Hitchins and Wissam al-Zahawie

...I am astounded at finding out that I was "in the room" during Joe Wilson's last meeting with Saddam Hussein. I have not read Wilson's book, but I'm sure that the under-secretary for foreign affairs who according to Hitchens, quoting Wilson, was present was not myself but Nizar Hamdoon. Although I was the senior under-secretary- at the Foreign Ministry, there were four of us at the time, I was in charge of the departments dealing with international organizations and conferences. Hamdoon looked after bilateral affairs with western countries, the really sensitive relations entrusted only to senior officials who are Ba'ath party members. I was never a member...

then Hitchens...

...If you now want to say that Joseph Wilson can't be relied upon even to tell the difference between you and the well-known Nizar Hamdoon, then you are taking a stand upon much firmer ground. (Except that you oddly rely on his account, rather than yours, to say that you don't recall the last meeting between Saddam and a U.S. ambassador. Have you no memory or diary of your own?) You are also wise to have avoided reading his ludicrous book. Wilson is one of the great clowns of our time, and proves it every day. By the way, he has recently spoken highly of you as "a world-class opera singer" who "went to the Vatican as his last post so that he could be near the great European opera houses in Rome." (See Craig Unger's piece in the July 2006 Vanity Fair.) If you think he doesn't know you well enough even to know your face, let alone to discuss your operatic accomplishments, then complain to him, not to me. I would love to be the one who put you two (back?) in touch. I certainly never said that you were actually an opera singer, though there's something minor-key operatic about your long moans and sobs of self-pity on the Wagner question. I took care to say that a liking for Wagner—which I share—is no condemnation...

Seems now a former Iraqi disputes Wilson...


A Republican "disadvantage" in the Phase II probe of the Senate Intelligence Committee may not be such a bad idea after all, since so far the Republicans have shown no sign of holding Bush accountable.

But I have no doubt that Pat Roberts will continue to stonewall and whitewash the probe.





"What I can't understand is how Newseek and Time managae to stay in business.

Here's one way. I donated to my local public radio station last year. They tossed in a "free" Newsweek subscription. I didn't know where it came from. When I found out I tried to cancel it. This year the pbs radio station pulled the same drill. When I sent in my contribution I explicitly told them NOT to send me Newsweek. That didn't work. It came anyway.

Do you know how difficult it is to find out how to cancel your Newsweek subscription? They don't make it easy. When you do figure out how -- I canceled in mid-February -- it took until June for it to stop being delivered. You'd think the Audit Bureau of Circulation would be concerned about Newsweek's inflated numbers, but apparently not.

Well, not too many are buying advertising so Newsweek may not be in business much longer. Not much call for sensational entertainment magazines except at the check-out counter.

Gabriel Sutherland

It's about that way for a lot of magazines. Somehow I am on a list and I just get sent dozens of magazines that I have never paid one penny for.

I get Time, Newsweek, Wired, Harpers Bazaare, Vanity Fair, and ESPN the Magazine. I tried to cancel them because I never paid for them, but the subscription codes never are recorded for my address.


arghh...fixed links?

Wissam al-Zahawie

and here is part of what Wilson said...

He arrived in Niger on February 26, 2002. "Niger has a simplistic government structure," he says. "Both the minister of mines and the prime minister had gone through the mines. The French were managing partners of the international consortium. The French mining company actually had its hands on the product. Nobody else in the consortium had operators on the ground."

In addition, Wilson personally knew Wissam al-Zahawie, the Iraqi ambassador to the Vatican, whose visit to Niger had raised suspicions. "Wissam al-Zahawie was a world-class opera singer, and he went to the Vatican as his last post so he could be near the great European opera houses in Rome," says Wilson. "He was not in the Ba'thist inner circle. He was not in Saddam's tribe. The idea that he would be entrusted with this super-secret mission to buy 500 tons of uranium from Niger is out of the question."

and from Clueless Joe Wilson

...And it's true that the two men knew each other during the Gulf crisis of 1990-1991. Indeed, in his book The Politics of Truth, Wilson records Zahawie as having been in the room, as under-secretary for foreign affairs, during his last meeting with Saddam Hussein. (Quite a senior guy for a humble mission like violating flight-bans from distant Niger and Burkina Faso.) I cite this because it is the only mention of Zahawie that Wilson makes in his entire narrative...
Rick Ballard

At the newspaper level, subscriptions account for between 20% and 25% of revenue - the rest is ads. Ad revenue is based on circ so the cancellation of one dollar of subscription will finally (after all the hassles of cancellation mentioned) result in a revenue loss of four to five dollars.

Do your part - cancel something today.


Thanks for the Horowitz network link. Have you sent him any of the information you've discovered?


"A little literary flair" or pure fiction?...or how many literary flairs are allowed before it is recognized as fiction?

...But read the various claims made in Kristof's May 6 column side by side with the Senate Intelligence Committee's findings, and you find two different stories. Here's Kristof: "In February 2002, according to someone present at the meetings, that envoy reported to the CIA and State Department that the information [of a Niger-Iraq uranium deal] was unequivocally wrong and that the documents [purporting to show such a deal] had been forged."...

...The Senate Committee asked Wilson how he could have come to such grandiose conclusions without any information:

--On at least two occasions [Wilson] admitted that he had no direct knowledge to support some of his claims and that he was drawing on either unrelated past experiences or no information at all. --

For example, when asked how he "knew" that the Intelligence Community had rejected the possibility of a Niger-Iraq uranium deal, as he wrote in his book, he told Committee staff that his assertion may have involved ---"a little literary flair."

"A little literary flair" is a good way to describe the following claim, also in the original Kristof column: "The envoy's debunking of the forgery was passed around the administration and seemed to be accepted--except that President Bush and the State Department kept citing it [the forgery] anyway."...



Sure. On the level of "his mother committed suicide because of him." Find that on the right.


I've done a few pieces. Nothing recently though.


Well, it's time to do another, Verner. I relied a lot of your big one in Frontpage.

Yes, Gabriel I, too, get a lot of free subscriptions and when I cancelled my New Yorker several years ago after tiring of the non-stop propaganda I got essentially an offer for a free subscritpion. They need the demographics, don't they.

Barney Frank


I was just referring to the fact that my doctor's and dentist seem to change their magazine's about every fourth year.

BTW, I assume you meant 'beat's me' not 'beat me'. You're not a masochist right?

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