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June 30, 2006



My, my. Busy today aren't we?

As you know, sources sometimes backpeddle on you as well. Do you have any idea what digital nightmares Sarbanes/Oxley has place on corporations with regard to storage and retrieval?


"Truth, like iodine, must hurt before it helps.

The National Media THINKS they do a pretty good
job, the same way the President thinks he’s a
pretty good chief executive. They surround
themselves with like-minded peers, then get
callouses from patting each other on the back
for a job well done.

The sparse, and highly uncomfortable, laughter
and applause among the Press Corp is the same I feel when George Carlin or
Richard Pryor hits my bullshit button.

A sense of humor can be described
as the ability to laugh at oneself. The test
of character is how one changes improper
behavior when the shock of recognition zaps
your ass!"

cleo your ass must be smarting!


The Times obviously reported on the SWIFT monitoring story in order to confuse the issue with the John Kerry Swiftboats story.

Now they can say .. we put in a SWIFT story and the right wingers wanted our collective asses.


should have posted this for http://www.firedoglake.com/2006/04/30/truthiness-in-a-tux/>context


hmmm....there appears to be alot of "sources" burning writers lately...

Wilson's a liar

This is my whole problem with stories based on leaks from unnamed sources. What if they are all lying and just making shit up? How will we know if we don't know their sources? How is a "note to readers" supposed to undo the damage this story has done to BellSouth and Verizon with its own customers? How much potential business have they lost because of this bullshit story?

For all we know, Nextel or MCI may have told USAToday that BellSouth and Verizon had contracted with the NSA in order to slam their competition. We just don't know, because the press is allowed all the secrecy it wants.

If the press is going to take on this role and insist on maintaining its own secrecy while violating the government's, they damn well better do a better job reporting and getting their facts straight.


Yes. It would be a good idea for the press to get out of their cubicles and actually dig for stories themselves. I am fed up with this misuse of anonymous sources. (I note there's another one on AP today accusing our troops of an atrocity which I doubt occurred. Who in his right mind would undermine faith in our troops based on uncorroborated charges like this? Well, AP and Time, to name two.)



It is flattering that you remember something I wrote April 30 @ FDL. But you really must bracket quotes for attribution, or it looks like your are a plagiarist.

Carol Herman

That pulitzer prize should'a bit the dust when the pultizer heir got his divorce. The gal he divorced said to the world that she used to play the trumpet in bed, giving real fanfare to her husband's coming. Until she was going. It all looked so tawdry.

But the prize has a value, sort'a like the oscar. A doorstop. Where nothing recent speaks to the stars.

Hollywood's lost its way.

Just as the MSM has done.

You can wonder where all the good story ideas, go; because they are out there. But what do you see?

Want to see how hollywood gained its magical allure? It did Westerns. Which worked, first, because they were able to move from the rainy east coast; to the west. Where horses on screen were considered exciting. Where a man could kiss his horse and not get into trouble. And, where the indians were the bad guys. Except for Tonto.

A whole host of films could'a been made since 9/11 that would have been gangbusters at the box office. But for that you'd need new talent. New directors. And, new stars. Plus, new writers. Instead, all ya got is new technology. And, a realization that Japan does a much better job with cartoons than Disney.

It's sad to see talent evaporate. But it did. Of course, ahead things may get better? You no longer need film school to learn to operate and film a production.

Like Bill Gates emerging from his parent's garage; future billions may be had by today's yoot who could tell good stories that resonate with the public.


From U.S.A today article:

The Lie:

In the May 11 article that revealed the database, USA TODAY reported that its sources said AT&T, BellSouth and Verizon had agreed to provide the NSA with call records.

The Truth:

Five members of the intelligence committees said they were told that BellSouth did not turn over domestic call records to the NSA.

Asked about BellSouth's denial, Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said, "What they said appears to be accurate."

The "an innocent bystander was injured in the drive by,but......"

Still, BellSouth customers' call records could end up in the NSA database, he said. "Obviously, a BellSouth customer can contract with AT&T (for long-distance phone service). There is a possibility that numbers are available from other phone companies."



Clarice; How many members of the Press have been killed or seriously injured in Iraq?


cleo... yes how pedestrian of me to not use proper protocol... You must use an Apple to be so savvy!

I also don't think anyone would consider what you wrote worth plagiarizing.

I'll be sure to give you credit when there's something worth "bracket quoting"

Wilson's a liar

Let's review:

Fake TANG memos run by CBS. Dan Rather fired.

Jayson Blair made-up stories run in the New York Times. Howell Raines fired.

CNN runs false story that US troops are shooting journalists in Iraq. Eason Jordan fired.

Newsweek runs false story saying US troops flushed Koran down toilet. Riots in Pakistan and Middle East kill 17 people. Magazine forced to apologize.

Matt Cooper runs sexed up story about a "War on Wilson." He is now reassigned.

TIME runs story on "massacre" at Haditha based on 4-month old video supplied by a fake human rights group with ties to terrorists.

Washington Post runs story on "secret" prisons. Six months later, nobody has found one of these prisons.

Bill Keller issues lying letter saying the government only made a "half-hearted" effort to convince him not to run the SWIFT story, and fails to inform America that the bipartisan chairs of the 9/11 Commission also begged him not to run the story. Then signs off on a leftwing media campaign saying the stiory didn't really reveal anything the terrorists didn't already know.

Now USAToday has to apologize for a fake story about two major phone companies contracting wiuth the NSA.

And these asses think the President has a credibility problem?????

If the press really were a fourth branch of government we would be entitled to bring impeachment charges against it!



You hold the blogging community to a lower standard than you require of journalists?

How conservative of you!

In case you dont know, your assessment of worth is not the criteria for the rules of journalism



Isn't that the God's truth. See http://justoneminute.typepad.com/main/2006/06/usa_today_backp.html#comment-19173037>here for proof that "worth is not the criteria for the rules of journalism." ::grin::


Now, now, Sue. That is not the context of the
worth I refer to, is it?

To your point. Indeed the mistakes made by journalists are legion, but just as Huckleberry Graham said yesterday in reference
to SCOTUS and Gitmo (parapphrased)"No matter how well intentioned, now it is wrong"


Wilson's a Liar,
If you judge all this by the yardstick of ending the war in in Iraq and the Wot in general,everything makes sense.This isn't simply BDS this is the 60s and 70s anti-war crowd,now thay have status and power,they don't need to take to the streets,an indiscreet word over dinner,that is it.



If it wasn't the context you were referring to, it should have been.

mark c.

missing from the USA Today "letter to our readers". "USA TODAY regets the error and apologizes."

Wilson's a liar

APOLOGIES? We don't make no stinkin' APOLOGIES! We are the press!


Wilson's a liar:
Thanks for providing an excellent review of the multitudinous errors of the MSM. You are really on your game today.
With you it is business as usual.Posts not worth perusing...

Wilson's a liar


I'm not sure I would even give them credit by attributing their bullshit to BDS. I think they are lazy, lying, incompetent fools who don't want to, or don't even know how to, do any real reporting and just wait for traitors in the government to hand them stuff, and then lie to cover up their laziness when it is revealed. We are being completely disserved by a media who collectively would get an F in journalism school, and now want to be our masters and dictate what we know and when we know it.

BDS may account for their bias in believing the tripe they are being peddled by their sources though. Certainly a truly objective producer at CBS would never have fallen for the fake TANG memos. That's the really scary part. The traitors within the government know they are feeding gullible, incompetent reporters with stupid editors who will rush to print anything they give them.


This seems to parallel the whole WMD/Iraq story.

Case one: The presense of WMD's was overstated v. the bush admin lied.

Case two: The USA Today overstated the scope of the NSA use of phone records v. the USA Today lied.

It is worth noting that in the latter case, the USA today issued a correction and not an apology for their actions. The dems who will cling to the NSA story, despite its dismissal are in effect no better than those who believe that the administration was correct in their intial assumption of the presense of WMD's.

Basically, the admin is no more sinister than the USA Today. Be careful about jumping on them, it is the same thing the left has been doing to the WH over WMD's. The caveat goes to both the left and right-stop hyping the NSA issue because it is clearly not as big an issue as you were led to believe.


cleo... depends on what your standard "is" is.

If Mary Mapes and Dan RaTHer are your "standard", I'll take the Internet everyday!

Oh when you see Al Gore thank him again for inventing the Internet.

Wilson's a liar

Thanks maryrose. As you can tell I have some opinions on this subject. :-)

I would not be nearly as mad about major media outlets running stories based on government leaks if I thought they had a shred of credibility themselves. But they have proven themselves over and over again to be liars and incompetents. Really, nobody should believe anything the New York Times prints. It's become the National Enquirer of politics and should be treated as such. I'm fully expecting stories there shortly about Bat Boy and a three-headed baby. I don't think those asshats are even smart enough to realize that they are committing treason. They're just idiots trying to sell newspapers while spending as little as possible on actual reporting.

What infuriates me most about Keller's lame response to all the brouhaha is that he continues to spout about how this Administration has no credibility and thus does not deserve the benefit of the doubt. Dude, look in the mirror! How can Bill Keller even say such things with a straight face?

This approach has the added benefit of giving the public perfectly good reason to demand that the papers and networks name their sources. Guys and gals in the media, WE DON'T TRUST YOU ANYMORE. Unless you name your sources so we can judge their credibility, we are henceforth assuming you are lying.

Wilson's a liar

Paul, I think you have a perfectly valid point when it comes to Iraq. This Administration has credibility problems, to say the least, on the WMD story. You won't find me defending that. I really don't undertsand how the New York Times has paid no price for Judy Miller being the biggest megaphone for the White House on WMD. It would seem to me that the left would no more believe anything in that paper now than the right.


"paid no price"?

There stock has been in significant decline since January 04. 48 to 24 per share.

Can't fit it into a timeline of Judy, but she is in there somewhere.


I think one of the questions that intrigues me about all of the left-leaning media is how long has their double-dealing been going on?

Before the instant communication of the 'net (more specifically the web - BTW - Algore did sponsor many bills that helped speed the development of the internet...but his own characterization of "taking the initiative to create the internet" was just dumb...), were we lied to as much as we are now? Were secrets published as much?

OR is that a consequence of the Internet? Dinosaurs struggling to stay alive using print/airwaves in an instant media world. As the Baby Boomers (and their parents) get older, fewer and fewer people get their news from those sources.....Is what we are seeing just hapless attempts at adapting?

Wilson's a liar

That's true, the Times' incompetence is certainly costing its shareholders plenty. But it keeps collecting Pulitzer Prizes when it should be collecting dust. I would consider a proper price to be that nobody inside or outside the government would talk to the Times anymore, that CBS/NBC/ABC/CNN/MSNBC would stop basing all their news stories on what the NYT prints, that no serious reporter would want to work for it, etc. The paper should have been shunned by all thinking people by now. It's a joke.


"Posts not worth perusing.."

Apparently worth commenting on, however.




But you really must bracket quotes for attribution, or it looks like your are a plagiarist.

Bob, I'm surprised you weren't threatened with libel..::GRIN, GRINNING MORE, GRIN:::



Carol Herman

Well, one thing is sure. BEFORE the publication of the SWIFT article, before the "green light" came; even if at the NY Times it's like a kindergarten game of Simple Simon; there's something to the outrage that's not limited to just George W. Bush. Or even just to Conservatives.

In other words, like Fitzmas failing, there must be a sense of foreboding, now, wouldn't you think?

If Bill Keller thought it would be a safe journey; and one that had destination "pulitzer" written on it for his reporters; what does he get now?

If he looks in his rear view mirror he should see the stamp "Objects Are Closer Than They Appear." He's getting enough flack; that first, to avoid it, he ran out of town.

This is not what you'd expect of a general that had the plans for D Day in his pocket.

And, I'm not so sure the "backpeddling" isn't the kind of news that hits when everyone's not on the same page. Like Barbara WaWa and Star Jones. The script may be an ideal thing to follow ... but are you sure there isn't panic?

Bill Keller can't take his decision back, now. And, every time the left plays with this ridiculing of our attempts to contain the terrorists; you'd think they'd think before they handed the opposition such obvious talking points.

Michelle Malkin does a mini-video. Today's HOT AIR (which Glenn Reynolds provides a link to; goes back to the moments after the first Tower is hit. And, while you hear the news report, you see the second plane coming in and hitting the North Tower. People were scared. They were jumping out of the building. Others were talking about the horrors of being trapped. Then, there are the famous views. Of the fire fighters. And, the cross standing in the rubble. People talking of watching so many victims jumping.

In Malkin's analogy she talks of connecting the dots. But now with the details exposed by the NY Times,twice in succession; you get the feelings aroused that there's a purposeful attempt to make it harder for us to "connect the dots" to the terrorists.

If anyone remembers back to 1988, when the Willy Horton ad ran; the one that tanked Dukakis; and put Bush's dad into the presidency; (Ann Coulter's book just lays it out there) ... you see how the left is able to hurt itself. Because it never admits that it makes mistakes.

Which, if you remember the 2004 election, the press was trying every which way to get Bush to say he "made a mistake." (He didn't take the bait.)

The left's at loose ends. The bait, it seems, are bringing out the sharks. And, they swim in those waters.

And, the politicians poll. Plus, I'd bet so do all the business outlets that depends on the public for its customer base.

Maybe, we just have to wait for election day in November to check and see if our gut reactions musters angry voters at the polls?

I gotta tell ya, I did get surprised that the House stayed in DC to VOTE to condemn the Times! Usually, by now, they've all gone home. Seems the Internet's activities is changing a lot about what was previously assumed to be news cycles.

I'm very impressed with TM for his hard work. And, for so many of the people he draws in who comment on this site. I thought this whole thing was just gonna blow over. I'm not making that bet, anymore.



I think cleo was so flattered that I repeated some of her dribble, she forgot to get mad!

Keep in mind most liberals suffer a superiority complex... this is what makes them write in the first place. You can see that most of what they write are statementsand never can defend their position very well with clear thinking. This is why we never get answers to the questions we ask. Didn't you know that "they" are to who ask the questions - we are only here to jump to attention and answer... then they change the question... the old Rope-a-Dope.

They are too easily impressed with (mostly their own) big words and sentence structure than making any insightful comments. And if they have nothing to say, they'll either do what cleo did - hit you on protocol are their favorite grammar and spelling. If that fails they call you names. Watch you'll see.

Gary Maxwell


I dont know about all liberals, but as far the specific one in question you have read the playbook. Alltwo pages of it. Lather, rinse and repeat. Over and over.



Your right... the ones who are more secure in what they have to say, tend to behave better.

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