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July 27, 2006



My household income is about 1/20 of Lamont's, yet our charitable donations are at least 20% more than his.

And I'm a registered Republican.

Jos Bleau

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but Tom - aren't you a resident of Lemont's neck of the woods? Now would be a good time to come clean with any country-club or other exclusive group membership. I say this as a fan of yours, not a critic.

Personal disclosure - my brother lives in Old Greenwich, and while he wouldn't asociate with Greenwich rifraff like Lamont, he's invloved with no country clubs or other exlusive groups.

Rick Ballard

Isn't Thurston Howell III's presence among us gift enough? It's very unfair to criticize his membership at that club. After all, he's been a member there his entire life and yet was willing to cast it aside as soon as he spent a moment's reflection upon how his membership would appear to others.

He is truly a man of the people worthy of annointment from head to foot with very precious Kosola oil.


I wonder why Ned "Scrooge" Lamont didn't try to "reform" Round Hill Club.

But, I guess you dump one club when you want to join another.


I was wondering if any of that $5,385 went to Round Hill Club.


According to his own web site, Lamont Digital Systems builds and operates telecommunications networks for 'residential gated communities'.

Residential gated communities??

Ahh, another limosine Liberal.


The campaign also released detailed information on Ned and Annie Lamont’s family foundation, which donated $213,750 to schools and charities last year. In the last five years, the foundation has given away $850,000, including a $10,000 donation to the Brookings Institution, the Washington research organization.

Damn, I forgot to have my "family foundation" give any money out this or last year .. damn, I forgot to form my "family foundation." Now I am depressed.

Carol Herman

Okay, who really thinks Ned Lamont has a shot at becoming a senator, even from the east?

Why does it matter?

Dr. Frist is not running for re-election. What will start shaping up for 2007, comes after the November elections, this year. And, then who gets to be the majority chair will matter to the GOP very, very much.

If Lieberman is an Independent in Congress, or a Democrat, it really isn't something that changes the dynamics of the important battle. Who stands the best chance of winning the Majority Chair?

And, does Arlen Specter own his Judiciary Chairmanship for life? Or will that seat, too, become hot, again?


Arlen Specter brings out the Kerry in me.

I vote against him beforr I voted for him.

Carol Herman

Am I the only one who thinks November ushers in "status quo?" So there's nothing exciting for the MSM to write about. And, they use the Lamont excuse to print at least something that looks like the fights the donks like to read?

What other purpose would this serve ya, except to read between the lines. Ya can guess from here the donks are in trouble IF staying in the minority is a problem to them. If it's not a problem, well then. I'm happy they're gonna remain in the minority.


One of Saddam Hussein's favorite "charities"
were the families of palestinian suicide bombers who of course killed scores of Israelis. I guess to some Conneticut Jews this is not reason enough to vote for Lieberman.


I hope Ned wins... this makes the moonbats believe they've got the "truth to power" thing going on. Which it seems they have, since they can oust anyone in their party who doesn't tow the line. And since it doesn't matter one way or the other as to the balance of congress, it'll be good for the Republicans. Hopefully the moonbats along with Soros will gut the Democrats by 2008!


First, just how many folks know that Ted Stevens is Senate President Pro Tempore ? Frankly, since Strom Thurmond died, I hadn't thought about this much.

Of course, having Cheney, Hassert and Thurmond, now Stevens, next in line has probably helped to protect Bush.

I'd put Mitch McConnell, now majority whip, first in line for majority leader. Of course, there is always Trent Lott as standby.
If you want to give the Democrats fits, I'd suggest Jim (something about global warming and crap) Inhofe.


Again Tom shows his dismay at why rank and file democrats don't support his preferred candidate.

It makes no sense I tell ya! We love Joe, why doesn't everyone else.

Sort of like that curious situation Dubya is in eh?

Rick Ballard


I think we may see Brownback and Shelby contend as well. McConnell has been reasonably effective as whip and I hope he sticks with it. There are some egos in the Senate which are simply beyond control.


Frankly, I think Trent Lott thinks that he has served his time in Purgatory and deserves to be Majority Leader again. He is still wheeling and dealing with the best of them. After all, his name did come up as a party to the judicial nominees deal, even though not party in the end.


TM, shame on you for suggesting that membership in a waspy club SHOULD be a political issue.


I think that the Bill Clinton road show for Lieberman is entirely an attempt to maintian the status quo for Hiliary (i.e. kill or cripple the netroots folks) so she can run her own campaign in 2008.
Meanwhile, as a backup strategy, she is co-opting them by hiring a few. I have this weird feeling that her "Sister Souljah" moment will come at the netroots' expense.


"Drumbeats across America in August" ..Nancy Pelosi a
few minutes ago on CSPAN.

Please reread Robert Godwin's

"End-Time Panic and The Liberal Ghost Dance"

Just caught a part of the a gathering of Dems on CSPAN
- Schummy was standing behing Pelosi vs being at
Bolton hearings. (CSPAN went back to House Floor speeches)

With all the Hollywooders on their side, you think they would have better scriptwriters.
"Drumbeats across America"
seems threatening and racists. Thinking of wars with "natives" is
surely what that phrase brings to mind and not Gene Krupka(sic).

Wonder if this will last as long as the 6 programs, 6 senate seats in 06? Triple 6's was rather catchy.

Nancy used the "drumbeats" at least 3 times in the short
part that I caught. They are going to rise from "over
200 townhall meetings this August".

Guess we'll have to book Maynard Fergusons to drown
them out.



That line of presidential succession should be enough to scare dissappointed conservatives to the polls this fall. Think about who replaces Hastert if the dems take the house.

Nancy Pelosi, two heartbeats away from the presidency. Yikes!


>I think that the Bill Clinton road show for Lieberman is entirely an attempt to maintian the status quo for Hiliary (i.e. kill or cripple the netroots folks) so she can run her own campaign in 2008.

I completely agree. It is oh so Clintonian.

>Meanwhile, as a backup strategy, she is co-opting them by hiring a few. I have this weird feeling that her "Sister Souljah" moment will come at the netroots' expense.

That would be really really fun!


Wait, Greenwich multi-millionaire resident Ned Lamont belonged to a local PRIVATE club, and just in time for the Senate primary, he discovers the club was "too white and too rich"?

For out-of-towners: The Round Hill Club is a private golf club. There are several private golf clubs in Greenwich. Private clubs of this sort operate in a manner--if not in actuality--as a co-op, where the initiation fees and periodic assessments go to your capital account, and annual dues support the operating account. Those applying for membership require nomination(s) by other member(s). Applicants can be turned away.

This cumbersome (and exclusive) process is not unlike that to purchase a co-operative apartment in Manhattan--or other tony venues around the country.

I can't wait for the day when a political candidate lives in the wrong building or address.

In fact, Greenwich, CT is so exclusive that the municipal (Town owned and operated) beach and park at Greenwich Point on the Long Island Sound, and the 18-hole golf course in North Greenwich, are only available to Town of Greenwich residents purchasing a recreation card, and not available for use by non-residents, except as guests of a resident recreation card holder.

Sounds to me that Lamont needs to move out of his exclusive "too white and too rich" town!


Nancy Pelosi, two heartbeats away from the presidency. Yikes

Heartbeats? What about that talk about impeaching both Bush and Cheney if the Dems take over?


37 million African-Americans
37 million Hispanic-Americans
12 million Asian Americans
6 million Jewish Americans
2.3 million Anglo-Americans (Episcopalians/WASPs)

Which one doesn't consider itself a minority?

Let the outreach begin!


The Kosanostra left is ensuring electoral failure for years to come. They have declared that they are distinctly at odds with even the Clintons. Fat chance of getting into office with that approach.

Here is a humorous take on the leftist mind. Quite funny.


Being a member of an "exclusive" club is only an issue if you are a Republican, particularly a judicial nominee. Ted Kennedy just quit his exclusive club so that he didn't look like a complete hypocrite grilling a nominee on the issue, without the NYT or any other major outlet asking about the length and details of his membership.

JM Hanes


"According to his own web site, Lamont Digital Systems builds and operates telecommunications networks for 'residential gated communities'"

ROTFLMAO! Think I'm going to need a whole new irony meter 'cause the needle on my old one is just spinning like a top.


Tigerhawk has new post up linking JOM - think he'd love your last bit of info. Love his title:
Ned Lamont's generous spirit By TigerHawk at 7/27/2006

Tigerhawk adds to TM's estimation:

Only five grand in charitable contributions on an adjusted gross income of $2.8 million? Well, what do you expect from a statist? He believes government should do all the stuff that charities now do.

If one were to tweak Maguire and offer up a defense of Lamont, it is that his family foundation gave away $213,750 last year. The Times does not report the assets in the foundation, but by definition they would not have been included in Ned Lamont's $200 million net worth. No matter. Either the foundation is equally cheap, or it is a miniscule operation compared to Lamont's net worth. If we assume that the foundation gives away 5% of its net worth every year, which would keep its total assets growing at around the rate of inflation, the foundation only has about $4,000,000 in it. Lamont is a skinflint no matter how you measure it.



Michael Shiavo Heads East to Campaign for Ned Lamont

Michael Shiavo:

- the man who would not allow the parents of his dead wife to view her body when she was alive
- or dead
- then did not tell them about her funeral
- or what he did with her ashes,
- and promised to have her remains buried in Pennsylvania, but didn't
- and then gave her family, the Schindlers, a final FU on her gravestone is heading to Connecticut to campaign for Ned Lamont!

No matter what your thoughts are about the life and death of Terri Shiavo, this guy is one scum bucket.

Generous spirits unite.


I thought that Michael Shiavo wanted to move on, so the Terri misadventure was to close things up.

Instead, the Democratic zealots bring in Michael Shiavo so they may once again embrace the title that Abbie Hoffman gave them .. NATIONAL DEATH PARTY.


This is hilarious.

I grew up on Long Island, not in CT, so I can't handicap the clubs up there, but *everyone* knows which clubs are restricted. Years ago I was actually asked to join a very restricted club on LI because (a) I worked for one of the board members, (b) they desparately needed fresh blood and (c) I was Jewish but didn't have an identifiably Jewish last name. I passed, but I was honored, in a sick sort of way.

If Ned (Ned!) Lamont is just discovering that the Round Hill Club is restricted, he is either a fool or a liar. CT dems should want neither as their Senator.


Pretty much all private clubs in the Westchester/CT area are restricted. Wingfoot is pretty much Irish/Catholic. Century CC in Purchase, NY is all Jewish. Siwanoy in Bronxville, NY is all Wasp.

But just don't try joining any of them if your Italian... but hey you can caddy there if you want!

Oh and Jake the answer is:
Italian Americans - 15 million


When I here of Jewish voters who prefer Lamont over Lieberman express support for Israel but act as if deposing Saddam Hussein was a bad idea I am always reminded of a Reagan era bumpersticker covered Volvo which had on one side a "Save Soviet Jewery" and a "Nuclear Freeze Now!" sticker on the other as if these two events were unrelated.


Here is a humorous take on the leftist mind. Quite funny.

I guess this is why Greenwald needed sockpuppets: because the alternative is to shamelessly hawk your own stuff in comments anywhere that will have you.

Not sure which is more tasteless, actually.


Lamont in his cheapness as far as charitable donations proves the old adage really rich people stay rich because they are skin-flints. Lamont is one dumb politician quitting the exclusive country club now. Everyone knows he was a member. What a weasely loser!

Lamont in his cheapness as far as charitable donations proves the old adage really rich people stay rich because they are skin-flints.

Well, I'm by no means a fan of Ned Lamont, but let's look at this a bit. Ned gave $5385 to charity in a way that could be counted on his personal income tax return, but gave a couple of hundred thousand in a way that couldn't.

I'm ok with that, actually. TM has updated his post to reflect this as well.

Rick Ballard


Lamont has not provided enough information to make a determination as to whether $200K has any meaning wrt 'charitable giving'. Certain types of foundations have prescribed minimum levels of gifts which must be made in order to preserve their IRS status. There are also expense/gift ratios that are useful for determining whether a foundation's purpose for existence is other than to provide a method for providing income to the family dullards.

Lamont may be a paragon and an esemplar for all in terms of giving. He certainly is with respect to keeping very quiet about it. Just as he is in keeping his wife's income tidily tucked away from view.


Good point, Rick, but I think it's best to not immediately conclude that he's only giving less than one percent of his income. I know the article isn't all that specific, but it does specifically say $200k of charitable contributions.

If that's the price he has to pay for keeping the foundation aboveboard, I'm good with that. To me, the country-club business is much more interesting, if it's at odds with the image he's trying to project.


Personally, I can think of no reason to focus on his negatives until after he wins this primary.

Go Lamont!

Florence Schmieg

When I see Lamont on the news I can't concentrate on anything he says. His eyes always seem to be popping out of his head somehow. Does he possibly have a thyroid condition? It is very distracting.

I know this is a superficial comment, but it is now the first thing I notice when I see his ads, etc.

Anyway, I think Lieberman will win his primary.


Reality Check:

"In the 2004 Super Tuesday presidential primary in Connecticut, John Kerry got 58% of the vote. John Edwards came in second with a respectable 24%.

Joe Lieberman, meanwhile, came in third with five percent of the vote, here in the state in which he is so very popular."


True, he'd already withdrawn in February. Because he was so popular in other states I guess.


True, he'd already withdrawn in February. Because he was so popular in other states I guess

Congratulations on shooting down your own post.

Blue on blue, indeed.

And to think, you didn't take advantage of that great Metairie education (my sister in law teaches there; my nephew went to Jesuit).



I willing to bet that says Ned Lamont will be back at Round Hill Club within 6 months, if he loses.

What's the point of living in Greenwich if you don't take advantage of the perks.


So let me get this straight. Defeating Lieberman makes Bush withdraw our forces from Iraq, turn Iraq over to the terrorists while we redeploy to Okinawa.

Then Connecticut has a brand new back bencher rookie as their Senator who's never held a polical office but likes to hang around rich white people.

Good plan!


Reid desperately needs those "rubber stamps" in his back pocket.

I keep coming back to that for 'residential gated communities' thing. I can see something about ...

not bringing people together, but enabling those who seek to segregate themselves within their homes, clubs, and communities'



The foundation gave $100,000 to Brookings, $50,000 to Stanford University and $10,000 each to Harvard, Yale, the YWCA, Greenwich Country Day School and a scholarship fund administered by the North Haven Foundation. Other entities received smaller donations.

These may be tax deductible, but at least $190,000 of them can't be considered charitable.


Donations to universities don't count because Lamont might be trying to get one of his relatives into the school on a legacy deal. Quitting the country club just screams political ambition. What a doofus!
I agree with you about the eye-popping thing. I noticed it during the debate. Go Joe; beat this charlatan!

Tom Maguire

Donations to universities don't count because Lamont might be trying to get one of his relatives into the school on a legacy deal.

IIRC the Lamonts have three teenagers. Will they apply to Stanford? The suspense is brutal.


UPDATE: Lamont and his wife give about $200,00 per year through the Lamont Family Fund.

I imagine even Paris Hilton manages to donate a few of "daddy's" dollars to charity...

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