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July 09, 2006




"Uranium is about the only exports such places have. If you are there talking business, chances are good you are talking Uranium because there is little else worth talking about."

This is true,perhaps my judgement is clouded by my all around low opinion of Joe Wilson.

I'm sure,as is the case with commodities of high value that are in short supply,there are all sorts of side ventures.

He could be doing busisness connected with the Uranium trade,legal or otherwise,but given the stakes of illicit trading in yellowcake,if it were me,I would not want a media whore involved,especially one who is such a poor liar.

Good call on the WMD issue,you're smarter than both the N.Y. Times, and the Washington Post.

I know that can be considered a backhanded compliment,but sincerely, that was pretty damn perceptive.


Eh, even a stopped watch is right twice a day. The timing of the letter and the language is what made me think of the WMD, that and having listened to both Senators give interviews on the day of the press conference. It was quite clear that Hoeksta was NOT pleased with having to find this out through some backchannels.

As for the worries about the partisan cabal within CIA, my gut tells me that problem will wane over time. It seems that the ones most displeased with the administration were with the DI (Directorate of Intelligence) and that group is being, uhm, transformed. The new CIA will apparently be built around the NCS (National Clandestine Service, formerly DO or Directorate of Operations)


Oh, but don't for a minute believe there aren't knots of partisan poison in other arms of the intelligence community. There are lots of agencies besides just CIA and NSA and there are plenty of primadonnas with tender egos to go around.


Looks like both WaPo and I were both wrong. Santorum says he didn't tell Hoekstra about the WMD report until early June. The letter we are talking about was from May, so unless Santorum is wong in his dates, the letter can't be talking about WMD.


Seems to me that Hoekstra is pissed that he and Santorum got burned on the fake WMD story, and is retaliating for being used by the administration as a patsy to push what everyone knows is a load of bull.

Once you understand that policy drives intelligence, not the other way around, it becomes alot clearer. They used Hoekstra and Santorum to float a trial balloon that was so filled with lead that it fell before it got a chance to be shot down.

So Hoekstra is pissed that his reputation is considered expendable in the intelligence community and he wants payback.


"Seems to me that Hoekstra is pissed that he and Santorum got burned on the fake WMD story, and is retaliating for being used by the administration as a patsy to push what everyone knows is a load of bull."

What makes this a fake WMD report? Based on my readings, this wasn't a fake WMD report at all. It simply is a small piece of a still-classified report. Only a tiny piece just got declassified. It proves the fact that Saddam violated each and every UN resolution, which justifies the final UN resolution. Saddam lied to the inspectors. Now we're hearing that Hans Blix had been in bed with Iraq and that UN, including ElBaradei, is in bed with Iran.

Coupled this with UN's approach towards the recent Israili attacks against Hamas, UN's integrity and future are in serious jeopardy.


I am not saying the CIA used the Plame story, I'm saying she was a sent agent using a foreign intelligence operation to attack the WH BEFORE THE WAR. She was planned.

OSS devolved into CIA? DIA is absorbing all the CIA analysts under the new AIR FORCE Director(conspiratorialists; plames dad was air force). He will be known as the military man who brought down the DIA. Yes, everyone who got promoted out of the Plame mess, including the new 'director' overseer of the bringing down of the the DIA by CIA analysts - Plame's old boss, is a Russian expert. DIA(NSA)devolves inot CIA.

CIA policy on non operations officers doing spy shit: USE THEM TILL THEY ARE DEAD. Sorry, Joe.

See all those retired operations officers blogging? Larry Johnson at State, Counterterrorism blog, etc. There used to be no one there. Well, I guess bloggers have done something right to deserve it.

NCS? CIA operations officers are not what was wanted and will be pulling down on the NCS or whatever they are going to put all the operations people into.

emcee fleshy

Is it really that hard to hear this conversation:

Congressman -- Find me a way to write this letter without pissing off the president too much.

Staffer -- We could put some political stuff in it so that the media won't print it in its entirety, or, if they do, at least there will be some red meat for the home team to chew on.

Congressman -- yeah, draft that for my signature. thanks.



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