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July 13, 2006



The grave political error in this strategy is events in the Middles East are likely to overshodow and render trivial the celebrity victims.
This has the stench of John Kerry's Dr Frankensteins resurection of Vietnam,in which he was able to play both parts.


It will be Valerie Wilson who will bear the brunt of this lawsuit with her entire life splashed before the eyes of the public. They (per Vanity Fair magazine) have already admitted she outed herself to Joe on a hote date. My, my, are all Valerie's hot dates going to be deposed to discover just exactly how "forthcoming" she was with them? Her post-partum depression? The endless permutations and combinations of these possible lines of questioning are chilling. Even if these lines of questioning are thrown out, speaking as a woman, I'd be in a perpetual state of nausea just wondering what the opposition was going to throw at me next.

What kind of primrose path are their lawyers leading them down?

Apparently, Joe and Valerie Wilson have decided that Valerie is, indeed, fair game.


Hume showed pix again for longer
time. Now think it is "Virginal
White Jacketed Dress".
Note the carefree tied belt - Gold buckle dangles.
Not Armani - don't the devils
wear PRAVDA now??

(too tired for tags- sorry to dissapoint)


That is my view,Joe is a wily old hack,Val for all the covert pallaver, is a bureaucrat,the dog eat dog world of the courts are going to leave her terribly exposed.


The suit is triffling and Tom and Daisy are annoying, grandstanding fools.

But the real problem is how the media reports this. Yesterday's AP report on Novak's column was so bad I thought it was a DNC press release.

We can laugh about it, but it really is unfortunate that the media is so willing to spin the story to fit Wilson's narrative. A little objectivity would be nice.

Barney Frank


It is SOP to include a list of John Does at the head of a lawsuit in case there are others you might want to name later.
Don't think I've ever seen a suit without it.


Novak will blow them away.


One of the more surreal moments occurred this week when Robert Novak's "journalistic integrity" was questioned by MSNBC's Chris Matthews and David Shuster -- arguably, two of the least credible hucksters within broadcast media.

Sara (The Squiggler)
Fitz is not running for office. He doesn't have to be popular, and he never will be at this point.

I posted this link the other day as an OT link in the Hoekstra thread but think it is more applicable here.

Save Patrick Fitzgerald


Will the media now refer to Mr. and Mrs. Plame and Democratic operatives Mr. and Mrs. Plame.

You know, how they say the indicted Tom Delay; the disgraced President Nixon, and the impeached former President Clinton.


In any civil lawsuit, you have to have mitigated your damages. In other words, you can't be in a car wreck, refuse medical treatment immediately that would have saved your leg and then claim extra damages. The Wilsons have done nothing to mitigate their damages. In fact, the VF spread will be exhibit A for the defense. Exhibit B will be Wilson's book. And so on and so forth. They have done nothing to mitigate their perceived damages. In fact, they have sought the limelight.

Something that has bothered me forever about Plame. All of these covert operatives that are no longer covert appear all over the media telling us they were covert operatives. Why can't Valerie just put it to bed by telling us she was covert, not classified, as the petition claimed?


Another defense tactic. Bury the plaintiff in paperwork. ::grin:: We are very good at that. I won't say it runs up the billing, but I won't say it doesn't either. Every plaintiff has to be concerned about the costs of a lengthy trial. This isn't the unlimited pockets of Patrick Fitzgerald that will be fighting the unlimited pockets of Cheney, Rove, Libby and their dedicated defense attorneys.


If I were the defense, I would set out immediately to ask for summary judgment and failing that I would start the discovery process. Plaintiffs have to go first, you know, in depositions. ::grin::


Ewwweeee...and depositions are not grand jury testimony. Won't be anything secret about them.


I have a lot of comments on the lawsuit, the first being it seems to be completely devoid of facts. Nothing in it is first hand. That was very odd.

The second thing I wondered as I read it was in several places I didn't know how they could know what they alleged. A lot of it seemed to come from grand jury testimony which most likely they are not privy to.

Thirdly the suit was brought against the 3 defendants as individuals not as members of the administration. There must be some prohibition in suing them for doing something in the context of their jobs.

The preliminary statement was nothing but gratuitous. I'd file a motion to strike that just for the heck of it, but it certainly shows that they are in this for impact rather than reward.

I also think it is quite amazing that Novak is not a party, since they are alleging that his actions created the cause of action.

They also identify the Under Secretary of state in several paragraphs - which is Armitage right? But they never identify him by name.

Wilson is also fighting the war in this complaint which is exactly what the Judge said Fitzy couldn't do.

Has anyone read Bivens? I don't know that case.


****Wilson is also fighting the war in this complaint which is exactly what the Judge said Fitzy couldn't do.*****

Actually I think the Judge said Libby couldn't do that.




(sorry for the multiple posts)

Rick Ballard

I understand the countersuit but isn't there room for some cross-complaints? I've been hauled in on a few of those in busines and it didn't seem that the standard for being named was very high at all. Anybody breathing in the vicinity with insurance seemed to be enough.


Well the defendants could implead a bunch of other people - the most notable being Novak but they could follow it all the way back to Kristoff. Probably not a smart move tho.

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