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July 19, 2006



No wonder she has so many screws loose!

Bruce Hayden

For just $3,500 for the low end model, and a reasonable $9,250 for the "Next Generation" model, it's a steal.

Then again, I expect I will wait until these two companies battle it out, and the prices drop to reasonable levels. If it works, there will be competition, and I suspect that I, for one, could design one that could get around whatever patents they have, and suspect that there are others even more capable. If it works, it will get cheaper - a lot cheaper.

Bruce Hayden

I was taken with the arch competitor, VibroGym. They are a proud member of the Cheetah Conservation Fund. So, what if their product costs a bit more (couldn't figure that out, because their site is a bit weak this way), they are apparently giving at least a fraction of a percent of each sale to this noble cause, whatever it is.

Barney Frank

Those things are the biggest vibrators I've ever seen.
Madonna must be built along the samw lines as Tammy Fay Bakker.


I saw the article and the ad last night. I figured it was neat if it worked, but it probably didn't and would end up in my exercise equipment graveyard.


I, for one, am proud to say that I have never spent a nickel on exercise equipment.

JM Hanes

Sorta throws "Use it or Lose it!" into a whole new light, doesn't it?

bird dog

no pain, no gain.

Gary Maxwell

I heard a guy here in Dallas talking about setting up a chain of centers and selling franchise rights. He wants to combine these vibration machines with taning beds and call the concept "Shake and Bake". /cymbal crash


Has one bad side effect according to a commenter:

As Dan said, Tesla invented this thing a long time ago. If it is set to the resonant frequency of the human body, it apparently works as a POWERFUL laxative.

Jos Bleau

Judging by the changes to her appearance over the last 20 years, the steroids and human growth hormones had more to do with Madonna's "heavily muscled arms" than any miracle machine.


Well, my goal is to be able to shake like a dog stepping onto shore after a good dunking.

If I can perfect it (I'm actually getting better at it) all I need is to take a shower five times a day, shake the water off, and watch the pounds fly away with the droplets.

It's fun!


and cheap!


Don't know if I'd go for this one, there's a disease of circulation in the fingers caused by vibration (vibrators?) - Raynaud's syndrome, "wax fingers" in cold weather. Whole body vibration might turn Madonna et al into Mmme Trusaud's look-alikes.


Nope...Reynaud's syndrome is not caused by vibration...vibration may make more noticeable but fundamentally poor circulation is the cause.


I thought it was Raynaud's, anyway, as I understood/understand it cold brings on the symptoms but occupational exposure to "vibrating things" (thus my image of a vibrator) increases people's 'likelyhood of achieving' Raynaud's.

Perhaps I suffer from an overactive imagination.



I'm cheap. What if I tried taping 400 cell phones to my body with all of them set to vibrate?



If it is set to the resonant frequency of the human body, it apparently works as a POWERFUL laxative.

Same thing can happen with a specially configured bass guitar and amp rig.


ed, please don't tell us how you know those things.

R C Dean

Sorry ed, but the "brown note" urban legend was disproved on Mythbusters.

Although they did finally find someone who could shatter a crystal glass with their voice.


Anybody remember EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) from the late 80's/early 90's? Same deal - get all the benefits of exercise without having to actually, you know, exercise. I'd wager this is precisely as effective, only even more expensive. Proving, as if it were necessary, that there is no practical limit to how much money you can make in America if you have absolutely no scruples.

mark c.

i understand the machines are ecologically friendly too. they're made with recycled ThighMasters and Madonna's was made with left over props from the photo sessions for her coffee table book;"Sex".

Craig S.

Skeptics! I haven't seen to much research on thigh master but in Europe and now the US there is plenty research coming out on vibration. It is out there for the reading if you can understand it. Google search whole body vibration if you don't beleive me.

If there was not something to vibration I don't think Olympic athletes would be training on it. I understand all the infomercials selling these gimmicks and why people are skeptical because a exercise machine is NO GOOD IF YOU DON'T USE THEM. A vibration plate will collect dust as well as a treadmill.


I bought the PowerPlate Personal back in March of this year.

The Best Money I Have Ever Spent!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm not sure if Madonna and all the other celebs actually use the powerplate. This co just makes this stuff up. i was really impressed with their advisory board until all the academics they used actually had no affiliation with the brand or co and are now going legal. If you want to know more goto www.vibrationtraining.net it opened my eyes!

Lloyd Shaw

The good quality machines work well , but the plastic ones from China ( like Power Plate ) are just for looks.

The celebs use the all steel units.

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