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August 02, 2006




I'd just like to say this...

I'd just like to say...

Multi-tasking has always been a problem for me. Like, you know, when one task comes too closely after another.

Other Tom

That explains Michael Moore and Lowell Weicker.

Soylent Red

BDS? I'm sure it has to do with high blood levels of THC.


Lucianne just posted an article indicating a poll shows 1/3 of Americans think the Administration staged 9/11 to make it possible to go to war. This dementia problem seems more serious than I thought.

richard mcenroe

Ya know what's even more fun than dementia? Being a carrier. Right, Hamsher?


Obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol.

Will these people just shut up already. They haven't a clue. When in doubt they pull their favorite words out of a bag and blame them for the world's ills.

This is a war on food, plain and simple. The busybodies are arming themselves against your refrigerator.

Where's the antiwar movement when you really need it?


Cause and effect. Obesity etc may indicate a tendency towards dementia in later years but that doesn't mean obesity etc causes dementia, although that thought might be a bit too complex for reporters at the Times.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few weeks ago. From everything you read you'd think this is pretty much fat-American disease, but I am 5-9 185lbs. Depending on what chart you look at I am either on the high end of acceptable weight or marginally overweight. Another indicator for that disorder is cholesterol, and I do have high cholesterol. But the key indicator I have is a family history of diabetes.

Anyway, my point is much of this sort of thing makes little scientific sense once you look past the headlines.


"Obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol."

Well that explains Ted Kennedy,but how does it explain Hezbollah?

Aaron Adams

If "Bush Derangement Syndrome" is characterized as an inability to say anything critical of the worst US President in modern history, then this blog is symptomatic.


Actually Aaron it's characterized by people who feel the need to criticize the people who support our President in a thread about cholesteral and dementia.

Get it?


Wait a minute -- I thought that obesity, hypertension and high cholesterol were the surefire ways to die well before reaching an age where you need to worry about Alzheimers!

cathy :-)


"Actually Aaron it's characterized by people who feel the need to criticize the people who support our President in a thread about cholesteral and dementia."

Dementia will do that to them.


Geez, Aaron, I think TM and the other posters here on JOM play it pretty straight with Jimmah Cahrta.


Remember all tha stuff about catsup being a vegetable. Get this, court rules on beer.


I guess my mind is safe- I am 0 for 3 on the factors listed plus I keep my mind active by reading and posting on this blog.


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