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August 10, 2006


Other Tom

The gist of the moonbat reaction: "You have to question the timing."


Rove's reach or Plames?

Larry Johson was where and doing what?

The pattern for both is the same. They out. Plame was better at it.


Yeah but Rove's tactics are getting boring.

It's always Muslims. How about some Episcopalians just to shake things up?

Toss in a Presybertian every now and then, a little change of pace keeps things interesting.

Hah, some genius.



Luckily for us there were no leaks to the N.Y Times,all these guys would be in the wind,instead of under arrest.



Close enough.

It was still witty, though.



Wow, that liquid explosives things is really crazy! How did they discover the first one of these/or the plot in the first place?

The Unbeliever

Or, as a commenter over at Ace put it:

Rove must have bungled things in Outlook Calendar: this terror plot happened the day after Connecticut, not before.

Gettin' sloppy, Karl.


[Lest this attempt at humor was overlooked at the end of the Joementum thread] I heard a rumor that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were photoshopped into Lamont's victory celebration picture by Karl Rove...


"Wow, that liquid explosives things is really crazy! How did they discover the first one of these/or the plot in the first place?"

What else other than our friendly NSA terrorist surveillance program?

I see that Qatar stopped a flight to arrest a hijacker. Either he's a terrorist or mentally unstable.


This morning in his speech, Bush said:

"This nation is at war with Islamic fascists who will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom, to hurt our nation,"
Is this the first time Bush has publickly and explicitly used the term "Islamic fascist" as opposed to the vague "terrorist" or "evildoer" or the like?

(I myself think "deatheater" is a good word, but freely admit that it does not communicate effectively with those who are not Harry Potter fans...)

cathy :-)


You are, enmasse, condemned to suffer the
penalties commensurate with your callous disregard for your own helpless children.
Muslims, in particular, should remember there are no innocent victims amongst your
people when it comes to the WoT. You are considered terrorists until proven otherwise. Sorry, this is the new american way.

Posted by: Semanticleo | August 09, 2006 at 05:50 PM

The Unbeliever

cathyf, I believe Bush has used Islamist facists on a couple of occassions, but given the number of terrorism or national security-related speeches he's made, his usage of the term is rather rare. I think as recently as 2-3 days ago The Corner was noticing that Bush doesn't use the term very often, and they wished he would make the point more instead of sticking to the ROP line.


Allahpundit noticed the same thing, cathyf:

Bush said, "the United States was "at war with Islamic fascists."

Quite frankly, I'm glad to see them targetting Islamic fasicsts and jihadists. He wasn't directing this towards Muslim moderates that have no desire of Jihad.

Even Blair had to warn Bush to protect this intelligence leak.

Debbie Schlussel's source says that these London suspects are connected to Islam Jihad.


Funny that truth laid bear had to show various charts where all "hot" topics other than today's news bottomed out for today.

What's up with Israel-Hezzie war? Any today's news? UN still struggling with the ceasefire or resolution or what?

No one's interested in how many rockets fired into Israel?



I noticed the same thing - it was the first line out of his mouth. About time. Good.

It's the only thing I remember from his speech. As it should be. I hope he keeps it up!


Dateline: Times Bldg, Manhattan

Pinch stands over Keller glaring:
"How the hell did our crack reporters miss this months old story?"

Keller: "Rocky has a bad back."
Where is LJ?
An Ace commenter has answer:
I couldn't help myself, Ed. I had to go look at that rat hole myself.

You wouldn't believe the post there by good ol Larry Johnson. He claims to be sitting in Europe waiting for a plane back to the states on Friday. He is trashing the Brits response to this sayiing it is overblown, there is no real threat and/or it is a trumped up charge to cover for "distastorous" policies in Lebanon.

This man was in the friggin CIA and this is his analysis? No wonder we had a 9/11.
Posted by: JackStraw at August 10, 2006 09:57 AM
Greg Kelly reported from Crawford during the 8am edt hour about Blairs concern when sharing news of UK investigation months ago.
Per Kelly, GW personally warned Muller and Gonzales.
Hmmm no wonder they threatened to resign when told to give back Jefferson papers. Told to do their jobs with no leaks and then carry out raid on Jefferson's office in manner to insure no leaks and they get repremands!
Also reasons they are going hot and heavy into leaks investigations. The set up for Mac's bang of a summer does have *R/S/S's magic touch.

*remember those boring days of FNL when we had to entertain ourselves?

Absolutely amazing and a saver for all time. Read it and you'll see.

Finally this from another Ace commenter:

The pacifist is as surely a traitor to his country and to humanity as is the most brutal wrongdoer.

---Theodore Roosevelt
Posted by: hobgoblin


Caught this on MSNBC:

Buchanan asks:
"If we have someone in custody for already commiting a death penalty crime and we think he has information that might save more innocent lives, we shouldn't apply coersive interrogation methods?"

Answer that McCain and Graham.

What do you think MI5 is doing right now with 50 out there not arrested.

And how do we know that an entirely different cell isn't working same plot from the WestCoast to P.M. Howard's land.
They don't much like that plain speaking wonderful man. And he's
got lots of "multicultural AH's running "local" goverments - like
SanFran on speed.


I figured Rove got the Pakistani's to set up this fake terrorist cell, ready for arrest at the most auspicious political moment.


"You have to question the timing."

Exactly what day is a good day for this sort of thing ?

But what is the skinny on how this too is an "inside job", like all those handbills being passed out outside at Stone's film ?
Are these "real suicide bombers" or would they have been blownup by Pedators with missiles ?
Maybe the "Evil Cheney" has Robo-Muslims now.

Other Tom

The moonbats question the timing of everything. Whatever happens, it's all pre-arranged by Rove for political effect.

Other Tom

The moonbats question the timing of everything. Whatever happens, it's all pre-arranged by Rove for political effect.

[I question the timing of this double post.]


Doug Schoen, Dem Strategist on FOX just now asked if Lamont/Lieberman outcome would be different if election was today.

You can guess his answer - but you would have to see his tells; rapid blinking and head bobbing - almost as good an imitation of the SNL liar character as done by Syrian Amb Imad Mostapha!

Oil went down 3% as market believes that demand for air traffic and auto travel will be reduced.


It would be a pleasant change if the White House stopped playing politics with National Security. Comments by Cheney, Snow and others show once again that there is more effort being expended to destroy Democrats than in dealing with Al Queda.

Gary Maxwell

Seems to me that most of the effort being exerted to destroy Democrats is being sourced from inside operatives. Near as I can tell, they dont need any outside help.


Good. Then the Administration can spend more time focusing on Bin Laden and his still-operative terrorist network.


It is a Right Wing Conspiracy

There are several answers to why today when ~50 terrorists are still at large.

I just figured it out:

Reuters in HQ'd in LONDON
- even with the Official Secrets Act they picked up something
- Reuters' stringers in Pakistan also knew of plot (wonder why)
- MI5 realized that Reuters' was
going to leak - they wanted to get their own scandal off front and center.

So, wait - it all the fault of EUReferundum's Richard North and Charles Johnson of LGF.

(Cleo, Pete and Sam should like that)


Then the Administration can spend more time focusing on Bin Laden and his still-operative terrorist network

What they would rather be doing than dealing with back stabbers, cowards, and subversion.


A J Strata wonders if the arrest of the 2 Michigan men in Ohio with the passenger lists, cell phones and $11,000.00 might have been the trigger for the roundups.

MI5 would fear that their arrest would trigger the scattering of rest of the "crew".

But one could turn that on head, and it really wasn't an alert deputies(note plural)doing a traffic stop on these guys. They could have been under covert watch for months - they admitted to buying 600 prepaid cell phones for a man in Dearborn, Michigan. That's a suburb of Detroit, home of pro Hezzie demos.


So 50 homegrown terrorists are on the loose in Great Britain? When does the invasion start?

I feel so much safer knowing there's 138,000 troops in Iraq.

Jesus Allah Joseph Smith you people are such sheep.

Be sure and change the bedsheets for the guests since I'm sure you wet all over them.


Comments by Cheney, Snow and others show once again that there is more effort being expended to destroy Democrats than in dealing with Al Queda.

Which is the bigger threat to national security?


Larry is just so pathetic, I actually feel sorry for the loser.

The Unbeliever

It would be a pleasant change if the White House stopped playing politics with National Security. Comments by Cheney, Snow and others show once again that there is more effort being expended to destroy Democrats than in dealing with Al Queda.

Typical, you got the cause/effect backwards. The Democrats are being destroyed because they are refusing to deal with terrorism and national security, not because the WH is on some kind of top secret political maneuverings. I know this is a hard concept for some of our friends on the left, but when you spend all your time and political capital on defeatism, negativity, and showing your underbelly to a foreign enemy... you're bound to reap some political fallout.

If you have a problem with the WH answering political questions, you may want to go whining to the reporters who ask those questions. For example, go read the full transcript of Cheney's remarks, and you'll see the reporters were practically harassing him trying to get him on the record about the effects of the CT primary or the November elections. Do you honestly expect him to respond with "no comment" to every single question, or to give the Democrats a pass on their woefully bad record?


Hey Jimmy, there is at least one Kos Diarisrt who has your number

Sometimes dKos can be so very disappointing. Here's some basic facts that some people seem to be having trouble dealing with regarding this morning's news of a thwarted terrorist attack. If you wrote a diary or comment this morning about how bullshit these latest threats are, please print this out and tape it to your monitor.

* bluesteel's diary :: ::

1) Terrorists genuinely exist and are trying to kill innocent people, regardless of anything done by George W Bush.

2) Not all reporting done on terrorist attacks is produced in order to cover up something else.

3) Not all reporting about terrorism designed to keep people scared.

4) The thwarting of a major attack is genuinely newsworthy.


Uh Topsecret-how does anything in my comment contradict anything BlueSteel said?

I don't deny terrorist are trying to kill me.
But that fact doesn't scare me.

And I think Bush's approach, e.g. invading Iraq, is doing absolutely nothing to prevent terrorism.

How did 138,000 troops in Iraq prevent this terrorist bombing?

The Unbeliever

So, the KosKiddiez are accusing Bush of coordinating terror warnings in order to annoy the left or to discredit their candidates? And they start letting the accusations fly right after an actual major terror plot is thwarted... hmm...

I question their timing.


Actually Unbeliever-you can almost detect a certain glee about a new terrorist plot on the right.

Ha Ha Ha you pussies! Terrorists are real!

Jesus Christ-you're like Linus in the pumpkin patch and the goddamn Great Pumpkin finally showed up. Save me president Bush!

It's just sickening how scared and sheepish you all are.

Grow a spine.

The Unbeliever

How did 138,000 troops in Iraq prevent this terrorist bombing?

Gee, I dunno, maybe by forcing al Qaeda to fight the war on two fronts, instead of allowing them to concentrate on their plots in Great Britain/the United States? Or by killing off Zarqawi, who might have provided the necessary expertise to carry the airplane bombing successfully? Or maybe by eliminating the funding provided by Sadaam Hussein, which could have been used to buy fancier bomb-making equipment?


You're right the first time- you dont know.


How did 138,000 troops in Iraq prevent this terrorist bombing?

Should we send them to Great Britain?

Please, the security and military arsenal of the United States consists of much more than 138,000 troops.

The diversion of those resources to Iraq are hardly preventing us from attacking al-Qaeda elsewhere.


I don't deny terrorist are trying to kill me.
But that fact doesn't scare me.
You are an idiot. Quod erat demonstrandum.

cathy :-)

The Unbeliever

Actually Unbeliever-you can almost detect a certain glee about a new terrorist plot on the right.

Uh huh. Obviously "reading comprehension" isn't your strong suite. Here's the Politics For Dummies summary, just for you. The emotions currently occurring on the right are, in no particular order:

(1) Relief that the plot was thwarted before it could be executed

(2) Happiness that more terrorists are behind bars, instead of roaming free

(3) Anger at the left for STILL not getting the fact that we are in a literal war against terrorism, as evidenced by your own posts

(4) Mockery of the idiots who think Bush/Rove/Haliburton drummed up this whole thing

Try to remember that it's not our fault the left is so totally hopeless when it comes to national security or anti-terrorism. Your chronic inability to maturely deal with an existential threat represents a horrendous failure of ideas, and although I'm not a psychologist I'm pretty sure it's unhealthy for you to take out frustration at your own shortcomings on the opposing political party.


"I don't deny terrorist are trying to kill me.
But that fact doesn't scare me."

It doesn't Little Jimmy? Why I can smell you from here.

I've met many very brave people in my life Lil' Jimmy,one characteristic runs through all of them,they don't shoot their mouth off how brave they are and all of them admit to being afraid,whistling in the dark are you Lil' Jimmy?


"It's just sickening how scared and sheepish you all are."

The word is "sheeplike Lil' Jimmy,sheepish is what you should be for your peurile outburst,
grow a brain.


How did 138,000 troops in Iraq prevent this terrorist bombing?

Jimmy...please count how many terror attacks in the USA since we liberated Iraq

go ahead...use your fingers :)


"although I'm not a psychologist I'm pretty sure it's unhealthy for you to take out frustration at your own shortcomings on the opposing political party"

Ditto, dipshit.


It's just sickening how scared and sheepish you all are."

This line is getting a little bit tiresome.

According to folks on your side, Bush is taking away all our liberties, destroying the Constitution, angering the whole world and paving the road to political perdition.

And we're the ones acting skittish?


His Mother

I must appologise for Jimmy,he is a good boy as a rule,it is just that his acne has flared up and he refuses to wear his glases.

The Unbeliever

Aww, we drove Jimmy into "No YOU are!" mode already. I was hoping he'd last a little longer.

TM, the quality of the trolls in here has declined sharply as of late...


Look Bush is at 36% approval in today FoxNews poll. That's the FoxNews which is almost unwatchable rightwing propaganda and one of whose former faces is now Bush's spokesman.

You've now got Buckley, Will, and certain others starting to question Bush's wisdom from the right.

This house of cards is collapsing. Time to face a brave new world.

And now we have to give up our hand gels?

Gary Maxwell

Are you guys really having a dialogue with a real life troll whose email address is :

[email protected] ?????



And now we have to give up our hand gels?

Apparently, the terrorists have been studying our (and British) airport security and have come up with a plan to use small amounts of liquids in ordinary containers to make bombs that were intended to blowup about 2,000 people on board.

What would your response be to these plans?



I liked the new label for the donks from Mehlman: Defeat-ocrats


Here's the idiot in chief:

(March 13, 2002): Mr. President, in your speeches now you rarely talk or mention Osama bin Laden. Why is that?

BUSH: So I don't know where he is. You know, I just don't spend that much time on him , to be honest with you. I truly am not that concerned about him. I was concerned about him, when he had taken over a country.

Here's the fools who work for him today:

"This had the earmarks of an al-Qaeda plot"
FBI Mueller-fool

"This operation is in some respects suggestive of an al- Qaeda plot"
DHS Chertoff-fool

So which is it people???


Lil' Jimmy,
Haven't you got it into your head,there people out there who want to kill you,they don't care if you are a little Republican or a little Democrat.
The only thing that interests islamofascists about Bush's rating is they are sitting out this presidency in the hope that a new Jimmah Cartah will arise to surrender to them,other than that they still want to kill you.
Time for Democrats to realise it isn't about you.


Are you guys really having a dialogue with a real life troll whose email address is :

Well, Augustine was seduced by the ideas of the Manichaeans but was later redeemed.

Although this case may prove to be more difficult.



PeterUK-based on todays news it's your fellow citizens who want to kill me?

Why should I not drop bombs on your country?


"And now we have to give up our hand gels?"

Hand gel? Lil' Jimmy is a teenager,they don't use hand gel,it's his hair gel he's worried about.


A tip-off at the Pakistani border where we do have some troops and added info from some terrorists that were picked up by our soldiers Jimmy who are over there fighting and capturing terrorists so you don't have to be afraid. So get down on your knees and thank God and them that you are alive to post on this blog,you moron.


"PeterUK-based on todays news it's your fellow citizens who want to kill me?

Why should I not drop bombs on your country?"

Well, if it is only you,they have my blessing,sometimes Darwin needs a helping hand.


The pacifist is as surely a traitor to his country and to humanity as is the most brutal wrongdoer.

---Theodore Roosevelt

Hmmm that's ned lamonts favorite president.

The Unbeliever

PeterUK-based on todays news it's your fellow citizens who want to kill me? Why should I not drop bombs on your country?

Because YOU, brave Jimmy, are not afraid of a little death nor the people who are trying to kill you, remember? Nor are you willing to take military action against people who wish you to be dead, as evidenced by your previous comments. Especially if it means you have to give up your precious hand creme.

Sheesh, at least try to be consistent.


"Why should I not drop bombs on your country?"

You can't fly,they wouldn't trust a callow youth with a bomber,you can't even find your own arse let alone Britain,who elected you Commander in Chief?


So you really can't answer my question, can you Petey.

It's the exact same question an Israeli could pose to a citizen of Beirut before firing away.


jimmy... is that you jimmy carter? Wow, I thought you were too busy bending over for Chavez to have time for us neocons! boy you did such a wonderful job in North Korea, I can't wait to hear what you think we should do in Iraq. C'mon jimmy tell us more!


Lil' Jimmy,
They told you if you kept doing THAT you would go blind.question answered.


(Is anyone else having to give a secret password repeatedly to post)

PUK, what's the feel of all this locally? Are the Brits freaked out?


Anyone else notice the uptick of trolls when events occur that highlight their political impotence?


We Brits are incandescent with anger,of there are a few liberals wandering about feeling the bomber's pain,but the rest of us are very,very pissed.


Question answered?

Quote it to me-I only see gibes which are excuciatingly unfunny.


"A U.S. Homeland Security department official said all the people arrested in Britain were British citizens."

Yep. They were all Saudi Arabians last time and we invaded Iraq.

All limeys this time...so watch out Iran.



Thank goodness for you guys. What's the talk the whole Muslim homegrown element? Does anyone dare talk about that?



Maybe because the UK is the world's oldest democracy who combats its homegrown terrorists. If the UK was ruled by a mass murdering autocrat or a millenial theocracy who desired WMDs and supported their terrorists we would want to overthrow them. We might try and turn them into the worlds newest democracy in the hopes they would become a more posative force in the world. Seems unhypocritcal and morally sound.


"I only see gibes which are excuciatingly unfunny."
Well,if it's causing you pain Lil' Jimmy,I'll continue.


The Government and the MSM are keeping a lid on,but even very left wing friends of mine are beginning to question the reveived wisdom.
Doesn't Lil' Jimmy sound like Katrina of the multiple names.


No never mind, PUK. AGrad had to come in and serve as a pinch brain. You can just copy his answer.


Seriously - it amazes me that folks like Jimmy really can't tell the difference between one country and another. Israel and the UK apparently are exactly the same as Iran, Iraq or Hezbollah's presence in Lebanon (which isnt even a country but lets treat with them anyway). I have to believe he is either retarded or talks like this for effect. He cant possibly believe his poitns are pursuassive. Thank god for him. It is folks like him who won us Bush in '04 and will mitigate the weakness of congretional Republicans in '06. Thank you Jimmy.


>Doesn't Lil' Jimmy sound like Katrina of the multiple names.

Before my time. He just sounds dumb to me.


I also am confident that PeterUK could have made cogent responses to your comments. He has decided to treat your ideas with the lack of respect they deserve. We all get tired of refuting the same tired pseudo arguments from leftie trolls. Children throwing tantrums can wear folks down. This is the great power of the moonbats. Adults get tired of explaining the same thing over and over again. Sometimes a child gets what it wants if it cries loud enough and long enough. The left is exhausting. Plame should have been over years ago. A never ending succession of Jimmy's crying "Plame" or whatever pathetic nonsense is nothing to take lightly. They sometimes can win. We will have our Carters and Lamonts. Thank god that they are inevitably followed by Reagans. I just hope they don't get too many of us killed before we finish with this threat.


Could someone (other than Jimmy) please explain how today's events - British citizens of Pakistani origin (likely Al-Quaeda related) planning to blow up US-bound aircraft departing the UK - relates to the decision whether or not to begin a draw-down of US troop strength in Iraq? Or are Al-Quaeda and Iraq 2 separate battlegrounds in the War on Terror?


"AGrad had to come in and serve as a pinch brain. You can just copy his answer."

Don't need to Lil' Jimmy,you are hardly heavyweight Troll of the World.BTW you are no relation to markg8 are you? You certainly have his brand of stupid off to perfection.



I think the thing I find the most annoying about lefties is their whoredom. They say whatever works at a given moment whether or not it contradicts what they said before. In other words when Clinton was president the left did not call him a liar when he said Saddam had weapons and they did not seem to think that regime change in Iraq was a bad thing. But then again that is back when we were being told that 60,000 children died in Iraq every year. It was back when Clinton bombed Baghdad in 98 and passed the Iraqi Liberation Act. He said that Saddam was a major supporter of terrorism and a threat to the US. But he has a big fat D behind his name so that is ok. Now we hear that removing that nice man from power was a bad thing to do and not only were tens of thousands of children not perishing in Iraq, they were in fact flying kites in fields of laughing flowers and singing butterflies.

And then there is the insistence that every vote counts, unless of course the person voting is Iraqi in which case screw him and bring back Saddam.

When we get a report that a big plot to kill people has been stopped it would be nice if the knee jerk reaction of the left is not some bizarre narcissistic crap about how it is about them and Bush's desire to control them or whatever and instead behaved as if they actually gave a damn about protecting innocent people.

BTW your not fooling anyone. Saddam could wipe out half his population and you would not care. Hezbellah could kill thousands of people and it would be ok fine with you just so long as they burn American flags and hate Bush.


Whatever. Call me a troll and retarded and moonbat.

As I said, your greta leader is at 36% approval. I know what percentage you people are in.

But even some conservatives are waking up.


PeterUK... it's hard to tell these moonbats apart! They all read from the same talking points. It especially obvious since the dems write their TP's for a 6th grader.


Terrye-whatever works at a given moment?

Look upthread where Bush was saying he's not concerned about Bin Laden-because he was shifting to focus to an Iraq invasion.

Now that's turned into a fiasco-so his underlings are out saying this has "the earmarks" or is "suggestive" of an Al Qaeda plot.

So predictable and so wrong. Wake up.


Ya think those Katyusha rockets are harmless?

Better go take a look.

Poor lik jimmy, who cares about those polls, that are SO biased and tilted towards the extreme left. Besides, Bush can't run again.

Oh yeah, I as a conservative are most definitely waking up and hope that more conservatives will wake up and change their minds to vote instead of staying at home on November 7th or absentee voting.


The technique is to attack wherever and whatever it is possible to attack,anywhere in the world.Iran has threatened the UK and the US for supporting Israel,bored disaffected young muslims are recruited for the job.
The terror groups are similar to franchises,or think Murder Incorpoated perhaps,working autonomously but receiving logistics from the terror sponsoring countries,cells are activated for particular jobs to make particular political points.
It is not helpful to call this set up al Qaeda,Hezbollah has active cells in western countries as do other terrorist organisations.


"As I said, your greta leader is at 36% approval. I know what percentage you people are in."

Lil' Jimmy is rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic...."and the band played on".


thank you PeterUK ... I understand that Hezbollah (or an earlier related group) was responsible for blowing up the Marine barricks in Lebanon, and other activities to get Westerners out of that country. But have they been responsible for any terrorist activity outside Lebanon and Israel?


New UN Resolution called short to disarm the Hezzies.


Unless UN Res 1559 is strictly enforced, which does call for the disarming of the Hezzies.


But have they been responsible for any terrorist activity outside Lebanon and Israel

Suspected to have been involved in the Khobar Towers bombing as well. The explosives used were smuggled in from Lebanon.

And of course, Iran is considered to have been the chief provider of the funds used for the attack.



Hexbollah has been responsibly for attacks in Thailand for example,and indeed did precede al Qaeda as a terror group.
Quite a lot of information here
Hezbollah is the deniable military arm of Iranian policy,but again Hezbollah could easily contract out to another local group if required,it would appear that most religio-political groups in the Middle East have their own terrorist wing.


Page 345 SSCI

R. Iraqi Links to Terrorism Conclusions

(U) Conclusion 90. The Central Intelligence Agency's assessment that Saddam Hussein
was most likely to use his own intelligence service operatives to conduct attacks was
reasonable, and turned out to be accurate.

(U) Conclusion 91. The Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) assessment that Iraq had
maintained ties to several secular Palestinian terrorist groups and with the Mujahidin e-Khalq was supported by the intelligence. The CIA was also reasonable in judging that Iraq appeared to have been reaching out to more effective terrorist groups, such as Hizballah and Hamas, and might have intended to employ such surrogates in the event of war.

(U) Conclusion 92. The Central Intelligence Agency's examination of contacts, training,
safehaven and operational cooperation as indicators of a possible Iraq-al-Qaida
relationship was a reasonable and objective approach to the question.

(U) Conclusion 93. The Central Intelligence Agency reasonably assessed that there were
likely several instances of contacts between Iraq and al-Qaida throughout the 1990s, but
that these contacts did not add up to an established formal relationship.

Conclusion 94. The Central Intelligence Agency reasonably and objectively
assessed in Iraqi Support for Terrorism that the most problematic area of contact between
Iraq and al-Qaida were the reports of training in the use of non-conventional weapons, specifically chemical and biological weapons.

(U) Conclusion 95. The Central Intelligence Agency's assessment on safehaven - that al-
Qaida or associated operatives were present in Baghdad and in northeastern Iraq in an
area under Kurdish control - was reasonable.

(U) Conclusion 96. The Central Intelligence Agency's assessment that to date there was no
evidence proving Iraqi complicity or assistance in an al-Qaida attack was reasonable and objective. No additional information has emerged to suggest otherwise.

(U) Conclusion 97. The Central Intelligence Agency's judgment that Saddam Hussein, if
sufficiently desperate, might employ terrorists with a global reach - al-Qaida - to conduct terrorist attacks in the event of war, was reasonable. No information has emerged thus far to suggest that Saddam did try to employ al-Qaida in conducting terrorist attacks.

(U) Conclusion 98. The Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) assessments on Iraq's links to
terrorism were widely disseminated, though an early version of a key CIA assessment was
disseminated only to a limited list of cabinet members and some subcabinet officials in the Administration.


Those photos of the Katyusha rockets, which should be shown to Kofi Annan, confirm the clear evidence that Hezbollah had every intention to kill each and every Israeli, regardless of their affiliation.


Ace has a post up:
"Blitz Spirit" Dominates Waylaid Travellers At Gatwick Airport"

This seems like good news, and I'll take it as such.
.... a kind of pride in not taking the mass-murders all that seriously.


But honestly, I saw so many reports where people just pluckily said, "Ah, life goes on. What can you do. Carry on and stiff upper lip and all that rot."
Pluckiness is good. But pluckiness combined with seriousness would be better.
I hope this current "Blitz Spirit" is a combination of both unwillingness to be cowed and a determination to cow the cowards as well.

Is his hope correct?
Tuesday night I did a rant after catching part of James Zogby and Alan Dershowitz discussion on LKL.
Enough to make one gag that this person and his brother who have made fortunes in this wonderful country would express such views.

Well I saw part of this last night and so did Taranto:

"Last night on CNN, publisher Mortimer Zuckerman debated the Israel-Hezbollah war with Jim Zogby of the Arab American Institute. Get a load of this exchange between Zogby and host Anderson Cooper:"

Cooper: Jim, do you deny that Hezbollah uses civilians or at least, you know, works among and/or hides among women and children?

Zogby: The resistance movement in south Lebanon, I haven't supported the tactics that they've used in the bombings that they've participated in. I cannot see the Israelis attempting to justify the carpet bombing of many areas of Lebanon as continuing to say that they're simply targeting Hezbollah.

There was a funeral march in Tyre the other day. It got bombed. It was not a Hezbollah target. They bombed a motorcade of Red Cross materials coming in from Jordan that was supplied by the United Arab Emirates. They knew what it was. They were told what it was. They bombed a U.N. post. They were told 10 times--

Cooper: Jim, though, I mean, does Hezbollah bear any of the responsibility for any of the civilian casualties?

Zogby: I've said from the beginning that their behavior was reckless and provocative. But Israel bears the responsibility. It's like saying what Mort is saying and what those who want to make that case is saying, the girl who wore the short skirt deserved to get raped--

"At least one of Zogby's claims appears to be mistaken. Arutz Sheva notes that Reuters falsely reported that Israel had bombed a funeral procession but later "updated the report to state that the bombs struck a village at the same time the funeral was taking place, adding that 'the air strike was not in the immediate vicinity of the funeral.' "

"But even putting that aside, Zogby's claim that Hezbollah bears no responsibility for civilian casualties is outrageous, and his likening of Hezbollah to a rape victim is scandalously so."...Taranto

Proof that his statements really truly are gag inducing.

Bet Zogby has a blog where James would feel very comfy.
Oh almost forgot that Matthews pratically bowed down in presenting one who would tell us how we should ...blah, blah, blah
Da Daaaaa:
Johnny Edwards

I didn't even stay to see how his hair was holding up.

Tops, love those blockquotes!


Hey, Kenneth Roth sounded like a mouthpiece of Zogby. The New York Sun reporter corrected Kenneth on everything he said. That was on Bill O'Reilly's show last night.

Yes,...but...Israel's responsible!!

The problem is that Israel wouldn't have to drop those bombs and go after the Hezzies if the Hezzies didn't incite them into war by firing rockets towards Israel through out the years, killing soldiers, and capturing two of them.

Let's see how serious UN is this time if the new UN resolution is passed in a way that Israel is protected.


Yes. Of course. Bush can't possibly be simultaneously for fighting in Iraq, dismantling Al Queda and all the other Islamofascist groups out there and trying to downplay OBL as an individual. Maybe folks are saying this is an "Al Queda-like" plot because it was one. On first glance it seems remarkably similiar to other Al queda plots. It may not be them but it certainly points out that there is a problem with Islamic terrorism that needs to be addressed. You probably believe the terrorists did it because of Iraq or Israel or the Jooz or New-Cons and that if we had all held hands post 9-11 we’d have no problems. Sometimes Bush isn't playing domestic politics. This seems foreign to a left wing wanker because the democrats never speak on foreign policy to help America outside our borders. I can't remember the last time a Democrat spoke on foreign policy for anything other than domestic political reasons. Oh yeah - it was Lieberman. Bush might play down OBL because 1) it isn't helpful to talk up OBL and increase his mystique 2) he is only one person who has little ability to actually coordinate terrorist attacks at the moment. The experts I have read leave me with the impression that AL Qaeda’s leadership has been decimated but that the movement has metastasized. This means that killing OBL while worthwhile isn't the thing that would have stopped something like today's plan in the UK. So he is being completely honest when he say that OBL is not the silver bullet to end terrorism in our time and isn’t the priority he once was. If Bush talked up OBL and then actually killed him I am sure you would say, "What a moron - killing OBL didn’t solve terrorism and I find the timing of OBL's death suspicious - it was on the day when a democrat had a chance of winning assistant dog catcher in San Bernardino!"


How to Catch a Terrorist…


“During the investigation an unprecedented level of surveillance has been undertaken and that surveillance has had as its objective to gather intelligence and evidence in support of the investigation,” he said.

“We have been looking at meetings, movements, travel, spending and the aspirations of a large group of people. This has involved close co-operation not only between agencies and police forces in the UK but also internationally.

This wasn’t the first successful use of surveillance.

It worked in January of this year.

…and back in 2002.

…and November, 2001.

If these busts had occurred in the U.S., we’d be reading about the ACLU’s lawsuit on behalf of these jihadis and hearing calls for impeachment from the liberal Left.

But, of course, if the attacks had not been prevented using such surveillance methods, we’d be reading about the lawsuits on behalf of terror victims and hearing calls for impeachment for allowing it to happen.

Bottom line… the best way to catch a terrorist is to imagine what a liberal would do… then do the exact opposite!"

And Ace had plenty to say about this!!


Apparently carpet bombing is good for busines

When are these people going to stop talking in meaningless cliches that they don't even comprehend?


Sorry, wrong link:

Ace's comments about surveillance.

Other Tom

"I don't deny terrorist [sic] are trying to kill me.
"But that fact doesn't scare me.

"How did 138,000 troops in Iraq prevent this terrorist bombing?"

First of all, Jimmy, let me congratulate you on how brave you are, and bravely spoken as well. Scared? Not Jimmy!

As to the 138,000 troops in Iraq, why stop there? How did the Secret Service stop this terrorist bombing? How did Ned Lamont stop this terrorist bombing? How did Katie Couric stop this terrorist bombing? How did the Pittsburgh Steelers stop this terrorist bombing?

None of them had anything to do with stopping it? Then by all means, all of them are mistakes, and should be done away with.

(By God, the addleheaded dolts that show up at this site are better than watching monkeys f***.)

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