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August 04, 2006



Considering "brain wiring":

American Digest post titled "Hometown Hezbollah"

(Has link to video and commenter adds that CNN "interviewed this family this morning.)

File under: "Suffer the Little Children."

"I don't know about you but I'm especially fond of the sub-title that tells us we are spending some quality time with "The family of Ahmed Assil, the first modern-day suicide bomber."

"First modern-day suicide bomber... Sort of gives you a real head's-up notice thatthe wiring in all human heads is not all exactly the same, doesn't it".......Vanderleun : August 3, 06

Rick Ballard


Dose of their own medicine? How about just exposing their empty and convenient BS. If Hamsher isn't indicative of the Dem party or any affiliate who has embraced her for gain shouldn't have to answer when she flubs on their behalf, then the Dem party ought to put down the rhetorical paintbrush they wield around, and really since the left sets all the sensitivity standards and measuring sticks than, I think they an extra obligation to meet those standards and ought to practice what they preach.

When I see the lefties comments rationalizing Jane's stupid judgment because they are sure she's not a racist and she coming from the right place so it's OK, rather then the balls to just call it was it is - dumb, hypocritical and stupid and leave it at that - just illustrates all the past outrages were phony and divisive opportunism.


Jane: Can you imagine the situation in reverse? Can you imagine what the moonbats would be doing and saying if say Rick Santorum posed Casey in blackface?

Absolutely! Therefore, unless they all come out right now and tear Hamsher from limb to limb, before Tuesday -- and that includes Jackson, Sharpton, McKinney, Waters, Owens, Obama, Mfume, and all the rest of them -- they're hypocrites.

But of course, they were already.


Blast from the Past?


One poster said (s)he had been looking at old videos in light of this war: www.archive.org to see if more things change, the more they don't.


Holy Joe wins - repubs win, Holy Joe loses - repubs win... what's not to like? I think if Karl was smarter he'd give Joe-ems something to argue about... White House press passes or somethin'.


Rick Lowry seems to think it's all over in CT and that Lamont is a shoo-in.

But Santorum seems to be catching up to Casey!



It's all about Politics 101 that's being taught by Rove!

Other Tom

Santorum is toast. Interesting one for me is Chafee--I'd like to see him stay in the Senate becauses technically he caucuses as a Republican and counts in the tally for who gets to be the Majority Leader and the committee chairs. But other than that the man makes my skin crawl.


what are the chances that the only people subject to this punishment are Democrats?

The humor here is almost worth LMAO over. ::grin:: Democrats are never punished, unless it is by democrats themselves.


Count me among those who will applaud a Lamont win (my preferred scenario is Lieberman then wins the general with a large Republican cross-over vote and we all take front row seats to watch the lefty heads explode). Let the Dems deal with their nutter base. Especially after Howard Dean gets fired. Swing voters, are you watching?


Why hasn't Dean been fired?


Shhhhhh, Jane.
I think Santorum will win.He regularly polls poorly and then wins, or so a Penn election watcher reports.

As for Lamont, he looks a clear shot at the Dem nomination. OTOH state polling is notoriously bad, and contested primaries even more so. So, I think we'll have to wait and see.


I'll make a small announcement here on JOM: I've stopped reading KOS (!!!). Thought you guys would appreciate it more than the KOS crowd....

I'll still be a liberal Dem, but the KOS crowd has become the "new plastic" as I see it.

I'm a Dean supporter BTW, the division in the Dems seem to me to be personal, if Pelosi is in charge there's got to be a whole lot of personal battles going on. There's a difference between climbing the greasy pole and being a leader, I'm sorry to say.

Dean isn't wrong about Dem politics, he's just free - able to say things Rahm cannot - I'd say this is a virtue.

Let's see if the Dems can agree about Anything. Far preferable to Repubs agreeing to terrible things.


A line from American Digest:

"First modern-day suicide bomber... Sort of gives you a real head's-up notice thatthe wiring in all human heads is not all exactly the same, doesn't it".......Vanderleun : August 3, 06

And a link to a comprehensive post by Shrinkwarpped today.
I pulled two parts but it must be read in full with the links he provides:

Shrinkwrapped's "Clans of the Alphane Moon"

What occurs in young people with Schizophrenia seems to have an analogue with nations and clans. The left has become increasingly unhinged in reaction their increasing marginalization. Richard Landes does an exemplary job in The “Left” Takes on the Qana Affair: Fisking the Daily Kos. His entire post is worth reading to see how a bright person can twist his mind into knots to avoid even questioning his basic assumptions.
The Arab world is famous for their paranoid conspiracy theorizing about the supermen of America and Israel. S, C & A does a masterful job describing their downward arc in Useless Ceasfires And The Tragedy Of The Unter-Menschen.

There are many similarities between the Arab/Muslim world and the world of the left and their allies in the media. All three clans have failed, and failing, models of the world. The modern world has repudiated communism almost completely and is well on the way to repudiating traditional welfare state liberalism; the media is facing a frightening environment where they no longer have a monopoly on information and its dissemination and are having significant difficulty adjusting to the change; the Islamist world view has been stagnant for 1400 years but only now has the contrast between the modern world and their failure become inescapable. Israel, to a large extent, and America in a much greater way, are the messengers of their doom and they are becoming increasingly shrill and delusional in their agitated and panicky attempts to maintain their sense of themselves as important.......



Congratulations on your, er, decision. I guess. I don't understand why anyone would read Kos, but I'm sure it scratches a particular itch.

As for Dean, he has probably been the worst thing that has ever happened to the democrat party, in a very long list of "worst things". He's a hater, and we don't need anymore of those.


didn't chafee vote against min wage and death tax bill?

Jer, keep reading about the dem infiltrated by Soros and his shadow partyyyyyy!!


I'm a Dean supporter BTW,

Really? What a shocker.

So when Dean was asked whether Bin Laden should receive the death penalty and he replied that he didn't want to prejudge the guilt or innocence of OBL, you swooned?

And then when he said two years ago that Rove was guilty of outing a covert agent before Fitzgeral was even appointed, you swooned again?

Let's see: Don't prejudge Bin Laden's guilt but let's string up old Karl Rove.

That about sums up most of the lefty's view of the world right there.

Makes sense, I guess, to folks who think that Bush all by himself started the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict. Even though Hezbollah has been waging war against the State of Israel for about 25 years.

Nah. Who needs history? Just blame Bush. Or Rove.



The title of TM's post should have been "nails" rather than "fails" if he's talking "realpolitik".


"the worst thing that ever happenend to the democratic party"

There are certainly some Democrats saying this about Dean, I think he's "among the best things" happening to the Democratic party.

From my perspective the Bush Administration has tried to radically change the staus quo in the US and abroad, disruptive revolutionaries without accountability, changing legal and doplomatic relationships - more or less oblivious to legal and diplomatic precedent.

I think Soros is a monetary power, and he'd like to stay that way - he likes ideas but avoids responsibility.



Lamont's "lie" is no more "brazen" than Bush's lies about his association with Abramoff.


Lieberman and Lamont will be on Meet the Press this Sunday.

I emailed MTP about the vile blogger smears. It would be so good if Tim Russert put some of these images on the screen, and asked Lamont to explain them, as well as how Lamont claims he "knows nothing" about the blogs. Well, I can dream.

If anyone wants to nudge Mr. Russert, you have to go to here:


You have to use their funky Meet the Press feedback form, no direct email.


SteveMG, I'm actually swooning far less than I'd prefer.

It's easy to string up a public figure using their statements... so much so that I abhorr the dribble that most public figures release to the public.

So, it won't surprise you that I like public figures who are sort-of-outrageous... Dean is better than most at this.

I'll say that I'd prefer to see Dean say something unacceptable than see him fit the numerous political frames that limit public discourse today.


Well, it is obvious that Hillary thinks a Leiberman loss would be bad for her, so which way will Timmy go--Softball Lamont or actually confront him? It'll be an interesting test. I vote for softball..


You know - I live in CT and I've talked to an awful lot of people here about this race. And while some of the die-hard dems in this area have Lamont signs up, other than that I haven't found a single person that is voting for Lamont. Not one - and I'm talking about registered dems. Now maybe that is due to the more conservative part of the state I live in, or maybe it is simply that people are catching on to Lamont trying to doctor his image to fit the leftist's POV. And speaking about Republican voters - they vote Lieberman and not Schlesinger. Not a single Republican will vote for Lamont. Simple.


say something unacceptable than see him fit the numerous political frames that limit public discourse today.

So when figures on the Right - a Limbaugh, a Hannity - say that the Left is undermining the war in Iraq or weakening our ability to conduct the battle against Islamism, you say, "Atta boy?"

That type of "outre" rhetoric?




congrats on your disowning of KOS. I've had this discussion with quite a few hard core dems, and many agree that the KOSite left has taken over the party. When I ask how they plan to take it back - to take control over their own party again - it always devolves into it being the Republican's fault. LOL. The more of you that wake up, the more the party will come back to the center.

Sara (The Squiggler)

Joe ... it was Lieberman in blackface next to Bill "I'm the first black president" Clinton. It was a huge insult both to blacks and to Joe Lieberman.

Martin - You live in the greatest country the world has ever know, you live in the greatest freedom the world has ever know, you live in the most powerful country the world has ever know, you live in the richest country the world has ever know ... why do you want to turn back the clock to the 1920s and 1930s and support soicalists, communists, racists, bigots, and sexists? Makes no sense to me. Do you really think the terrorists will give you a pass for your dhimmitude?



Give it a rest. All you do is spout party line and it isn't even interesting any more.

Sara (The Squiggler)

sorry for the lazy finger ... know = known


SteveMG, come on... I'm not brain dead, I actually have an opinion that differs from Rush. It makes me happy to hear people rage on about what they dislike though, I'll say that this is what Rush is all about - and what I actually like about Rush.

Specter: "disown" might be a little strong... but I do not have much interest in reading KOS these days. I'm not sure if they're a large part of Democratic politics frankly, seems "no" from my perspecitve - but, in their own way, they are sort of refreshing. This Leiberman/Lamont thing is a total power play by the KOS/internet progressives IMO.

Sara (The Squiggler)
More Racism From The Left

It appears that Democratic racism has spanned the nation from coast to coast. After a Ned Lamont campaign volunteer* posted a blackface picture of Joe Lieberman at the Huffington Post, the leader of the California state senate referred to conservatives demanding an end to illegal immigrations with a racial slur:

The state Senate leader ridiculed some San Diego-area opponents of illegal immigration yesterday by describing them as “crackers,” often used as a disparaging term for poor, white people in the South.


Rick Ballard


Quinnipiac ain't exactly the gold standard in polling. We're going to be wading through a lot of rancid BS between now and November.

There's always the possibility that this is a ploy to generate an explanation for bad news come Tuesday. Reps coming out in the general for Joe doesn't help the Dems designs on the three targeted Rep congressional districts. If Joe runs as an independent after having come close in the primary, I'd call it a net plus for Shays, Simmons and Johnson - although Johnson is safe at any rate.



Most on the left unabashedly admit that they want to undermine the war in Iraq (immediate withdrawal -- consequences be damned). Many who opposed the initial invasion believe this this would be disastrous.

And as far as the war on Islamism is concerned: hard core lefties believe there is no Islamist threat. It was just a Karl Rove, PNAC, AIPAC, Bushco plot to impose fascism on America, and eventually the world.

Read Chomsky, Zinn and Fisk, smoke two joints, and call me in the morning.

Sara (The Squiggler)

Most on the left unabashedly admit that they want to undermine the war in Iraq (immediate withdrawal -- consequences be damned).

Well, not really, I don't think.

It seems to me that they believe (wrongly) that our presence there is either the chief cause of much of the current conflict or that we're doing more harm than good or that we're caught in the middle of a sectarian and communal strife that we can't settle. Or a combination of all the above.

If we were to withdraw, they say, the Iraqi people would work out their differences themselves. Our presence there is just forestalling the inevitable.

I'm pretty sure that most of them - the Chomskys and the Zinns aside - don't want us to lose as much as they wish to see Bush and the neocons defeated. How they're able to square that geopolitical circle I'll never be able to understand.

Anyway, if things go badly if we were to withdraw prematurely (as you and I think they would), they'll just blame Bush for it.



Rationalize all of this:
Black Face Far From The Worst Of It
at RiehlWorldView




Lamont's "lie" is no more "brazen" than Bush's lies about his association with Abramoff."

Actually, so far, Bush has been telling the truth about Abramoff.


specter - I asked a relevant question, you haver no answer, and the best you can come up with is a lame "give it up"?



HHHmmm...I wonder if Pete is the one holding up this sign?

After all, the title says, "Raging Around the World"...so typical of the lefties.


So what's the point? Shaking Abromoff's hand at an event doesn't mean that Bush *knows* Abramoff.

If Specter, you, Clarice, PUK, or I were to go shake Bush's hands, he still wouldn't know any of us. Bush meets alot of people but doesn't know most of us.

Sara (The Squiggler)

Someone asked how Hamsher could support her moved to Conn. -- from what I read the other day, she produced the first Tarantino movie, so she is definitely a player. I think she subsubscribes to the theory that there is no bad publicity as long as they spell your name right.


Bush's press secretary said about Abramoff that "The President does not know him, nor does the President recall ever meeting him,"

The photographs tell otherwise:

But how could you forget a "pioneer" who raised over $100,000 for your re-election campaign?


It still doesn't mean that Bush can recall or not recall meeting Abramoff. Heck, so many people raised money for Bush. Is he gonna remember meeting each and every one of them? I don't think so. Is he expected to remember meeting specifically Abramoff? Perhaps and perhaps not. Maybe he did remember meeting him later.

As Larwyn pointed out in an earlier thread, she couldn't even remember some of the names of her neighbor's kids. She's not alone in this one either.


Connecticut">http://newsbusters.org/node/6761">Connecticut Contest: Kos Curiously Coy by Mark Finkelstein

.....With Mike Barnicle sitting in for host Chris Matthews, Fund went first, and overflowed with praise for the role the blogs have played in the race.

Fund: "I think [the blogs' impact has] been very significant. I offer a tip of the hat to them. They have taken the former vice-presidential candidate and created a single issue around the war, and this is is a man who opposed George Bush on tax cuts, and many things, and they have turned him into the perception as George Bush's lackey, and they are on the verge of knocking off a senator. That's happened only twice before. It's remarkable."

Given Fund's bouquet, you might have expected Kos to take a big bow. He did anything but.

Kos: "I think people want to give us a little bit too much credit. . . The media wants to give us way too much credit."

So what was going on here? What explains Kos' modesty and Fund's praise regarding the influence of the left-wing blogs in the CT race? Each had his motives. On the one hand, Fund sought - rightly I would argue - to portray a Democratic party ever more the captive of the far-left netroots. In contrast, Kos had the good sense to eschew the curtain call in favor of casting events in CT as the result of broad-based - rather than blog-driven - opposition to Lieberman and by extension to the Iraq war he has supported.........

Interesting, isn't it. MSNBC helping the Dems out. NBC's Russert will surely
advance the meme on Sunday.

Rick Ballard

"But how could you forget "pioneer" who raised over $100,000 for your re-election campaign?"

Given that there were 448 people who raised over $100K, pretty easily.


Yeah, need far more evidence than just those two photos for this specific issue.

First article indicating that the war campaign is coming to a close with a post-mortem analysis. This article is indicative of a "beginning of the next campaign".


Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters.org posts this from "Variety":

Despite FNC's declines, it still beat CNN handily in primetime, averaging 1.5 million viewers to CNN's 864,000; CNN still has a long way to go before it can be considered a serious ratings challenger.

FNC won every hour of each day over CNN for the 55th straight month. It was the No. 5-rated cable network in June, behind USA, TNT, TBS and Lifetime. CNN came in 24th, MSNBC 36th.

That deserves closer examination, doesn’t it? Fox has beaten CNN every hour of every day for 55 straight months?!? Yikes. And, FNC is the fifth-ranked network on cable? Yet, the chuckles kept coming:

"Van Susteren" was down the most of any cable news show in July, dropping 33% in total viewers and 32% in the 25-54 demographic, the most important for advertisers.

Nevertheless, "Van Susteren" still came out on top of CNN's much-promoted "Anderson Cooper 360," which added 49% in total viewers during the month. "Van Susteren" averaged 1.4 million viewers during the month compared with 970,000 for "AC 360."

Imagine that. With all the focus that has been given to Cooper, including a front-page feature story in Vanity Fair, he’s getting demolished by Greta. Now that’s entertainment. But, the chuckles weren’t done yet, for the article saved the most hysterical section for the end:

MSNBC also saw broad ratings gains over a much smaller base. "Hardball With Chris Matthews" was up 156% in July, but its 338,000 viewers made it a distant third to CNN's "The Situation Room" (716,000 total viewers) and FNC's "Big Story With John Gibson" (1.1 million).

"Countdown With Keith Olbermann" also was up, but a feud with Fox News' Bill O'Reilly didn't help his competitive position much. Olbermann finished third in the 25-54 demo and fourth in total viewers to Headline News' "Nancy Grace."

Isn’t that delicious? Olbermann actually got beat by Nancy Grace.

I don’t know about you, but I need some oxygen!....Noel Sheppard

Did I mention I love this site and visit every evening. They watch the shows so I don't have to.

richard mcenroe

"Fidel Castro 'Resting' in Hospital, Says Cuban Official," — but there is some concern the stake might work loose before they can sever the head and bury the body at a crossroads...


Hell, Rick, that's twice as many people as were in my high school class. I am afraid I couldn't remember all of them by name six months after graduation.


"indicative of a "beginning of the next campaign"

Good call Lurker.
When this war is analyized more will understand that the psy-ops by the Israelis was a thing of beauty. From Omert on down, they all played the parts that lived up to media and Hizballah expectations.

They knew they wouldn't get a fair shake from the world/UN. Had they gone in at their actual full force, they would have been stopped. The slowness of this, with all the comparisons to their other quick decisive victories, led the Hizballah to believe they were really terrific. It also has made the new "intl force" dither.

I think I'm correct, then again maybe I've just prayed myself into these thoughts.


LOL Richard!

Taranto ran the Monty Python Parrot
script today - but yours is better.



Why didn't Reid give back the money he got? He shook hands with Abramoff....sheesh. Like I said - you spout party line and then demand answers. It gets really boring....same line different day.


And why hasn't Lamont given back the money Hamsher/KOS raised? Ned said he didn't know anything about blogs. That has been shown to be an out and out lie.

Rick - Shays may be in trouble. Johnson is probably not. Simmons - well that district has gone back and forth for the last 4 elections so who knows. Sam Gjedensen lost because he wanted to make cereal prices his big issue - not kidding. But Simmons was a big proponent (as was Lieberman, and...cough...Dodd) of fighting to keep Electric Boat open, so he has some backing with the Unions. We'll see. Rasmussen's latest had Lieberman/Lamont at pretty close in a three way - but it was a small poll, just a Quinnipiac's. The really funny thing is that the Courant backed Lieberman and then they let David Lightman - their politics guy - slam Lieberman in every article he writes. Very strange.


Reid is a politician. So is Bush. Should it be a surprise that a politician is distancing him/herself from someone embroiled in scandal?

Bush fibbed his association with Abramoff. Bush did the same with Ken Lay.

While the White House has repeatedly described former Enron chairman Kenneth Lay as simply a "supporter" of George W. Bush, extensive correspondence between the two men paints a far cozier picture of their relationship, according to copies of letters obtained this afternoon (2/15) by The Smoking Gun.


Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others.



Nice conflate here, but what does it really have to do with exploitation of homosexuality or racist blackface to score points?


That's a simple question.

Also, are you a commenter at FireDogLake?

Another simple question.


08/04/06 Reuters: Two civilians killed and four others wounded in Baghdad

08/04/06 DoD Identifies Marine Casualty
Lance Cpl. Kurt E. Dechen, 24


08/04/06 DoD Identifies Marine Casualty
Sgt. George M. Ulloa Jr., 23

08/04/06 DoD Identifies Army Casualty
Sgt. Joshua A. Ford, 20

08/04/06 wcpo: Sergeant's Disappearance Treated As Missing Person's Case

08/04/06 Reuters: In Iraq, bomb turns engagement party into funeral

08/04/06 timesonline: 17 die in roadside bombs in northern Iraq

08/04/06 postcrescent: Bellevue soldier recovering after Iraq explosion

08/04/06 Reuters: Mortar attack aimed at U.S. marines in Ubaydi kills 3 civilians

08/04/06 AFP: Civilian killed in botched attack on police patrol

08/04/06 AFP: Former member of Hussein's security services killed in Amara

08/04/06 AFP: Roadside bomb kills couple en route to maternity hospital

08/04/06 AP: Suicide car bomber kills 3 policemen

08/04/06 pakistantimes: 1,000 civilians, 135 security forces killed in July

08/04/06 CNN: Car bomb kills Mosul police official

08/04/06 AFP: Nine Iraqi police killed

08/04/06 AP: Tens of thousands of Shiites gather in Baghdad for pro-Hezbollah rally


Missed your answers to questions posed to you after your last report.
"Are you aware that there are less deaths in Iraq now than under the reign of Suddam?" was on of them IIRC.



Sam only knows cut an paste function in order to function on "the blogs" and in true Hamsher form is unfamiliar and unconcerned with facts.

Sam, will you post a comment for me at Hamsher's place? Cuz they delete mine. Weird cuz she's so BALLSY, if anyone had a problem they knew where to find her? I guess that really meant she was full of crap and the problem would be ignored or deleted, really revolutionary, if you ask me

And I am just curious Sam, what is your position on Hamsher inability to take any criticism and so delete or rewrite comments?

Is it a sign of her BRAVENESS?

IS it a sign of her ability to answer critics, sort of what she demands of others?

Is she just a Fear a little dissent like you post her might disrupt her contained and confined little playground?



Why do they "REWRITE" comments?

That's just sort of shitty don't you think? Sort of cowardice AND SORT OF LIKE THEY DONT WANT THEIR READERS TO KNOW THE TRUTH?

Sort of like the point of your lame posts, right?


We keep trying to get them to make sense - can't with that "catawampus" wiring.
Here's the latest post by EURef.
Not a wit of difference between this and what Jane, the
"producer" and her buddies have done.

Qana - the director's cut at EUReferendum

I have called this post, "the director's cut", as that is what it is. The narrative here is of how the combination of Hezbollah's media management and modern photo-journalism has turned the recording of a tragic event into theatre, in the best tradition of Michael Moore.

How did you get the different margin sets in that post. Would you consider it too dangerous to email me the directions?

Dave C


Dave C

I give up


One more timeaaaaaaaa



You really should try and comment at firedoglake. Then when they delete or rewrite your comments we can appoint out their favorite claim of -roughing up a senior citizen and a veterans wife- just like THEY did today, IS full of substance.

OH, and you should throw in the part that you are legally blind,

Guess what?

They will still tell you to &6869 OFF. But try, you will see.


I would like to list the casualities in Iraq that dies during the policy (Clinton) you supported, unfortunatley, I can't fit the 3 Million people.

Are you upset that so many fewer deaths are occuring now?

The Documental Centre for Human Rights in Iraq has compiled documentation on over 600,000 civilian executions in Iraq under Saddam Hussein. Human Rights Watch reports that in one operation alone, Saddam killed 100,000 Kurdish Iraqis. Coldly taken as a daily average for the 24 years of Saddam's reign, these numbers give us a horrifying picture of between 70 and 125 civilian deaths per day for every one of Saddam's 8,000-odd days in power"

8,000 Happy days for Sam. 100 people died per day, but he didn't have to read about it.


That doesn't include the millions Clinton and the UN so happily starved and denied medicine, treatment and suffered malnutrition because Sam's friends at the UN wanted to pocket millions in bribes.

So before you list todays Sam, list the millions you killed with your policy of creating a concentration camp for the 22 million people of Iraq.


There are 87% fewer violent deaths annually in Iraq now than under Saddam Hussein.

Sams pissed about that.

His Goddess Madeline Albright I think stated Sams policy best:

Lesley Stahl on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: I think this is a very hard choice, but the price--we think the price is worth it.

--60 Minutes (5/12/96)

Sam obviously thought the price of 500,000 dead children by 1996 was worth it, because he preferred that policy.

Now I think he is obsessing because there are so few deaths he can actually post them on a blog.


Boy I hate it when the NY Times asks a truly good question that I seamed to overlook

http://www.nytimes.com/2006/08/05/washington/05clinton.html?_r=1&ei=5094&en=b7e0421f831c285e&hp=&ex=1154750400&partner=homepage&pagewanted=print&oref=slogin>Clinton Dodges Political Peril for War Vote

"But while Mr. Lieberman, his party’s vice presidential nominee in 2000, has wound up vulnerable to an antiwar challenger in his re-election race in Connecticut, Mrs. Clinton has suffered few, if any, serious consequences in her campaign in New York."

Seems like in typical liberal fashion, the dems don't dare touch their anointed queen. I love the way they rationalize the differences... well actually it's not that hard to fool a moonbat!


Sam and Ned lamont agree - they preferred Saddam over freedom!!

Clinton/Sam policy: Babies found in Iraqi mass grave

A mass grave being excavated in a Iraqi village has yielded evidence that Iraqi forces executed women and children under Saddam Hussein.
Investigators have located nine trenches in Hatra containing hundreds of bodies killed by the Hussein Regime.
The skeletons of unborn babies and toddlers clutching toys are being unearthed, the investigators said.

Graves include tiny bones, femurs - thighbones the size of a matchsticks.

It is believed to be the first time investigators working for the Iraqi Special Tribunal (IST) have conducted a full scientific exhumation of a mass grave.

"It is my personal opinion that this is a killing field," Greg Kehoe, an investigator working with the IST, told reporters in Hatra.

"Someone used this field on significant occasions over time to take bodies up there, and to take people up there and execute them."

The victims are believed to be Iraqis killed in 1987-88, their bodies bulldozed into the graves after being summarily shot dead.

One trench contains only women and children.

The body of one woman was found still clutching a baby. The infant had been shot in the back of the head and the woman in the face.

Ohhh Sam, are you still pining for the good old days under Saddam???
So Sam, what do you suppose that infants crime was?

It is prpoer that we recognize the valiant service of our men and women in uniform in Iraq stopping the genocide of Saddam Hussein, the same way we recognize the American servicemen that stopped the Nazis from slaughtering Jews in Concentration Camps.

But Sam opposed that liberation as well. That didn't affect his rights, he didn't have to see it on his TV.



the dems don't dare touch their anointed queen.

Nothing will stain that Teflon Pantsuit.

The drive by media will be in full blown cheerleader mode from the mid terms on.

They'll have her walking on water and raising the dead.


Thanks Red... just what I want to envision first thing in the morning... The Queen Pig in a Teflon Pantsuit walking on water!

The only question is she wearing a "Teflon" suite for it's low coefficient of friction or for it's stain resistance?

I also like how you through in the "full blown" comment... nice touch on keeping her connected to her sleazy husband!



Sorry about the visual, and I would like to take credit for being clever with the "full-blown" comment, but it was purely accidental.

The only question is she wearing a "Teflon" suite for it's low coefficient of friction or for it's stain resistance?

Not sure, probably all of the above,plus the Cankle Support it offers.


Pick the bones out of this,

Car Accident Facts and Figures:

* According to the NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration), 3,000,000 traffic accident related injuries were reported in 2001.
* Of these, more than 40,000 accidents were fatal.
* Alcohol-related incidents make up around 40% of those traffic accident fatalities.
* Young drivers (15-20) and elderly drivers (older than 69) have driver fatality rates much higher than drivers between the ages of 25 and 69."


Boy, were Patton, Specter, and PUK ready for Spamming Sam! :)

When the dems tried to portray the Republicans as the party of corruption shortly after Abramoff was indicted, they lost. Why? Because they received donations from Abramoff. Did all of them return funds? No.

Portraying Bush's connections or lack thereof with Abramoff using the left-wing reasons is a losing argument.

As for Enron, Enron donated hefty contributions to both dems and republicans.

So portraying Bush's connections or lack thereof with Enron using the left-wing reasons is a losing argument.

While Israel is quietly raiding villages with little public knowledge, Tyre is in today's news.

National Post is now portraying the Hezzie as the bad guy by showing their intent of using a hospital or closeby as a place to launch rockets.

Rocket launcher used in close vicinity of hospital.

Geesch, that's a clear violation of GC.


I don't know if it's true but this is sickening:

From the link "Rocket launcher":

"In a rare interview with Hezbollah fighters near the village of Srifa last week, a local leader took a reporter behind a stretch of barbed wire, inside an orange grove where a training camp for new recruits was underway.

Almost all of the camouflaged men racing along an obstacle course of flat tires and twisted metal said they had a relative buried under the rubble."

I guess as long as Pete continues to espouse the "fake but accurate" line of Bush - Abramoff or Bush - Enron or Bush - Halliburton connections or Spamming Sam cutting and pasting the daily casualty quota list, they would have no qualms reading about the Lebanese's relatives buried under the barbed wire in the middle of a Hezzie training camp.

They wouldn't have a problem with the Hezzie launching rockets next to a hospital either, wouldn't they?

They wouldn't have a problem with the Hezzie moving handicapped kids into the Qana building that would soon be bombed and used as a PR game.


Ending quote of the above "Rocket launcher" link:

""Show me a man who has lost his mother, his father, his sister, his brother, his child and I will show you Hezbollah," he said."

Well, it looks like the Lebanese are starting to speak up now that the Hezzies have lost its stronghold over the Lebanese civilians (despotism). And we probably will be hearing more stories like these.

Someone mentioned "The Hiding Place" to me yesterday. Anyone watch or read it? Also, anyone heard of Battelstein?


So it is Bush's fault that the deficits are the LOWEST in four years and declining?


Anyone notice that the Hezzies fired 6 rockets into Syria to draw Syria into the war?


A Great opportunity to NOT blow!

Pry Syria from Iran as soon as possible.

"The Syrians would dearly like to mend their fences with the Americans and emerge from their present isolation. They would have to pay a heavy price - close their frontier with Iraq, eject the Iraqi insurgents harboring inside Syria, expel Khaled Mashal and his cronies from Damascus, stop arming Hizbullah and cut their links with Teheran. A tall order? Not necessarily, especially not if it would help them to extricate themselves from the ongoing investigation into the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri. Their preferred route for reengaging the US is to start talking with Israel."

"As we enter the last stages of this present war, we must face the challenge of the political and diplomatic aftermath and make sure that we are not, yet once more, in a situation where we win military battles but lose the political ones coming in their wake. The fighting that Hizbullah provoked is creating an opportunity for change, providing we think big and know what to demand. Let us not miss this opportunity."

BTW, Siniora blasted Mattouki.


A speech Ohlmert should have given to the world:

Never Again, by Ben Caspit.


Soros-funded Human Rights Watch was quick to produce a report against Israel:

Biased Report

Have they spent time inside Israel to see what damages the Hezzies and Hamas inflicted against the Israeli? Where is this report?


No wonder Spamming Sam and Pete are so confused due to the liberal media reporting.

Other Tom

Robert Kagan on why Lieberman is dirt in today's Democratic party:

"Lieberman's sin is of a different order. Lieberman stands condemned today because he didn't recant. He didn't say he was wrong. He didn't turn on his former allies and condemn them. He didn't claim to be the victim of a hoax. He didn't try to pretend that he never supported the war in the first place. He didn't claim to be led into support for the war by a group of writers and intellectuals whom he can now denounce. He didn't go through a public show of agonizing and phony soul-baring and apologizing in the hopes of resuscitating his reputation, as have some noted 'public intellectuals.'"


"Van Susteren" was down the most of any cable news show in July, dropping 33% in total viewers and 32% in the 25-54 demographic, the most important for advertisers.

If I were a guessing sort of person, the Aruba story hurt Greta. She ran it into the ground, IMO. Of course, I'm not the mother/father of the girl missing...still...


Good job lurker....actually out-posted little sammie. And with relevant commentary to boot which makes it non-spam. YEA! But slow down because I'm old and links are coming to fast to follow.....LOL

Pete - Did you know that Lamont holds a large amount of stock in Haliburton? Since he has voting rights there, all the Haliburton screw-ups are his fault right? That's what you sound like when you make some of your claims. LOL. But I bet Neddy is quickly trying to sell those shares so his record looks clean. Just like he did with his 16 year membership in the country club when it was pointed out to him that it was not racially balanced. And then he goes to Walmart to complain about how terrible they are and wouldn't you know it - he owns a bunch of stock in that company. Talk about pushing the limit of credibility.


Powerline is full of goodies today. Mr Green hat mortician, star of the Qana dead babies show, shows up in Tyre moving bodies; Barone analyzes the most recent survey and finds out what everyone but Abe Foxman and other "Jewish leader" suckups to the Dems know--Israel's support lies in the other party..and this

"Reader Barry Shaw writes from Israel to point us to the YnetNews.com report: "Tyre raid heroic operation." Barry writes:

As usual, most of the international media are doing a cover-up job on what was a heroic Israeli commando raid into the heart of the Hizbollah centre in the coastal town of Tyre in Lebanon. According to CNN and Sky reports Israel tried to land a couple of helicopters full of soldiers but were driven off by determined Hizbollah fire, leaving many Israeli soldiers wounded and one dead.

The actual event was that elite Israeli commandos stormed a building in the Hizbollah stronghold of central Tyre. The building was the command and control centre that directed the fire of long range missiles into Israel, including the rocket that hit Hadera on Friday night. During the raid, the Israelis killed senior Hizbollah commanders and left with important intelligence material.

The building was surrounded by Hizbollah terrorists who opened fire on the Israeli soldiers causing injuries. More Hizbollah people were killed in the exchange as all the Israeli commandos fought their way out of the area and back to safety.

Doesn't this sound a little different from what you were told about this event by your CNN, BBC, and Sky reporters? "




U.S., France OK U.N. Mideast Truce Pact

Associated Press Writer

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The United States and France agreed Saturday on a draft U.N. Security Council resolution that calls for an end to the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah but would allow Israel to defend itself if attacked, officials said.

U.S. Ambassador John Bolton and French President Jacques Chirac's office confirmed that agreement had been reached.

An official with knowledge of the document said the draft calls for a "full cessation of violence" between Israel and Hezbollah, but would allow Israel the right to launch strikes if Hezbollah attacks it.

"It does not say immediate cessation of violence," the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the draft had not yet been made public.

That appeared to be a major victory for the U.S. and Israel. France and many other nations had demanded an immediate and halt to violence without conditions as a way to push the region back toward stability.

The French presidential palace in Paris said a deal was reached on a resolution that seeks a total halt to hostilities and would work toward a permanent cease-fire and a long-term solution.

The full 15-nation Security Council was expected to meet later Saturday to discuss the resolution, and it was likely to be adopted in the next couple of days, Bolton said.

Bolton said the resolution would be the first of two. He said this one deals with the immediate issue of the fighting. The second would likely spell out a larger political framework for peace between Israel and Hezbollah.

"We're prepared to continue to work tomorrow in order to make progress on the adoption of the resolution but we have reached agreement and we're now ready to proceed," Bolton said. "We're prepared to move as quickly as other members of the council want to move."


Qana building destroyed by Hizbollah IED
Rumors circulating over what destroyed a residential building in Qana are increasingly pointing to Hizbollah rather than Israel's precision missile strikes.

According to well placed sources, with access to IAF recon photos, the residential building in Qana was destroyed by a Hizbollah IED at 0700 Sunday July 30, 6 hours after the Israeli strike.

Further reports indicate that Hizbollah guerilla fighters restricted residents from leaving the area possibly shooting anyone that attempted to leave the Qana residential building." http://intelligence-summit.blogspot.com/2006/07/qana-building-destroyed-by-hizbollah.html

The Intelligence Summit describes itself this way: " Welcome to the International Intelligence Summitsm, a non-partisan, non-profit, neutral forum that uses private charitable funds to bring together intelligence agencies of the free world and the emerging democracies. The purpose of The Summit is to provide an opportunity for the international intelligence community to listen to and learn from each other, and to share ideas in the common war against terrorism. The Summit's Advisory Council includes Generals, former senior FBI official, former senior Mossad officer, and the former Chair of British Joint Intelligence Committee."


Here's another US deaths list the left can take pride in.

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The United States and France agreed Saturday on a draft U.N. Security Council resolution that calls for an end to the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah but would allow Israel to defend itself if attacked, officials said.

It would "allow" Israel to defend itself? I must be missing something important about this. Is the UN planning to impose a cease-fire, and somehow enforce the rules it comes up with, or is this just absurdity? Why would Israel, or Hezbollah for that matter, care what the UN says they're "allowed" to do?


Maybe next we'll read:

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The U.N. Security Council is readying a draft resolution calling for an end to the manufacture of military weapons, and will no longer allow anyone to make little girls cry.

Heh? It is largely symbolic, isn't it? But it is a victory for Israel, because normally the UNSC would order one and only one side (srael) was a state which would be held accountable for any breach..

In any event, here's the facts:No one will agree to send their troops there until Hezb has been largely defanged and no one else will do that. This will be dealyed in jaw jaw for about another week at which time it may be possible to send in troops.


It's pretty funny that two countries not part of this war wrote the ceasefire for it.

Iran may want Hezbollah to back down, but I'm not sure they will.

Gary Maxwell

I would think that John Bolton is perhaps the best friend Israel has ever had sitting in the UN Security council with veto power. The Jewish lobby should make it clear to the Senate how important it is for him to be confirmed and how detrimental it might be to those who do anything other than vote against him. Another filibuster should have a very very high price. A roll call vote will let folks see who support the oldest democracy in the Mideast.


But it is a victory for Israel

I'm not sure. Historically, in previous conflicts the IDF was able to rather quickly rout the Arab armies. In this war, Hezbollah has shown that it was capable and willing to fight and not run.

In other words, the path to Arab and Muslim pride is the one made by the Islamists and not the one, now torn and in disrepair, shown by the pan-Arab nationalists.

A people are united by a share culture, which includes shared myths and stories that hold them together. Arab nationalism wasn't able to create that culture; radical Islam can point to the past glories and the current successes and offer one.

Another larger confrontation, I'm afraid, awaits us.



I think that if Nasrallah does not wind in his turban the Iranians will be giving him severance pay.


Steve--that is the case no matter what--that Hezb would claim a victory. Yest yesterday Israel pulled off a remarkable raid in Tyre capturing more Hezb officials.
Noe Hezb has made some mighty claims about both raids which have proven false--and they were helped by the media but at some poitn reality counts. Their men are in Israeli hands not in their offices, after all.


that is the case no matter what--that Hezb would claim a victory.

Yes, I know. They'll claim victory no matter what happens.

But as you know, in previous wars the Arab armies were routed very quickly by Israel. In this case, Hezbollah can claim - with some justification - that they are superior fighters to the Arab armies.

They can argue that they are the true heirs to Arab and Islamic pride and courage.

Not an unappealing message to a people living in poverty and despair. A poverty and despair chiefly caused, of course, by their own governments and by their own stoneage worldview.

When I first read Huntington's thesis, I rejected it as too dark and overwrought. But I'm not sure anymore...



I'm an optimist. An optimist who nevertheless prepares in advance, not the sort who depends on blind faith.

To me, Hezb had unique advantages--6 years of unmonitored efforts to supply, train and dig into civilian populations.Against that the Israelis were tied up with , inter alia, the need to warn civilians, allow repatriation of non-Lebanese, respond to an unanticipated attack--I do not see that situation arising again.


I thought Hamster was hired by WPO and Cuba's estraged sister was hired by CNN?


In this case, Hezbollah can claim - with some justification - that they are superior fighters to the Arab armies.

wrong...they can argue that by using gurilla tactics and hiding amongst civilians that they can last longer than a conventional force, but they are getting cut off and isolated and will soon be defeated...that's why they are whining for a ceasefire now.

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