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August 03, 2006



Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is serving the cause of genocide and Tyranting in general, ill.
Nobody is chanting,"Ahmadinejad,Ahmadinejad,the crazy bastards off his head",and why? His name isn't snappy enough,if he wishes to move into big time tyranting,he has go to get himself a handle which is short and catchy.All the world's best psychopatic mass murderers knew this simple fact,Hitler,Stalin,Mao,Pol Pot,so if Ahmadinejad wants to become a household name,go down in history with the big guys,enter the premier league of bedtime boogie men,he needs to come up with something pronouncable.
No doubt there are innumerable liberal PR companies who will assist in this matter.

In the meantime,
"Hey Hey,Hezbollah,who the fuque do you think you are?"
Repeat to fade.

Gary Maxwell

http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1154525803924&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull>Strange story of the day from Israel

After avoiding suicide bombers and Katusha rockets, a camel gets him. Some folks have no luck at all.



How about"Moudy", or "The Gerbil"(scraggly beard.)


Well YARGB had a list of useful arabic words,of course Ahmalphabet speaks Farsi

Qazara :: rubbish

Hoora'a :: nonsense

Qaraf :: disgust

Bouraz :: feces

Aa'mal Qazerah :: dirty acts

I think Bouraz has a nice ring to it."President Bouraz of Iran".


E.J. Dionne notes in his excellent op-ed piece the similarity between where Lieberman is today and where incumbent Republican Senator Javits was in 1980.

Looking at the sympathy Lieberman is getting from the right wing blogs, should it be a suprise that Lieberman will lose the democratic primary?


Well it would be further proof of the insanity of the left - as if we needed any.



"President Bouraz of Iran".

Sounds good, we just need to market it, hats and t-shirts maybe, then some burka's.

Maybe E.J. Dionne's sock puppet can help spread the word.


They set foot on OKINAWA and then we get pissed!!



should it be a suprise that Lieberman will lose the democratic primary?

It should be a surprise to a democrat. Their party's standard bearer six years ago is now being ousted by his party because he supports a WOT. One most supported, BTW. Weird world we live in.

Bobby Briggs

But was there some motivation to dislike Joe so much?

He's Jewish and supports Israel.

'nuff said.

Gary Maxwell

How about weird alternative uinverse they live in?


For nearly two decades the British Labour Party began devouring its own,the mantra being that they had failed for not being left enough.A great purge of deselection of right wing MPs took place,the electorate could not believe their eyes at the bunch of,dishevelled,bearded,polytechnic lecturers,union and student activists,the geeral rag tag and bobtail of the public sector left which expected to rule the country.
It wasn't until Tony Blair got them to shave and wear suits,yes even the citizenesses,that Labour became electable.
There seems to be a whiff of this with Hillary flexing her military muscles,like Tony she is going to pretend she is on the other side.But modern socialists do not understand or appreciate the military,it is likely that HC would wreck your army as Blair has done ours,endless cutback whilst overextending the fields of operation.
America needs to start redefining the new Democrats,they are not liberals in any sense of the word they are socialists.To quote "Socialism is Necrotising".


If I were Lieberman I'd figure out a way to hang Hamsher around Lamont's neck, then raise the nutroots as an issue in general for Dems. It wouldn't be difficult and he doesn't appear to have anything to lose.

I'd try to force Lamont into defending or straight out repudiating stuff like you see in this LGF post linking KoS, then try to force the conversation into basic Dem values type stuff like bigotry and racism, point out that nutroots have got Sharpton and Jackson campaigning against him even though he marched for civil rights, etcetera. I'd bring up gays, blacks, etcetera and corner Lamont into repudiating his bloggy friends.

IOW, I'd try to raise the profile of the nutroots issue and try to force people to confront who Hamsher etal really are. I'd try to make Lamont wear Hamsher around his neck like a T-Bone steak with reporters serving as hungry dogs.


Dwilkers, would you try to do it now while there's only four days left, or wait until after the primary? Looking at the polls, he's behind Lamont by almost 15 with Dems, but ahead by 25 with the general electorate. In the end-game, therefore, he has to run against the Dems. (And what'll be better than watching that?)

Go Lamont!

Charlie (Colorado)

I'm a Republican, and can't vote in the primary, but I admire Lamont a lot.

Moby? Loved that last album.


I think I'd do it now.

That would help him justify a third party run as an attempt to 'save the democratic party' from the likes of Hamsher and KoS. Sort of an "I can't let these people do this to the party I love" kind of thing.

Try to connect it up so that when Dems go to the polls and vote for Lamont they're saying "I approve of Hamsher and KoS".

It wouldn't be hard at all since Lamont has made himself so visibly close to these guys. I know Lieberman has to have some sympathetic reporters out there after all these years.



They'll have to let Hillary hide from that.

richard mcenroe

Guys, really, how upset are a bunch of bourgie Connecticut upperclass Dems going to get over a picture of Joe Lieberman in blackface? After all, most of their housekeepers are Hispanic now.

Just another Democrat screwing over the African-American community. Not even news. Trust me. It won't be news.


It's official, the voting is over: Andrew Sullivan has become a crank.

He's now approvingly linking to individuals who believe, among other interesting (ahem) ideas, that Bush and Kerry (Skull and Bones remember?) worked in cahoots to stage manage the 2004 election. Also (yawn) that 9/11 was undertaken by globalists who then blamed their asset Osama Bin Laden for the deed.


A Oxford-educated mind is a terrible thing to waste.




About Republicans losing both Houses in Congress this year:

1. It's my opinion, which is why I prefixed those sentences with "I think".

2. I commented on my experience with my views and the views of many conservatives that I know. This was to provide an underpinning logic to explain my opinion.

3. I frankly don't care all that much whether or not you vote in Nov, and for whom. I was proving general commentary, not predicting what *you* would do.

4. Most Republicans, certainly the politicians, will count any electoral victories in Nov as a positive approval of their legislative performance. Including that of their nonsense over illegal aliens and their overarching desire to give them amnesty.

This is one major reason why so many conservatives I know are unwilling to vote this Nov.

5. If the GOP loses it's ass this Nov it's neither my fault nor the fault of any conservatives that choose not to vote GOP.

It's the GOP's job to win my vote, not my job to vote for the GOP to keep it in power.

Don't understand that? Don't care.



--You know, I would really like to find out when Kos and Hamsher decided they hated Joe so much and when they discovered Lamont.--

State of the Union hug.

Serious, it's that shallow.


Pete says: ""should it be a suprise that Lieberman will lose the democratic primary?""

Now Pete, since Bush plan and executed 9/11, set up Dan Rather with the Guard forgeries and outed a top secret CIA agent and got away clean, you think Bush is not controlling the silly little primary in the country club Connecticut? Bush will decide who wins without breaking a sweat.


http://americanthinker.com/comments.php?comments_id=5749 On Foxman and Peretz

On Murtha http://americanthinker.com/comments.php?comments_id=5747


Hey - if Joe loses it gives a good candidate for Bush to replace Rumsfield with - remember Joe was in the running way back when....


Often it is not about keeping the incumbent in power.but keeping the opposition out.
Here are some of them The World Can't Wait,Courtesy NYT,I particularly like the "Revolutionary Hip Hop Cadre",that must be chilling some blood in Tehran

Charlie (Colorado)

Don't understand that? Don't care.

You know ed, that trope was pretty moronic the last time you tried it. It doesn't get smarter with reuse.


The most charitable motive that can be ascribed to Murtha's irresponsible outburst is the onset of dementia,all else indicates a betrayal of those who serve.Above all it is an abuse of privilege and the freedom of speech,as an elected representative and as someone who served himself,the man should know better.


I think I am unable to be charitable about what he did. I think his base motives so obvious.

BTW here's a brilliant piece on Qana.

Clans of the Alphane Moon:
What occurs in young people with Schizophrenia seems to have an analogue with nations and clans. The left has become increasingly unhinged in reaction their increasing marginalization. Richard Landes does an exemplary job in The “Left” Takes on the Qana Affair: Fisking the Daily Kos. His entire post is worth reading to see how a bright person can twist his mind into knots to avoid even questioning his basic assumptions. Richard ends with a summation and an important question:

But what remains with me most after reading this piece is:
the knee-jerk incredulity at the possibility that the major news agencies might have been fooled — by Arab photographers and stringers no less!
the incredulity that someone of another political persuasion might have caught something that someone of my political persuasion did not
the sense that the larger political agendas determine what smintheus [the Daily Kos commenter Richard fisked-SW] and his friends believe
the notion that name-calling is a substitute for argumentation, and that if the author calls people the nasty names, then I don’t have to go read what they say.

And in the end, as they rub their hands in combined agony and glee, clucking over how Israel’s crimes have intensified global jihadi sentiments around the world, they protect one of the major sources of our woe: a deeply irresponsible media.

Tragedy amplified by smug partisanship.

But where does this smug hostility come from? What on earth possesses smenthius and his friends to think they know what’s going on in Lebanon? I guess, when it tells them what they want to hear, they believe the MSM. My question is, why is this what you want to hear?

When your entire world view is at risk, when an admission of even the most minor fact that is in contradiction to your perceptual scaffold is taken as an existential danger, then you will forced into the most untenable positions in order to hold onto your sense of yourself.

Those who gleefully attack Israel for its disproportionate response, for committing genocide, or collective punishment against the victim Lebanese, must simultaneously believe the Israelis are evil monsters bent on genocide, super human military villains, and spectacularly inept at the murderous warfare they are accused of. It doesn't add up and it damages one's critical facilities to continue to believe such nonsense.

The press, meanwhile, caught up in their need for dramatic stories, lends themselves as tools to some of the most vicious, overtly genocidal, anti-Semitic forces on the planet. They must know that they are aiding their own enemies; they know that Hezbollah carefully controls and crafts their every move for the media, and they even admit it in unguarded moments, yet they manage to completely leave this context out of their reports. Is this anti-Semitism? Ineptness? Evil? Noah Pollack believes that the press may have started out without any particular anti-Israel bias but has been skillfully used by Hezbollah, just as the Palestinians have used the press for so long, to wage their media war against Israel. Tom Gross suggests they have descended from anti-Semitism to a frenzied level of viciousness while ignoring the fact that they are next:




I went downtown Houston this morning for a dr appt and decided to stop by the Holocaust Museum. I read a blurb about how the International Red Cross went in to investigate the concentration camps before and in the beginning of WWII and they claimed that they found nothing of abuse.

Then they also discussed about how Hitler removed all civil liberties.

There's alot of parallelism between the late 30's and today's war.

It was Bernard Lewis, on the day of his birthday this year, that told the public that today's events is very similar to the 1938's.



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