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August 03, 2006



And I'm the Queen of Romania...but

Wilson Ellison Ellsberg

I'm not Glenn Greenwald, but I do know he's brilliant and witty and had my, I mean his blog read by Russ Feingold.


Florence and Owl:
Larry Sabato is the guy in 2004 who predicted that Cornyn and Burr would not win and also that the Georgia Senate seat would stay democratic. He also thought Elizabeth Dole would have trouble in her senate race. I don't trust these guys at all. They hope repub turnout will be low BUT they don't know for certain.
I'm not counting Lieberman out yet but having Clinton campaign for you is a semi-kiss of death.


Yep, aren't ya gonna be feeling Bill's pain at yet another rejection? OOPS...forgot that nothing bothers a narcissistic sociopathic rapist food junkie!



I asked because on a moonbat site they were suggesting that Lamont was really a republican "except for the war".

Of course if he wins, he will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Kos and Hamsher.


I am sure Ned just meant he didn't know Jane Hamsher in the Biblical sense.

But she's his TAR BABY!


Actually, I secretly (oops) hope that Clinton is the next head of the UN...he would be a definite improvement over the all the Secretary Generals in the history of the UN especially Kofi Annan...the depicable little slimeball.

Next post I promise to tell how I really feel.

Rick Ballard

No news on Russ Tice's meeting with the gj in Alexandria yesterday. I would have thought that he and his attorney would haul themselves in front of some cameras by now.

Or was the experience slightly different than he expected?


WEll Hamsher made Britt Hume's show tonite. She was described as a liberal blogger with "close ties to the Lamont campaign." And they showed the pix "which both Lamont and Lieberman condemn."

Sara (The Squiggler)

Pete, I am sorry, but this is the stupidist misquote I've seen for a long time on so many levels.

Unfortunately for most voters the line that "either you support Bush or you are a terrorist" has run rather thin.

First of all, as others have pointed out ... it is a misquote.

Second ... the whole problem with the Democratic party and why they don't have a snowball's chance in hell is because the majority of Americans who are not on the Netroots mailing list do not support the terrorists and do believe that, even with mistakes, the Repubs WANT to defeat terrorism, whereas, Dems think the more they demonstrate their dhimmitude and join the "axis of appeasement" the safer they'll be. Stupid is as stupid says and does.

The idea that everything will become hunky dory when GWB leaves office is so extraordinarily stupid, it defies comprehension. The terrorists would love to have GWB gone, not because peace and tranquility would return, but because they know that the with the Dems in power, America is nothing but "a paper tiger." Thank you OBL and Bill Clinton, John Murtha, John Kerry, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, et al.

And the idea that the base will switch and vote Dem. is ludicrous. Turn out may end up being low, but no self-respecting American is going to vote for racism, sexism, bigotry, and appeasement and cowardly cut and run. Not goin' to happen!

Other Tom

The money spent on the Iraq war is anything but "wasted." As a direct result of that war, the most dangerous regime in the middle east no longer exists, Iraq is no longer a place where the likes of Abu Nidal and Zarqawi are given safe haven and are training terrorists, Libya abruptly jettisoned its advanced WMD programs, Pakistan has gone from being openly hostile to a cooperative ally, and the major Arab states (Egypt, Saudi Arabia) are with us in opposition to Iran's ambitions. Within Iraq, the sectarian violence is regrettable, but Sunni vs. Shia in the middle of Mesopotamia is something I can live with. Saddam Hussein invading Kuwait, attempting to asssasinate a former American president, etc., are things I'd rather do without. In short, if you want to look at wasted trillions--not billions--check out the War on Poverty.

"Bush has used the line - 'Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.'"
The "you" meant the nations of the world, and the "us" meant the United States. It did not mean George Bush, and you know it.

"The line that you used yourself is not much different." It is entirely different, and again, you know it. If you don't like something I say, or something George Bush says, at least be straightforward enough to quote us accurately. Your awkward and deliberate distortions are not at all admirable, and they do nothing to advance your argument.

Sara (The Squiggler)

Other Tom, Pete hangs out where misquotes are common and the majority who read them don't have a clue they are misquotes. If it sounds like it bashes Bush, then in must be true. Mental midgets who couldn't find Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, or Connecticut on a map.

Soylent Red

Of course if he wins, he will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Kos and Hamsher.

Actually, I believe he will be just like every other junior senator:

The caucus errand boy.

If the MoonbatOn.com set think he's going to rise up and pull a Mr. Smith, they're in for a big shock. The Dem whip will do his job and apply firm boot to ass as soon as Lamont draws a breath in a non-approved fashion.

You don't get to be outspoken until you become old guard, and you don't get to be old guard by being outspoken. Even then, you must rise to the level of party opinion leader, or you're just one man among many.

Further, if anyone really believes this is about deeply held political beliefs, guess again. This has to do with Lamont wanting to be a Senator and taking what appears to be an expedient route. In this case, firing up the moonbats about Iraq as a means of unseating a respected incumbent.

You see it alot (got one emerging in Nebraska right now). Money is really just a scoreboard for really rich people. The best car, biggest house, hottest trophy wife, and other conspicuous consumption are offshoots of that scorekeeping.

Once a person reaches a certain bank balance, and has everything they want, they look for a new thrill. Money doesn't feed the monkey anymore.

Thus they turn to politics. More properly the ascent to, subsequent maintenance of, and expansion of, personal power. It's one thing that the boys down at the country club can't one up easily.

Once Lamont gets there, Jane Hamsher and her ilk won't get so much as a Kwanzaa card. Their collective utility will have been exhausted, and Lamont will be looking to climb the ladder without drawing a giant Republican target on his own back. And so, he will not say peep.

All, of course, in the unlikely event Lamont survives the generals. Which he won't.

Rick Ballard


Corzine and Dayton found out the value of the junior Senator from nowhere slot. It looks like Corzine will be able to exhibit his political incompetence on multiple levels - once.

Soylent Red

As for you Pete...

How much money, per year, did we spend on "containing" Saddam with no-fly zones and Oil-for-Palaces? To give you a hint, the past three years in Iraq have been a blue light bargain in comparison.


Don et. al.,

As Lew pointed out, Lieberman is way out in front in the general election in a three way. What doesn't make sense, is knowing this, the DemoNcrats backed Lamont to begin with. All it is going to do is sour Lieberman's relationship with them. That is not bright. But with Howard Dean and Pelosi running your party, I guess that is par for the course.

BTW - Don - can you say Lowell Weicker? Ran as an independent (CT Party) for Governor after losing out on a party nomination - AND WON! Wasn't all that long ago even....

Soylent Red


A Corzine Principle? Similar to a Peter Principle?

"Everyone has the capacity to be elected to the level of his own incompetence."

I don't feel like I really need to post the proofs for this principle here...



"I'm no youngster and I'm hard pressed to think of a politician who lost his party's nomination and went on to win a general election. Anybody know one?"

John Lindsay, Mayor of NYC, got his ass kicked in the Republican primary when he ran for a second term, then rallied to win as an independent.


If you have to rely on Malkin for anything at all you've sold yer soul to the maggots on the devil's ass.
Turn away from the darkside and come into the sunshine, unless you have a taste for maggot dung.



Typical comment from the left. Adds nothing but vitriolic rhetoric to the discussion. Don't let the door hit you on the way out....


Ah...another troll!

Nope, we don't rely on Malkin for all things. Just a supplement to the daily blog news.


Rick, Tice's appearance was postponed indefinitely because of a conflict counsel had with another matter (or so the report went). Perhaps, he's talking and they don't want anyone to know.


Tice's counsel?



Calls Blumenthal a liar and he isn't the ONLY one to.


Soylent: Once Lamont gets there, Jane Hamsher and her ilk won't get so much as a Kwanzaa card.


Other Tom

I saw that poll showing Lieberman with a huge lead as an independent in a three-way contest, but I believe I've seen a more recent one that shows it very close. I think they're all pretty unreliable at this point, but if I were betting I would bet he wins it in the end.


Forget about Ned lamont,

Lets say you have a guy, business man, white, belongs to white rich country club for 15 years, pays 3 Million of his own money he made in business for his own campaign. Then the guy has a rascist anti-semite named Al campaigning for him and has an 'OVERT OPERATIVE' throwing campaign mud at the Democrat opponent faking pictures of him in black face.

AND THIS GUY GETS THE FULL SUPPORT OF THE FAR LEFT and Jessie Jackson campaigns for him??

What next, Jessie going to campaign for a former Klansmen..ohh, nevermind. He already did that.


Turn away from the darkside and come into the sunshine, unless you have a taste for maggot dung.

Man, if we only had a moderator here to protect us from this type of post. Why can't we be like FDL? ::frown::

Soylent Red

Just a supplement to the daily blog news.

And easy on my conservative eyes.


Don't wory, BAILEY, we are already in HEAVEN! Oh, it's so wonderful in HEAVEN so why don't you come join us?


Boy, Hewitt has two transripts - one with Hitchens and other with Bret Stephens. The one with Bret is very pessimistic. The good thing is that UN is going to drag its feet on putting forth the resolutions.


Moonbats, the gift that keeps on giving.

"New Lieberman Art at Daily Kos"



Joe might lose the primary, in fact, it looks as if he will. But does anyone remember the 'NETROOTS of DEAN'? Didn't quite work out the way they wanted. Same thing with Kerry. The younger set might want them to win but will they actually go vote? ::grin:: It is the tried and true that hit the primaries.


Where were we talking about Malkin? Bailey, are you sure you don't work for Budget Rentacar?


Redcoat, boy, that's pitiful if that's all they can do as part of their nasty campaign tactics.

Weren't they for same-sex marriage bill, btw?


Maggots don't produce Dung...they produce Dungocrats.

The Dungocrat feeds on the DailyDung and FireDungLake until they develop Bush Dungrangement Syndrone and start attacking their own Dungocrats by dressing them up in blackface.

Then the cycle repeats.



Weren't they for same-sex marriage bill, btw?

They prefer what they did here in Massachusetts, legalize it by judicial fiat.

Even here in super special and "progressive" Massachusetts voters can't be relied upon,best to deny the unenlightend a vote,for their own good.

They are so full of compassion.

And other things better left unmentioned.


They're acting more and more like the Red Guards aren't they? Any day now I expect them to call for centrist Dems to be forced into reeeducation camps.



They're acting more and more like the Red Guards aren't they? Any day now I expect them to call for centrist Dems to be forced into reeeducation camps.

Lefties do have an attraction to totalitarianism.

They love Campus Speech codes and the like,it gives them a outlet for supressing dissent and destroying apostates, like Larry Summers,and now Lieberman.

All the Dictators they admire,Lenin,Stalin,or today's versions like Castro or Chavez worried more,and were more ruthless towards internal opposition and dissent,than external.

Everyone at Daily Kos, or that Dog Lake thing, see themselves as future Commissars.

O.T, but I can't wait for the Blumenthal story to show up here,in it's own thread.

This could, and should get ugly.


What's wrong with Massachusetts?

(Click for the Natural Truth Blog)


"The younger set might want them to win but will they actually go vote? ::grin::"

It would depend, for those old enough to vote,on whether there is any good stuff on the street.

A question to all of you if I may.

With the ongoing conflict in Lebanon and President Ahmalphabet threatening to strke the US with "a slap and a fist blow",is this the right time for politicians to hitch their wagon to the anti-war movement? It could leave a political career in the same ordure as Neville Chamberlain.


Soylent Red:
Your commentary has been excellent on this blog. You are exactly right in your opinion
that this is about power. Recent government shut-down in NJ costing the gaming industry millions under Corzine's watch proves you get what you pay er vote for. If you choose a rich incompetent;surprise you get disarray and chaos. Hopefully voters in Connecticut are smarter than that. Can't they see this power grab for what it is? Remember the topic of this thread is the fact that Lamont LIED about knowing Hamsher and the blog world. Is this the type of representative people in Connecticut want ? Lamont will lie about anything to get in. I say this is the turning point in the campaign. What brave journalist besides TM will expose this guy for the charlatan that he is?


Someone needs to take out Ahmalphabet and I don't mean to dinner!


The moonbats aren't talking about Iran, or Isreal, or Lebanon - well except for the "war crimes" that Israel has committed.

Don't you get it PUK? If we all join hands and sing Kumbaya, peace will have a chance!


Oops...Conneticut media were not impressed with Hamsher (What? The Blogs? Huh? I don't know what you are talking about?)

Topic: Pro Lamont Blogger Goes Way (Way, Way) Over The Line

Everyone knows there is no regulatory authority over the internet...but that's still no reason to violate the rules of human decency. A Pro Ned Lamont blogger may have damaged his candidacy by posting an altered image of Senator Joe Lieberman.

Jane Hamsher is a blogger with the popular "Huffington Post." She apparently is a well known Ned Lamont booster and supporter. On Wednesday August 2nd she included what can only be described as a crude and offensive image on her blog.

An altered photo from Lieberman's Waterbury rally with former President Bill Clinton showed Lieberman in 'blackface'and Clinton wearing dark glasses. This kind of image might have been considered humorous by some people in 1906, but in 2006 it is offensive, disreputable and shocking.

When I called Ned Lamont's campaign manager Tom Swan, he admitted the Lamont campaign and Ned Lamont himself had some kind of relationship with Hamsher but that she was in no way on their campaign payroll. Swan said he was unaware of the image. I told him to look and call me back.

A short time later, Swan called me back to say he too was offended and wanted the image removed. Within hours of my phone call to Swan, the image was removed.
Lamont himself dodged questions about the blog from News Channel 8's Jamie Muro.

Repeated phone calls to Jane Hamsher have not been returned.

Mrs. Brave, Gutsy, Cutting Edge - you know, Hamsher who advertised on her blog if someone had a problem with this they knew where to find her - In virtually every report notes that Hamsher has not answered her phone and has not returned one call.

YET, she is blogging up a storm, typically trying her best to ignore it, and deleting any comment that does not praise her for her bravery and balls.

Yeah, THIS is the behavior - dodging phone calls that Hamsher admires and praises in the politicians she attacks /sarcasm off. What a joke she is.


shoot, left the tag open...also forgot link. Rats.



You've Larwyn'ed the thread. Hope you are in the process of catching that thief.



Now, if Lamont had had balls, he would have apologized and openly broken with her. Now he has her hanging around his neck like an albatross..Good. To be honest, I think the best result would be for Leiberman to win the primary and then come back loaded for bear--that is, ready to kick these goofballs out of the party..(I prefer two grownup parties duking it out to one grown up party and a collection of vicious nutballs on the other side.)


Actually the mmoonbats are an irrelevance,the Kostume party in Vegas pulled a small handful of the faithful,at least those who could borrow the car for the weekend,the rest are still hitching,it is the adults who hear Ahmalphabet and his nuke Israel,punish the US who will do the voting.
There is bound to be a wake up call,the emergence of the Twelfth Imam is nigh,Ahmalphabet is going to try to create the right apocalyptical conditions to coax the little chap from his well,so there is bound to be some happening which,to use a PoliSci term,puts the complete shits up the voters.As Macmillan said when asked what worries him the most,he retorted,"Events Dear Boy,events"
That is what worries all of us.


I DID Larwyn the thread! Yipes. And I am trying and acting like Mrs. Kravitt's to do so.

Rick Ballard

Would Vidkun pass up a chance to keep Lieni on the payroll? Himmler forbid!


good luck to you in your pursuit. I've got to call my cousins in Connecticut and tell them to vote for Lieberman. Somehow I think character and moral values will triumph.
Rumor has it Reid is going to offer Hillary Minority Leader post next year.


They hope it will Majority Leader position.


If we all join hands and sing Kumbaya, peace will have a chance!

I have an ongoing argument with a poster somewhere else who claims we need to negotiate. Negotiate what? And with whom? Whether we live under Islamic rule or die? Those are the options folks. Nothing short of that will pacify them. We already know land for peace doesn't work. Sheesh...


Well said. Youve nailed it precisely. I want to live therefore the War on Terror must continue.


the emergence of the Twelfth Imam is nigh

Doesn't it just make you want to pull your hair out? Just as Osama told us he was going to kill us, this nut in Iran is saying the same thing. And the left wants to surrender to him. And Murtha, who not only wants us to surrender, is now calling for Israel to do the same. At this point, I'm ready to pull Bush's hair out, along with my own. He needs to be front and center, day after day, preaching of the coming storm. He did it with Iraq. Why the hell isn't he doing it with Iran? Another sheesh...


Reuters report that Murtha received NO military briefing before accusing Kelo company of cold blooded murder in Haditha suggests he is a damned liar and his source was probably the same Human Rights Watch pukes who megaphoned the lie for the Baathists.


The lawsuit against Murtha is going to succeed for precisely that reason. His speech was a partisan attack and his use of the words"In Cold blood" was deliberately chosen for maximum effect. Partisan MSM was happy to oblige him. He should be voted out of office. Too bad I don't live in Pennsylvania.


Minimum wage and estate tax bill did not pass the Senate-why am I not surprised?


I heard you call TS!

Liked the reference to DEMS courage. I have been po'd
all day from the first showing of the B****'s "courageous attack on Sec Rumsfeld. (we had lightning again here so I was unplugged).

quote from Walid Phares:
"Many businessmen and diplomats viewed Iran’s leadership as realist and capable of engagement in the 1990s. A complete myopia was dominant in our international policy, with implications for our national security."


Today, the B****, the B**** "co-president" of the myopic 90's administration attacked Sec. Rumsfeld and the Bush administration.

Rumsfeld's response was not what it could have and should have been. Oh, it was good, he chuckled at her - but he could have ripped her a new one. And he should have. I want to hear someone say this to the B****:

Lady, if that administration that you were quite a part of had showed any actual courage in dealing with the problems that you passed to us, we would not be here today.

Did you read that Iran just sent BinLaden's son to help the Hezballah. If your husband had either taken custody of the father or killed him during any of the chances you had, that same son was a little boy then who may have joined the other BinLadens in opposition to Islamisn. He might be becoming an engineer or architect and following the BinLaden grandfather. You gave that lad and all the other lads killing our brave soldiers and the muslims that support democracy the opportunity to grow to men and to procure more money and weapons.
You let N.Korea fool you. Not enough courage there to ask them the hard questions - like the phoney "truth to power" statements you make today. You say things here in the comfort of a U S Senate Committee Hearing that none in your administration would dare to say to North Korea or to Arafat, or to Syria or to Iran.

It was your administration, your Secretary of State, you National Security Advisor and your Secretary of Defense, led by your
husband that left us with the the reasons we must do a different dance with those your 8 years only made stronger.

You really do think that the American public is stupid and that your sound bites will be embrased with no remembering the cowardliness of the Clinton years


Rick Ballard


THAT WAS NOT ON purpose.

Rick Ballard

Geez - a twofer

Rick Ballard

How'd you do that, Larwyn?


Let's see.


no good




Larwyn in a rage is a sight to behold! ::grin::


You broke it Larwyn. ::grin::


Rick, my i is closed and my em is closed. I hit? vs> in the tag that would have closed the em.
put in 2 more closes
- have copy of original. If you want to see what I am missing, I could email to you.

richard mcenroe

More Principled Lamont Campaigning — Lefty Bloggers Of Whom Ned Lamont Has Never Even Heard Now Depict Joe Lieberman As One of Them Homos


08/03/06 AP: Military says soldier committed suicide

08/03/06 AP: 6 Marines charged in Iraq assault

08/03/06 timesonline: Running the gauntlet in a land of militias

08/03/06 DoD Identifies Army Casualty
Spc. Hai Ming Hsia, 37

08/03/06 DoD Identifies Marine Casualty Cpl. Joseph A. Tomci, 21

08/03/06 DoD Identifies Army Casualty
Sgt. Dustin D. Laird, 23

08/03/06 DoD Identifies Army Casualty
Sgt. Ryan D. Jopek, 20

08/03/06 Reuters: Roadside bomb wounds 2

08/03/06 NYTimes: U.S. Troops Kill 2 Iraqis on Way to Anti-Israel Protest

08/03/06 AP: Wounded journalist Kimberly Dozier released from hospital


08/03/06 NYTimes: In Iraq, It’s Hard to Trust Anyone in Uniform

08/03/06 Reuters: US Gen. Abizaid says civil war possible in Iraq

08/03/06 Reuters: Food contractor kidnapped

08/03/06 Reuters: Bodies found in Dujail and Samarra

08/03/06 Reuters: Tortured body retrieved from a river in Numaniya

08/03/06 Reuters: Former Baath party member killed in Kut

08/03/06 Wajihiya: Three killed in attack on police officer's house

08/03/06 Reuters: Two civilians wounded by roadside bomb in Baghdad

08/03/06 Reuters: Three Iraqi soldiers wounded by roadside bomb

08/03/06 Reuters: Gunmen kill 3 in attack on wedding party in Mussayab

08/03/06 AP: At least 9 dead in Baghdad bombing

08/03/06 AP: Martin soldier dies in Iraq Spc. Dustin Laird, 24

08/03/06 AP: British diplomat warns of Iraq civil war

08/03/06 AFP: Eighteen bodies found in the Tigris river showing signs of torture

08/03/06 wausaudailyherald: Central Wis. soldier pleads guilty in Iraq bribery case

08/03/06 AFP: Dozens killed in night battles south of Baghdad (Part 2)

08/03/06 wausaudailyherald: Merrill soldier killed in Iraq


Richard...It get's even better...**I DON"T KNOW ABOUT THE BLOGS"

Stangely he WRITES DIARIES on these "BLOGS" he knows nothing about

How we can win on August 8 by Ned Lamont

Wed May 31, 2006 at 04:00:54 PM PDT

When I made my decision to run against Joe Lieberman for the Senate Seat he has held for 18 years in Connecticut, I had to ask myself a question. Did I believe there were enough people in this state and in this country who felt as I did, that our great nation was facing a crisis of leadership that threatened to transform us into a country I no longer recognized? I worried for my children, that theirs would be a legacy of war, pollution, debt and fear if the powers that be went unchecked. But I knew it would take more than one man alone to confront the insidious politically entrenched status quo with 63 lobbyists for every congressman. It would take an entire movement.

Ned Lamont's diary :: ::...

and oddly he COMMENTS on these "BLOGS" he knows nothing about

Please tell your friends (63+ / 0-) that this race is winnable if people like you turn out, organize your neighbors, and pass the word via grassroots, netroots, letters to the editor, and receptions.

by Ned Lamont on Wed May 31, 2006 at 04:06:27 PM PDT
[ Parent ]

Via Decsion08


Several hilarious posts on Hugh Hewitt this evening:

Dean Barnett:

When I took this gig, I thought I would be in good company working with Hugh Hewitt. This evening, though, much to my horror, I learned otherwise. It has come to my knowledge that Hugh Hewitt, my mentor, the host of this site we all love, is not the kindly thoughtful fellow that we all thought he was. No.

Hugh Hewitt is the kind of man who “cannot take responsibility .” Hugh Hewitt is “a partisan fanatic.” What’s more, “any admission of error sends his Manichean worldview careening.” Careening through what, I have no idea, but a careening worldview can’t be a good thing.

My source for this knowledge is impeccable. It comes via the much respected, level-headed blogger-cum journalist, Andrew Sullivan. Lord knows Sullivan isn’t the easiest man to offend, so obviously Hugh’s transgressions are grave.

You really will enjoy reading it all.

And these excerpts from Martin Peretz interview by Hugh:

HH: Well, that's okay. But in our limited time, but you're very pro-Democratic Party. And if the Democrats triumphed, we just concluded what will happen. Doesn't that make you an accomplice, ultimately, to a disastrous policy for Israel if they get what they want?

MP: Well, I...my whole...I'm not sure who I'm for in two and a half years. We don't know who the candidates will be.

HH: Do you want the Democrats to win majorities in the House or the Senate, Martin Peretz?

MP: I'm...I'm appalled by some of the people who would become head of Congressional committees.

HH: Is that a no?

MP: Uh, but I'm also appalled by some of the shenanigans...

HH: But is that...I've got five seconds. Is that a no, Martin Peretz?

MP: It's a cowardly refusal to answer.

HH: (laughing) Okay. We'll carry it on, later. Martin Peretz, thanks.

Courageous aren't they?


It’s word creation time! Let’s bring out our inner Bill Safire. It’s time to bestow upon combative bloggress Jane Hamsher the immortality that she so richly deserves.
But let’s say the bomb that went off yesterday blows up the Lamont campaign and denies the Nedster the victory that was so clearly within his reach. Then the language will have a new word – “hamshered”. “Hamshered” will be defined as a politician being wounded because of his close ties to a kooky blogger.

Used in a sentence: “There’s a chance that Mark Warner will be hamshered because of his relationship with a prominent blogger whose hobbies include astrology and manipulating the price of worthless stocks.”

Another RTWT


HEH--All good Larwyn.All the coverage I've seen notes that Lamont has close ties with Hamsher. His lie didn't work.


CBS is a bit off message. In this puff piece on Lamont it goes on about how significant role the blogs are playing in his campaign. LOL



Paul Hackett on Colbert Report -
Colbert really made him look like the who he is.

"The run and cut...

Hackett went into the meme "can't make a democracy at the end of M16" and it's varients a few times.

Colbert: Don't tell me you can't make a democracy at the end of a gun, we made democracy at the end of a muskett!

Asked if he would rather be in foxhole with Nancy Pelosi or John McCain, Hackett gave another name.
He then said "McCain flew airplanes, what's he know about foxholes?"

Hope we see a lot more of Hackett.

Soylent Red

"McCain flew airplanes, what's he know about foxholes?"

Heh. Whereas all Pelosi knows are a-holes...


clarice, maryrose-re Murtha. This seems coordinated like the Plame case. A collaboration between roques (this time at Defense), the Democrats, and the media.
It is important to follow the leaks. The language from the "Pentagon official" leakers is similar in some cases, making me believe the leakers are the same, in many cases the leaks have been erroneous (saying one report would be released last week)

A common theme--trying to steer the investigations in the way of charging the Marines. Someone wants their My Lai story just in time for the elections.


Hillary gave the game away today. August/September is to be the time when lots of soldiers as criminal stories are to be hyped. The implication is that the military is so messed up because of Bush/Rumsfeld. More Rumsfeld must go noise.

The slow pace of the Haditha story is frustrating the Democrats, then there is the war getting all the media coverage. But it will happen, it's part of the plan.

The Democrats and media really want the Haditah story, that's why they are steering it.

Yesterday's AP story was a particular disgrace. They tweaked their headlines all day. Bottom line-nothing was new in that story. Everyone admitted that civilians were killed. In fact, the most interesting thing was that there might need to be further investigation, weak case.


I would like to list the casualities in Iraq that dies during the policy (Clinton) you supported, unfortunatley, I can't fit the 3 Million people.

Are you upset that so many fewer deaths are occuring now?

The Documental Centre for Human Rights in Iraq has compiled documentation on over 600,000 civilian executions in Iraq under Saddam Hussein. Human Rights Watch reports that in one operation alone, Saddam killed 100,000 Kurdish Iraqis. Coldly taken as a daily average for the 24 years of Saddam's reign, these numbers give us a horrifying picture of between 70 and 125 civilian deaths per day for every one of Saddam's 8,000-odd days in power"

8,000 Happy days for Sam. 100 people died per day, but he didn't have to read about it.


Sorry I had to bail out... had a client meeting. Unfortunately I'm part of the ever shrinking populous that actual has to work and pay taxes here in the NUTmeg State.

noah... I'm voting for Joe holding my nose. I want Neddlesome to win the primary and give the netroots more power in the Dem party. But I don't want him to succeed that much. The Republican, Schlesinger is a total joke, so I'd rather a "bitter" Joe Lieberman in there then a goofball like Lamont. I'm not saying a Lamont win would be bad, since he does have some very republican streaks to him. I just want as much damage to the national Dem image as possible. The only regret is I hate career pols like Lieberman, and would love to see him go! But right now it's too much fun watching this food fight!

I mean look at the show these two morons are putting on!
http://news.yahoo.com/s/realclearpolitics/20060803/cm_rcp/lamonts_lie_and_the_flyer_that>Lamont's Lie and the Flyer That Started It All


That doesn't include the millions Clinton and the UN so happily starved and denied medicine, treatment and suffered malnutrition because Sam's friends at the UN wanted to pocket millions in bribes.

So before you list todays dead Sam, list the millions you killed with your policy of creating a concentration camp for the 22 million people of Iraq.


Patton, don't give sam anymore attention then he deserves. Like most pest, they'll go away if you ignore them.

I'm surprised he hasn't added the 3,000 deaths of 9/11 onto his list... he obviously is part of the moonbat group that believes Bush and our Government bombed the WTC ans Pentagon.


There are 87% fewer violent deaths annually in Iraq now than under Saddam Hussein.

Sams pissed about that.

His Goddess Madeline Albright I think stated Sams policy best:

Lesley Stahl on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: I think this is a very hard choice, but the price--we think the price is worth it.

--60 Minutes (5/12/96)

Sam obviously thought the price of 500,000 dead children by 1996 was worth it, because he preferred that policy.

Now I think he is obsessing because there are so few deaths he can actually post them on a blog.



To be honest, I think the best result would be for Leiberman to win the primary and then come back loaded for bear--that is, ready to kick these goofballs out of the party..(I prefer two grownup parties duking it out to one grown up party and a collection of vicious nutballs on the other side.)

Ideally, I'd prefer this, too, but where do the 1/3 of Americans who believe the government was responsible for destroying the World Trade Center go? A third party? They're surely not Republicans, so they must be Democrats. Better to keep them snuggled together and expose them for what they are.


241 Marines killed in Beirut.

17 soldiers killed on USS Cole.

Khobar Towers.

There was an email list documenting these casualties. Wish I still had it but if you compare this list and add to 3000 killed in 9/11 and the number killed by Saddam, these numbers destroys Sam's numbers.


Anyone see LGF showing the business cards printed by the Hezzies advertising their "Media Relations" in light of the Qana bombing?


Anyone see LGF showing the business cards printed by the Hezzies advertising their "Media Relations" in light of the Qana bombing?


Sam is just being rude. He knows that any blog post longer than the screen is irritating. Personally I don't read them.


Good point, Patton. Certain deaths are not so bad to the left. Just a price to be paid in the furtherance of ideology, or cowardice.



Don't forget Mogadishu.

Most people have, it shows the price you pay for running away.


Yup! And where is the uproar from the left over the Israeli casualties and Hezzie rockets fired at them? None.

We should be thankful for our own soldiers sacrificing and fighting to protect the freedom of our own country. Thanks for the reminder, Sam, so that we will be thinking and praying for them every day. I hope Sam prays for them and appreciate the very reasons why our soldiers went over there.


You know, I would really like to find out when Kos and Hamsher decided they hated Joe so much and when they discovered Lamont.
They started trumping up the case against Joe, and then one is led to believe Lamont just happened onto the scene.
But was there some motivation to dislike Joe so much?
I always suspect there was a plan to oust Joe, and they were contacted early about it. I wonder who is behind it.

How do they decide who gets their attention and their money? Why do they agree?


Has anyone heard a single Democrat articulate a policy toward Iraq? Complaining is not a policy, Even the super smart Hilliary Clinton could not state a single fact in the hearing with Rumsfeld.

She could only make platitudinous statements. She couldn't say:

Fewer Iraqis were dying under my husbands policy, because it would be a lie.

She couldn't say, we should have kept sanctions on the Iraqi public because it has been shown how mean and cruel it was and accomplished nothing but a bunch of dead children.

She couldn't say, we should increase the number of troops, because Jane Hamsher would dress her up in black face.

So she couldn't state a single measurable fact, stataing that keeping Saddam Hussein in power and Iraq under anctions was a better choice.


Even Osama Bin Laden himself says he attacked us on 9/11 due to the Clinton policy of starving the Iraqi people.

No wonder Hillary and the Democrats now want him shut up.


I went over to the Hamsher website this morning. Nothing about the controversy. It seems to me, based on the bad press, Lamont should be asking Hamsher to haul her ass back to Hollywood about now. Or is he instead worried about the nutroots reaction? If she is banished will she attempt to get the her followers to destroy Lamont's candidacy?

Probably not enough time left for all that drama, but one can dream...

Oh and the newist graphic at her sight shows Lamont flying in a red, white and blue plane with Lieberman falling out of a plane adorned with a symbol, which to my bad eyes is reminiscent of a swastika.


"""And Murtha, who not only wants us to surrender, is now calling for Israel to do the same.""

To be fair, we are not surrendering with Murtha....we will make our last stand on OKINAWA.

They set foot on OKINAWA and then we get pissed!!


Jane- Hamsher should have issued an apology and stepped away from Lamont. Otherwise, I think you hit the nail on the head. Who can turn on the netroots? They are like the mafia asking for protection money. Denounce them or ignore them, and suddenly *you're* the one in blackface.



I wonder who is behind it.

How do they decide who gets their attention and their money? Why do they agree?

The Usual Suspects,



From Newsbusters:

Hartford Headline Spins Blackface Photo for Lamont

You're a Connecticut resident, a good citizen but not a political junkie. You scan the Hartford Courant - the state's largest paper - this morning and see the following headline:

'Lamont Spokesman: Blog Photo Offensive'

Quick: which campaign did something wrong, and which is rightly outraged? Based on the headline, you could certainly be forgiven for assuming that Lamont was the injured party.

As it turns out, the facts are just the opposite.

Gary Maxwell

Wouldn't you like a peak at the Townhouse memo on the poodle lady and the distinct possibility that she negatively impacted his chances at 10 minutes to midnight? And if Neddy loses she will be the subject of one or more Townhouse memos, with the title "STFU".

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