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August 12, 2006



Have a blast!

Jimmy's Attack Rabbit

What ever happened to Nada-gate?


First there are "house guests" and now it's off to "uncertain ISP"?



Going to Africa like Larry Johnson?

Lew Clark

I've always felt Tom had another secret identity. I feel safer about terrorist plots now that Tom has been "called away".


You've given me my laugh for the day!
You deserve a great vacation after all your hard work this year on this blog! Enjoy and relax!


Lew Clark:
I think TM is off to shoot another season of "24" with Kiefer Sutherland aka Jack Bauer.


I guess we'll all have to take turns baby sitting the trolls while your on holiday TM.

What time should we put them to bed? And what about no desert if they misbehave!
And I'm not reading any bed time stories either... they don't listen anyway!


Let's go to Africa with Larry.


I wonder why he didn't mention Mima Nedelcovych who went to Africa with Joe Wilson?

"At least three people from Schaffer or AfricaGlobal made modest campaign contributions to Jefferson; one of them, Warren Weinstein, served on the AOPIG with Melvin Spence, an aide to the congressman."


Vox populii, vox dei, vox oh boyi
"The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll, conducted last week [before the recent arrests in Britain], found Democrats with an eight-point edge when people were asked which party they trusted more to handle terrorism issues."

That gap should close (probably to a tie) after as a result of the arrests in the UK. But I think Dick Morris is fundamentally wrong if he thinks that the events will have a significant change in the public's attitudes toward the two parties and the upcoming off-year election.

American people are in a odd mood. I think more frustrated than angry. How that frustration will manifest itself is anyone's guess; but my hunch is it won't be good for the Republicans.


Durka Durka

"Sat Aug 12, 3:00 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Fifty-five percent of Americans approve of
President George W. Bush's handling of homeland security, an 11 percent jump from May, according to a Newsweek poll released on Saturday.

Taken three months ahead of congressional elections, the survey found 44 percent of respondents said Republicans would do a better job handling terrorism, compared with 39 percent who preferred Democrats."



Nothing like a foiled terrorist attack to focus the mind. I keep hearing that the moonbats have gained traction, but I don't get that feeling in my little corner of the uber-liberal universe.

People don't like the President, but they seem to be waking up that terrorism is real. It just doesn't make sense that strength on terrorism would accrue to the left. Maybe I'm naive.


I wonder if any polls have tried to gauge differences in people's perceptions about what terrorism is, as a way of understanding these other polls about who and which party would do a better job of handling it. It's obvious that some people believe that terrorism is the result of individual acts of madness, inspired by feelings of grievance or religious fervor, and not necessarily part of a more global conflict. Others consider these same acts a prelude to an apocalyptic military confrontation with Iran, Syria and their proxies, many of whom are presently embedded in Western democracies and will actively participate once the real battles begin. I find myself more in the latter camp than the former, but it's clear that there are differences of opinion on the question, making these sorts of "Who would handle terrorism better?" polls difficult to interpret.


Ex... http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=103x228772>here's a glimpse at what the moonbats think! This thread should be fun to watch as more awaken from their bat caves and post more enlightened comments such as this:

"Only when we have real represnetative leaders in both US & UK can we address these issues in good faith."

Maybe or "representatives" can give them spell check too!


Larry works with corrupt Louisiana(foreign) security firms(I think I know what happened) and bagged some terrorist guards on the way from England via London.

He is outing the bad guys in the security business or setting them up to affect more of their (foreign) employees?


Yeah, Bob, that's some cast of characters they have there. I feel like wearing rubber gloves just to check out the site.

But Richard Pearle's a Jew, isn't he? Makes you wonder if we won't someday read about the first Democrat suicide bomber.


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All politics is local. These races will be determined on which candidate has a coherent program or idea about fighting terrorism. How constituents view their current representative and who will tax them the least will also factor into the equation. Anyone looking weak, wobbly or out of conytrol Ex: McKinney and Jefferson will be eliminated.Also Ney from Ohio has dropped out of the race. Probably a good move considering the circumstances.


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