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August 25, 2006



If there is a case, its not against the accused, I think.


OT on to the Plame Topic

Here is Val and Joe's latest:

Judge Denies Former CIA Officer's Request To Keep Her Home Address a Secret

By JOSH GERSTEIN - Staff Reporter of the Sun
August 25, 2006

A federal judge has denied a request by a former CIA employee, Valerie Plame, and her husband, Joseph Wilson, not to make public their home address as part of a lawsuit claiming Bush administration officials deliberately exposed Ms. Plame's undercover status.

The couple had asked to keep their address under wraps for privacy reasons, but Judge John Bates said yesterday the couple's address was already evident to anyone who sought it. 'In less than thirty minutes, the Court was able to ascertain plaintiffs' residential address from multiple publicly available sources,' the judge wrote. 'Indeed, an attorney who filed this motion on plaintiffs' behalf has stated in a national circulated newspaper that he is plaintiffs' next-door neighbor, and the residential address of that attorney also is readily ascertainable.'

A lawyer for the couple, Christopher Wolf, wrote in USA Today that he lived next door to them in the Palisades neighborhood of Washington for five years without knowing of her tie to the CIA.

Let's all say ahhhhhhhh together! LOL


This is even funnier! Look at the Judges BIO! Just amazing!

Judge John D. Bates

Judge Bates was appointed United States District Judge in December 2001. He graduated from Wesleyan University in 1968 and received a J.D. from the University of Maryland School of Law in 1976. From 1968 to 1971, he served in the United States Army, including a tour in Vietnam. Judge Bates clerked for Judge Roszel C. Thomsen of the United States District Court for the District of Maryland from 1976 to 1977 and was an associate at Steptoe & Johnson from 1977 to 1980. He served as an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia from 1980 to 1997, and was Chief of the Civil Division of the U.S. Attorney's Office from 1987 to 1997. Judge Bates was on detail as Deputy Independent Counsel for the Whitewater investigation from 1995 to mid-1997. In 1998, he joined the Washington law firm of Miller & Chevalier, where he was Chair of the Government Contracts/Litigation Department and a member of the Executive Committee. Judge Bates has served on the Advisory Committee for Procedures of the D.C. Circuit and on the Civil Justice Reform Committee for the District Court, and as Treasurer of the D.C. Bar, Chairman of the Publications Committee of the D.C. Bar, and Chairman of the Litigation Section of the Federal Bar Association. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Washington Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs. In 2005, he was appointed by Chief Justice Rehnquist to serve on the U.S. Judicial Conference Committee on Court Administration and Case Management. In February 2006, he was appointed by Chief Justice Roberts to serve as a judge of the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.



As always Our Fair Clarice has more!

Lame Plame Game Flames Out



Excellent article. It is about time we put an end to this dog and pony show. Watch, now the Plames are going to claim that someone LEAKED their address.


I'm more interested in the NYTimes on Republican warmongering on Iran and, again, politicizing intelligence:


Sorry to be off topic.


I can't read the NY Traitor's article, only the description.

I bet I could write a good summary without reading it.

They are determined to take charge of US foreign policy. I bet they cannot believe that they are being completely ignored by the Bush administration.

After reading Clarke's book, I became aware just how much fear of the press influenced foreign policy in the Clinton administration. They must be terribly frustrated.


Just yesterday Taranto pointed out a "Life Imitates The Jerk moment:

"The new phone book's here! The new phone book's here! . . . Page 73--Johnson, Navin R.! I'm somebody now! Millions of people look at this book every day! This is the kind of spontaneous publicity--your name in print--that makes people. I'm in print! Things are going to start happening to me now."--Steve Martin as Navin R. Johnson, "The Jerk" (1980)
Looks to me like we have another one!

cathy :-)


After reading Clarke's book, I became aware just how much fear of the press influenced foreign policy in the Clinton administration. They must be terribly frustrated.

Diagram that!


Thanks, ordi. As my eyes were pasting shut in the wee hours of the morning, TS sent me the pacer order and I couldn't resist.



So. What exactly is the topic of this discussion?


Welll.....what did we expect from Nifong and the police?

For our lawyers - Do you think it was a good idea for the defense attorneys to be as public with the holes they found in the case early on as they were? Would it have made more sense to keep their mouths shut and have at it later?

We all know that there are good cops and bad cops. We know that there are good DAs and bad DAs. Quite honestly, I suspect there is more cheating than most people in the field would ever admit to. But look at this case - as soon as the holes are pointed out publicly, the police have a new report from an investigating officer. Why wasn't that included in the discovery pages that Nifong turned over? Why was it hidden? My opinion is that they changed their "evidence" to fix the problems with the case.

As I understand things, charges like these are rarely dropped. Most times they either result in a plea bargain or trial. In the case of plea bargains - many defense attorneys believe that it is safer to plea than to go to trial - even if you are innocent! The belief is that taking things to trial is too much of a risk. So innocent people plea to lesser charges - but almost always end up being branded as a sex-offender. Add to that the fact that there are many, many documented cases of DAs and police officers changing stories after they understand the defense position.

With that said - I go back to my initial questions. Wouldn't it have been better to keep the ammo you gathered out of sight rather than let the prosecution know where you are going?



One of the defense attorneys, I can't remeber which one at the moment, has been silent. And, IIRC, did not advocate publicly discussing the case by any of the defense lawyers.



We will only know the answer to that question when the trial is over. It's not an exact science. Clients lie. Some defense lawyers are corrupt like all the other people you cited. Juries have agendas. Trying a case is like putting your life savings on #6 on the roulette wheel. There are just too many variables even in a slam-dunk case.

The defense lawyers created a media storm that gave most people the idea that these kids were being railroaded. The assumption is that will stick regardless of what happens. I know I've paid very little attention to the case and my opinion based on what I've heard is as follows:

The victim has an un-credible history; the DA brought the case to help his re-election; the lacrosse team is full of arrogant, white, wealthy kids; The evidence in the case is underwhelming.

How much of that is true, no one knows at this point. But that's what I've learned from not paying attention.


What we have now is Officer Gottlieb as the key witness, testifying from typed notes he made after the fact.

That will be pretty transparent to the jury, I am guessing. Much of the stuff in the notes will not be seen or heard by the jury, as they will be inadmissible.

Nonetheless, you can bet that this NYT story is told in the light most favorable to the prosecution.

All it does imnsho is lift the case from the depths of "frivolous" to merely "very weak".



Of course you are right. It is not just the law enforcement side of the world that lies. Unfortunately I have seen to many "Law & Order" wannabes that think real life imitates television. TV shows officers and DAs abusing accused people's rights. Many people accept that as "OK". The problem is that we are starting to see more and more of those types of incidents in real life. Personally I think it comes from a generation raised on too much crime drama on TV.


I'm with vnjagvet. Gottleib's cross will be a thing of beauty.


It is a bit annoying that the NYT fails to mention the Gottleib police report (33 pages) is hearsay and not admissible. Instead, the NYT seems to suggest it is the key evidence that Nifong can and will rely on at trial. Not likely, eh?

At most, G can testify to relevant things he saw, heard, smelled, tasted - what he perceived - in interactions with AV, FS&E and the crime scene. He does not get to go on and on befroe a jury about what the MD's and nurses told him. He should not have any leave to pontificate as some sort of expert. The 33 pages gets used for cross-examination, sure, but not as some sort of expert report.

Good cross-exam should make G look about as credible as Furman in the OJ case.

Nifong needs to get voted out of office, as a priority matter.

G needs to get the case settled, or he gets trashed at trial. Hopefully he and his compatriots in the Durham PD will now be motivated to impress on AV the wisdom of settlement, since G is in for a bruising (perhaps career ending) trial experience.

For our lawyers - Do you think it was a good idea for the defense attorneys to be as public with the holes they found in the case early on as they were? Would it have made more sense to keep their mouths shut and have at it later?
Well, speaking as someone who has perhaps seen too many episodes of Columbo (sorry, Spector) I would think that the optimal strategy would be to:

1) Go public with some but not all (or even most) of the holes that you know about.

2) Spread around some false information about "holes" and see if they get magically filled. (For example, what if the DNA test on that towel showed no semen at all?) There is lots of confusion and false information floating around in the fog of confusion surrounding these cases, and it's not that hard to claim later that the reporter misunderstood, etc.

We have no idea what stuff the defense isn't sharing, so we have no idea whether they really shot their wad prematurely...

cathy :-)


Specter, C'mon. I think it LE corruption and dishonesty has always been and will always be with us. Indeed, my hunch is that pre-Miranda, it was more, rather than less common than it is today.

I'm waiting for the day when we follow the British rule and require all discussions between LE (including the FBI) and suspects be videotaped..this crap of reconstructed "notes" is too much for my taste.


I was shcoked to see an ABC News story the other night on AIDS and needle exchange.

They stated that Clinton was about to authorized a Federal needle exchange program when the Lewinsky story broke.

Clinton then decided to kill the idea due to all the Lewinsky scandal. ABC News pointed out that in their view, due to the Lewinsky scandal, thousands died needlessly of Aids.

So, basically, they admitted, CLINTON LIED, THOUSANDS DIED!


A frat house of male college athletes and there is semen present??



And, of course, if that towel was used as the accuser claims--to wipe her off--how cleverly the accused was to manage to do that without getting any of her dna on the towel, too.(Really, the Duke tuition seems worth paying.)


***Clever, not cleverly***


"Who knows?"

C'mon, the defense with Gotlieb on the stand will make what happened to Mark Fuhrman at the OJ trial look like kindergarten.

About the towel...did they find HER DNA on it? No mention=no.

Real question - why is NYTIMES pimping for this prosecutor?



I suspect that the "poor black victim against the evil rich white guys" angle may have some appeal to its readership, don't you?

Trickish Knave

For crying out loud where was there NOT sperm in that house. It is starting to look more like a Mickey Rourke bachelor pad every day.

I never trusted the testimony of the woman claiming to be raped in the bathroom. I can't base this feeling on anything but intuition after listening to the case.

If the Duke guys did it they will eventually cave. If she is lying then she will eventually cave- it is bound to happen. Who has the most stamina...


I don't know what it is, but heavy innuendo and spin is used. See--

""In several important areas, the full files, reviewed by The New York Times, contain evidence stronger than that highlighted by the defense:""

Building expectations of NYTimes revealed-truth with innuendo NYTimes is curing our erroneous thinking clouded by the defense...

""Defense lawyers have argued that the written medical reports do not support the charge of rape.""

They don't. Especially when she admitted using a vibrator hours earlier.

""But in addition to the nurse’s oral description of injuries consistent with the allegation,""

Oral? Oral? Where's her writing? Make-up time prosecution-tricks, and hearsay upon hearsay!

""Sergeant Gottlieb writes that the accuser appeared to be in extreme pain when he interviewed her two and a half days after the incident, and that signs of bruises emerged then as well.""

Ha, ha. The hooker? And Michael Jackson couldn't raise his arms after a jail stint in Santa Barbara. Double plus good personal injury fakery helps prosecution against future malicious prosecution cases.

""The defense has argued that the accuser gave many divergent versions of events that night, and she did in fact give differing accounts of who did what at the party. But the files show that aside from two brief early conversations with the police, she gave largely consistent accounts of being raped by three men in a bathroom.""

They seriously wrote this? ONly the most deluded New York Times-believing zombie would discout her first statements to be disregarded because they are "brief." She was building a PI case. Her friend's lucid statement to the law buries her.

The NYTimes really stuck its neck out on this opinion piece posing as reporting.


Yeah, Javani, I liked that passage too.


Except for the exculpatory statements constituting "fresh Complaint", all later statements (made after she had time to cook them up) were consistent with the guilt of the accused.

Yeah, that's the ticket.


Every SANE Nurse (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner), that I have dealt with in the past has taken copious notes during the exam. It's part of their freaking job. I can't remember anytime in the past 12 years where I have testified to what the nurse told me after an exam, that she did not put in her written notes. This whole case is a joke.

Charlie (Colorado)

TV shows officers and DAs abusing accused people's rights. Many people accept that as "OK". The problem is that we are starting to see more and more of those types of incidents in real life. Personally I think it comes from a generation raised on too much crime drama on TV.

I'm a little late to the party (I had an office full of cryptographers all week, I've been busy) but I'm not sure it's a fair assumption to say it's getting worse. If you look, eg, at crime fiction from the 30's, 40's, and 50's, a lot of the violations we talk about are there too, and while it's fiction, the difference between fiction and real life is that fiction has to be believable: Hammett and Chandler wouldn't be believable with their talk of casual beatings and "new hats" if it weren't common knowledge that things like that go on.

I suspect the difference is more that we see it more.


It is common knowledge if you ever read the news that all high profile cases are assigned to:

1. The new nurse in training.
2. The rascist cop.
3. The incompentent prosecutor.

or all of the above.


I guess it happened years ago. I started having sex at a very early age. I’m not sure why, I just wanted to. When I was still in high school, I was in competition with myself to see how many boys I could have sex with in a week. I became quite self educated in the subtle differences there are in each boys genitalia.

Guys who looked like they were packing huge equipment sometimes where packing “happy meal” toys, while guys you would least expect would be packing man-size equipment that would make any girl’s mouth water and pusy sweat.

One day I had sex with three boys in the bathroom of my boyfriend’s house, and I immediately got a reputation f being easy. That reputation was a double edged sword. On the positive side, I got more guys than ever, but on the negative side everyone knew. Even in this age of “equal rights” girls still suppose to not like having sex. Strangely, feminist are the ones perpetuating this myth. A feminist friend of mine told me if I claimed I was raped, I could redeem myself and reputation. I could blame my avid hunger for sex on “being abused at an early age”. She even suggested that I claim I was raped by my father. My reputation would be instantly vindicated as I enjoyed all the powers and benefits of being a “victim”.

Years later when I was being dishonorable discharged from the Navy for having sex with over half the men and few of the women in my squad, I claimed I was raped, but since many of my sexcapades were video taped, I didn’t want to risk being caught in a lie because I couldn’t remember which guys and gals video taped me and which ones didn’t, so I made a claim in 1996 that I was raped by three boys when I was in high school.

It was tough living the lie, and I wasn’t interested in being in the Navy anymore. A friend told me I could make tons of money by marrying a man, having his child, then leaving him forcing him to pay child support which can take up to 60% of his net pay. If I had children from three different guys, I could collect over one thousand dollars of tax free child support each month for 18 years, but that plan fell through because I married a loser who found out I gave birth to another man’s child while married to him. My ex-husband tried to gain custody of my child, but I didn’t want to pay child support to him, so in 1998 I claimed that he kidnapped me and tried to kill me.

I’ve been a stripper/prostitute/escort for awhile now, and I’ve been taking a few classes at UCNC in hopes to recruit a few girls of my own to pimp out. One night in 2002 I was having a particular good night, so I partied a little too hard, gave a public lap dance to a cab driver, when he wouldn’t have sex with me in exchange for cab fare, I stole his cab, and when the cops tried to stop me, I tried to kill them. I’m still on probation for that little incident.

Earlier this year in 2006, I was working my ass off – literally! I had sex with a “client”, then with my boyfriend, then with a battery vaginal sex toy, then with two guys in exchange for a ride to the lacrosse party. The boys were pissed because I arrived so wasted. I had my routine party drugs that evening and I was feeling grrrrrreate! I stumbled all over the place, and after five minutes I wanted to leave. After why not? I already was paid. My stripper friend, “K”, was arguing with the boys over us taking the money without providing a show. She called them racial slurs and they responded in kind, but to get them back, she called 911 and lied claiming that we were only driving by and racial slurs were being yelled at us. We laughed and laughed that the 911 –people could be so stupid.

I was so wasted that I forgot my money and phone at the boys’ house, but the $400.00 “K” didn’t want to slpit her take with me, so she called the cops to have me arrested. I drank the last of my booze and took the last of my party drugs so the cops wouldn’t atke it. By the time the cops arrived I was feeling “fffffffine!” And that’s when it hit me! I was being arrested for … oh I forgot, but to get out of it I claimed rape. That always works. I was surprised they believed me. My story was wild and a fantastic fantasy, but I had no evidence to back it up. I only had a little scratch on my knee from when I fell when I was totally wasted, and a little scrape on my ankle. The doctor and the nurse checked my pusy. I really enjoyed that. I’m thinking of having pap smears every week. I love laying there naked with my legs up and cold metal probes are inserted into my vagina. I must have had four orgasms just waiting there.

The local DA, he’s such a loser, wanted so badly to get elected that he cherry picked every piece of evidence to make a case. All he cared about was making national news. He said it was better than sex, and I would agree. In college, the DA should have spent less time with his head in books, and more time learning how to please a woman. You’d figure a white man with such a small penis would make up the difference with some kind of technique.

It’s amazing how feminist groups and racist groups are fast to jump on cases like this. I figure I can make bucks on the movie right alone. I thin it’s a laugh how news anchors like Nancy and Wendy twist and stretch any evidence or story to make sure people believe a rape actually occurred, but when someone points out that the evidence proves the rape didn’t really exist, both Nancy and Wendy claim that others are twisting and stretching the evidence. Talk about the kettle calling the pot black. Nancy and Wendy are my heroes. They have no integrity and that’s probably how they got where they are. Girls like Nancy, Wendy, and me should stick together. Using victimhood as a weapon and tool for personal gains will get us rich! I kinda feel sorry for those boys though, but you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

This is only my own personal story.

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