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August 28, 2006



He wasn't the leaker?


Be still my BEATING heart is how I recall the phrase.

Another Janet Reno moment where a D.A. does a mind boggling stupid thing "for the children".


I just hope this scumball is cut off at the knees immediately by the press. He does not deserve another nanosecond of publicity. They need to put him on a bus to nowhere with a penny in his pocket.

The "new and improved DA" is neither.

Lord have Mercy on Jon Benet Ramsey's soul.


A remake of the movie dumb and dumber comes to mind. "Wierd and wierder".

Charlie (Colorado)

I would just like to note for the record that I live in Broomfield County and so didn't vote for this ninny.

Lew Clark

Well that takes us back to Karl Rove and "sealed indictment". Expect Karl to be "reported" on Truthout as being frog marched to Boulder within the next business century.


"Another Janet Reno moment where a D.A. does a mind boggling stupid thing "for the children"."

Karr confessed to killing the girl and was wanted on a warrant on obscenity charges in California. They had to drag him back to the States.


What I want to know is what happens to Karr now. Does he just go back to being Karr?


I think that they should extradict him back to Thailand...

Rick Ballard

Maybe he will confess to Nifong and clear up that Duke mess.


I am going to give them a pass...they were fed info from the Professor and it was prolly pretty disturbing....it wasn't until Karr showed up at the creepy presser that they went "Oh crap"....at least they didn't pro-long or make it so like others we've heard of.


So what evidence did they have to travel all the way to Thailand for an arrest? That's what I want to know.


they were fed info from the Professor and it was prolly pretty disturbing....it wasn't until Karr showed up at the creepy presser that they went "Oh crap".

I think that's right.

My guess is that they wanted to look into his background in more detail, e.g., talk to the family, perhaps secretly gather DNA from him, before making any overt moves. But the information got leaked to the press - probably from Tracey - and they had to grab him.

Lots of legitimate criticism, as I understand it, over the Boulder DAs in this case. Not sure if this can be included.


This is about the 3d or 4th person the professor named as the perp. Lacy is a fool. She could have got his DNA before bringing him back. She caused all this expense without any corroboration.

Protect the kids? She could have had California notify the D of S that he was a runaway and to pull his visa. Then notify Thailand which would kick him out.

Cecil Turner

So what evidence did they have to travel all the way to Thailand for an arrest? That's what I want to know.

Me too. I'd assumed they had something besides his ridiculous claims and that handwriting silliness. Apparently not.


I think he made some serious threats about local kids in Thailand to Tracy. Now I suppose they could have notified the Thai police and they would have taken care of it, in a much harsher way than he would have ever seen here.

Of course if in fact he had been Jon Benet's killer, there would have been hell to pay for not bringing him back.


If. But they could have gotten whatever they needed to know about that before they bought him a champagne and coconut jumbo prawns flight to Colorado. This is another pathetic Colorado LE show.


Lack of perfection doesn't bother me as much as you. I'm at least happy we have all seen John Mark Karr flashed on our TV screens so if he ever comes to my community, I know enough to get the kids out of the way.

The biggest complaint is the business class fight - which apparently was done for security purposes. I can live with that.

Tom Maguire

Be still my BEATING heart is how I recall the phrase.

I am not going to duck this bitter controversy! My version is the Google champion with 227,000 hits, to a mere 115,000 for "Be still my beating heart".

However, "beating" may beat me on pedigree - although my version shows up in songs by both Mariah Carey and the Postal Service (The Postman always beats twice?) *and* as an ER episode title, the "Beating" version is in both some old Brit poem and a song by Sting.

Tough call.

Other Tom

Hang the scumbag anyway.


I think we can all agree that this creepy weasel has put the final nail in the coffin to Pee Wee Herman's hopes of resurrecting his career.

Seven Machos

Wait a minute. What? Pee Wee Herman? He got arrested for masturbating at a porno movie. That's not something you really want other people to know about. However, my guess is that if every American who ever masturbated watching porno had their careers ended, we'd see a drastic, drastic, drastic decline in GDP.


Wait a minute, are you suggesting that maybe those Duke LaCrosse player's were using that semen stained towel in their bathroom for something other than tidying up their rape victims? Hold the Presses, get me Nifong on line 1, and where the hell is Mary Mapes? Action people, I want action!


DA to world: http://www.insidedenver.com/drmn/editorials/article/0,2777,DRMN_23964_4951953,00.html>Never mind
Why didn't they pursue hard evidence first?

"Incredibly, that was it: Lacy had nothing meaningful, just Karr's useless word. And yet when she held her odd press conference announcing the arrest, in which she congratulated a lengthy list of law enforcement officials for their assistance, she only hinted at the frail nature of the case."

What an asshat... this DA must be a Democrat?

Florence Schmieg

Was thinking about the total waste of the stupid Plame investigation. How much did this distraction at the White House impact the Katrina response? Rove for sure was impacted, maybe others. Talk about unintended consequences of BDS!!


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