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August 22, 2006




More on the Plame affair:


Also, Jason Leopold and Thruthout are keeping hope alive:

Karl Rove is still indicted.(According to them)


Baseball: NYC Series is in October.


He's back! He's back!

Other Tom

Sox are absolute toast--check out their remaining schedule.

I just read the latest Jason Leopold piece cited by Patch above. They keep referring to "Sealed vs. Sealed" as having been filed "between May 10 and May 16." My recollection is that someone did a pretty persuasive analysis showing that in fact it had to have been filed on either the 16th or 17th--i.e., several days after Truthout reported that Rove had been indicted on May 13. But what do I know...


You seem to get a lot more comments when you're not here.


Re: The Red Sox - (Welcome back TM) I was at a meeting last night where some guy told an anectdote from when he was a kid in the '40's. He said the Red Sox were in the usual position of having to take one game out of 3 against the Yankees to make it into the WS. They were swept at yankee stadium. As the speaker sat on the couch with his great grandfather, tears streaming from his eyes, his great grandfather told him: "Just remember, there are 3 leagues in baseball. The American League, the National League, and the Yankees."

C'est la vie


Go Yankees! and yes the Yankees are in a league of their own!


bah...the Yankees are just a bunch of wanna be's who can't play Lacrosse or golf

:) welcome back TM


The Yankess need BoSox to win wildcard. They would be underdogs to White Sox or Detroit


I think the better story regarding the Red Sox is the near dismantling of the team from that which won the World Series two years ago.

The team consists of Manny, Ortiz, and Shilling (granted Varitek--and Nixon?--is on the DL), a good, new closer in Paplebon (6 blown saves), and an all new infield.

Chemistry? Leadership? I'm not convinced you can turn over a team like that in two years and maintain a championship feel. I could be proven wrong--we'll just wait to look at the final standings.

Theo Epstein is not the genius ESPN says he is.

The Yankees could care less if they were considered underdogs to Chicago or Detroit, as the Yanks are 4-2 against Chicago, and 3-1 against Detroit (w/a 3-game series next week).


Tom Maguire

If the BoSox sneak in as a wild card, the Yanks would (presumably) host Oakland, while Detroit wrestled Boston.

Personally, I think Yankee pixie dust has been used up against Oaklnd, but the A's do seem to have their have their own special well of first-round futility.

Tough road for Detroit, to have to knock off Boston and NY.

Well - if its Chi-town or Minnesota as the wild card, the Yanks have to beat them while Detroit plays Oakland. The first round always scares me, but neither Minnesota nor Chicago do, particularly.

Al Lemire

"It's not over until it's over"--Yogi Berra, who played for the enemy. Jason Varitek will rise from the dead, or wherever he has been lately. The rook pitchers will take to his guidance. Wily Mo Peña will learn which pitches to swing at and which to watch.

Gobs and gobs of money make the Red Sox a better team than the National League AAA teams it played this year, but way more money got Johnny Demon to commit treason. He did it for money. He's worse than Benedict Arnold, who did it for pride.

Wait 'til next year. Or perhaps the year 3004, which looks to be auspicious year. Never lose hope. Once a century, the Sox will win. The rest of the time belongs to the Enemy, though this writer might favor them in a game between them and the Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda All-Stars.

Tom Maguire

Gobs and gobs of money make the Red Sox a better team than the National League AAA teams it played this year

True, and - the inability of the Yankees to match the trouncing delivered by the Red Sox to the NL represented something like six games in the standings.

However - the 1978 Boston Massacre was a titantic tussle between what were clearly the two best teams in baseball.

This yeat, a positive thinker could put the Yanks ahead of the Mets and, with a real burst, ahead of the Tigers.

But the BoSox really can't be ranked ahead of the Twins, White Sox, and maybe even the A's.

So this year's match-up is really sort of two versus six at best.

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