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September 29, 2006



All I can think is poor EW. The market is going to be saturated when her book finally makes it into print.


You have to feel sorry for the publisher.

Murry probably got an advance on the book, something must have been spent on publicity and Amazon is discounting heavily to push a few units before Fitz takes Walton’s gift of an excuse to walk away.

Sara (Squiggler)

I guess we know now where Murray Waas has been.


http://www.breitbart.com/news/2006/09/29/D8KEN33G0.html>Well Great!


Sue, re Foley - it sounds like a duck. And stupid too.

I'm afraid I'm inclined to think he was way too interested in that kid's personal life.

Mark Eichenlaub

Should be interesting though judging on Waas's past pieces I'll expect nothing less than an anti-Cheney piece.



It's weird. The emails that have been released are innocent sounding. But he resigned, so there is something 'there'. They keep talking about sexually explicit emails. Has anyone seen the ones they are referring to? The only ones I've seen are the ones where he asks him how old he is, etc.


Will Waas probe the deeper mysteries of this case? For example was blogger Josh Marshall recruited by the DGSE at his meeting with Rocky Martino, or was he just a useful idiot?


Sue, I think they're referring to sexually explicit AOL IM exchanges, and not emails. ABC News is supposed to offer more tonight.


What Cheney told Libby - a whole book, not just a chapter. Wow!

How about what Val told Joe; what Joe told Pincus; what Joe told Corn; what the FBI told Fitz; what Cooper told Rove (version 1); what Cooper told Rove (version 2).


Sorry Kate. That would qualify as an encyclopedia!


Just for fun I was scanning some of Waas' stories on the case..I love this one (6/8/02)about what Ashcroft knew in late fall 2003:
On October 16, about two weeks after the investigation had begun, Ashcroft assured the public, "I believe that we have been making progress that's valuable in this matter." Asked about the possible appointment of a special prosecutor, Ashcroft said, "I have not foreclosed any options in this matter."
What the public did not know was that two days earlier, the FBI had interviewed Libby for the first time. It was in that interview that Libby first insisted that in mentioning to reporters -- specifically Matthew Cooper of Time magazine and Judith Miller of The New York Times -- that Plame worked for the CIA, he had been careful to point out that the information was unsubstantiated gossip he had heard from other journalists. Libby also told the FBI that a day or two before he spoke to Cooper and Miller, he was told about Plame by NBC Washington Bureau Chief Tim Russert.

My, my with all those hot sources to the DoJ--what did his hot sources leave out?

Thomas Morrissey

If someone writes a book about what Armitage told Woodward,Powell and Fitzgerald, I'd be interested.


So, do you have a rightie Plame guide in the works TM?

Other Tom

As a Christmas item it ain't exactly 22 indictments, but I guess these clowns will take what they can get at this point.


Isn't the publication of Waas's book and "Hubris" before the actual court case goes to trial a possible tainting of the jury pool? How will we know if potential jurors haven't read this prejudicial material?

Sara (Squiggler)

You know Jerry, I don't see what someone believes politically has to do with anything. Wilson lied about Cheney's role in his trip to Niger, an attempt was made to correct that lie. These are facts and facts aren't political. The motivation for Wilson to lie was political, but the fact that he did or the fact that the WH/OVP would want to or have every right to correct the lie is a fact.


"Rocky Martino"

Meant Rocco.


--Sue, I think they're referring to sexually explicit AOL IM exchanges, and not emails. ABC News is supposed to offer more tonight.

Posted by: Sue | September 29, 2006 at 01:41 PM--

Are you talking to yourself again Sue?


No royalties for Murray!

In the words of the great Abbie Hoffman: Steal this book!

If your conscience will bother you; wait for it to hit the remainder bins say around January 2nd.



And what a great answer I had for myself. ::grin::

Not sure who that was. I didn't recognize the email address.

Other Tom

If more than three percent of the prospective jury pool has read either of these books I will eat my hat. (The way you find out whether they've read them is that the court inquires on voir dire.)


re Foley - FMC read the IM's on air - it's explicit - he said he wanted to slip the kids clothes off him.

Disgusting. and the whole republican party may have to pay for deviant episode.

We're the ones who call it child abuse, what's he doing in our party? grrrrrrrrrr.


Sue has a sockpuppet?


Where's your book TM.

If you write one, I'll forgive, but not forget, the 70/30 remark. lol!


There's more to come with that Foley story.

Why did the the St. Petersburg Times sit on it for almost a year.

Why didn't House GOP leadership act on it when they found out about it early on?

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