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September 21, 2006



This will sound inane

Yep, ya nailed that one.;)

As opposed to what?

Bill Clinton(perjury),Hillary Clinton(fundraising fraud), Barbara Boxer(fundraising fraud),Abramof, ABSCAM(Murtha), William Jefferson, Moral and actual physical cowardice, Sedition and Treason(near if not actual).

The difference is, ya don't hear too much about all the Dims misfortunes(wonder why that is?)
It's a bueacracy Jerry, a huge one, you'll find all kinds.


Why do you guys want these people running our government for another day, another week, another month? Haven't we had enough?

Instead of wondering why "you guys want these people" you should instead wonder why "you guys can't get anyone else elected". Present us with a viable alternative and we will talk. Until then, more of the same is better than what the democrats have presented as the alternative to more of the same.


What's in a name?

A few readers have objected to my use of the term "terrorist rights wing of the Republican party" to describe Senators McCain, Graham, and Warner. Short-hand descriptions of movements or factions are often imperfect and sometimes misleading. Think, for example, of the mischief in the term "civil rights movement" as applied to its current incarnation.

But as short-hand descriptions go, "terrorist rights" gets it just about right. For that is precisely McCain and company have been pushing for -- the right of terrorists to more judicial process than they initially were granted; the right of terrorists to avoid aggressive interrogation techniques that the administration successfully has used to obtain important information from them; the right of terrorists to find out more about the evidence that will be used against them than the administration was willing to have disclosed in certain cases, and so forth. (Powerline)

Just nails it.

I have just listened to Lindsay Graham vigorously defend the war and Bush but he also gives us the reason for the Powerline post. "If your goal is to torture or get out of the Geneva Convention, I am not your guy." Guess that frames it up nicely. Then he brings up the disgraceful slur (that I blame Graham for allowing fuel) that started it all....he mentions Abu Ghraib, etc.


How much of this is moral preening and how much is dementia induced by the concept that one must fashion one's life so that no one nowhere at no time can criticize your moral perfection?


Time warp?


Gulf of Tonkin reprise? That is hilarious.

We have battle groups in the Gulf now.

We have battle groups in and out of the Gulf routinely.

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