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September 22, 2006



What was Comey's aim if indeed he was working with Schumer? If Kerry won he'd be Atty General? Of course, that would depend on keeping the Armitage disclosure secret and pointing fingers in the other direction.

Thomas Morrissey


What was Comey's aim if indeed he was working with Schumer?

A quick and painless Confirmation to a career-making position?


"Classified National Intelligence Estimate found that the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq has helped spawn a new generation of Islamic radicalism and that the overall terrorist threat has grown since the Sept. 11 attacks"

clarice... no matter who wrote this, it's like saying the Yankees will win another World Series. Without a doubt it has caused more to step-up and become involved... doesn't every war have that effect?

The question is, did we want to sit back and let more 9/11's happen while the same "spawning" of terrorist as a result of each successful bombing or beheading? Remember the Arab streets after 9/11!

What do they say about the increasing rate of terrorism prior to the war... probably nothing!


It's the NYTs, Clarice. And the opening sentence of the 2nd paragraph: The classified National Intelligence Estimate. Wonder when the investigation over the leaking of classified information will begin? I'm not holding my breath. It doesn't appear to be leaked out of the WH.


U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq Afghanistan has helped spawn a new generation of Islamic radicalism ...


Oh, this week the NYT's doesn't find it an outrage that details of the still classified NIE are made public. Who knew? PHEH

Sara (Squiggler)

The NYT who is fanning the flames of terrorism and Muslim Extremists with its constant harping on something the Pope quoted from some Byzantine several centuries ago.

The press treats terrorist attacks like entertainment events.

And how does one report truthfully on Iraq with only 9 embeds throughout the entire country.

There needs to be a ratcheting down. First the left has to get it through their head that their enemy isn't Bush, its Muslim Extremists and their collaborators and the right has to realize that Clinton isn't the enemy either. If we would spend even a tenth of the time working together to defeat terrorism as we spend on trying to find the next "gotcha" we'd be in much better shape today and we might have a chance to survive the future.

The Deaniac left is tearing this country apart. It is like we are trying to tailor policy to the whims and inexperience of our rebellious teenagers.


It may have caused more to step up but in the absence of state support and help (and I'll go to my grave believing OBL had it from Saddam) they've been rather ineffective, haven't they? And bit by bit we're interdicting them and killing them off.


That Schumer link @12:23 makes the eyes open wide when read almost 3 years later.


Isn't it? I love the reference to his talks with Wilson about the appointment and how DoJ did nothing until the CIA got angry and pushed them? But it's all good.


Libby to testify at trial. What was the crime, again? I forgot.

(Being snarky.)

Seems he's getting a worse deal than Martha Stewart. As a taxpayer, I'm pissed. Call off the dogs, fire Fitz, pay these folks' stupid legal bills, and get over it already. What a freakin' waste.


Schumer even pressed President Bush to appoint Comey because he was New York approved. Someone should investigate Fitz's appointment by Comey as a friend's hire and lawsuits should be filed by Judy Miller for her imprisonment.

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