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September 14, 2006


Other Tom

Latest Zogby (Sept. 5) has Ensign leading the young Carter, 52-40. As for Jimmy, he remains the absolute worst ex-president in American history. He has never gotten over his humiliation at the hands of Ronald Reagan, and has spent the past quarter-century ingratiating himself with the "international community" by derogating presidents of both parties, and repeatedly staking out anti-American positions, frequently in the foreign press. He truly believes himself the moral superior of most Americans. He is an insufferable fool.

Other Tom

Off Topic: Rasmussen now has Bush approval at 47%; NBC/WSJ has it at 42%. The conventional wisdom has been that if it's at 40% or higher in November, the House stays with the GOP.


Oil down 20% in the past month.

14% reduction in deficit, relative to last year.

57% of america believe the dems would weaken the fight on terrorism.

The only chance the dems have in November is by depressing the gop base about their parties fiscal conservatism and immigration. Since they have no crediblity on either subject, the dems are quickly becoming a leaf in the wind.

Gabriel Sutherland

Speaking of President Carter, I recommend reading the books written by Gary Sick, Carter's Ambassador to Iran during the hostage crisis. It's interesting perspective on the views held by Carter and the USA towoards the Khomeinists and why today we still don't know how to deal with them.

One of Sick's books is a look at the "October Surprise" that led to Carter's defeat. Sick dabbles in conspiracy theory to explain why the American people wouldn't re-elect him.


at the "October Surprise" that

OT: Remember that Christopher Hitchens embraced that theory too.

Hitchens is correct now on many things; but he was wrong then on many more.

Certainly, we should invite him into our homes to have dinner with us. But in my home he's eating with the children in the kitchen and not with the adults in the main dining room.



An anti-semitic failed politician with an axe to grind against the current administration comes out against a Jewish politician who is in favor of winning the war. How is this even newsworthy. Dog bites man isn't news. If Carter did something supportive of our country NOW that would be news.

Florence Schmieg

Why are Americans so foolish as to base their votes on the price of gasoline, of all things!!


Lamont had a big article in the Hartford Courant today. He is back to his single issue - Bush and the war. Every single democrat ad (except Lieberman's) in the last week says that the incumbent voted with Bush on some issue or another and therefore should be voted out of office....It is like they are all working from Kerry's '04 script.

I blogged about Lamont's education plan here.

richard mcenroe

The Dems are doing the same thing in California, running ads saying, 'vote Arnold out because he gave a speech for Bush at the RNC.'

It hasn't even been six months since the same tactic completely failed for Steve Westly.

They. Really. Have. Nothing.


richard mcenroe;
The culture of corruption has fizzled, Plame is toast, gas prices are down, economy is up, and to no surprize dems will be the big losers in November.

mark c.

i see where Barbara Bush is offering her influence as first lady to the Clintons' charity efforts. the entire Bush family continues to take the high road while Clinton and Carter smear them internationally. i used to get furious at the Bushes for not responding. now i realize that their non-response is an extremely effective response in itself.


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