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September 01, 2006



My thoughts exactly, kate.


CLARICE!!!! BRAVO BRAVO! You have knocked it clear out of the ballfield.

This is a MUST READ!


Thank you, ma'am



Great article. One thing that I'm not clear on, though is this passage...

Since Woodward has come forward, he has said he might well have approached Libby about that time about Wilson and Plame, right after his conversation with Armitage on June 12, 2003. His notes indicate he intended to ask Libby about Wilson and Plame and may well have. He does not believe Libby responded to this because he has no notation that he did.

I thought Libby's conversation with Russert happened in July.


Yes Clarice a wonderful roundup.


If you haven't, go read this now... that's an order! http://www.americanthinker.com/articles.php?article_id=5819>American Thinker


Thank you, Bob.


Sorry clarice, I've changed my mind. I've just found this website that tells the real story... and they put it to music - ROCK music man!

If http://www.takebackthemedia.com/>this doesn't convince you, nothing will.

Sung to the tune of Secret Agent Man


There's a gal who led a life of danger
Everyone she met she stayed a stranger
With every move she makes, another story breaks
Odds are her old pals won't see tomorrow
Secret agent Plame, secret agent Plame,
Rove took away your number and gave away your name
Beware of yellow cake that you can't find, gal
The news'll drag your name right through a minefield
Not caring what they'd say
The White House gave you away
Odds are Bush's pals will get a medal,
Secret agent Plame, secret agent Plame
Rove took away your number and gave away your name

lead guitar

Secret agent Plame, secret agent Plame
Rove took away your number and gave away your name
Spying on the Saudi Arabs one day
Being in the paper's Headlines on next day
Oh Karl - let the wrong word slip
And Novak had loose lips
Traitors in the White House can't be fired,
Secret agent Plame, secret agent Plame
Rove took away your number and gave away your name
Secret agent Plame

Another one for the "You can't make this shit up" folder. Be sure to listen to the fine MP3 sample. But don't blame me if you wet your pants.


I have the sound turned off. Is this one of those performance artist things where the taxpayer underwrites a show consisting of a naked woman caressing the body of a dead pig?


Way to go Clarice!!! Real Clear Politics needs to feature this.


No it's worse than that clarice... they use a heavy "echo" to cover up the performance... the same reason Paris Hilton can't tour!

I guess if your stoned it sounds fine!

And if the Government paid for this, we can now consider the $600 toilet a bargain, since it makes better music.



Your AT article is featured at Lucianne.


Can't help wondering many times a day how many "journalists" were aware all along of Armitage as leaker and just hoped it wouldn't be known. Also can't help speculating as to whom those "journalists" might be.


I have a bit of disagreement with Larwyn over her disgust at Maher and the convert to Islam thing she quoted.

My feeling is that, just because we don't agree with his politics, nor his view of Christians, doesn't mean we can't appreciate and admire his MOCKING of the jihadist demand we convert to Islam!

I think it's too easy to get defensive about your own religios beliefs instead.

What maher did was the equivalent of one of those cartoons.

And with Zawahiri coming out today inviting us all to convert or face the consequences, the more we laugh at it the better.


Thanks for a good one clarice.


Larwyn, if you're going to be disgusted with Maher, be disgusted with his misrepresentations and his care-less remarks. Humor is best when it pokes holes in bogosity.

Since when has Bill Maher shown a mirror on the left -- or on himself, for that matter?


Maher is the left's Ann Coulter. They use shock value to get their points across. Anything Maher says should be taken with the same grain of salt that is used to digest Coulter.

Ignored if you can't understand their underlying premise.


So what is the difference between Bill Maher's blind spots and those of the New York Times? Not much that I can see. Either they can't see what is important and why, or they don't care. What other answer is there?

My own interpretation is that both cases illustrate that schooling does not often result in education.


Sly,Sue & SBW,
What's with the S's?
Hope you will actually take a look at the segment.
I am a firm beleiver in the power of RIDICULE. I have written that many times. I want all to use the knightly "Sir" for Armitage for that very reason. It just nails his cowardice. (Raising
grandsons gives one lots of hours spent with knights)
Maher's performance including using the actual words that are part of coverting, that Centanni and Wiig were forced at gunpoint to repeat, in a "comedy routine" is
not funny. I don't think even the
"moderate" Muslims will find it funny and I do hope that CAIR's
Hooper was watching in addition to
that Ahmed Mohammed whatever, who will escort Bill to Friday prayers for the rest of his life, or else!
I laugh at the very un PC jokes all the time.
Carter appointee Mary Katherine Berry laughing her butt off was just icing.
Hope you'll actually view it and
realize he opened with comments on Centanni and Wiig.
This is probably the 2nd time I have watched the full hour of Maher, last week was the first and that was due to the Hitchen's taking on both Maher and Cleland.
I don't find all the potty humor appealing - it's 10/12 year old "fart" jokes.
I am certainly not a fuddy duddy
- see it and then I'll take your comments as informed as to actual event and not second hand impressions.
Evidence! Isn't that what the JOMers work thru?


Larwyn, If I failed to make myself clear, I apologize. I'm with you, not ag'in you. I can only look at Maher for the single instant it takes to click the remote. He's not worth my time. I could only read the transcript of Hitchens, not watch it.

He's a siren song that drives the gullible onto rocky shoals. If his shows were only entertainment, it might be okay. But, no, it's an alienating force to the gullible -- of which there are too many.

Nobody seems to care. What a dangerous world we are in! One where too few have the wit to flail it away, and those that do, don't seem to use their gift for the benefit of society.


JM Hanes, Thanks for the nice welcome. It's good to be back - at least in the sense that it makes me feel like more responsible human being to know what's going on in the world, rather than being in the mode, "I get the news I need on the weather report" (to quote Paul Simon).

JM Hanes

You seem to be surviving your re-immersion -- unless you're posting as you go, of course! This story is sort of like a continuing soap: it doesn't require much review; the plot will cycle back on itself soon enough. :)



No, I don't watch his show--at all! I didn't see the segment. I don't like his superior I'm-the-only-one-who-knows-how-the-world-works attitude when he pops up in other venues.

But his mockery of forced conversions is fine with me even though it is embedded in all the other garbage he spouts. By saying the words, he is showing that they hold no magic.

It was a cartoon moment.

Foo Bar


I'm going to assume you didn't read my first comment. Let me try again.

The "call in the auditors" section of this post is DEAD WRONG. You are leaving your readers with the incorrect impression that you fact-checked empytwheel and firedoglake on the $723K figure and found some sort of discrepancy that needs explaining. What actually happened was that you apparently failed to realize that since Fitzgerald was appointed on Dec. 30, 2003, the first fifteen months of his investigation encompasses a period ending at the end of March of '05. The $178K total he spent in the six months ending September '05 was therefore spent during months 16 through 21. If you leave that out and add in the $26,592 he spent in the first 3 months of '04, you arrive at $724,041. So can we agree that the $723K figure has been "squared" with the GAO reports? Or was your point that there is a $1K discrepancy?

Granted, this was a fairly minor, throwaway observation you made, but you chose to make it, and it is FLAT WRONG.

You really should not continue to sully your otherwise fine blog by continuing to leave that section up there without an accompanying correction.


Boy, it doesn't take much for you guys to declare victory, does it? The Post editorial page is far from sympathetic to the left. So they publish an editorial criticizing Wilson, and you declare that the case is closed? What possible effect could this have on Wilson or Plame? The Post editorial board has never been their friend. You all might want to take a break from your crowing for a minute to note that nothing has changed in the case since Armitage's role was revealed. Again, you start yelling "case closed," but in acutal fact nothing has changed. Has Fitzgerald dismissed the Libby indictment? Have the Wilsons dropped their suit? Has Armitage been shown to be a lone gunman, with no one else in the administration involved in outing Plame? I don't think so. So keep partying, but when you wake up tomorrow you'll find that nothing has really changed. Boy, one thing you guys on the right are good at is declaring victory in the face of all available evidence. I understand things are going great in Iraq, too.

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