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October 02, 2006


clarice feldman

How was your vacation? Can I you send me a "pic"? Possible violations of law? Only if Nifong or Fitz or Earle are named the special prosecutors.


Well the morning-drive talk shows here are having a field day - laughing at the dems for their inconsistency, for using a gay republican in their poop slinging campaign.

They're all saying they're glad Foley resigned, but nobody thinks he broke any laws, and that if Foley were a Dem the story would be sooooooo different.

These guys are not republicans, either. They're constantly criticising Bush and the war.

Big discussions on age of consent, and how funny it will be if the investigation goes forward and "reaches out to touch" someone the dems did not intend it to touch. They're also building a "roster" of perverts and sleazeballs in congress, and all their escapades.

They say it's way to early for an "October surprise" - that this will die down by next week, and have no real effect on congressional elections.



I left the discussion shortly after you did last night.

The site info I have matches what is up on the site today, so there seems to be nothing I need to forward to you.

Did I get to the site to late? Was there something I missed?

clarice feldman

Someone confused a site with a very similar name to the one we are concerned with.
But thank you for your hard work. Someone else sent me last night complete screen grabs of SSP so if they do try to erase it, I have it.


Perhaps late last night the same mistake was made that happend to Rick Moran today when he somehow crossed the stopsexpredator blog with the stopsexualpredator blog

clarice feldman

Yes. Same source, I think.


Ok sounds good, will hold on to what I have as a double super secret probation backup LOL


It occurred to me last night the the damaging IM's occurred in the timeframe of prior to the 04 elections.

If there were such moral outrage, why would some not have brought it up then to swing support to Kerry by undermining GW instead of throwing a hail marry for a midterm election.

Sara (Squiggler)

The best thing the GOP could do for Foley's Congressional seat is have Jeb Bush, who is eligible to run since he will be out of the Governor's office, take over and hold the seat. Then in 2 years, they can run a more permanent candidate while Jeb goes for the Senate or retires or sits back and waits for his turn at the presidency. But, Jeb is a shoe-in. The District went 68% Republican, so it will be pretty hard to lose to a Dem, no matter who steps in, IF Repubs don't stay home out of disgust.

JM Hanes

If the Republicans can't replace Foley's name on the ballot, there's a certain irony in thinking about the possibility of Foley actually getting reelected. I wonder if anyone has tallied up the number of convicted miscreants voted into office or back into office by Dems vs Reps.


From everything I have heard it is unlikely that Foley broke a law. I guess we will find out.



Your suggestion is a possibility, just sitting here envisioning the reaction of Pelosi et al

Can you say full fetal position!


Personnaly I'd rather see Jeb take over as the head of FEMA, he has the credentials for it.



The can't change the ballot name, but the Reps can select another person who will be running for the seat without having their name on the ballot

Sara (Squiggler)

Looks like they've settled on Negron(sp?).

JM Hanes


Jeb would be great for FEMA (although I'm not sure FEMA would be great for Jeb:).


Does anyone know the ages of the ex- pages that Foley dirty IM'd a few years ago? We all know by now it was not the same 16 year old page from the recent emails. So how old was this former guy - and also what state was he in? That would make all the difference in terms of legality.


You know I need a timeline. I was trying to piece together all the info about who sent what, where and when from all the posts in all the segments, and I'm getting a headache!

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