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October 05, 2006



Tequila? Ask David Corn. I'm sure he can dig up a list of Outraged Hispanics.

"I have in my hand...."


But do they drink Johnny Walker in Peoria ?

clarice feldman

And Webb just lost any advantage handed him by the press when Webb's staffer was caught out referred to George Allen as "Macacawitz". The press can pitch the Dems endless softballs over the plate and they still end up hitting foul balls.


It take an ingenious exercise of the conceivable to believe that Scalia was equating being Mexican with drinking tequila.

But frankly, I can't figure 1) what was the point of the case, and 2) how it ever got to the SCOTUS.


I'm Canadian ... should I be offended if he'd said, "abstaining from back bacon and beer?"

Tequila can only be made in five Mexican states and the government here goes to great lengths to protect the name ... so, of course, tequila will associated with Mexico - and that's what Mexican officials want. The should be sending a good bottle of año tequila to the justice for all the publicity he just gave the drink.


I got it.

It's the case of when is a felony really a misdemeanor ?


At least he didn't say anything about gay Muslim Republicans masturbating during Ramadan. Although it's not like it wouldn't be playing to type.


No Neo. You were absolutely right the first time!


To use Kos' impeccable quote-slaughtering abilities against him:

When asked about the deaths of Americans abroad, Kos said, "Screw 'em."

Wuhu! I have Kosskillz!

Patrick R. Sullivan

Great name for a lawyer; 'Attorney Timothy Crooks'.

And, since his client is in Jeopardy!, this post could be a musical answer


Apparently Dahlia's a hot house flower.


The juvenile nature of this controversy confirms that it has to be another in the earthshaking issues that Democrats intend to win upon.


It confirms that the party of no ideas, still has no ideas.


Jeebus. What a tempest in a shot glass.

Like we're going to bring an illegal alien BACK after we've sent him back to Mexico where he belongs? How effin' stupid is that lawyer?


Cut it out with the references to Russians and vodka - at least until we're sober and can grasp the nuance or your argument.

The Unbeliever

So does this mean the Republicans are now the "party of tequila"? (I guess that'd make the Democrats the "party of wine coolers".)

Old Dad

CNN calls the subject a "Texas man" who was deported as an illegal alien. You can't make this up.

Ms. Lithwick argues that Scalia may have "crossed a line" with the tequila business, a line she defines as "pathological caution." So Scalia may have moved from pathologically cautious to perhaps outrageously temperate.

Slow news day at the court.


How many people read the volokh thread from awhile back where people posted their favorite ascerbic SCOTUS comments? Let's just say that while Scalia is clearly the top guy when it comes to sarcastic put downs, all of the current and recent justices, and apparently most of their predecessors, are/were exceptionally well-armed in a battle of wits.

La Befana

What's the big deal about this "Claus" jadrool?


*World Exclusive**
**Must Credit the DRUDGE REPORT**

According to two people close to former congressional page Jordan Edmund, the now famous lurid AOL Instant Message exchanges that led to the resignation of Mark Foley were part of an online prank that by mistake got into the hands of enemy political operatives, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal... Developing...





oops...wrong thread.


"I couldn't love these gift-who-keep-on-giving Dems more - its Christmas every day with folks like this around..."

Add the Foley thing to this too because the Left doesn't care about Foley, prey pages, alcoholics, or whatever else.

It was/is all about the elections via Hastert.

Complaining about an issue about which you have no concern. Slick.


I posted this at AJ's too:

Picture this - IF this "prank" is not true - the only way the left can rebut it - is to expose themselves to prior knowledge.

Hyuck Hyuck. A Lose.Lose situation no matter what!

I can barely stand it.

Carol Herman

Well, at least we know ORALS are meaningless.

And, not just when Bubba said it. But, here, again, a "show stopper" up at the supremes.

When ORALS are meaningless, you've go no way to know how this comes out in June, when the vote tallies come in.

JM Hanes


I'd just like to go on record condemning your insensitivity and the symptomatic fear of "otherness" on display when you go lumping together who knows who else whose names remain unspoken. I condemn myself for condemning my host, and SPQR, I condemn you just because I like writing SPQR, although I suppose I could condemn you for using a juvenile.


As long as it's not that horrible Cuervo Gold crap they sell to the stupid Gringos, that I would condemn.

Cecil Turner

As long as it's not that horrible Cuervo Gold crap they sell to the stupid Gringos, that I would condemn.

What I condemn is the nasty tendency of that stuff to generate wild stories the day after (especially ones where someone tells you you did something crazy, you go "no way, Jose," and three of your buddies chime in with "oh yeah, ya did"). Never happened. And with false testimony like that running around, it's no wonder poor Toledo-Flores couldn't get a fair shake out of the justice system.


What are the chances this latest "outrage" from the lefties will drive their last "outrage" off the front page?


I don't know why everybody's so all fired upset at Scalia. Personally I think his remarks were a complement to that whole nation of taco-benders. Last week as I recall there was some CEO goober at Miller Beer trying to get the illegals to start drinkin their horsepiss. I find that much more insulting than anything that came out of the good Jurist's mouth. Are we supposed to imagine that Mexican's don't drink it, or aren't rightly proud of that outstanding Pre-Columbian invention? Shoot, when I want an undocumented worker I can count I sure as crap don't want one that drinks Miller. Give me one with a lime in his mouth and a slab of salt on that little flap of skin between his thumb and forefinger and a good guzzle of Cuervo gold. And a worm in his teeth don't do him no diservice either.
Here I sit today swilling sake in some joint in Tokyo, (cause their Guiness sucks) as well as their retinue of crappy Jap beers; Yebisu, Sapporo, Kirin, Asahi Super Dry etc. "Foot Sky O EE", "like drunk 2 days" means having a hangover in Japanese, but the only decent one of those I can get over here is by drinking imported Scotch or Tequilla. The local Suntory whiskey is miserable and only good for Bill Murray movies and leaving briefcase toting businessmen harmlessly barfing in the gutter and hollering about Ichiro. Excepting maybe the Irish and the Scots, and a couple Polynesian Kava boys, what country wouldn't be proud as an armadillo's ass to have invented such a noble butt-kickin' beverage as Tequila. And I ask you to think on this; Where the heck would that "Girls Gone Wild" spring break recruitment program be without Tequila? No my friends Scalia shouldn't be castigated. He oughta' be rewarded with a box seat at the Caliente dog-races in Tijuana, a couple fish taco's, and of course a jug of Tequila, provided of course he can get across that in-humane border fench.


"...that horrible Cuervo Gold crap..." DirtCrashr | October 05, 2006 at 01:31 PM

But great stuff if you want to be ten feet tall and bulletproof.

Signed: Stupid Gringo

Lew Clark

If Scalia is so darn quick of wit, and since the defendant was reported to be a "Texas man", be it of the illegal resident variety, shouldn't he have said something like, "drinking Lone Star beer and driving his pickup to fast", because that really causes us legal Texans to go totally PC bonkers, so I figure Mr. Toledo-Flores would react negatively to the statement, to show he was trying really hard to fit in.

And what kind of name is Toledo-Flores? Obviously a left wing moonbat, because he has a hyphenated name!

John in Tokyo

At least he didn't say "Mezcal". Lithwick is una pendeja gusano.

Real American/nonneocon

Clarice Feldman:

Mam,you are misinformed or a liar,if not both.

That WAS NOT a Webb staff person that called Allen "Macacawitz".
And so what if it was? Allen is a self-loathing Macacawitz.


LOL! Given Jesus was a Jew, your Christmas comment is not anti-semitic. Besides, it takes an anti-person to get bent out of shape over another person's birthday celebration. Let the PC go figure.


I'm confused. Am I condemned or not? Did the self-condemnation un-condemn me?



Frankly looking at the ecomomic reports and the vast number of Mexicans here in America I'd have to suggest that Mexicans actually do not drink tequila in Mexico.

They drink tequila in San Jose, CA.


Does anybody remember that other great racist, President Jimmy Carter, going down to Mexico and making a speech about Montezuma's Revenge? Perhaps this is just Scalia's method of trying to win the Nobel Prize.

Steven Burda, MBA

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