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October 14, 2006



-- When they move their rule set down the ladder, it may be necessary to track them. --

Or from an elections standpoint, try to get more net votes than the opposition, on the "promise" to not degrade the rules.

With regard to "following fair rules," I see a race to the bottom, where the winner will be the side that gets there second. But I think both sides are headed in the same direction - complexity of "fairness rules" (see campaign finanace laws), away from individual responsibility, and toward collective responsibility. Certainly there is a difference of degree of proposed collectivism, so it's wrong to assert "there isn't any diffefence between the parties."

The real split is between the elites and the voters, wehre all of the candidates are elites. As long as enough voters think they are voting for a difference, they will be energized enough to participate, and the illusion of self-government will persist.


Don't forget the NSA spying, Plamegate, Abu Graib torture, CIA scapegoating, Abramhoff et al, dishonest communication strategy, tax cuts for the rich, medicaid cuts for the most vulnerable, piggy piggy pork pork, Haliburton, bad shotgun manners, dissing Helen Thomas, overextended National Guard troops, medicare benefits bloating, social security put at risk, lost budget surplus, percieved weakness in every arena, indifferent and dishonest leadership, fake lobbying reforms, bridges to nowhere (AK), petting zoo terrorist protection, grey mail bullsh*t, Intelligence Committee stonewalling, "fair and balanced" bullsh*t on FAUX news, honest generals, honest insider books, Indian double crosses, evangelist double crosses, maccaca conservatives... I could go on and on but I do have other things to do.


dissing Helen Thomas

Oh my god, heavens forfend!


-- Haliburton --

Oh the humanity!

In my previous, I left off that I think Democrats are per se "undesireables." Liars and cheaters of the first order, should be shunned and ridiculed, etc.

It's just not possible to pick on them unsing reason, because they are unreasonable - and dangerous.


The premature blog eruption over the Fence bill not being signed, with Michelle and Glenn going off half-cocked really ended it for me. I consider them no better than the nervous nellie belt-way types of the Corner. These are the same people who predicted Bush would lose to Kerry, so I take their opinions with a grain, no a rock, of salt.

Guess what? I don't care about immigration and I live in Texas. I care about Terrorism and Tax cuts. Bush is kicking ass on both. I liked the prescription drug plan, since it is being run by private companies, and opened the door to HSAs. I don't have to subsidize everyone else's health problems, since I own my ind. low premium plan, and put money tax free into my HSA. Since I am in my thirties, the money in my HSA will have grown sufficiently to cover me when my health does become an issue in my seventies. Bush has done more for the privitazation of health care than any President before him.

The Base of the Republican party does earn their moniker of the stupid pary sometimes. I'm in complete agreement with Terry and Sara. Thank God enough people don't read blogs, and will crawl through the broken glass to pull the ticket straight Republican.



SunnyDay with regards to Weldon.... of course the MSM will spend the time on this, but won't go near Harry Reid. My guess is that Reid and the MSM are taking a shot over the bow of the GOP. It's sickening!

Yes, I did see the Inquirer had a piece on Reid, Weldon has not been notified about any investigation, but it is news anyway. huh? Jefferson is not endorsed by LA dems...

whining, moaning and bickering cause paralysis.


Jane, I suspect that the gambling thing has been pushed by the US casino industry and their lobbyists... they don't want any competition - especially foreign.


That's what I thought. Then I heard a gambler make a very compelling argument that internet gambling teaches poker and that makes more people want to go to Vegas. So Vegas likes internet poker. And frankly, I learned how to play poker on the internet, and the last time I went to Foxwoods, I really wanted to give it a try, something I would have never dared to do otherwise. So I found his argument compelling.

I also find the idea of the associated tax revenues very compelling. I don't buy the "it's for the children" argument the least bit credible - that's what parents are for. SO I think it was a dumb dumb move.

It certainly wouldn 't change my vote, but when the President signed the bill, I heard from 3 successful business guys who are fairly ambivilant about politics, who blamed the big bad republican party.

But my beef has been and is the media. I'm outraged that the Reid story has not been followed up on, and about a million other things. I don't have a clue what to do about it, either.


Jerry, that is a great list. It shows perfectly how completely absent the Democrats are of any policy in a world where we are at war.

All they can rail about our false, hpyed, exaggerated, fraudulent and downright outright lies of the left and the media.






dishonest communication strategy (MAINSTREAM MEDIA AND THE DNC)

tax cuts for the rich (YEAH, EVERYONE WITH KIDS KNOWS THATS BS),

medicaid cuts for the most vulnerable (CAN'T KENNEDY, ROCKEFELLER, KOHL, ETC. BAIL THEM OUT)




Patton - don't forget the Oreo's

Florence Schmieg

1. Curt Weldon may be a little kooky but is not corrupt. My children attended school with his. He is very moral.

2. The right leaning commentariat are a pathetic bunch and have been so all through the Bush presidency. On one hand you have the hysterics (most at NRO, Barnes) and on the other hand you have the absolutists (Malkin, Crystal). As for the blogs that buy into every change in the polls and follow like sheep (that's what they want you to do guys!!), you are fools. You will just depress turnout which is all that determines midterm elections. Knock it off and grow up!!

And George W. Bush has more important things to worry about then spouting continuously about your pet peeves. Geesh!!

Old Dad

It's a truism in boxing that you have to clearly outpoint the champ.

No doubt, the Republicans have stumbled badly on the national stage, but to a certain extent, all politics really are local.

The districts have been gerrymandered. Incumbents have a clear advantage. Republicans are well funded and well organized.

GOTV will prove decisive. Republicans hold both chambers.


Dissing Helen Thomas, the evil Republicans have gone too far. Dissing the dashing Joe Wilson and his noble wife wife was one thing, but the brillant, probing, non-baised, lovely Helen Thomas.

Gentlemen of the Republican Party, have you no shame?


"I don't have a clue what to do about it, either."

The critical mass rules. Nothing can be done about it at this point.

Let's say Dems take back Congress in full;
What will they do to insure a trifecta in '08?

Being tough on terrorism as the foreground, with impeachment in the background.

FULLY opening the avenues of information and overturning every faux-security stone so that truth is laid bare and the public sees
matters of State in the light of day.

EVERYONE, despite political stripe will be punished for profiting from their votes with equanimity, whether it be from earmarks, or Defense, or Reconstruction.

Their assets will be disgorged and they will spend 2-10 years in Section 8 housing while riding public transportation to their minimum wage jobs.

Their assets will be placed in trust for a purpose to be decided at a future time. (College Scholarships for Iraq war veterans?)

It's time for back-room deals and compromised political promises to the electorate to come to an end. Are we better than the corrupt government of the democratic Iraq? Time will tell.


I meant college sholarships for the CHILDREN of Iraq war vets.


Being tough on terrorism as the foreground, with impeachment in the background.

In your dreams.

It's institutionally impossible for Dems to be tough on terrorism. I mean, Islamic terrorists are just like the IRA except there are more of them.

If that were not the true stance, there would be no talk, in the background or forefront, about impeachment at all.

JM Hanes


"Let's say Dems take back Congress in full;
What will they do to insure a trifecta in '08?"

LOL! Good luck with that list. The silver lining in Democrats taking the House next month will be the Republican trifecta in '08.


This Helen Thomas?


Well, I live in Liberty County, Texas and I have taken a poll and the results are that no one down here gives a fat rat's ass about Foley, Congressional Pages, or the realms of BS spewed out by the MSM on any subject you care to name.

I keep seeing Dashill, Dashell, whatever his name was, sitting in front of the camera like a whipped dog trying to explain why the Dems were crushed in that election. Another fond memory is Carvell with the trash can on his head.

And who is Helen Thomas? Oh yeah - she really has a tremendous influence on how people vote in every election.

What I am wondering is how the left will spin their defeat this time - no doubt it will be the same old, lame old, "we wuzzzzz


From the Washington Post;

Gerry Studds; Gay Pioneer in Congress

Why is Studds a "pioneer" and Foley a "predator"? I thought the whole point of the new media was to point out this kind of dishonesty and hypocrisy on the part of the old media. How about it, Tom Maguire?


LOL! Good luck with that list.

I love confidence in the face of facts.

Let me recommend St Jude. You know, the patron saint of the Lost Cause?


This Brittanie Mountz? Slightly unfortunate surname,plenty of material there.


"Well, I live in Liberty County, Texas"

'Nuff said. Isn't Iraq about the size of Texas? Does the similarity end with geography?


Just what happened to the DISGRACED would they use for Foley all the time?

Wasn't Studds DISGRACED?

'Gerry E. Studds, the (disgraced) first openly gay person elected to Congress...


And according to Pelosi, a 17 year old is a CHILD.

So it should be

Gerry E. Studds, the DISGRACED, CHILD RAPIST AND BUGGERER first openly gay person elected to Congress


If the opinion of the MSM and the polls bore any relationship to the truth, there would never have been a republican majority in both houses or a Bush presidency.

Some people are still waiting for the double-digit lead Kerry reportedly had in North Carolina to materialize and change the ’04 election results.

In this cycle, pollsters show that Debbie Stabenow will be reelected to the Senate in Michigan. Fat chance.

Black voters in Maryland are expected to ignore Michael Steele and vote enthusiastically for the white democrat, because their party decided their black candidate just wasn’t right.

Voters in West Palm (the smart side of Palm Beach County) are not suppose to vote republican because it’s too confusing and it was a republican who got into trouble. Just as Duke Cunningham’s district was a sure bet for democrats when they led him off in handcuffs.

Everyone in Ohio is now thought to be suddenly liberal.

Yes, republicans have had some bad weeks, but the election isn’t being held today. Using the methods of political timekeeping, the election is 1.5 lifetimes away, and I have it on the best authority that Karl Rove is not on vacation this month.

Midterm elections have never relied on “swing voters”. This is a battle of base against base and if there is one thing that republicans do well it is turn out the base. Just as in ’02, the democrats will be perched on their toes, noses pressed to the window, waiting in anticipation for the hordes of angry voters that never appear. Republicans, either trudging or dancing, will show up and cast their votes.

Sara (Squiggler)

The Wheldon thing is a direct result of his stand and push on Able Danger. Ask yourself who didn't want that story out? He stepped on a lot of toes and this is payback by going after not him but his child. Disgusting!

And the Internet gambiling ban isn't casino driven, it is driven by the Democratically controlled state governments who think it cuts into their lottery windfalls.

Online poker rooms are very popular. Poker, unlike the mindless video poker or slots, is a skill game. I play regularly at a site that offers both real money and free chip games. I cannot afford to play for real money, so I play in the free chip rooms and enjoy every minute. A camaraderie develops between players, it passes the time for a single ol' lady with no discernible social life and beats playing endless games of solitaire. It is both a mind exercise and a social experience for me and it beats hanging around the meat market chat rooms. Take away the real money rooms and the sites can't afford to operate so I lose my free chip rooms as well.

Helen Thomas? Puhleeeeeeeeeze. Surely you jest, this is too ridiculous even for you Jerry.

Abu Grabe -- You want to make a case about brutality, visit your county jails. Get the guns out of the hands of steroid driven sherriffs who bust into people's homes and terrify, terrorize and brutalize. Hypocrisy thy name is U.S. law enforcement. But go ahead, lock up another pot smoker or another single mom trying to feed her kids by turning a trick, put more Nanny Staters in charge of your social services offices so that our elderly are treated like they suddenly had their brains and good sense fly out the window on their 70th birthdays. Go visit a few nursing homes and then come talk to me about torture and taking away the dignity of someone as you see otherwise vibrant men and women tied into wheelchairs, pused against the wall, and left to sit in dirty diapers and see how many bruises you find on them from staff who don't want to be bothered. My Mother spent two weeks in one of these places and they nearly killed her. My Uncle was put in a home against his will, had his home stripped away from him, and for an entire year his daughter was denied access or even the knowledge of where her father was. When she found him, she found a man that for that year didn't even have a bed, was kept tied into a recliner chair, and was suffering from malnutrion so bad, it nearly killed him. When she got him out of there, they tried to arrest her. She got him to the VA and they said he was less than two weeks from death. It took months of rehabilitation to get him back to a semblance of health.


It was destiny.

Too much power in the hands of one party.

Reagan handed us his most naive and starstruck
mental work when he said if you deregulate big business, they'll do the right thing.


They, like power mad politicians become drunk on their own self-importance and
then the lines marking right and wrong get fuzzy. The bottom line becomes God.

The american people share the blame.

They put the scorpions on their backs and transported them safely to the other side of the highway only to be stung by the failed promise. "You knew what I was" is their excuse for their misdeeds. And maybe the scorpion has a point.

'Trust but verify', was the more sagacious
interlude to Reagan's lapses of consciousness.


Speaker in a skirt? Ain't going to happen.

Sara (Squiggler)

Oh and BTW, that nursing home who held my Uncle captive was billing against the proceeds of the sale of his home at the rate of $3500 per month, so it wasn't any hell hole county freebie place. They even falsified a power of attorney even though his daughter held a valid power of attorney and a valid power of attorney for health care and twice they moved him to another facility in another state to avoid him being found by his family. Think it can't happen to you? You are very naive.

Rick Ballard

The LA Times Endorses Conan the Barbarian.

In other news, the IOC has selected Hell as the host site for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Looks like the Trib's replacement at the LAT is making some minor changes.


I think people forget that mid-term elections are about the base. October surprises are targeted at undecided voters, and are much more effective in "big" election years because that is when the most "non-base/undecided" voters turn out (that is why the Bush DUI worked, it inverted the normal dynamic of undecideds spliting for the challenger and probably gained Gore a couple of million votes that weekend). Scandal in mid-term elections is just as likely to turn undecides off completely from voting as it is to push them to vote for one way or another.

The Foley thing was supposed to work because it would de-energize the base by having all the media running around screaming "gay republicans" at the top of their lungs, but it was fired too early to stick, and the polling seems to show that the base in not taking it that way.

Rove is confident because he has a well funded GOTV machine in place and the Dems have nothing (thanks to Dean's refusal to spend any money on organizing GOTV for his party), and if he can get people to the polls, then the R's have the advantage, even in the tight races. The Dems are counting on "anger" to get people to the polls, but that probably won't work any better for them this time around than it did in 2004 becuase a lot of those soft democrats and undecides will be angry enough at both parties and just sit out the election without a Dem GOTV program to get them to the polls on election day.



That was pretty funny. Yes, Studds was a pioneer buggerer was he not? Very good.

I have discovered that if I just skip right by Semant's posts I can get trhrough the thread alot queicker. After all, what has he got to say I care to hear?



You'd make more sense if you simply admitted you are terrified of the very word 'profit'.


Dissing Helen Thomas, the evil Republicans have gone too far. Dissing the dashing Joe Wilson and his noble wife wife was one thing, but the brillant, probing, non-baised, lovely Helen Thomas.

Gentlemen of the Republican Party, have you no shame?


Good one, kate.


From Some guy's blog :

Found in comments @ Captain's Quarters on the subject of the upcoming elections...

For months I have been listening to people on the right like Noonan and Frum talk about how losing might be a good thing. Nonsense, losing is losing, that is all.

One of the biggest problems the Republicans have is that certain people in their own base seem constantly poised for flight.

They need to stop bitching and moaning and whining and realize there are worse things out there than Foley or a guest worker program.

Imagine Bush impeached, Iraq lost beyond all hope fo victory and Pelosi running the House. Any conservative who is willing to sit back and let that happen has no business complaining about anyone else's mistakes.

This is not the time for tantrums.
{ed. This is the response....}
Look doofus, the reason we're 'constantly poised for a fight' is we perceive our "conservative" government being anything but. Our job isn't to shut up so our elite class can more quickly dissolve our borders or appoint questionable judges, the point of a representative democracy in a republic is to keep a close and watchful eye on our representatives that they may do our will.

Well well well, I am dufus, otherwise known as Terrye. Glenn Reynolds liked this exchange well enough that he linked to it. Well it was not really an exchange because this guy lifted my comment from Captain's Quarters and responded to it on his blog.

Now tell me, where did these people get the impression that they own the Republican party? I vote Republican, so I kind of got the idea that makes me part of the base too. It seems not. Speaking of taking people for granted I think some libertarians out there are taking the rest of us for granted.

BTW, what is this crap about disolving the borders and appointing bad judges? So far as I know the border is still there and what is wrong with Roberts and Alito?

Sara (Squiggler)

Iraqis Enraged By Lancet Study

By Gateway Pundit

It's no surprise that Iraqis are furious over the latest fraudulent claims by peer-reviewed Lancet Study out of John Hopkins University.

It should be noted that Iraqis strongly deny the Lancet report:

The following is a translation of a headline and article from the Iraq's Sotaliraq on Oct 12, by Haider Ajina:

Iraqi Government refutes 650 thousand deaths since fall of Saddam
By Kauther Abdul-Amir.

Dr. Ali Al-Dabagh spokesperson for the Iraqi Government refuted the health (accuracy) of the survey published lately showing that 650 thousand Iraqi killed since the fall of the former regime, and described it as inaccurate. Al-Dabagh said in a press conference he held today, "We are sorry that John Hopkins published such a survey. This survey is inaccurate, outlandish, exaggerated and unbelievable."


From a post over at the American Thinker Today


Yet…in the Florida 16th, the Democrats are going to court on the basis that if not enough voters are confused about who they are actually voting for, the Democrats may not even be able to win Foley’s old seat.

I vividly remember the Presidential election of 1980. For almost the last three weeks, every reported poll had the race fairly close, but always with Carter four to six points ahead of Reagan. Two days before the balloting, the media began to report a slight but noticable shift to Reagan but said it was still too close to call, and the figures still invariably showed Carter ahead, but within the margin of error of three or so points. Then Reagan won 45 states with a 10% plurality.

If the Democrats in the field, the professionals, are not even sure they can carry Foley’s district without counting on ‘confused’ voters, they may be telling us more about what they think might happen next month than they want to publicly admit.

Sara (Squiggler)

Terrye -- I don't care if I ever get another Instalaunch or not. Reynolds needs to start reading some blogs written by people with real lives instead of the daily dose of Mickey Kaus he tries to feed us all. Does Mickey Kaus speak for you? And I feel totally betrayed by Ed Morrissey, so much so, I left my comment and then decided he had nothing to say I care about anymore. I was angry yesterday, even more angry today. In fact, I would say I'm livid and not at my Republican elected officials. Of course, by next week, when they sit there with egg all over their collective faces, they'll be claiming that they didn't doing anything wrong, in fact, they are responsible for waking up the base. Gag!



Significantly, fully 71 percent of the respondents, including two-thirds of Democrats, said Foley's resignation would have "no effect" on whether they'll vote for Mahoney. An even bigger majority -- 72 percent -- said the Foley scandal wouldn't influence their voting patterns in other races.



Please Lord can we jettison these know it all prima donnas-

W'e've got two kooks with nukes and they STILL want to whine aboput Harriet Miers-who they got their way with, the Dubai port deal which some blogging idiots were comparing Dubai to Afghanistan-which are essentially three centuries apart.

The blogosphere-if Republicans win despite their mournful baling about how many times their petit interests have been crossed-

Hell they'll begin to realize that like the MSM and Hollywood the American public is not persuaded by self involved vanities-{hopefully...}

Cripes-still bitching about Harriet Miers-who they didn't even let speak for herself-they got Alito and they still need their diapers changed.

Who the hell wants to volunteer for the military anymore-these idiots want them to man the borders ,block the hurricanes, fight Afghanistan, do Iraq- wait damn it!- Syria and Iran and cripes go do North Korea....but by Gawd-


So go get killed but do it on a shoe string.

Loathesome bastards-with friends like Republican pundits, and the Conservative blogosphere who in the hell needs enemies?


Cheer up!



I think they need to realize they are not the whole damn base. In fact I feel absolutley taken for granted by these people.

They seem to think they can come up with just about anything and the rest of us will just praddle along behind them like good little puppy dogs. I sent Reynolds an email about the link. I don't really appreciate being called a doofus behind my back and then having it linked to. I may not be rich or famous or tenured or whatever, but I vote by God and that makes me part of the party too.


Saw an article yesterday about which companies get the most $ value in government contracts. Surprise--Halliburton gets less than several defense contractors, and 94.7% of their contracts, thay won by the competitive bidding process. I would link, but don't remember where I read it.

You'll never see that in the MSM.


certain people in their own base seem constantly poised for flight

That's "poised for F L I G H T" as in duck and cover everytime some democrat yells "BOO!"

doofus, the reason we're 'constantly poised for a fight'

That's "poised for A F I G H T" as in big bad dudes tough and strong (lol). Yah ok fella, get your glasses checked.



Instaputz linked to you-whilst calling you a doofus?

Honestly somehow the blogosphere has been crushed by Malkin and Glenn just because they got there first.

What are their credentials? How old is Michelle-hell she hasn't even lived life.

To tell you the truth I read blogs to get to the comments-to the real folks.

Is anyone going to have the guts to tell Instaputz that he isn't exactly noble going outside of his usual parameters of "Heh" and "indeed" three weeks before the election? We're suppose to believe via "The Captain" that they believe in "honsety"? Three weeks before the election Instaputz gets an attack of conscience. He finally decides to write actual opinion instead of hiding behind other people's work with the ubiguous "heh" or "indeed". Now... I question the timing. Heh.

Michelle and Glenn use positive reinforcement technique and that might be one thing Michelle knows something about getting two year olds to "obey" her.

BTW-Glenn reminds me of either Scarlett O'Hara or McCain-I can't quite make up my mind.

McCain-he wants to be liked by everyone, thinks he's too good for everyone and is the bogosphere's "little darling".

Sacarlett O'Hara- he gets the vapors, thinks he ight be irrelevant-that everyone just uses him for his links and doesn't care what he thinks and wants his "fans" to come rescue him whilst tellign him his conservatiive blush is still beguiling. He also thinks that one of Jonah Goldberg's readers "savaged" him. My, my....

What the hell is Reynolds for anyways?

A Libertarian party that likes guns, boobs and defends the country with S&H green stamps or something.

He's an idiot. A night school law prof at a community college-any college that's not Harvard is to be considered on that par because that's how they downgraded Miers.


I saw that same "flight" comment morph into a "fight" argument. Hhahahah. Nothing like going off half-cocked.

Anyway, commentators are just that - commentators. THey have one vote, just like the rest of us. I'm not pusszled, rather, a bit amused at the disappointment and vitriol when a pundit (or a politician) doesn't have a "certain" point of view. Each of us has our own opininions, hopefully formed with a thoughtful, informed and rational basis. I usually find, when a commentator is "off," either that they lack information, or they have a different opinion of "the way things ought to be" from what I have.

Sara (Squiggler)

Before Americans hand the keys of government over to the Bush-haters and allow:

* Osama to make another fatwa tape on how weak the Americans are for running from Iraq
* Speaker Pelosi to follow through with the 9-11 Commission's recommendations after she voted them down in 2004
* Liberal democrats to spit on our soldiers as they drag them from Iraq
* Total chaos and death if Iraq is left to the militias
* Democrats to rewrite the history of this historic military campaign

Here's a little known fact about the quagmire:
US Lost More Soldiers Annually Under Clinton Than in Iraq


I personally haven't paid much attention to the polls, and I doubt at this point they are of likely voters.

In the weeks running up to the election, the press will start reporting polls showing the race is TIGHTENING...when the truth is that they are narrowing down their samples to people who will most likely vote.


Don't worry... the repubs will ensure the votes are counted "properly", so these pre-election polls mean nothing (as do the actual votes and exit polls).

Sara (Squiggler)

Earn by merit and you have people who learn. Advance people in order to protect their self-esteem and you end up with an electorate who needs a Nanny to show them how to punch a stylus through a hole. Sheesh!


Oh dear, a diebold conspirator. Spare me.



No Glenn did not call me a doofus, he linked to someone who did. And it was a mean link and it hurt my feelings.

Gary Maxwell

Well if its any consolation to those of you feeling blue, the Dumbocrats prospects in Texas are downright abysmal. The nominee for Governor from that party of dimlights, Chris Bell has taken to calling for Kinky Friedman to drop out of the race. After conceeding that Friedman is taking votes from both parties. But Bell said , but he is taking more from me. To which Friedman replied, to paraphrase " Is this guy kidding? I have no intention of leaving the race and certainly not for Chris Bell. And watch and see how Grandma Strayhorn does with black voters. She has been courting them continuously and once the Indians leave the reservations some never return and the Democrats seem panicked about it, they have even taken to calling Kinky a racist ( hard to understand exactly why other than jingoist behaviour ).



When it ocmes to riggning elections the Republicans are rank amateurs, the Democrats are the professionals. In fact Huey Long's son said that he wanted to be buried in Louisiana so that he could remain actively involved in politics and he was not talking about the Republicans.

Gary Maxwell

Here is a little conterbalance for all you too.

party operatives say Rove is predicting that, at worst, Republicans will lose only 8 to 10 seats -- shy of the 15-seat threshold that would cede control to Democrats

Now we know how smart Rove is, the Wheel has told us on many occasion. So buck up and start helping the good guys get elected with volunteering, contributions and especially your vote.

Cecil Turner

Hmmm, I dunno. I'm a single-issue voter (defense), and can understand others having their own "litmus tests"--and fiscal responsibility is a perfectly valid one--even if they don't match mine. Moreover, Glenn doesn't even claim to be a conservative (and certainly isn't, at least on some social issues), so he really can't be held responsible for whipping up the base prior to an election.

Luckily, we've got Dems like Murtha to do that for us (from Peter's link above):

Democrats are fighting a war on two fronts: One is combating the spin and intimidation that defines this administration. The other is fighting to change course, to do things better, to substitute smart, disciplined strategy for dogma and denial in Iraq.
Kinda nice to hear 'em admit they're on the other side.


I agree with Rick and Clarice. With 9 open House seats I just don'T see the dems running the table and winning all of them. Incumbents are fighters and if Chaffee loses its because he's been more dem than repub anyway.
TM: I disagree with you just as I did with the Rove indictment. Nov.8th I'll eat grow put I agree with sara that we have to GOTV. I'll be at a phonebank on Tuesday.
It reminds me of the Belushi scene in Animal House. It ain't over till we say it's over"!

Sara (Squiggler)

I live in So. Calif. in an area of homes that sold new in 2001 for $200-$300,000 and are now selling at $500-$600,000. It is a mixed neighborhood of mostly military families, law enforcement, Hispanics and some retirees. My next door neighbor bought his house when he was still in the Marine Corps. He retired and went to work for the San Diego Bomb Squad. He is black. Every house on my street except one has a yard sign for either the Governator or a Repub. running for a State office or a Support the Troops sign. Our polling place is a clubhouse for a gated retirement commumnity at the very end of the street. During the primary, the poll workers told me they were surprised at the Republican turnout compared to Dems. We're going to do our part. Are you?



I'm sorry to hear that.

Brave man Glenn is hiding behind the links and "finding" someone else to do his dirty work.

It's pathetic. Obviously Glenn googles himself with a passion....

Hang in there it sounds like the commenters here have a lot more common sense than the the Blogosphere Bourgeois who have come down with a case of ennui because it's all sooooo boooooring-

Not having a terrorist attack for five years, not having the economy collapse....

They don't give a damn about the message they will be sending to the guys and gals serving overseas, the terrorists overseas, the European hate America since 1950 Euros.

They can't give you too many good reasons but they're B-O-R-E-D, excuses to hide the fact that they don't have the right priorities in life.

Help I for one am going to hope and pray for the best. I love my country and I love my President. {Gee how gauche and passe am I? Pffffffttttt! ;-)}

Terrye you get yourself to that voting booth and I hope their is a majority just like you.

Good folks that give a damn.


Terrye (re: Democrats rigging elections)

Or as comedian Dick Gregory said of the Democrat victory in the 1960 Presidential election: "In Chicago, your vote counts...and counts...and counts."



This is true.

And while it is also true that Glenn does not say he is a conservative, he just keeps telling us what the base, aka conservatives think and want and need and feel and blah blah blah.


I have no idea who will win the elections- I'm not even certain which candidate I'll vote for for Senator. My choice for Representative is dismal- between someone I suspect is really stupid and a bring-them-home-now ultrarich liberal. Certainly this great country should provide better choices than that.

My beef with the "why the Reps will lose" posts (not TMs) is that the reasons they give, accompanied by the "they should have listened to the blogs", are prime examples of when many bloggers over-reacted. I don't blame them for not being cheerleaders in those cases, I blame them for being hecklers.

Captains Quarters called the issues on Glenn's list overblown, which got translated on Instapundit as CQ saying the Reps being in trouble was overblown. Not the same thing.


Oh cripes -

I hope there is a majority just like you.

Gad Dmeocrats "OWN" the big cities



New York

New Orleans

Saint Louis

there's a reason they fight something like voter ID tooth and nail.

Huey Long, Daley and the Philly Dead Voting Machine...

Yeaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!! Heck LBJ's Houston.....it's a Democratic tradition.



Where was it that some guy from the NAACP or somewhere got caught giving people crack to vote for Kerry?

I heard that Sinatra's mother was a big Democrat and she used to hang out by the docks and get the Italian immigrants who could not speak English to sign up and then tell them how to vote.

I read David McCullough's book on Truman and there was some really interesting stuff in there on the Kansas City political machine. Some important Democrats ended up in jail over that one.


And so the Republican Party prepares to slither ignominiously back to its rightful place in American politics as the minority party of angry crackpots and self-righteous religious fanatics that it has always been.

The fear is palpable.



Yes, I think you are right.

I feel sorry for Bush, all that judgment and all that hate. And the Demcorats are like bad children nver assuming any responsibility for anything.

As for the Professor, he professed innocence. No surprise there.

Yeah right.


'Some important Democrats ended up in jail over that one.'

And well they should.

You people seem to feel a cocker spaniel
with the dogtag 'republican' is, by moniker,
qualified over a democrat to serve in public office.

I say get rid of all the thievin' bastards.
Know Where You Stand. Can you grasp that?



As opposed to the minority position of the Democrats these last few years as the party of anti semites, holocaust deniers, paranoiacs and traitors.


I liked Truman however, too bad his party abandoned him.


Glass, people, glass.

I saw another author on BookTV who has written a book about the Heartland or the Homeland or something. He was worse than the guy who wrote 'What's the Matter with Kansas'. At least the Kansas writer guy was personable and fairly sincere--though misguided--on tv. This guy was so arrogant it was actually funny. He was proof there is such a reaction as 'Ewwww, how can anyone even admit to being a Republican.'

Kinda reminds me of our anonymous.



As for the Professor, he professed innocence. No surprise there.

OK-not all lawyers are bad guys but one thing they do know how to do is dirty work while keeping their hands clean.

He's full of it.

Let him have his petty victory hopefully like someone else earlier in the thread said he'll end up with egg on his face for his pre-emptive post mortem.



These guys are the folks that always hang out at parties and get drunk and obnoxious and try to pretend they are foreign policy experts when they could not find Europe on a map. All smirk and snarl and rudeness.


You people seem to feel a cocker spaniel
with the dogtag 'republican' is, by moniker,
qualified over a democrat to serve in public office.

Well....as a matter of fact....

Sara (Squiggler)

This is kind of OT, except it isn't. You have to go read I">http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2006/10/i_want_me_some_.html">I want me some Robert Mitchum

I know the my very smart sisters of JOM will react about as I did and Pamela does. If you are interested in my reaction just click on my name and read the first entry.


I liked Truman however, too bad his party abandoned him.

Posted by: Terrye | October 15, 2006 at 04:11 PM

Well, of course you liked Give-'em-hell Harry. After all, he incinerated all those evil yellow people to defend your 'way of life.'



But he knows I know..... and I know he knows I know.

The truth is I do not come into contact with anyone in the course of my daily life who has ever heard of Glenn Reynolds or most of these people. I do know a couple of people who know who Malkin is because they have seen her on Fox. But even if a guy gets 100,000 hits a day, that is out of a population of almost 300 million.

Big fish little pond. And most people are not even slightly interested in the pond. I think we all forget that sometimes.


After all, he incinerated all those evil yellow people to defend your 'way of life.'

You are one sick freak.



You are such a bore.


No, Sue, Mr. Truman was the "sick freak." You would have to be to commit mass murder on such a grand scale.


anonymous, what you have trouble accepting is quintessential Americans. You prefer the internationalists who haven't a clue what America IS.

You'd give up our sovereignty to international law in a heartbeat.

In my eyes that is traitorous.

No, Sue, Mr. Truman was the "sick freak." You would have to be to commit mass murder on such a grand scale.

Just go away.


You would have to be to commit mass murder on such a grand scale.

You would have preferred an invasion where untold numbers would have died? Or would that have been murder too?


Thank you so much, Syl, for speaking for me. Have you considered going to work for the Psychic Friends Network?


Just go away.

Not as long as he/she/it is being fed. I apologize for my part in keeping it around.


Yes, Maybee, I know ... the truth can hurt. An American President a mass murderer? Definitely a tough thing to deal with it.


Why? Are you hiring?


No, anonymous prefers Mao and Stalin and Pol Pot. He likes mass murdering comminists. I wonder how he would have dealt with the Japanese slaughter of millions of Chinese? Cheered probably.

Truman had a difficult decision to make in war in which tens of millions had already died. But then again anonymous is a fool so why bother.


Well, you all are starting to sound a bit, shall we say, "shrill and unhinged?" So, I will leave you to mourn the death of your party.


all this talk of mass murder has made me hungry!


Please do.


I bet anonymous doesn't even vote. LOL


anonymous indicated elsewhere that it is not American. Many of the most vocal lefties online are Canadians.


weak grip equals slice into woods,

Sara (Squiggler)

After all, he incinerated all those evil yellow people to defend your 'way of life.'

And what way of life is that anonymous? You seem to be enjoying your life of being a jerk very much. I realize you would rather be living in Stalins Soviet Union or Saddam's Iraq, but I'll keep my broke American way of life thank you very much.

Sara (Squiggler)

Or in reading your comment again, it is obvious it would have been Hitler's Brownshirts or SS that would light your fire. Turns out you are nothing but a racist bigot.


..the truth can hurt

non sequitur


It's cool to be anti-Semitic. Cool to be buds with Muslims who'd never deny their lust to incinerate every Jew in the world. Cool to apologize for whichever of these wackos gets out of hand, even if they kill Americans in the process. Anti-gay? No problem. Slap their women around and worse? Hey, that's their culture, none of our business. This is the intellectual level the left has sunk to while accusing Bush of "mass murder," neglecting the actual vote in the Congress and knowing full well the truth of Saddam's victims.

Someday, these same leftists will be more than just debating opponents. Personally, I think it would be better if that day came sooner rather than later.



The lists of whys is interesting - but I don't think that is what is driving the "sea of blue" this time.

Rove's strategy has always been to forget about the center and run to the right - sort of a "...divider, not a uniter". He has relied on increased turn out on the right to make up for the losses in the center and he has been very successful at it. Look at the polls regarding self-styled independents these days - they are highly unfavorable to Republicans. I would suggest that this is why Democrats are so anti-Bush - disliking him with more intensity than any President I remember - because he gives them nothing.

The center and the left are in agreement this year for one overriding reason - Iraq. The President has told us that we are staying in Iraq until only Barney and Laura support our being there. That is just not acceptable to either the center or the left.

Foley is the icing on the cake because it slaps in the face the voters that Rove has relied on for years to offset his losses in the center. Furthermore,it blunts the power of another Rove favorite - negative advertising. Its awfully hard to successfully throw mud when you are hip deep in it.

If you are "trudging" to the polls, imagine what nominally Republican voters a little to your left are doing. If the right doesn't show up.....


I'm not counting Karl out yet, but the fact that the NoKo nuke didn't seem to move anybody makes me wonder. Maybe pulling OBL out of the freezer wont work?

Wilson's a liar

I can finally agree with TexasToast on something! Mark Halperin and John Harris' new book "The Way To Win" contrasts the Rove and Clinton strategies. They say that Rove has indeed concentrated on growing the Republican base by getting evangelicals to vote (historically they haven't), and then turning them out on election day.

The Foley hit was designed precisely to throw a wrench into that strategy by turning off the GOP base of religious conservatives. But while Democrats may have figured out that these voters exist and have been voting Republican in droves, they are still utterly clueless about what motivates evangelicals and will get another surprise about them on this election day, just as they did in 2004. It takes a lot more than one gay Congressman and a few emails to convince millions of people to turn over the government to Nancy Pelosi.

I disagree with Toast about why Democrats hate President Bush so much, though. They hated his father, they hate the way he took office, they convinced themselves that he stole the election in 2000, and have simply believed the worst possible interpretation of everything he has done ever since. The national Democratic Party could not even bring itself to say anything good about John Roberts, possibly the most qualified person nominated to the Supreme Court in the last 30 years. That is just blind rage and hate - and guess what, a lot of voters see that too, they they do not like it.

Sara (Squiggler)

Texas Toast, you are dreaming. I'm very much a libertarian centrist. I have almost zero in common with the right or far right except when it comes to National Security and low taxes. I have much in common with the center left, on social issues, particularly. But, I would cut off my arm before I'd pull the lever for a cowardly appeaser democrat. I see them all as racist bigots, sexist, anti-Semite, tax raiser cowards.

You aren't enjoying the best economy this country has had in years? You aren't enjoying the lowest unemployment in years? Seems those are things Pres. Bush has done for the left. How 'bout the largest entitlement program to come down the pike since Johnson. Your parents or grandparents aren't benefiting from the prescription drug bill? Seems he did that for the left. You all remind me of my kids when they were little wanting more, more, more but not wanting to do any chores to earn it. Home ownership is at an all time high for minorities. Seems this is something the Pres. has done for the left.

I used to think that the left was anti-war because they were basically pacifists. I don't think that anymore. I see them falling into two categories: cowards, and two, those who are so racist and bigoted they don't think anyone who isn't Aryan is either smart enough or deserving enough to have freedom. And the women particularly turn my stomach, women like Mother Moonbat, who call for peace and love while their sisters are being stoned to death, denied education, and basically living as slaves.

And I would suggest buying a map and looking at the strategic importance of Iraq. Leaving Iraq would be without a doubt the stupidest thing America could do. Even more stupid than some of the jerk-off things Carter did.

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