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October 14, 2006


Barney Frank

This is disheartening. The mere idea that the other guy might fight back is apparently enough to qualify a war as "a debacle."

Ain't that the truth Cecil? Doesn't bode well for the coming larger regional conflicts does it?

Foley is the icing on the cake because it slaps in the face the voters that Rove has relied on for years to offset his losses in the center.

We'll see. For this particular evangelical the use of Foley's misbehavior by the MSM and the Dems merely motivates me more to vote. I suspect I'm not alone.

I make no guarantees but I suspect the Dem's victory-party noisemakers and blowouts will be limp and flaccid come Nov 8.


. . . say "speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi" out loud . . .

Yes...out loud in a front of a lot of people....

..."Two thirds of the public have absolutely no idea who I am," Pelosi tells Newsweek. "I see that as a strength. This isn't about me. It's about Democrats."

She and the pollsters that is.


We'll see. For this particular evangelical the use of Foley's misbehavior by the MSM and the Dems merely motivates me more to vote. I suspect I'm not alone.

This is what Democrats think of you

as the minority party of angry crackpots and self-righteous religious fanatics that it has always been.

It's not surprising the cynical GAY baiting will backfire.


Jefferson did not get the Democratic nod for his seat in Congress.
I agree we cannot count the repubsout yet. The alternative is just too scary.


I am not an Evangelical and I am Catholic. I understand how they think and I agree with many of their positions.


I was a Democrat all my life. I didn't even know any Republicans. I wasn't terribly political--or knowledgable. I just believed I was correct about everything. And I was farther to the Left than I care to admit even though I had started to become uneasy about political correctness.

Gore was my man in 2000 and I followed every minute of the recount and the court decisions. When the Fla supremes attempted to change the rules in the middle I knew that was wrong, but I didn't care and wanted them to get away with it.

When the Supreme Court made its decision and decided the election for Bush, I fretted for about 24 hours then accepted it. Even though I was true blue and had spent 26 years of my life in the tri-state area--12 of which were smack dab in the middle of Manhattan which I loved.

Even after 9/11 it never occurred to me to switch parties. But a funny thing happened to me. I found myself feeling comforted by, get this, country music! Oh the horror and the shock to my system--me a classical music nut and player all the way.

But there was a need inside me after 9/11 to get in touch with America again---I had simply taken my country for granted.

In the runup to the Iraq war I went to a forum to check out the political talk--before then I had never engaged in such a thing. I was shocked to find Bush haters. I was shocked to find accusations that he had stolen the election. I mean what were these people thinking?

And a good, decent, person like me was excoriated for being upset at the childish Bush hatred.

After a few weeks of being spat on, insulted, my sanity questioned, and sundry other assaults on my intellect just because I dared say anything good about Bush I decided I'd had enough and that it was time to look elsewhere.

I'm still on that journey and that's enough to say for now. But I have found something that surprised me. No matter where I come down on any specific issue, I can find someone among my new friends who agrees. I can also find someone who disagrees--politicely and with arguments to back them. And that's all I ask.

My mother no longer speaks to me. I've lost my closest friends. All because I support Bush. How sick is that?

There is something definitely rotten in DemLand and I want no part of it.


Another one that believes that the Schiavo affair was a negative. This was just simply a case of the courts determing life/death issues which disturbed many. Oh well, the trend will continue simply because legends die hard.


"I'm very much a libertarian centrist."

Bollocks. That description is the refuge of the old 'liberal' derogation. For many months those of this ilk
have been running away from
a once proud class of conservatives who's sclerotic thinking has all major blood vessels to the brain blocked with plaque.

New nerve pathways are still available, but the choice to remain 'resolute',( or is it
intransigent?) is countermanded by the
medulla oblangata.

A new label is hardly a makeover for paleo-ideaology.



You haven't a clue. Stay in your ivory tower and never come down. Wait magic to usher in your utopia while the wrinkles in your face grow deeper, your eyes beedier and redder, and your hair falls out.

Then cry for help and see if any of us listens. Some actually might. But don't count on it.


There is no sadder plight than that of the idealist gone sour.


There is no sadder plight than that of the idealist gone sour
Yes, I think you've summed up the problems with the Dem party quite nicely.


You should know, poor sad sad clown.


"""The center and the left are in agreement this year for one overriding reason - Iraq."""
I don't think there is any agreement between
the center and the left at all. I think the center wants to do the right thing-support
our troops in Iraq.
The left just wants to do what they do best- SURRENDER. Sen Rockefeller flies to Syria and gives them all the intelligence they need. Then brags about it on national TV.
Rep Murtha has been aiding them ever since Somilia, or what ever, as long as they're against America, doesn't matter, America is
always wrong. The enemy is always right in his way of thinking. Sen Kerry, flew to Paris and met with the VietCong and told us
about it, in front of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on 22 Apr 1971. Then, tells us over and over again, how he made a
mistake, defending America. Why would anyone who had any respect for America vote Democrat?

Jim Miller

Tom - I gather that when you include William Jefferson in your list, you do so because Hastert tried to protect him from searches?

I didn't care for that either, but the underlying issue seems more important -- a Democratic lawmaker was grabbing piles of cash under the table. And he is hardly the only one in that group; there is, of course, Menendez in New Jersey, whom everyone knew was on the take, but got named to the Senate anyway.

The Republicans have their own miscreants, but on the whole if you want honesty, you are better off voting against the Democrats. (In Washington state, the incumbent Democratic senator, Maria Cantwell, bought off one primary opponent, and appears to have bought off the former wife of a onetime lover and current lobbyist, Ron Dotzauer. And we have relatively clean politics here.)


No matter where I come down on any specific issue, I can find someone among my new friends who agrees. I can also find someone who disagrees--politicely and with arguments to back them. And that's all I ask.

Aint it grand?


There is something definitely rotten in DemLand and I want no part of it.

Posted by: Syl | October 15, 2006 at 07:20 PM

Moderate dems and uncommited voters are being trashed by the extreme left of the dem party. with the Foley offense they have not endeared themselves with their LGBT members.

They are acting like someone cutting off random size chuncks off random corner legs of a table and trying to not have a bowl of soup slide off the top.



The ideals aren't gone. Believe me, gay marriage is fine with me and so is Safe, Legal, and Rare.

But it's capitalism, baby. That's the engine. So-called 'social justice' is not. It brings everybody down.

But there is a push-pull in this country. Both sides are necessary. Laissez faire is dead--but so is socialism. There's also a push-pull among the branches. The Executive DOES have some power, you know. Push-pull on social issues. Push-pull on Total Green vs Let's be a Little Practical Here. That's what makes America great--it's so dynamic. Neither side holds 100% of truth.

I find the Republicans to be practical simply because they see people as people and understand what makes them tick.

But I've found the Democrats have gone too far left, even to the point of accepting a certain amount of loss of sovereignty. And that I will never accept.

Idealism is worthless if its goals have no possibility of being reached ever. It's taken a long time but the left is actually beginning to embrace globalism. That's good. We need the idealists to make adjustments here and there, to show us the individuals and what's happening to them.

It's the idealists who got fire extinguishers in the workplace, for example. That's good. I think.

But so much of the so-called idealism these days is simply interference. Busy bodies all over the place telling us what to eat, what to wear, how much to weigh, which words we can use, which are forbidden, what to drive, subject matter teachers are allowed to teach, and on and on.

Both sides indulge in the above, but it's far more incidious on the Left than the Right no matter how much the Left screams Christianists!

In other words, as far as I'm concerned, the Left has gone too far with almost everything and it's time to pull them back. That's the way I see it. And the Greens? Don't get me started. ANWR, no valid, I mean really valid reason not to drill there. And WE are the cause of global warming? And, without proof but just in case, we have to wreck our economy?

No thanks.


Aint it grand?

Sing it, sister! (or brother!)


That 's' was me. I lost my cookie.

Yeah, that's it, I lost my cookie.




Michael Barone:
"Somehow, despite all the discouraging news and dismal poll numbers, there are a lot of plodding, dull, dutiful people, too stubborn to take instruction from their betters in the mainstream media, who insist on going out and voting Republican. Hard to explain."


A little humor break!




LOL...I needed that!

Speaking of Hastert, I don't know why I punish myself, but I watched part of Chris Matthews on CNBC tonite. He had David Brooks, Bob Woodward, Andrea Mitchell and Gloria? somebody (quite the internationalist who thinks the most important thing in the world is for our President to pass the global test).

Anyway it was all anti-bush, anti-iraq, blah blah and at the end the panelists were asked each to give a 'scoop'.

Well that Gloria woman said it will come out that Hastert knew little or nothing about Foley.


Darn that Pelosi. I've heard Nancy is really very nice, and I believe it. It's her job to be mean and nasty, but does she have to relish it soooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!


Guess it's time to bring out the big guns

And Heeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrs Karl Rove



Reason 2994 to vote for republicans --so THESE people don't whisper their stupid foreign policy advice with their checkbook in hand...gawd what a joke


Sara (Squiggler)

Slimguy, that's a hoot.


Slimguy, that's a hoot.

Posted by: Sara (Squiggler) | October 16, 2006 at 12:08 AM

The Truth is out there!



Youtube of Penn and Teller commenting on Pollsters





Guess I'm a plodding, dull, dutiful, stubborn woman, dialing away at party headquarters - calling registered Republicans - encouraging them to get out and vote on the 7th, reminding the college kids to obtain absentee ballots, pestering all my friends to put signs in their yards, sweetly cajoling the undecided; in short, doing my damndest.

One of the lesser known Beatitudes: blessed are the dull, dutiful and plodding for they shall control the Senate.



Sorry I went outside on a beautiful October day... I wasn't ignoring you.

The Online Gambling thing was simply business. I think the argument that people playing online will translate into more folks going to Las Vegas is plea to the Casinos to leave them alone, but I doubt for a moment that it is an effective tool to find new gamblers. Now TV competitions are a different story.

...but the brillant, probing, non-baised, lovely Helen Thomas.

I guess you could call HT brillant, and non-baised. You almost sound as intelligent as Thomas!


Why is Studds a "pioneer" and Foley a "predator"?

maybe anon because he got away with it!



Same here. Only it is my brother who does not talk to me.

One would think it was the deep ante bellum south and I had married outside my race, but no, it was worse I voted for Bush.

And these people think Republicans are bigots?

I was an antiwar demonstrator back in the days of Viet Nam, a hippy teeny bopper and I just kind of wanted peace man.

But then I grew up, it is sad to see that cleo and his kind did not.

I remember years ago seeing Jesse Jackson and thinking he was really something. Now I see him and think how he feeds off the poor and what a disgrace to the memory of Martin Luther King he has become.

So yeah, there are a lot of us who got fed with the crap on the left. They have ruined the Democrats.



That was wonderful.


You go girl! I'll be helping out in Ohio on Tuesday. Jay Cost has an excellent statistical article today worth reading.
Syl: If I was old enough to vote in 1968 I would have pulled the lever for Humphrey.
In 08 I would go for Evan Bayh except for the fact that I know the other dems will corrupt him. Plus I was disappointed in his Roberts vote because Roberts was a native son of Indiana. I am now convinced that somehow Barak Obama is going to be somewhere on the dem ballot in 08. I still think Hil is a risky choice for dems. I'm waiting for a decent repub candidate. Too bad Jeb can't be on the ticket somewhere.


From Big Lizards, the Lizardarian Manifesto:

I will not be a craven.

Regardless of media threats, I will not be cowed or silenced; I will not be shamed or frightened. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered. I will not be made to feel guilty for being a partisan Republican. If they don't like it, they can jolly well get stuffed.
I will not be a doomhawker.

Despite adverse polls, I will not cringe. I will push forward, conceding nothing, yielding no land, handing no freebies to the Democrats. I will not roll over. I will not concede defeat before the votes are even cast, let alone counted. I will contest every contest until the last possible moment. While I may allocate scarce resources where they will do the most good, I will never start a sentence with "after we lose, we'll have to...."

Elections are like sunrises: you always know when they'll come, but you never know what they'll look like until they arrive.
I will not be a sore winner.

Where Republicans prevail, I will not engage in schoolyard taunts, no matter how disguised. I will never imply that winning makes us better people than the Democrats: we may be better, we may be worse, but neither is determined by who won the election.
I will not be a sore loser.

Where Republicans lose, I will not idly charge electoral fraud: that charge is a powerful explosive that must only be used when (1) the evidence is absolutely overwhelming, and (2) the fraud determined the electoral result, and (3) the fraud is reversible.

And even then, I will think three times before opening my yap... is this trip to the courthouse really necessary? Is it in the best interest of the party, or is it just my own rage at having lost? We're not a bunch of damned Democrats, for God's sake.
I will never tempt other Republicans to despair.

It is worth reading it all.


OT but also a good read:

http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2006480089,00.html>Now even Yanks claim UK asylum

A couple of years ago I met two black guys from the States who were over here because they thought they could get a better standard of living.

One was from Ohio and the other from Kansas. They claimed asylum because they said they were racially discriminated against at home.

But they freely admitted they were here for the free healthcare and accommodation. It is an absolute joke.

Good maybe they'll stop coming to CT.


Here's the Cost article. As always it's brilliant.


From AJ Strata "Intelligence Community" is an oxymoron



OT http://www.nypost.com/seven/10162006/postopinion/opedcolumnists/reids_smelly_windfall_opedcolumnists_ed_morrissey.htm>Captain Ed in the NY Post on "Smelly Reid"


SunnyDay, Did you see 60 minutes last night. Leslie Stale had some religious right turned cry baby whiner, complaining that Bush lied about giving money to faith based organizations... I had to turn it off! I can't stand this full court press the left and MSM have conspired to!

Patrick R. Sullivan

Check out the last sentence in this exchange from Fox News Sunday:

KERRY: It's a bomb that has been developed because of the unwillingness of this administration to engage in opportunities that every expert says have been there all the time.

President Carter went over there in 1994 and President Carter negotiated an agreement. Now, rather than continue that agreement in 2002, this administration just arbitrarily decided, out of ideological whatever - - anything but Clinton -- they proceed down a different road.

And things have gotten worse. Things have gotten worse in Afghanistan. Things have gotten worse in Iraq. They're not telling the truth to the American people about a civil war in Iraq.

They don't listen to the generals on the ground in Iraq. The generals have said it's a debacle. They've said Rumsfeld doesn't have credibility. They're not standing down while the Iraqis supposedly stand up.

In every aspect of our foreign policy, this administration has misled Americans and misled the world. And they don't have credibility. Chris, this is not political. This is not political.

WALLACE: Well, it's a little political.

KERRY: No, it's not political. No, it's not political. It used to be that foreign policy was something that was done on a bipartisan basis. It used to be that the politics ended at the water's edge.

'It used to be that the politics ended at the water's edge.'!


http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2006/10/just_how_doomed_is_the_gop.html>The Jay Cost article that clarice mentioned

hit and run



Saddam verdict is expected on Nov. 5 By QASSIM ABDUL-ZAHRA, Associated Press Writer
Mon Oct 16, 7:06 AM ET

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A verdict against Saddam Hussein and seven co-defendants charged with crimes against humanity in connection with an anti-Shiite crackdown in the 1980s will be announced Nov. 5, a senior court official said on Monday.



All perception is selective.

I see the republican party in a different light, and the dems from another viewpoint.

But you do make some points on the issue of
neither side having 100% of the answers.

The battle for the hearts and minds of the american public frequently gets a bromide
from the manipulation of raw data. Again, both parties have a measure of responsibility in that arena. The Founding Fathers recognized the tyranny of the majority when they established the complex rules of lawmaking, as well as law enforcement. Laissez Faire is an idealist's
conceptual matrix of Business. It assumes
that the consumer establishes what is marketable, as well as a responsible manfuacturer. That matrix is almost nonexistent, because the Corporate Directors are chosen primarily because they are profitmakers (no problem with that, by the way) and keep the stock price rising at
7% per annum (magnify that by a factor of 3 after 2000).

We always use to carp about the fact that a few people would get the whole class a detention spell when we were in grade school.

Who is going to watch the Big Money guys when the push the profit envelope at the expense of safety for the public? Shall we
just trust that 'business will do the right thing?'?

No, we have to watch Enron and General Dynamics BECAUSE they make so much money and the dash for re-election cash makes public servants sublimate their principles with the rationalization that it's for the good of the public.

The bad boys make life hard for the few good ones that make sound, long-range business decisions that might bring a slightly smaller profit, but enhances the overall public welfare.

Greed is not good. I have no problem with profit. I do object when criminals profit.



Materialism is great. It's what impells otherwise intelligent people to get out of bed and go to work every morning--the notion that they can get THINGS.
Now, you may not be interested in those things. You may prefer to live slim.
Your choice and you're welcome to it.
But when people buy things, they create jobs. And people who work those jobs are living more productive lives than those who pull the covers up over their heads and dream great thoughts.
And for everything that's created, someone else gets out of bed, thinking of a better thing, a better way to make things, a better way to market things..and those people also create jobs and capital.

And that capital makes it possible for even the stay in beds to live better, for everyone to be able to afford extras--like ways to clean water and air and a means to set aside special areas for public use and a means to help others all over the globe who live in societies so poor that they cannot even dream of new things let alone produce them.Societies where they must ruin the air and water and land just to survive another day.


It used to be that foreign policy was something that was done on a bipartisan basis

Which is code for "The Democrats always got what they wanted.


weak grip equals slice into woods

wrong clueless one

Ben Hogan fought a hook by using a very weak grip, but even with a weak grip he still drew the ball (thats a controlled hook)

ok..carry on with your meaningless blather

Ben Hogan fought


Interesting development;On Neil Cavuto's business show a dem win quals a fall in the stock market-I wonder why? With the dow bracing to hit 12000 many repubs will vote to keep that number rising. I will be one of them.


SunnyDay, Did you see 60 minutes last night.

No, I had to quit watching it before I destroyed the TV.

ITA, though, it's infuriating and hilarious at the same time. They always always always overplay their hand. They think Murrikins ur dum. ;)


Interesting development;On Neil Cavuto's business show a dem win quals a fall in the stock market-I wonder why?

Higher taxes and more regulation.


Not so blue, according to Ken Mehlman. Speaking to a small group of center-right journalists at a breakfast sponsored by the American Spectator this morning, Mehlman said that if the election were held today Republicans would keep control of the Senate and probably the House as well. He acknowledged that this year's environment is "challenging" for three main reasons -- the three I focused on during the weekend: the six year itch ("a party in power collects barnacles)," the war in Iraq, and scandals in Congress.

On the other hand, Mehlman believes that four factors will help his party avoid a "tsunami" in three weeks. First, he and other Republican leaders "expected this" and planned for it. The RNC got people into the key states early and is well positioned to run its "ground game." Second, the Republicans have a major advantage when it comes to resources. According to Mehlman, it has a $55.8 million cash advantage now, which will translate into very aggressive ad campaigns in the final three weeks. Third, the party and its candidates should be able to frame this election as a choice election, not a referendum. In other words, Mehlman expects the election not to be just an up-or-down vote on the president and the Congress, but also an election about key issues as to which Republicans have an advantage. He cited taxes, aggressive prosecution of the war on terror, and judges. Mehlman said these issues had been working well for Republicans until Foley pushed them to the side, and he expects them to return to the fore during the final three weeks.

Finally, Mehlman noted that "tsunami" elections are characterized by one-sided turnout in favor of one party. He doesn't see the Dems benefiting from that this year. In fact, he says, in 36 of 39 Democratic primaries this year turnout was below average. Mehlman said he's always worried about turnout, but does not expect a big Democratic advantage.

Mehlman denied reports that the party is effectively pulling out of Ohio and Pennsylvania. He said that resources get moved around depending on varying needs from state-to-state. Thus, a given "tool" or "resource" may be shifted from one state to another. But Mehlman insisted that the overall effort in Ohio and Pennsylvania remains strong.

JOHN adds: Real Clear Politics took a look at the New York Times' report that the RNC is pulling out of Ohio, and found it wanting. The real story here appears to be that Senator DeWine has plenty of resources to do what he needs to do for the next three weeks.

Posted by Paul at 08:16 AM | Permalink


My 2 cents....The list is not even close. The first real split came over Miers and NOT for reasons I always read. Not over her qualifications or cronyism...but because some of the party decided to do the 'power grab'. They were so elite it made you want to spit. That simple.

The biggie was Katrina. When we allowed the MSM to manipulate the story with Malkin and Sen Collins giving all the slaps to FEMA, instead of recognizing that Blanco/Landieu were sitting on enough buses only 2 hours away. This was the slickest Dem/MSM ever pulled since Clinton convinced voters that OK City was caused by Repub talk radio. They told people that government was NOT going to rescue them if they were poor black. The Dems walked off untainted from a pure Landieu/Dem manipulation...even closing bridges from escape. We helped.

The biggest barrier to victory is still the same....only 100% worse since they 'came out of the closet'. MSM. We still can not stop them from framing each issue and deciding what is news. I see that free Democrat ad each morning on my homepage. I hear that free Democrat ad each morning on ABC. I read that free Democrat ad on the front pages of the NYT and WaPo. It leaves a residue for the masses of only slightly interested voters. MSM still has the power regardless of how they get debunked.

But the #1 reason Repubs are in trouble has to do with the good Congressmen themselves. They have proven to be the most spineless, ineffective fighters in history (unless it is against the WH). I could pick out a dozen good Senators and that many good Reps. The rest? I would like to slap silly. They sat up there and LET the Dems trash every confirmation candidate for any office. They think that stink they allowed on Bush won't touch them? Even today, the fools have been handed the perfect Reid story. Do you hear them? You heard them over Foley, didn't you?

They make me ill because they seem to like their Dem buddies more than retaining the majority. I will Vote a Straight Ticket for them. No alternative. I use to split the ticket but that is just stupid in today's world. The Democrats are 1000% unhinged and border on treason.


I wonder if Cleo is aware of the damage to the stock market progress if dems regulate it to death and raise taxes.
To aspire to the middle class is a good thing. All that disappears with a dem victory. The recent Wal-mart suit guarantees less workers will be hired. We have the trial lawyers to thank for that.


Greed is not good. I have no problem with profit. I do object when criminals profit.

cleo nobody has a problem with that. What we detest is when that the Democrats have already decided who the criminals are... as in any big business that doesn't support them.. The Dems have put forth Neddlesome Lamont as a candidate, however he laid of 68% of his staff while taking home $565,000... criminal or hero? Looks like the dems see him as a hero, just because he's against the war... what hypocrites!


Hmmm... You ought to be able to calculate and see if there is an arbitrage between the prices on the political futures market and the S&P options at the Merc. The basic idea of the arbitrage is that you could buy the future of the Dems winning Congress on the Iowa markets, and then hedge your bet by simultaneously buying calls and selling puts on the Nov S&P options. Or if the arbitrage tells you that the political futures are overpriced, sell the Dems and sell the S&P synthetic. The idea is that whatever money you win/lose on the political bet will be made up for by the market moving in reaction to the expected economic effects. And so you identify the relative mispricing and make your profit there. Whether such an arbitrage exists would tell us whether the political futures markets are being manipulated. (Not to mention earning big money off of the manipulators.)

...wanders off muttering calculus...



Who is going to watch the Big Money guys when the push the profit envelope at the expense of safety for the public? Shall we
just trust that 'business will do the right thing?'?

First, did all the rules and regulations and tax laws suddenly disappear when the Republicans got power? Did Enron not disappear? Are fraud perpetrators not serving jail time (or dead?) Beware the flip side, though, Arthur Andersen, a fine company, was destroyed even though they did nothing wrong, just because of the fervor involved in prosecuting the sleazy Enron perpetrators.

Second, there is nothing wrong with pushing the profit envelope. In fact it's a good thing. Profit gets reinvested, it goes into research, it buys stuff and creates jobs. It creates new technologies.

Yes, it's a GOOD thing for oil companies to get huge profits, because it's the energy companies that are going to be the ones to get us out of this mess---not the Prius owners---simply for their OWN survival. But they need money to do it. Not to mention high profits now can make up for low profits during other periods.

The greed factor. Love it! Embrace it! It is human! It gives us our future!

Third, most of the businesses in America are not large scary corporations--there's a lopsided fear of bogeymen that's permeated the politics of the left for a long long time. I don't know where you live, but even when I lived in Manhattan, except for a stint at IBM, I worked for small companies.

Now I look around me and within a mile I'm surrounded by the small businesses which make up the majority of employers in America. Well, there's a bank, but there's a deli, a pizza place, a mechanic, a bicycle shop, a pet store, a construction company, a florist, the office of the owner of the apt complex, a card shop, an independent book store, a pharmacy, a Starbucks ::grin::, an antique shop, a used book store, a video rental, a used car lot, a health food store, an insurance adjustor, a few lawyers, a dentist, an optomitrist, a couple of small restaurants.......this is representative of much of the middle class in America and, yes, they benefited from the tax cuts!

Now let's get to the 'at the expense of safety for the public' bit. We do need watchdogs--not witchhunts. A clean environment is important, clean water, clean air, and I applaud the environment movement which has done a lot of a good. Yes I do. I'm glad OSHA exists. Yes I am.

And part of the push-pull I was talking about was 'Reduce your emissions of blah blah by such a percent by such and such a year' vs 'It costs too much, we'll have to let go a few employees, can you give us a little more time?'

That kind of tug rope is good.

But when certain groups become more radicalized and to maintain THEIR own existence their demands become ridiculous and they base them on unsound science, just to DO something, then I will no longer support them. Green groups who sue every company in sight to have their demands met simply cost the public too much money and are not worth the benefit they claim.

There is no mechanism outside of politics to assure that special interest groups, after their major demands are met, dissolve. Nope. To continue their existence they go off course and become more radical and lobby for more and more and more well beyond their sellby date. Or become bureaucratic and thus invest themselves only in their own continued existence.

(Here the NEA and NAACP come to mind.)

And this is what I was referring to when I said the left has gone too far. We need good idealistic people to say 'hey, wait a minute, what will happen to THIS guy if you do THAT?' But there has to be some intelligence involved too.

Basically, as I see it, the Republicans see the big picture and work for what is best overall for everybody. The Democrats see specific individuals who might be harmed on the way to everybody gaining.

I believe in safety nets, but if the net is spread too wide, the advances in overall well-being for everybody will suffer.

Two examples.

(1)textile workers in S.Carolina. Globalization and free trade is hurting individuals.

(a)Democrats answer: restrict free trade so these individuals don't lose thier jobs. Seems like a nice thing to do for THESE individuals.

(b)Republicans answer: sorry. Capitalism means that as the economy changes from manufacturing to service industries, some businesses will lose, but others will form. It is necessary to retrain these workers. Education and job training is key. We cannot stop the process because eventually everyone benefits from it.

See the push pull? Neither side is evil. One side takes the short term view, the other the long term view.

Refuse to unionize. Low pay for workers. Comes into a town and mom and pop stores disappear because they can't compete with the pricing.

(a)Democrats answer:
Raise the minimum wage, force Wal-Mart to pay higher wages and provide health care. Sue them for any perceived violation of any law at all. Harrass them until they go away.

(b)Republicans answer:
Leave Wal-Mart alone. They are successful because consumers want to buy there and people want to work there. The market tells us that. Wal-Mart has a great system of rewarding its employees with advancement within the company, the low-wage of any worker is only temporary. Many of these people might not be employed AT ALL if it weren't for Wal-Mart.

The mom and pop stores have to adapt or find another line of work. Making too many demands on Wal-Mart will force them to lay off employees and close stores. Wal-Mart, because of low prices, is a boon to the middle and lower classes.

And here I don't see push-pull at all. I see revenge and ignorance on the part of the left.

Oh good grief, this is getting way too long.

I'll stop now.


Since the Democratic control of the House and very likely the Senate is the common wisdom, is it possible for both sides to begin talking about a sea change from our current political atmosphere? Is it possible for Republicans to cease the "winner take all" mentality that has locked Dems out of the committees, the debate, the very process of governing but begin to listen to the ideas -- however repugnant they may be -- for signs of compromise, a new point of view? Is it possible for the Democrats to resist the overwhelming temptation to lock out the Republican congressmen out of revenge but rather listen to their ideas -- no matter how repugnant -- for a new point of view? Can it begin with us, the voters, to call and insist that these representatives get to work, stop bickering, stop campaigning, and start resolving the problems of our country?
I hope so, but the congress is not going to act much different than the people who elect them -- if, for example, the responses to my note here are overwhelmingly of the type "the dems don't DESERVE attention" and "we'll fight them to the DEATH" then I have little hope the congress will show more maturity and work together. If even a significant minority of responses here show hope, a determination to cooperate with the Dems and hope, a determination to encourage this incoming majority to cooperate as well, my faith for the country will soar.


a determination to cooperate with the Dems

Cooperation with insanity? Better it should self destruct in a spectacular fashion.

Uncle BigBad


"...Mehlman. Speaking to a small group of center-right journalists..."

Must have been a small group indeed. Wonder where he found them, and why can't we ever find "center-right" journalists.


Another reason never to trust a Democrat.
They not only know the money was stolen, The Party plans to keep the stolen money that was
sent to them. What a party, no morals, but they can create their ads in a church.


is it possible for both sides to begin talking about a sea change from our current political atmosphere? I


I wrestle with this constantly. After 2000 and the despicable acts of the left I was determined to never ever ever act that way.

As time goes on, with all the stuff they have pulled, I honestly believe the left is largely responsible for how hard this war has been including the deaths of many soldeirs. I'm sick of the lies and spin. Add to that Plame and now Foley and a host of other dirty tricks and at this point I find myself longing to return the favor.

I don't want to, I think that is the worst of me, but I really can't promise I will avoid the temptation.

And you know what? If dirty politics continues in the vein the dems have been playing, I can almost predict the end of the republic. I think it is that damaging.

I honestly feel that if we turn the other cheek, so to speak they will stomp over us with spur-lined boots.


Is it possible for Republicans to cease the "winner take all" mentality that has locked Dems out of the committees,

You are kidding right? Democrats are the minority on commitees because they are the minority in the House and Senate. Nobody is "locked out".

It's up to the Dems how they handle it.

JM Hanes


"There is no sadder plight than that of the idealist gone sour."

Sad plight? I don't think so; I'd go for adjectives like annoying, superficial, self-involved, useless.

Cynicism is easy. Idealism ain't for sissies.

JM Hanes


Don't stop now!


Isn't Syl great?

Sometime we have to have a discussion about how the weakening of the political parties and the power of seniority on the Hill has diminished the political process and run the Democrat party off the rails.


Et voila, a November Surprise:



Seems to me that even IF (its a big IF) the dems take control of both houses of congress, not even the lefty moonbats are predicting a take over large enough to get veto proof legislation. So we have an immobilized government for the next two years; and probably will be treated to the spectacle of democratic excesses--esp in the house if it goes dem. Bottom line in the worst case--nothing much happens any different from what is happening now. And we will be rid of those idiots Hastert and Frist.

Sara (Squiggler)

This is what really angers me, not illegals coming to help farmers bring in their crop. This kind of thing goes on every day here in California, whether reduced tuition or free health care.

Sit down and relax before reading this. Now, quietly digest the following sentence: If you are an illegal immigrant from Mexico you will pay $7,143 yearly tuition to attend UCLA but if you’re a taxpaying American citizen from Kansas you will pay $25,826 yearly tuition to attend that same university (Source: USA TODAY: “2006 College Tuition & Fees Survey”). That’s the difference between tuition for in-state residents and out-of-state residents in Kalifornia.

Why are people who are illegally in this country given lower tuition at taxpayer expense? You tell me. This is not right. In fact it is so “not right” that it isn’t even wrong. It is just patently absurd and borders on criminality. Yet it is law in Kalifornia and the courts have now upheld it.

Now let’s zip across the country to Washington, DC and see what federal law says about this:

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, an alien who is not lawfully present in the United States shall not be eligible on the basis of residence within a State (or a political subdivision) for any postsecondary education benefit unless a citizen or national of the United States is eligible for such a benefit (in no less an amount, duration, and scope) without regard to whether the citizen or national is such a resident.

— Title 8, Chapter 14, Sec. 1623

That seems pretty clear and easy to understand, doesn’t it? Well, read the next-to-last paragraph in the story below and see what Judge Warriner had to say about the above federal law. The Kalifornia law is an insult to every American citizen and this judge’s ruling is a mockery of justice. It is also a violation of federal law.

When will this arrogant lunacy end? It will end when WE THE PEOPLE decide we have had enough and we hold our government accountable for these bullshit laws and asinine courts. The revolution is coming. Get ready ....

Judge Upholds In-State Tuition For Illegal Immigrants Read it all.

Florence Schmieg

I am so furious right now I have to vent here. There is an article out in Philly that the FBI has raided Karen Weldon's house and that of some business associate as well. Reading down to the end they say that, lo and behold!! The request to investigate came from one single source and that was....drumroll....CREW and Melanie Sloane!! Scum!! I go on record that Curt Weldon is a very moral man. This is a witch hunt designed for him to lose his seat. So, let these scumball Democrats take control. Their poison will quickly ooze out for all to see. Rahm Emmanuel is a Clintonista whose dirty tricks are well known. Chuck Schumer is a sleaze. I usually post much more well reasoned things than this, but I could cry for my country and what is happening here this month. All to regain some power, to do what with, exactly?? I believe in God so I know that everyone will ultimately get their final judgment. People who use these tactics deserve to rot in hell. I'll calm down now.


I understand your anger at this invasion of property and the underhanded tactics of CREW. They should immediately lose their tax-exempt status if they have it. Also repubs should advertise that these sleazeball tactics are alive and well in Philly and dems are trying to throw the election. Make it a point to advertise furiously against Weldon's opponent and show the true despicable character of the dem campaign.

hit and run

jerry - you're 3 hours and 8 minutes late and a dollar short.

I questioned the timing FIRST!



What did Rick tell you?
I am sad to report to this community the reality of the ground situation in a northwestern bellwether county, Wood County Ohio. Despite our enthusiasm for recent polls and excitement in general it appears the republican early voting effort is far superior to ours.

Absentee Ballots have been going out for one week, and the Republican early voting turnout machine has proven superior to our best efforts. To date nearly 3,500 absentee ballots have been mailed out. 40% of which have been mailed to Republicans, 40% to undeclared and only 20% to Democrats.

Republicans have mailed multiple absentee registrations to all of their registered voters and have followed up with multiple robo-calls and human calls to ensure that their voters have turned in their early voting applications. Additionally there is evidence that they have reached beyond their republican base, and have targeted independents in a number of important swing precincts in Wood County.

Wood County has gone twice for Clinton and twice for Bush. Bush won Wood County by 3% points over Kerry. Wood County is a suburban to rural county south of Toledo Ohio and is an indicator of how well candidates will perform in very close races. Obviously Sherrod Brown is in a very tight race.

I'm a little worried. Okay a lot worried.


Passion minus brains and organization is not a winning formula in this world.


You areright on target today. Keep the posts coming.


That horrible woman got 26 months in jail - or something close to that.


I also conclude that Wood County will go for DeWine. It is where Bowling Grenn State University resides and it is a community of farmers and rural down to earth folk. It is no Hillary haven by any stretch of the imagination.

mark c.

As a 50 yr old, i remember sitting (stoned) in my high school classrooms and hearing virtually every current Democrat policy spouted as gospel by my teachers.Moral relativism, entitlement, abortion on demand, free love, the freakin' ERA etc.. this feels like a flashback. the only difference is that now i'm my parents. the Dems lose the nat'l level wars but seem to win the local battles. this has allowed them to rule via the judicial branch and congressional committee. we have to change this pattern or we're in for more of the same.

Rick Ballard

Dear PSMARC93,



Rick Ballard



Your response is not approved. :P How disappointing.

PSMarc reminds me of some men I've dated. hahahaha!!!

Cecil Turner

If even a significant minority of responses here show hope, a determination to cooperate with the Dems and hope, a determination to encourage this incoming majority to cooperate as well, my faith for the country will soar.

If you're the same PSMarc93 that wrote this:

Would that the Republican strategy to get votes was based on logic. It has always been based on hyperbole, dis-information and down right lies repeated to their base until that base believes them.
Then I admit to being less than sanguine over our prospects for working together harmoniously.

As to our elected representatives, it's worth noting the above, wherein the Dem representative suggests they're fighting a war on two fronts . . . in both cases against Republicans. (Maybe I'm old fashioned, but when someone proffers a war strategy on two fronts, I'd expect at least one of them to be against the enemy.) I don't plan on being overly receptive to that point of view, and in fact think I'd rather work to ensure your vision of the "incoming majority" doesn't come to fruition.

Rick Ballard

WRT Adam "Big Time Clymer" Nagourney's piece on the Reps pulling back from DeWine - the RNC is announcing a $1M statewide ad buy in OH.

The Times strikes again.

PS - Nagourney is also writing from fantasyland about CA-11. Pombo is doing just fine, thanks.


PSMARC93: If even a significant minority of responses here show hope, a determination to cooperate with the Dems and hope, a determination to encourage this incoming majority to cooperate as well, my faith for the country will soar.

To come to an "understanding," you have to understand something in the first place. Failing that, you are simply infatuated with baseless clichés. One shouldn't cooperate with something that doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

People at JOM apply their reason equally to all flavors of the political spectrum. If you buy can buy into such a fair process you'll see no room for and no reason to compromise.


Cecil:Maybe I'm old fashioned, but when someone proffers a war strategy on two fronts, I'd expect at least one of them to be against the enemy.)

Heh! I guess that makes me old-fashioned, too.


I'm feeling old-fashioned, too.


OT:Best piece on Nifong's outrageous behavior.




Very good.

I know people who have small businesses and they worry about things like tax hikes and regualtions and making payroll. Those are their concerns.

It seems that some of the richest people in America are socialists and I think the reason is why is that they just want to pay some taxes, increase the welfare check and be left alone to do as they please. But a bigger welfare check is not what the poor need, they need work.

Speaking of checks, those tax cuts must be doing the working people some good. I know working women with children who get back more money than they pay.


I take note of the timing of the FBI investigation into the Curt Weldon/daughter affair.

I also note that the CREW people are the ones who requested the FBI investigate.

Also I note that Soros funded organizations and Clinton backers are supporting the opposition candidate Joe Sestak.

From an exellent read today over at the Able Danger blog, you remember Able Danger don't you.


Among the contributors to the Sestak campaign are Mary McCarthy, the fired CIA officer believed to have leaked the story about so-called "secret CIA prisons," a news report that has yet to be substantiated — though the mainstream media would have you believe otherwise; Clinton National Security Adviser Sandy Berger, who pleaded guilty to stealing and destroying classified documents; and Clinton CIA Director John Deutch, who (see above) commissioned a panel to investigate the faulty intel estimate on missile defense in a vain attempt to head off the GAO probe. So thanks to Weldon, Deutch ended up with not one, but two investigations.

Berger also hosted a fundraiser for Sestak in the offices of Harold Ickes, a close associate of Hillary Clinton and billionaire George Soros. (See this column Will George Soros rule America?, October 2, 2006.) Speaking of which — Soros-funded websites are piling on Weldon and urging his defeat.


Jane, this ought to make you even happier!

http://www.nationalreview.com/york/york200502170843.asp>Soros Funded her Defense by Byron York


CREW - the non-profit Ethics experts helping Sandy Berger.


Here is Weldon calling out that non partisan non profit ahem, Ethics group ---sacrasm off ---

Tonight, I had the opportunity to hear Congressman Curt Weldon speak at Penn at an event sponsored by the Penn Israel Coalition (full disclosure: I am a PIC board member). The Congressman did not cancel his speaking engagement despite last night's headlines that he is purportedly under investigation by the FBI. The source of this investigation has so-far been kept anonymous. However, when I hear the word "anonymous," I usually become skeptical.

To my surprise, Congressman Weldon was quite open with his views as to why he is now front and center in the media only three weeks before the November elections. Weldon asserts that his sharp criticisms of the FBI, the CIA and other intelligence organizations have made them want to get back at him, namely by opening this investigation.

In my interview, Weldon alleges that the source of the news about him is Melanie Sloan, a former associate of John Conyers and Charles Schumer. She is currently the executive director of CREW. He also says that people such as Sandy Berger (former head of the NSA) and Mary McCarthy have donated to Sestak's campaign and are working to bring him down as revenge for his criticisms.

Video at this Blog


From same blog I linked above

So Clinton has tapped Joe Sestak — his White House defense policy adviser on the National Security Council — to run against Weldon. Yes, that NSC — the same one that encouraged President Clinton to resist any effort for a meaningful missile defense.


http://www.breitbart.com/news/2006/10/16/D8KPV9KG0.html>Reid to Reimburse Campaign for Donations

Let's see if this goes anywhere!

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid has been using campaign donations instead of his personal money to pay Christmas bonuses for the support staff at the Ritz-Carlton where he lives in an upscale condominium. Federal election law bars candidates from converting political donations for personal use.

I won't get my hopes up...


On Cavuto, Dick Morris predicted a Dem landslide. Whew! Reps can breath easy now. The number of times Morris has been right about anything can be counted on the fingers of...........one finger? Two?


Jane, this ought to make you even happier!

Put Soros in jail too. That sentence was a travesty!

And the Reid story continues to get no play. Uber liberal google buys youtube. Sheesh ! We have so much work in front of us!


I am certain, just certain the non-partisan non-profit Ethics watchdog were doing their ethics dog watching and months ago pleaded with the DOJ and FBI to launch an investigation into the truck load of shady deals Reid and his lobbing sons have for years engaged in along with all the other ethically challenged campaign contributions and his Abramoff dealings right?

Because CREW says they are ethical and non-partisan and that's how they get to be a non-profit and as great as CREW is, don't tell me they MISSED this?



Initiative proponents should crack down on such abuses and practice better disclosure of who finances their efforts. Liberal groups such as the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center rail against "conservative millionaires dumping money into states they know nothing about" in order to qualify antitax measures. But BISC has been funded in part by George Soros, one of several liberal billionaires who are actively trying to conceal exactly where their donations are going. The Washington Post reports Democracy Alliance, a group of some 100 top Democratic donors, has recently directed over $50 million to liberal groups but only if they promise to shield the identity of donors. The public would benefit from more disclosure by all parties.



Info on Royal Alexander (no relation) the Chief of Staff of Rodney Alexander who was the gent who discussed the emails with Simkus

Royal Alexander (B.A. ‘90 Political Science) has been on the road back to Washington, D.C. ever since he attended Dr. Bill Pederson’s Washington Semester in the late 80s. After graduating from LSUS, he worked as a legislative assistant for U.S. Congressman Clyde C. Holloway (R-LA) in Washington from 1990-93. He received his J.D. from Oklahoma City University School of Law (OCU) in 1996. He was a member of Law Review; represented OCU law school in the Benton National Moot Court Competition in Chicago, and also served on the Moot Court Board. He then clerked for U.S. District Judge Rebecca F. Doherty in Lafayette and later served as an associate attorney in the Shreveport office of the statewide law firm of Jeansonne & Remondet. In 2003 he became an administrative law judge for Louisiana and maintained a private law practice with the Shreveport firm of Smith & John. In August 2004 it was back to Washington to serve as chief of staff for U.S. Rep. Rodney Alexander (R-LA). Alexander said, “I think often and fondly of my years at LSUS and feel I greatly benefited from the liberal arts education and experiences I received. I was a conscientious student and my professors were committed to my education and demanding in their expectations of me. I am deeply grateful to Drs. Bill Pederson, Milton Finley and Sura Rath for the individual time and attention they gave me. I am also proud of the direction Chancellor Vince Marsala has provided LSUS.”

JM Hanes


"Since the Democratic control of the House and very likely the Senate is the common wisdom, is it possible for both sides to begin talking about a sea change from our current political atmosphere?"

When the only fully articlulated item on Nancy Pelosi's generic laundry list is investigating the current Adminstration and hauling them in to testify at backward looking Congressional hearings, I'm not at all sure things won't get worse, before they get better.

Ignoring ideology for the moment, I believe a huge part of the problem has been that Democrats don't know how to function as a minority party, and that the very tactics which allowed Republicans' to be effective in that role, don't serve as well when you gain the majority. To accomplish anything as a minority requires extraordinary discipline, cohesion, and unwavering focus on a specific, limited set of objectives. You do your compromising in the back room, and you come out swinging. Democrats have never really had to learn how to do this, and watching them respond with concerted obstructionism and theatrical accusations ad nauseum instead has been both painful and worrisome.

Democrats (and the media as well) have always mistaken the lockstep Republican tactic for rigid lockstep thinking. In reality, the Republican party has long been a coalition which includes a much wider spectrum of political perspectives than the opposition supposes. It shouldn't be surprising that such ideological splits became more apparent once majority power allowed the party to broaden its agenda. The media, in particular, attach considerable significance to what they interpret as fracturing, when Republicans are really just doing their squabbling in public now. Such arguments could certainly have serious political consequences, but the basic internal faultines have always existed.

I say this as what I suppose can now be called a Giuliani Republican (at last, that which could not be named, is named!). I once devoted a day to taking every political quiz I could google up to see if I could establish where I really land on the political map, and I consistently came up left of center, yet I'm a Republican. I've always been willing to vote for a Democrat if I think he is a qualitatively better choice than the candidate offered up by my own side -- which, ironically given current Dem attitudes toward my region, almost every southern Republican I know has done at one point or another. Yet despite the fact that I'm probably further removed ideologically from some of the conservatives posting here than I am from centrist Dems, I've found folks far more willing to engage intellectually with (and than) their opposites.

You'll find ad hominems everywhere, of course, but I get a lot less flak for deviating from standard orthodoxy here than I ever did on more "liberal" or even more putatively neutral sites. I point all this out as context for my own belief that Democrats are in total denial of their own divisiveness, though whether hypocritically or genuinely so, I hate to guess. I'd have thought they'd be too embarassed to keep complaining that "Bush promised to be a uniter, not a divider," but apparently not.

At the political level, I'd be perfectly willing to listen to the Democrats, if they were actually willing to commit themselves to something. Democratic leadership's refusal to define a substantive alternative to current policy and operations in Iraq, for example, along with their deliberately ambiguous stance on virtually every issue of importance, represents a massive betrayal of both their constituents and the nation. Should the show trials they've promised commence on their presumed return to power, the Democratic half of the country will pay a high price yet again as their leadership is returned to the minority position they've earned.


Anon says:

"""Well, of course you liked Give-'em-hell Harry. After all, he incinerated all those evil yellow people to defend your 'way of life.'
Posted by: anonymous"""

Actually FDR killed far more Japanese (What you term yellow people), and Truman saved millions of Japanese lives by ending the war much faster then a conventional land invasion would have taken.

Keep posting Anon, you sure make a great argument for Liberal ignorance.


I'd have thought they'd be too embarassed to keep complaining that "Bush promised to be a uniter, not a divider," but apparently not.

Telling, isn't it, JM?


At the political level, I'd be perfectly willing to listen to the Democrats, if they were actually willing to commit themselves to something.

I fall slightly right of center, in the libertarian portion of the political map. I was the coveted undecided voter. I had never voted a straight ticket until 2004. I walked in, marked straight party ticket...republican...and walked out. And I haven't changed my mind since then.

The county I live in is democratic, at the local level. Never has a republican come close to beating a local democrat. Until 2004. It would seem I wasn't the only one voting straight party ticket in 04.

Until I see something on the national level that indicates they want me, the moderate voter, back, I will continue to vote republican.


The atomic bombs dropped on Japan killed apprx 215,000...but prior to that Japan had lost 1.6 Million.

So Truman did the people of Japan and the United States a great service, ending the war in just a week.

Anon, read a book.


My perfect president would be Guiliani. Love him. I would just have to practice spelling his name correctly.

I luuuurved Geraghty this morning, on Glenn Reynold's list:

Schiavo’s a long time back; it’s a shame that a terrible division between a woman’s husband and her parents had to be fought on the national stage, and in the political arena. I can almost resent the players in that domestic drama for bringing it beyond the confines of Oprah, but I suppose if I felt that my loved one was going to be executed – or, alternately, kept alive against her wishes – I’d turn to anyone I could to help me do what was right – be it the government at any level, judges, or Congress.

Harriet Miers? Eh, all’s well that ends well. Justice Alito. Eyes on the prize, man.

Dubai Ports World? The administration’s approach seemed a lot more “ham-handed” when New York Democrats and their allies in the media defined the issue from the beginning with some outright lies – i.e., the UAE would be handling security for the ports. What’s the line – “a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots on”? A lot of bloggers bought into it, as well, with everyone and their brother sought to be hawkier-than-thou. (“I wouldn’t even allow UAE citizens to enter a U.S. port! If I were in charge, I wouldn’t even allow a UAE citizen to think about a U.S. port!”)

As for the cartoon jihad, I don’t know if I was as disappointed in the intestinal fortitude of the GOP as compared to say, the New York Times, which illustrated its news stories on the controversy with file photos of the Madonna-in-dung painting. The only guys above the rank of blogger who rose to the occasion in all that were the few papers that ran the cartoons and Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Again, I’m not sure focusing your anger on the GOP really moves the ball in any particularly conservative direction.

Immigration? Again – the GOPers most at risk this year are the Rick Santorums of the World, the House GOP majority, the ones who held the line on an amnesty bill. Folks angry about illegal immigration who stay home will ensure a pro-amnesty House, a pro-amnesty majority in the Senate, and a president eager to sign a big beyond-a-fence bill as part of his legacy.

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