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October 25, 2006


Other Tom

I saw an article earlier today quoting a Venezuelan official as saying that Venezuela was abandoning its bid for the Security Council, and instead would allow Bolvia to serve as the compromise choice. Bolivia is not much better a choice than Venezuela insofar as policy is concerned, although they certainly don't rant and rave like Chavez. Does anyone have any idea whether Bolivia would get the necessary votes? My uninformed guess is that it would.


As far as I'm concerned, the UN is already an mockery.


If only we can get Chavez (and Ahmadinejad) back to speak at the UN next week, the US election could yet be saved. The last time they came, Pres. Bush got a 3 to 5 point boost in the polls.

Gary Maxwell


You have written wise in the past on many occasion but never as brilliantly as this:

Too late!

Gary Maxwell

BTW the informed consensus choice will likely be Costa Rica. Bolivia is run by a Chavez wanna be and is not going to get in, period.

Rick Ballard

Costa Rica or Peru would get my vote. Of course, a faster demolition of the UN would be my first preference but that is a little contrary to the virtue of patience. I'd love to see Oscar Arias Sanchez back on stage at the UN but he's tied up being President of Costa Rica again.


It is imperative that we free ourselves from dependence on Venezuelan oil. I no longer buy CITGO gas. Open up the Artic for drilling. It's a twofer; Jobs for Alaskans and energy independence. When repubs win on Nov.7th it should be the first order of business.
OT From the other thread ,I agree with Rick Ballard's analysis of the House seat elections.


Costa Rica wants Clinton and his World Bank deal. Bush wants them to sell off socially owned government businesses.

It's a temporary seat and goes to those who have not had it before, Costa Rica lobbied heavily to become a Security Council temporary Member. Chavez's beliefs are Christian and that should not keep a country off the Security Coucil. The UN is basically atheist and this costs them in representation.


Only if you mean Medieval Christian with a strikingly idiotic view of economics, Tia. Run out and get yourself a copy of "The Perfect Latin American Idiot".


Funny I thought those guys would have already got their ducks in a row for the UN seat at the recent non-aligned conference they held recently


More fun in Paris!

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061025/ap_on_re_eu/france_suburban_violence_1>Immigrant youths march through Paris

Maybe the UN should send troops into France.

Dilain noted that not a single government minister attended the opening this month of a high-profile photo exhibit of life in Clichy-sous-Bois. "No one. No one. No one came," he said.

Azouz Begag, the government minister for equal opportunities, warned against saying nothing has changed since the riots.

"Then the message will be that you can break France," he told reporters. "If you want fire, there will be fire."

I'm betting on France burning before this is over!


The Pope got a lot of grief for his lecture at the University of Regensburg in Germany on September 12th, 2006.
Forgotten by the MSM is a response by some 38 Muslim scholars.

Now if only all Muslims believed the same.


Mockery,as in Nunnery?

Patrick R. Sullivan

Thanks to Greg Mankiw we know there's good money at stake:

' We find that a country’s U.S. aid increases by 59 percent and its U.N. aid by 8 percent when it rotates onto the council. This effect increases during years in which key diplomatic events take place (when members’ votes should be especially valuable) and the timing of the effect closely tracks a country’s election to, and exit from, the council. Finally, the U.N. results appear to be driven by UNICEF, an organization over which the United States has historically exerted great control.'


Stop October Surprises has an update.

HRC admits it was one of theirs, says it was one person acting alone.


HRC admits it was one of theirs, says it was one person acting alone.

I'd bet a week's pay that's not true.


In fact we know that Trandahl is on the board of directors.


cue theme from Mickey D's

Crew v1.0

Since we're discussing Chavez and the members of his ever-diminishing playgroup, how is Evo Morales doing in the eyes of the Bolivian public? MSM is ever mindful of approval ratings... Er, not so great. Segun EFE, "...La popularidad del mandatario cocalero [Evo Morales] bajó por quinto mes consecutivo en octubre, al situarse en 50 por ciento frente al pico máximo del 81 por ciento que tenía en mayo, según un sondeo divulgado hoy."

Go figure!

Warmongering Lunatic

And in Ecuador, the Chavezite Correa is trailing badly in the polls. Noboa, off his surprise placing of first (instead of third) in the first round, is now showing a sixteen-point lead.


At first I was unclear, did the devil make the Bush Administration attack Iraq?

Then I decided that behind the lies, the devil actually did make the White House attack Iraq.


yes, jerry. Because Saddam was on the side of the Angels.


--Because Saddam was on the side of the Angels.---

And the people who laid beneath gas balloons? AMOR Y ALABANZA! I m sure.


The quiz up now on the right asks who has the better network programming this season; ABC, NBC, CBS, or FOX. The great thing about this quiz is that it made me realize I can't honestly name a single solitary show on any of them, because I'm so much more interested in gluing my eyes to this blog every day. Thanks for providing such a way more entertaining and educational alternative. Just One Minute my arse. It ought'a be named Just One Decade.


oh! i can't wait to see a thread started on this!

i wonder what tangled web of ties and lies the crack investigative team here will be unable to uncover in the next few days.


Go! Team! Go!

Dan S

"The quiz up now on the right asks who has the better network programming this season; ABC, NBC, CBS, or FOX."

What's network programming? I only know internetwork programming.

I'm with those that hold that the U.N. is already a joke in poor taste. We should stay in, cut our contributions to our share based on our percentage of the world's population and find them a nice place for a newer safer building in, say... hmm... drawing a blank... no, wait, Antartica!



I am in email swap with the operator of the SOS blog sending him some data for comment.

He concurs with the data I presented with one exception.

As TS9 proposed he is not local to the Royal Oak area. That was presented to allow him to show the SSP blog owner that he had identified something about them.

He characterizes the Pronto in Royal Oak as a known LGBT hangout that the SSP blogger is known to frequent.

He also confirms he has been contacted by the FBI as I speculated.


Follow up

He will neither confirm nor deny Zack as being the SSP blogger.

He says real soon now


Saddam was not on the side of the angels, but his embassador to the US was and that's why he's not free like Dr.WMD.

Angels are humans with wings and things............that's a creation of Satan.


Thanks, Slim Guy!
Keep us posted.
Yes, I noticed yesterday that Prontos was a gay bar. That's what made me think it was a hint rather than a real invitation.
I can't wait to hear more!

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