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October 30, 2006



KC Johnson is the conscience of Durham.


I wasn't sure exactly the demeanor of the speaker when the "go ahead, put marks on me" was said.

I mean, was she reenacting a bad time or just beginning a conspiracy.


It’s hard to determine who gets the prize for sleaziest democrat prosecutor:

Mike Nifong
Ronnie Earl

I understand TM is trying to sway the jury in Nifong’s favor, but we need to remember Nifong’s act of prosecutorial sleaze was a crime of opportunity. Earl, on the other hand, was premeditatedly sleazy.

Earl still has my vote.

Paul L.

I posted this over at QandO
Linda Fairstein knows all about railroading a rape suspect.

I can not believe ABC news got Linda Fairstein to comment on a rape case. She is the last person on earth who can comment on a rape case with any authority.

Her victim, Oliver Jovanovic is currently suing NY for malicious prosecution and abuse of process and violation of his federal constitutional rights.

Read the opinion here overturning the claim of prosecutor immunity.

And this is an EXPERT to the media.


Nifong or Earl? At least the Duke lacrosse team is still in the game. Can't say that for Delay, who is pretty much watching from the sidelines.

Gary Maxwell

There is still a hope in my heart that Durham voters will do the right thing and act to deny this pandering prosecutor the free lunch that he so desperately craves. Sold his soul for 24 pieces od silver.

If he will do this railroad job on folks that have the means and the wits to defend themselves what might he do to a poor black defendant that has no access to competent counsel or enough resources to fight back adequately. This guy gives all prosecutors a bad name. For that alone, judges and attorneys in NC should be livid. Will he ultimately get his just reward? In my mind that would be sanctions and disbarment. I highly doubt that outcome, and unfortunately only because he picked the right political party ticket to run on.

Geek, Esq.

Well, Tom DeLay is a crook, so Nifong wins this contest by a mile. He should be disbarred.


This needs to be stopped now! If there is not any federal oversight over this kind of sloppy prosecution, the public will lose all faith in the justice system (although it is certainly being tested with the illegal immigrant problem).


It needs to be stopped. all right but the Bar association the state judiciary and the voters bear the responsibility, not the feds.


C'mon Clarice. There must be some way this whole thing can be attributed to the DNC, Howard Dean or even Bill Clinton?



Well, I just can't imagine that the Federal has no control over this - ie, no oversight at all - but if that is true, the state judiciary is the only hope. The voters can only perform after the fact. Again, justice should be paramount!


Perhaps one can find some civil rights statute that would apply, but this is essentially a state issue and it is for the state to resolve. And if they don't I hope they end up having to pay a lot for their cowardice.



They are reporting on Fox that the defendants may bring suit against Nifong for violation of civil rights.

They are also reporting (Neo's demeanor questions} that the victims was drunk when she made the comment.


Clarice is right, Deagle. The feds have nothing to do with this now.

There may be a later federal civil suit available under 28 USC 1983, but that would be a very difficult suit to win.

Best way to get rid of this now is reject Nifong in the election. Probably not likely, though.

This guy Nifong has zero character IMNSHO.

Gary Maxwell

IN case some did not click the link to KC Johnson or even if you did but did not read all the way to the comments I found a post from Professor James Coleman there that responds to one of the dunces ( Grant Farred ) that teach at Duke ( and one of the group of 88 ). It should not matter but Professor Coleman is a black man and is clearly outraged by Farred fawned use of racism in this flawed abortion of justice. Here is his response:

Your editorial about the recent "60 Minutes" report mischaracterizes both what the district attorney's role has been in the Duke lacrosse rape case and why some of us have criticized him. Like much of the media hype that has surrounded the case, your editorial turns the case into an ugly caricature by suggesting that the decision to prosecute the Duke students was made by a valiant prosecutor on a white horse who is defending a helpless black woman who "ranks near the bottom of society." That is what the prosecutor also suggested when he told a largely African-American audience that he personally would protect "this black girl" from the hooligans at Duke. I find that characterization of the case offensive and patronizing. Why do you say the accuser is "near the bottom of society?" She is an apparently talented student and mother who dances to support herself and her child. She is a woman, not a "black girl." Trying to make this case about race and class has done a great disservice to Durham. From the start, it should have been handled as just an alleged rape that had to be investigated and prosecuted if the evidence warranted it. As someone who has criticized Nifong's handling of the case, I have not called for him to dismiss it; rather, I have suggested only that a special prosecutor be appointed who can make the kind of disinterested decisions about the case that Nifong has shown himself incapable of making. If the case goes to trial, it should be based on the strength of the evidence against the defendants, rather than as a convenient way to shift responsibility for ending what now appears to be a highly questionable prosecution to a judge or jury.

October 20, 2006


Hard to disagree with Coleman


Dale In Atlanta says:
hrtshpdbox: you're angry, because you stated something demonstrably WRONG, with no experience, practical knowledge, nor expertise to back it up!

I called you on it, proved you are wrong, so GET OVER IT, and MOVE ON!

That's the part that burns you!


I'm not refighting the "fight" again!

As my daddy taught me: "you can wrestle with a pig in the mud, but the only thing tha happens is, the Pig enjoys it, and you get dirty"!

You've been SERVED pal, move on, and find someone/thing to obsess on!

If you're going to do this, everytime you LOSE, you're going to have a long, and chaotic life....

Posted by: Dale in Atlanta | October 30, 2006 at 05:02 AM

I'm not angry, I'm laughing at you. You think you've "proven" that the French riots are not partly a response to the French racistly maintaining an underclass? You imagine that, by portraying one side of an argument (and, truly, a side that all rational people disagree with) and throwing a lot of personal insults in (and you don't even know me - your actual personal relatioships must be a doozy!), that you've "won"? Please. You care not a whit about the distinction between opinion and fact (you spout the former, but declare the latter), and your favorite stance appears to be that of the schoolyard bully. Look, I've lived in Europe, I've seen it with my own eyes, but there's just no debating with a person whose immediate inclination is to rant and belittle. I'll move on, alright, but for posterity's sake I'll reprint the exchange, so that anyone who's interested in the compelling nuances of superior logic can revel in the Great Smackdown you're so proud of.

That's what you get, when you try to talk nice to the enemy!
Actually, I think it's more what you get when you're a deeply bigoted and elitist nation like France who can't, unlike the United States, assimilate minorities into their culture.
Posted by: hrtshpdbox | October 21, 2006 at 05:07 AM

hrtshpdbox: I'm not going to call you a leftist or liberal, I don't know in fact, nor do I care.

I am going to say, that the below statement is categorically naive, and 100% WRONG!

You can argue with Bob, all you want, and tell him he doesn't know what he is talking about!

You're going to have a MUCH harder time, telling ME that, because I've lived in the Middle East, on an off, for the past 30 years, went to University there, speak Arabic, have studied Islam and the Koran intently, was in the Marine Corps and an Intelligence analyst, SPECIALIZING in Fundalmentalist Islam, for the past 20 years; have been ATTEMPTING to Educate the Politicians, Intelligence Agencies, and Military, on the threat Posed by Islam for almost as long, ad naseum.....

IN FACT, I just GOT OFF THE PHONE, with a high-ranking Military Officer, who called me on the WEEKEND, to seek my advice on a particular issue, related to Islam; NO MORE DETAILS provided!

So, you may pound away a Bob, but you'll have a harder time with me!

No, but they weren't the natural end-result of Muslim-ism either.

Why yes they were; just ask them! Or ask their ideological bretheren, in the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Takfir wal Hijra, GIA, etc.! According to them, they ARE true Muslims, and everyone else is Apostates!

It's a complete fallacy, to pass this off to poverty, or US policy or whatever! ATTA and his hijack mates, were all educated, with degrees, and decidedly upper-middle class! NOT POOR!

This is a ONE THOUSAND YEAR OLD Theological Movement, WITHIN Islam, called the SALAFIYYAH!

I'm not doing the work for you; you Google it, or go to the "Wiki", and educate yourself; me, I've been studying it for TWENTY years, before almost ANYONE else even knew about it!

They were extremists and terrorists who subverted the Koran for decidedly non-religious purposes.

The are NOT extremist and terrorists; they consider themselves as extremely good Muslims, and they have the support of the vast majority of the Dar-es-Islam!, as opposed to us, the Dar-es-Harb! Again,I'm not doing the work for you, you Google those, and educate yourself!

My point of view is that most Muslims (and, particularly, most American Muslims) are moderates, even if they don't condemn the extremists within their ranks loudly enough.

From the Movie "Ray" "...scratch a liar, find a thief...."

From Dale: "...scratch a Muslim, find a Salafiyyah...."

Not a 100% true, but close enough!
NOT ALL Muslims ARE terrorists.
NOT ALL Muslims ARE murderers!

But, ALL Muslims, ARE Fundalmentalists, if they are NOT, they cannot be considered Muslims!

ALL Muslims, believe in the supremancy of THEIR religion, over any others...

ALL Muslims believe that non-Muslims are Apostates...

ALL Muslims believe that EVENTUALLY, ALL non-Muslims HAVE to convert to Islam; because that's What the Koran does say...

Now, some don't believe, that they have to KILL all non-Muslims, to get them to convert; but ALL Muslims, IF they are "good" Muslims, believe that it is inevitable, and desirable, and DESTINED to happend; because Koran, and Muhammed SAID it was so!

To DENY it, makes you an Apostate!

PS: don't quote GWB on Islam; he doesn't have a clue; he says what his political advisors tell him to say on the subject, to be POLITICALLY CORRECT!

It IS, the wrong approach, by the way, dreadfully wrong; we have to call them out, for what they are, and to quit coddling them...pure and simple!
Posted by: Dale in Atlanta | October 21, 2006 at 12:37 PM

PS: don't quote GWB on Islam; he doesn't have a clue; he says what his political advisors tell him to say on the subject, to be POLITICALLY CORRECT!
You've spent a lot of time in the Middle East, so you opinion is the only valid one - you know. Fine, Muslims are all terrible, Bush is clueless, whatever. Fact remains, your screed aside, that the French riots are more about failures of the French than about Muslims. And that the U.S. doesn't have those problems because of how our system is able to absorb immigrants into all levels of society. Which is a good thing, and one of the primary reasons that the U.S. is such a great nation.
Posted by: hrtshpdbox | October 21, 2006 at 11:00 PM

France HAS a problem, just like Britain, because they ARE Muslims; and radicalized Muslims.

Granted, despite Europe claiming, and the Leftist Media, Hollywood and Academics supporting the bogus claim, that Europe is "sophisticated" and "civilized" and "progressive" and not "racist", and has "culture", and all that horse hockey; for people who have actually BEEN there, the truth has never BEEN that. I've been visiting, and traveling to, and stationed in Europe since the mid-60's; and the problems with Pakistanis, if you weren't blind, was easily predicable for Britain back then, with the Turks in Germany back then, and with the North Africans in France since then, and the North Africans in Spain since the 1980's, because the Spanish, smarter than the rest, kept them out until then!

The problem thus in Europe, IS the Muslim populations, AND the fact that Europe is MORE racist, more Socially stratified, more class conscious, and more Caste rigid Than the United States!

But, they WOULD'T be having these troubles, IF their massive immigrant populations WERE, instead of Muslims, Chinese, or Indians!

DISTANCE, and the fact that OUR Muslim population, ONLY amounts to about 1.5%; instead of the 5% - 10% in some of the European countries.

Additionally, we have a thriving economy, Europe's has been stagnant for two decades, and more importantly, because of our economy, we're not attracting MUSLIMS, so much as high-tech Chinese, Indians, Europeans etc., and of course Farm Laborers from south of the Border.

In Europe, with a very comparatively small hi-tech sector, the majority of Muslim immigrates, are going there because of Factory Work, and Social Welfare, and menial jobs; but the distance, and the difference in the LEVEL or "quality" of the immigrants, makes a difference, as well as the ability of the countries involved, to economically absorb them.

But make NO mistake, the problems that France has had, with it's sattelite slums of Muslims, HAS everything to do, with the the fact that they ARE Muslims!

If you want any proof at all, then take a look in the Chinese, Indian, West African populations in France and Britain, and Germany, Holland, Denmark and Sweden (all places they are having "problems" with Muslims), and despite all the obstacles I've outlined above, they are NOT HAVING those problems with those communities!

Hmmmmmm, I wonder why?

So, despite YOUR Screed, you have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about!

I love it, I have to fry people like you all the time; the ONLY experience and knowledge you have on ANY subject, is the two week Spring Break Trip you took to Cancun, and when you were drunk, you got yourself into a background video of "Girls Gone Wild". But now, thanks to Google and Wiki, you're an expert on EVERYTHING, when you have no knowledge or Expertise at all, of which you pontificate!

I love it!

This is just the latest PROOF, that you know NOT of which you speak:


hrtshpdbox: before you post AGAIN, I need you to actually EXPERIENCE something, or Educate yourself, before you put up more Personal opinion, instead of FACT!

I'm going to do all your thinking and work for you; read this one article if you THINK we have NO problems with "our" Muslim population; it's only because they haven't hit "critical" mass yet; but when they hit that magical 5% of the population, we're in trouble! I can't tell you more on the subject, because it's Classified; but if you're not intellectually lazy, you'll be able to ferret more out about it, using your Google:


TS9 & Bob, etc.: it's just best to ignore the "Anon", and the other Leftists.

Anon is so busy applying Clearasil, and hand-lotion, while giggling maniacally to himself like the teenager he is "....he he he....you said "BUSH"....he he he..." I'm surprised he can still type, with his fingers slipping off the keyboard like that....
Posted by: Dale in Atlanta | October 22, 2006 at 07:46 AM

I love it, I have to fry people like you all the time; the ONLY experience and knowledge you have on ANY subject, is the two week Spring Break Trip you took to Cancun, and when you were drunk, you got yourself into a background video of "Girls Gone Wild".
Oh, I see, I didn't get it; you're intemperate and delusional. No sense trying to make sense, under those conditions. Thanks, I'll steer clear of you from now on.
Posted by: hrtshpdbox | October 22, 2006 at 08:38 AM

" Oh, I see, I didn't get it; you're intemperate and delusional. No sense trying to make sense, under those conditions. Thanks, I'll steer clear of you from now on.

Posted by: hrtshpdbox

No Sandbox, or whatever your name is; I'm not "intemperate" nor "delusional"; and please notice, you did NOT address the FACTS that I posted, that completely deconstructed your nonsense!

You want to come and post your OPINION; fine, that's your right, and it's Tom's board!

But don't attack other posters here, with your OPINIONS, which are CLEARLY wrong, and based only upon your ...."interpretations"; then tell the OTHER posters, they are WRONG; when you have NO facts, NO experience, and NO knowledge of what you speak!

I'm not "intemperate" and not "delusional", but I do NOT tolerate "Google" and "Wiki" EXPERTS, especially when they have NOTHING to back them up, EXCEPT that, AND they ARE WRONG!

Please do steer clear of me; I've undressed you in public, and it's not a pretty sight!

From now on, if you post YOUR OPINION, label it as Such, and then IF I disagree, I'll say, "well....that's an interesting Opinion, but I disagree..."

Otherwise, please do avoid me, I don't want to deconstruct you again; it's not a pleasant experience for you, I can tell!

Posted by: Dale in Atlanta | October 22, 2006 at 09:45 AM

Otherwise, please do avoid me, I don't want to deconstruct you again; it's not a pleasant experience for you, I can tell!
Yeah, you really "deconstructed" me, with your caps-on diatribes. You're pretty much just an all-around embarrassment to this board, aren't you?
Posted by: hrtshpdbox | October 22, 2006 at 11:53 AM

hrtshpdbox: I'm not the one posting fallacies and opinion as FACT, and then, when PROVEN WRONG, starts to whine about it.....

Please, post more, I enjoy DECONSTRUCTING nonsense from "Google" experts like you....

Posted by: Dale in Atlanta | October 22, 2006 at 02:18 PM


Oh dear.

Gary Maxwell

WTF? Jerry Peragine, did you expect anyone to read that? I can guarantee you I wont and I am betting that most if not all do what I did, scroll down, scratch their head and then either laugh or sigh ( or both). You should really look at some other hobbies. Regardless of whatever you found offensive, it just one blog commenters opinion. But you may convince at lot of us to share it if you continue acting like this...


I didn't read it, but I did notice a lot of exclamation points!


Wow! Did I miss a post here...? Sounds like a Muslim uprising.

Gary Maxwell

Back on topic. I found another commenter that claims the Duke professors ( group of 88 ) has had an apparently unintended effect. Apparently Duke students are registering to vote in unprecedented numbers. If that is in fact true, it cant be anything other than a Maalox moment for Nodong. I know it merely a commenter offhand comment and not supported by any evidence, but if true it would be irony to the Nth degree. And given all the blue armbands and "Innocent" t-shirts, I think it safe to say that Nifong is not going to carry the Duke vote, professors not withstanding. Can students vote in sufficient enough numbers to neutralize the black voters that will fall for the pandering? If he is defeated look at voting numbers in Duke precincts.


Is there anyone running against NiFong? I understood that he is essentially running unopposed. In this case, he can circumvent the law to increase his political chances of election. Just who prevents this kind of manipulation?

Black Jack

Mike Nifong gets my vote for sleaziest democrat prosecutor. At least, Ronnie Earl, as corrupt as he is, picked on an adult, while Nifong is twisting the law to railroad college kids.



Unfortunately, this can not prevent an abuse of the justice system! Heaven help us...we are going downhill fast...


Man - that was worse than anonymous.....


Based on Geek, self-described "Esq."'s track-record on the Plame fizzle, his/her declaration of Tom Delay being a crook clears the Texan totally.

Nifong is running neck & with Earle.



Interesting... Within the hour, some leftist has hit me with a virus email (not that it can get through)... Mercy, the left hates so...



Geek's comments speak for themselves...once a geek, always a geek...(must be a synonym for rabid leftist Democrat)... Oh well, everybody has to have their belief system, right or wrong.... I prefer logic, but that seems to be a precious commodity in some arenas....


Geek is bitterly despondent over the Lamont debacle


Can I take from that that the Muslim's are for or against the Nifong Prosecution effort? Help me out here please, cause like whoever wrote that I'm drunk as a fart tonight also.

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