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October 30, 2006



KC Johnson is the conscience of Durham.


I wasn't sure exactly the demeanor of the speaker when the "go ahead, put marks on me" was said.

I mean, was she reenacting a bad time or just beginning a conspiracy.


It’s hard to determine who gets the prize for sleaziest democrat prosecutor:

Mike Nifong
Ronnie Earl

I understand TM is trying to sway the jury in Nifong’s favor, but we need to remember Nifong’s act of prosecutorial sleaze was a crime of opportunity. Earl, on the other hand, was premeditatedly sleazy.

Earl still has my vote.

Paul L.

I posted this over at QandO
Linda Fairstein knows all about railroading a rape suspect.

I can not believe ABC news got Linda Fairstein to comment on a rape case. She is the last person on earth who can comment on a rape case with any authority.

Her victim, Oliver Jovanovic is currently suing NY for malicious prosecution and abuse of process and violation of his federal constitutional rights.

Read the opinion here overturning the claim of prosecutor immunity.

And this is an EXPERT to the media.


Nifong or Earl? At least the Duke lacrosse team is still in the game. Can't say that for Delay, who is pretty much watching from the sidelines.

Gary Maxwell

There is still a hope in my heart that Durham voters will do the right thing and act to deny this pandering prosecutor the free lunch that he so desperately craves. Sold his soul for 24 pieces od silver.

If he will do this railroad job on folks that have the means and the wits to defend themselves what might he do to a poor black defendant that has no access to competent counsel or enough resources to fight back adequately. This guy gives all prosecutors a bad name. For that alone, judges and attorneys in NC should be livid. Will he ultimately get his just reward? In my mind that would be sanctions and disbarment. I highly doubt that outcome, and unfortunately only because he picked the right political party ticket to run on.

Geek, Esq.

Well, Tom DeLay is a crook, so Nifong wins this contest by a mile. He should be disbarred.


This needs to be stopped now! If there is not any federal oversight over this kind of sloppy prosecution, the public will lose all faith in the justice system (although it is certainly being tested with the illegal immigrant problem).