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October 02, 2006



Having just read a novelized treatment of the pre 9/11 period involved, Colin Mackinnon's Morning Spy, Evening Spy,one
is reminded that the Phoenix memo, was
generated the same day as that meeting.
There are other details, that seeming
fool, Moussaoui, was a representative for
Yazid Sufaat, the Malayan businessman who
sponsored the Al Queda get-together that
should have kept Al Hazmi and Al Midhar out of the country. Woodward's,weighty tome, is
as that line about Oakland: there's no there, there. The detailsbehind the
'secret briefing' were a series of NSA intercepts that contained no specifics.
There is some details, that have not leaked
out surprisingly, is the Rihad Massoud
(aide to Prince Bandar)which indicated aspects of the Londonbombing, six monthes before it happened. There's much imput from
Armitage, you see how much that's worth,
Powell, et al. There's practically no Plame
details; which is a relief.

Chris Finney, Esq.

You righty kooks make me laugh!! Hastert is toast, Reynolds top aid resigned today and threw Big Denny under a truck as he left. Hastert is holding a news conference is Chicago tomorrow and odds are that he is resigning.

You thugs and morons are completely and utterly fucked! Welcome to The October Surprise; this time it's ours, and you are taking up the ass. Enjoy it.

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