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November 12, 2006



Toronto votes on the 13th for local positions. Advanced polling started the day Carvilee showed up and then Bill made a surprise stop here.

Liberal Democrats, pain, accidents, strokes; the things we don't worry about when we vote.

Well, New York there was a time 'psychic' notice of something bad in New York and I think a psychiatrist bought it. That happened in Toronto yesterday, again, so never guess how Toronto will trade it?

Indeed, the Confessore has joked.


Long live the nutroots..I'm suggesting they move out of their urban enclaves into fundieland and preach the gospel.


What is the price the nutroots will extract for their support,"Impeach Bush" might be messy,but Iraq should be easy to throw to the wolves.

In Caves

Fundy. Bay of Fundy. New Found Land. Newfis. Gospel. Urban.

So, they're a bunch of neandertals in the mist?

Paul Zrimsek

Yglesias shouldn't try to vlog and coach third base at the same time. Most impressive collection of tics I've ever seen.


Sen. Joe Lieberman on Sunday repeated his pledge to caucus with Senate Democrats when the 110th Congress convenes in January, but refused to slam the door on possibly moving to the Republican side of the aisle.

Asked on NBC's "Meet the Press" if he might follow the example of Sen. Jim Jeffords of Vermont, who left the Republicans in 2001 and became an independent, ending Republican control of the U.S. Senate, Lieberman refused to discount the possibility.

"I'm not ruling it out but I hope I don't get to that point," he said. "And I must say -- and with all respect to the Republicans who supported me in Connecticut -- nobody ever said, 'We're doing this because we want you to switch over. We want you to do what you think is right and good for our state and country,' and I appreciate that."

A spokeswoman for Lieberman would not elaborate when contacted by The Associated Press.

http://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/local/state/hc-12121430.apds.m0703.bc-ct--liebnov12,0,5956814.story?coll=hc-headlines-local-wire> Keep Hounding Joe, FDL


Liebermans Jewish, so in the tradition of Joe Kennedy, we know he can't be trusted.

But it will not matter, the Democrats announced this morning we will have finished the cut and run out of Iraq by April and let those little brown people kill each other.

Not our problem.


Netroosters and prodigal chickens:

Joe's in the catbird seat and he knows it. He's been in the Senate long enough to appreciate his uniquely pivotal position and to use it to institutionalize his position as the voice of moderation. He'll be a primetime player in 2008.

His very presence is a rebuke to the netroosters, and a powerful reminder to Pilosi and Reid that bad things happen to opportunistic partisan ideologues.

Joe Lieberman doesn't own the US Senate, not entirely, but so long as he maintains his Independence, he can call the tune on most issues whenever it suits his fancy.

Imagine if he gathers a few like minded Senators into a moderate coalition who vote together and swing left or right according to their centrist inclinations. That prospect is keeping Harry Reid up nights.


The Joe Gang of ?

Let it bite the Dems in the ass this time.

the Democrats announced this morning we will have finished the cut and run out of Iraq by April and let those little brown people kill each other.

And us...eventually.


Remember the Strom Thurmond death watch? I haven't ruled out the possibly that one of the older dem senators might pass away over the next two years. If that senator is from a state with a republican governor the senate becomes even. Let's see how it all plays out. All the dems need the netroots for is money.
I don't buy the conventional wisdom about Rumsfeld or President Bush being the reason some repubs lost their seats.These candidates realized their danger too late in the game. In Ohio, Blackwell and DeWine weren't in Northeast Ohio nearly enough before the election.You can never take voters or your perceived position of strength for granted.



That's what I see coming down the pike.


Someone should give Joe Lieberman a list of the ages and ailments of the Democratic Senators.
Of course, such a Senator doesn't even need to be from a Red State. Say Robert Byrd goes into a lunatic rage induced coma and can't vote, but also can't be replaced by the Governor.


Senator Byrd is a good bet, he walks with two canes and his wife finally sought blessed relief from his putrifying rascist behind by assuming room temperature.

Of course the old Bull Conner rascist Democrats seem to hand on long beyond their time as useful symbols to the party that built the KKK.


And Menendez--FBI bearing down--If indicted, I fully expect the Dems to follow the Delay rule they demanded.


Clarice, Ya think? Somehow the house dems have different standards.


You notice how fast the Democrats are to embrace Joe Lieberman since it means getting power.

Didn't all those Democrats just remounce him as a standard bearer for their party?

Plus, they also reward the guy with his seniority as if he was an elected Democrat.

I guess the Democrat leaders consider it a good payback to the Nutroots to throw Lieberman back in their faces.


What in the world is the basis for this statement, I wonder:
But the Democratic Party cannot win major national elections without the netroots.

I'm not certain I understand what the netroots is functionally, other than a group of geographically dispersed voters. The so-called leaders of the group are not transparent about who they pick to support, nor are they consistent. They worked the hardest to oust Lieberman, but also supported the relatively conservative Webb and Tester.

While it's obvious the Democratic party can't win major elections without voters, I have yet to understand what the netroots supposedly bring to the table other than money-funneling. Can anyone else tell me?

Mark Coffey

Thank you, sir, for the credit on the Nutroots phrase...in my sad, pathetic life, it's all I have left to hold onto...In all seriousness, I'm enjoying the hell out of the new Kos-Carville feuding. Being in the minority ain't all bad...


The other thing that but the netroots and the major parties now have in common is that .. it is possible to spend more and more money and get no better results.

I sit here in PA-6, one of the seats that the Democrats went after with a vengence. So did the Republicans. The TV comericals got so thick that eventually the voters, including myself, just tuned them out.

The same thing happened in neighboring PA-7. Unfortunately for Weldon in PA-7, the prompting by certain parties for an FBI investigation and the later release of knowledge of the investigation by certain parties, created a hurdle that could not be surmounted.

Here in PA-6, the Republican Gerlach won reelection by 3000+ votes. No amount of additional money, short of outright bribery, could have changed the vote.


Speaking of the "Delay rule" .. how did Delay do in his forced race in TX ?

Just because the Democrats asked for a candidate replacement in NJ in 2004, it didn't mean "hoot" when it came time to replace Delay, who tried to drop out even earlier than Bob Torricelli.

Menendez was appointed by Corzine to replace himself. If Menendez goes down, Corzine will make a pick even lower in the New Jersey food chain.


Nick Lampson won.


Corruption in demland will come to light. Jefferson will not achieve 50% in Louisiana house race. Menendez will be ousted and Reid will be politely pushed aside by the ambitious Hillary until it favors the repubs again by some fluke.


Nancy has her first big fight--Hoyer announces he's challenging Murtha and has the majority of votes on his side in response to her announcment that she's backing Murtha.


and if Hoyer is right and he wins..won't their relationship be lovely?

Old Dad

Well the Reid-Pelosi team are about to get some real world training in nut cutting. The nut roots were useful idiots. The real Dem base is center left.

If I'm the DNC, I'd give the Kos a pep talk. "Thanks, youngster. We appreciate the help, but now it's time for the adults to play. You get ((a tasty tid-bit)). Your nutters get more Dem wins. After all, that's all they really want. To make that happen, we've got to move right.

Bring your nut roots in line or you'll be a loser again in '08."

Two big ifs here. Is there a Dem leader with the nuts to lead, and are their nut roots with the brains to follow?


Sara (squiggler) + clarice-true lezbo love-lol*


Correct me if I'm wrong, but the nutroots only success has been the Lamont nomination.

Aren't Senators bucking a traditional tide running for POTUS? In my short, 66-year, lifetime, only two once-Sens have been POTUS, Kennedy and Nixon (2 years Sen before becoming Ike's VP). I'm going to call that 1 1/3 and call them outliers. Americans seem to sense different talents are required for the offices.


Senators getting elected President is a steep hill to climb. Just ask John Kerry and Al Gore. That's why Mitt Romney looks so good to me.


only two once-Sens have been POTUS

I'm not sure what you are trying to say, but there have been http://www.senate.gov/artandhistory/history/common/briefing/senators_became_president.htm>15 ex-senators who became president. 2 of those moved directly from the senate to the WH, Harding and Kennedy.



I misread what you said, but the answer to that would be 4, if you were born in 1944. Truman, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. Kennedy is the only one, during your lifetime, that moved directly to the WH from the senate office.


if you were born in 1944

I need another cup of coffee. I meant 1940. I owed H&R a ::grin:: anyway.



Sue, right on Harry, but Lyndon was House of reps. 1940. SMILE--big smile.


Oops, sorry. Wrong Larry.

Abu Al-Poopypants

I'm just thankful that if Teddy's liver finally gives out, that "Free 'Em All Deval" doesn't get to appoint his successor, thanks to the MA Dem legislature who were worried that a Kerry win in '04 was going to lead to a Republican Senator appointed by Romney. (Of course, it would be just like these weasels to change the law back.)


but Lyndon was House of reps. 1940

Are you saying he was not a senator? I'm not sure I am understanding what you are correcting. He served in the House of Representatives but he was also a senator.


Rule #3 for dems-
If current law conflicts with what we want to accomplish-change the law to suit our purposes.
Example: Torricelli steps down after deadline and Lautenberg is appointed.
I still am hypothesizing on a the possible demise of a Senate dem from a state with a Republican governor. California, Minnesota and Nevada come to mind as does Florida.

hit and run

Good mornin' Sue. Sorry I couldn't wait - just finished my 3rd cup o' coffee. But then again it's already afternoon here. (i would complain, but heck, it's monday and monday's don't usually move so fast)


Pelosi guarantee "the most honest, most open, and most ethical Congress in history."


...Hoyer poses a competing power base to Pelosi, and they have not had warm relations. "She wants to purge the leadership of people who disagree with her," said a Democratic official with a front-row seat. "It's about people she can personally control. Hoyer is an excellent public face for the party. She's more a behind-the-scenes player."

Sounds Authoritarian Cultish like to me.

hit and run

And don't let it escape notice that here we have the anonymous "Democratic official" willing to leak to the media on the inner workings of the dems leadership battles.

He or she has a "front row seat" but is giving us a "behind the scenes" look.


UT OH...

Nutroots won't like this (via the prowler)

...Sen. Chuck Schumer thinks he deserves something for the work he did as chairman of the Democrat Senate campaign committee. Under his leadership, the committee broke fundraising records, recruited well, and helped shape what appears to be a Democrat majority in the Senate for the 110th Congress.

Sen. Harry Reid intends to take the podium as Senate Majority Leader, and his partner in crime, Sen. Dick Durbin, intends to remain as whip. Rumors within the Democrat caucus have Reid looking for something for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton to do. "But Reid's heart isn't in it," says a leadership aide. "He knows he's going to be in her shadow like everyone else for the time being, at least until she makes her announcement about running for higher office."

So where can Schumer go? Most of the committee chairmanships are spoken for, and the only one in question would be Homeland Security, where Sen. Joe Lieberman was ranking member.

"I don't see how Lieberman isn't given that chairmanship, particularly given the lack of an overwhelming majority," says the leadership aide. "Senator Lieberman is coming into this Congress from a real position of strength. If I'm Harry Reid, I'm giving him everything he wants."


Hah. Riehl posts this about a Murtha pick:

Washington, DC – Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) questioned soon-to-be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) commitment to eradicating corruption with her endorsement of one of the most unethical members in Congress, Rep. John Murtha (D-PA), to be Majority Leader of the House of Representatives.



Bwwaahhhhh. This is just hilarious - just look at all the nutters in the New Leadership who are grasping for the top rung. How predictably infantile.

Sadly, this is exactly what weaker nations wanted - America in disarray. The perfect time to pounce.

Well, all the conservatives that did vote, and have been saying for a very long time that this would happen will not take satisfaction in the knowledge that they were right, because that knowledge also dooms them to terrorist power, and the yabbering of Nancy Pelosi and her "children".


The only reason Pelosi has tapped Jack Murtha is she knows he can be bought and she knows his price..its all on his Abscam video.

Jim Miller

Just to answer the question on LBJ: He was first a congressman, but won a senate primary against Coke Stevenson in a much disputed election in 1948. (He was jokingly referred to as "Landslide Lyndon" ever afterwards.) And there's not much doubt that fraud gave him the win


At least Murtha didn't go rat the Arab bribers out to the Feds or the Ethics Committee on whcih he served...no he was a real man and cut a deal once caught to testify against his fellow Congressmen so he wouldn't be prosecuted.

Now thats the kind of guy you want out front when the going gets tough! A guy who will turn on his own to save his own skin!


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OT but close enough....

http://www.americanthinker.com/articles.php?article_id=6038>The World According to Jimmy Carter

It is not difficult to understand why Democrats wanted the publication of Jimmy Carter’s slim new book (216 pages of text, large print and no footnotes), with its tendentious title and its superficial analysis, delayed until today, a week after the election. The anti-Israel bias is so clear, the credulous description of Arab positions so cringe-producing, the key “facts” on which Carter relies so easily refuted by public documents, that the book is an embarrassment to Carter, the Democrats, the presidency and Americans.

Jimmy Carter The King of "Cut and Run"... what a dumb fuck!


Finally -

14,000 and 1 Things to be Happy About.


Florence Schmieg

Judge in the Libby case has decided to allow classified documents to be introduced despite Fitzgerald saying they shouldn't. A small paragraph about this was in the NYTimes this morning.


This is fantastic news and now Fitz must do the impossible; try to create something out of nothing in this his erstwhile case.


The Netroots is People Power, and I don't blame you golden oldies for misreading it.

If you want a great example of Netroots Triumph, I direct you to the campaigns of Jim Webb and Jon Tester. Your constant attempts to pigeonhole and make cartoons of the Dems are only making you look foolish at this point.

Murtha will beat Hoyer in a walk. But load up on your stale, tired insults. You may need to burn them to keep yourselves warm this winter.

Oh, ain't democracy grand?


Libby judge rejects prosecution effort to limit classified evidence

Judge Walton's opinion coverted from PDF to text


Jon Tester

What is it you like about Tester, Lindy?


“Jon Tester is a hunter and sportsman who fully supports Americans’ second amendment rights to keep and bear arms.”

Or maybe his opposition to gay marriage? Or maybe it is his stance on illegal immigration that you like so much?

Secure borders and no amnesty for law breakers. (Apr 2006)

Why again are you so excited that a moderate was elected?

Cecil Turner

Judge Walton's opinion coverted from PDF to text

Thanks. Very helpful.


Lindy, Lindy, Lindy...
Goofy Grape and Choo-Choo Cherry were Golden Oldies, what's your Kool-Aid flavor? The nutroots in attendance fell out of love with Webb before the acceptance speech stopped ringing in their ears. You'll be crying about him before summer and he'll show you his middle finger in response. That will be a hoot indeed!

Florence Schmieg

Just posted on NRO's the Corner, from the AP

Libby: No Plot, No Crime in CIA Leak

WASHINGTON (AP) - Attorneys for former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby dismissed the idea of a White House plot to leak a CIA operative's identity to the press and said Libby plans to tell jurors at his perjury trial that he had no reason to lie.

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald spent years investigating who leaked Valerie Plame Wilson's identity to syndicated columnist Robert Novak in 2003. While nobody was charged with the leak, Libby is accused of lying to investigators about his conversations with reporters.

Fitzgerald wants to keep most of that backstory out of Libby's trial in January. But in court documents filed Tuesday, defense attorneys said they have a right to argue that Libby doesn't believe he did anything wrong.

Novak's story ran as Plame's husband, Joseph Wilson, criticized the Bush administration's prewar intelligence on Iraq. Former State Department official Richard Armitage has acknowledged being the source for Novak's column, a fact that neither defense attorneys nor prosecutors discussed in legal filings until Tuesday.

"It is doubtful that anyone committed an 'underlying crime' here," Libby's lawyers wrote. "The government's investigation began as an effort to discover which government officials had 'leaked' Ms. Wilson's affiliation with the CIA to Mr. Novak. After years of overheated media speculation that Ms. Wilson's identity had been publicly revealed as part of a White House plot to wreak revenge on her husband, Mr. Armitage (who was no White House ally) finally confirmed in August 2006 that he was Mr. Novak's primary source."

Libby's attorneys said Fitzgerald has perpetuated the notion that Libby was the source and said the former aide should be allowed to tell jurors that he was not - and thus had no reason to lie to the FBI or grand jury.

"Members of the jury will have heard for years that Mr. Libby leaked classified information about Valerie Wilson's affiliation with the CIA, due to inaccurate reports in the press," defense attorneys wrote. "Indeed, the government has contributed to the likely misimpressions that potential jurors will have about this case."

Fitzgerald has not specifically commented on that allegation. In court papers, he has argued that the upcoming trial should not be a forum to debate the leak itself or question why Libby was charged and others weren't.

Posted at 11:15 AM

[Fitz] has argued that the upcoming trial should not be a forum to debate the leak itself or question why Libby was charged and others weren't

Of course it should. If Fitz can't make his case with those things on the table then he should never have filed charges or go to court. The only thing clear in Libby's testimony is how unclear it was. Confusing and confused it screams for context and motive to sort out what was known when and by whom.


Is it age that makes the brain so rigid?

I could care LESS about guns and the gay thing will take care of itself as you all age out. Not my problem. I'm with Tester and Webb for the same reason most Americans will love them - they want to rescue us from the Neo-Robber Baron era your theives and elitists were dragging us back into. As Webb explained, his two issues were sanity on the war disaster your morons created and retreating from the 1880s economy you are destroying your own fellow citizens with.

I'm with Tester on his economic populism, his environment and energy stances and his anti-corporate anti-Big Brother policies. I have no problem letting people live and let live with respect to God, guns and gays. It's none of my business, couldn't care less.

Those stereotypes are hardening your arteries, boys. That's why you all got blindsided. But keep it up. Losing looks good on ya!


Jimmy Carter The King of "Cut and Run"... what a dumb fuck! Posted by: Bob | November 14, 2006 at 04:09 AM
Anyone remember why Ros always did top?

Murtha will beat Hoyer in a walk.
Posted by: Lindy | November 14, 2006 at 07:21 AM Exhibit #1 of D's eating their young. Pelosi's showing personal vindictiveness counts more than principle with her. At intelligence as well: Harman v. Hastings. She's out of control on a quick path to self-destruction. Who's bringing the popcorn? If the R's had any sense (not saying they do), they'd vote for a different D (Hoyer?) for speaker.


Pelosi will revert to form-it's what liberal dems do. My favorite example is Pelosi voting against tax cuts and then bragging to her constituents how she provided them with tax cuts. This talking out of both sides of her mouth is endemic and affects all dems as they continue to lie to an unsuspecting public.


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Well, Lindy has made it patently obvious that she prefers a culture of corruption, even CREW knows how corrupt Murtha is.

A blathering child tossing out invectives in lieu of rationale.

I love the smell of implosion in the morning.


Somebody's listening to AirAmerica. (But we won't tell.)


Lindy must be young because there's no wisdom in that screed. The mess in Iraq was created first by al Qaeda (bombing the Golden Mosque started the sectarian strife in earnest) and by anti-war anti-Bush anti-Iraq rhetoric by the Democrats which caused the shia to take matters wholly into their own hands.

Why should the shia trust America to secure their country when newspaper headlines all screamed 'America wants out of Iraq NOW'.


"People-powered" - it's the new "special!"


The devil lurks behind the cross... Anthony

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