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November 16, 2006



West Texas? Not hardly. Euless is in North Texas. Okay, now to read the article. ::grin::


Clarification...Hurst/Euless/Bedord, make up a tri-city commonly referred to as HEB. They are all 3 in North, not West, Texas.


Okay, I should have read the article first. Odessa! West Texas. ::grin::

Now to finish the article.


I know everything about HEB but I didn't know that? Yikes! What a great story.


Journal is the best newspaper and is far superior to the Economist as well.


Makes for an interesting homecoming, no doubt - I would love to see those kids chant the haka before their games! Is this a great country, or what?

Paul Zrimsek

I've also seen Ka mate translated as "It is death"-- which should be reassuring to those not convinced that "We're going to die" is the very best way to start a football cheer.


Only in America!

rob seaman

This is a copy oh the New Zealand All Blacks national rugby team fyi


As a regular WSJ on-line reader, I missed this story completely. What a great story it is and I would have missed it if not for reading this blog!

I used to come here regularly to read TM's always interesting posts. A few months ago I read the comment thread attached to his post, too, and found it every bit as imformative as the post. Now, I always make sure to check out what you guys/gals have to say. Reading all of your thoughts and comments are always informative and often, entertaining.


Other than the West Texas faux pax (don't think of anything east of Fort Worth as "west" Texas), not much news here. The Tongans have been our neighbors for years. Went to our church for a few years before they got one of their own. Good people.

We also have a huge influx of people from all over Asia, particularly India and Pakistan. My son's 7th grade football team's roster reads like a mini-United Nations.

Cool, really, football bringing us all together.


Ok Rob, Only in America (and New Zealand).



Trinity Vs Permian

It doesn't get much better.

*Except for the Sharpstown Apollos in the 70s. Baseball.



Trinity Football Website

Interesting picture.


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I keep looking for the pun in the word "Fiday".


As a WSJ regular, I enjoyed the article as well. But as soon as I finished, I thought how long before the Welfare Pimps claim these hard working Tongans are squeezing out other minorities. Or will the ACLU recognizes this as a religious ceremony, and have it shut down. It would appear to me this is no different then a prayer before a game... so which ritual more or less egregious?


Funny one: Remeber John edwards?


Well while he was bad mouthing Walmart the other day, one of his staffers approached Walmart about getting his children a Playstation 3.

What nerve. Give me special treatment while I trash you as being against the little guy.

Wait your turn Mr. Edwards!


anonymous... This is funny, I just got done reading it!

http://www.timesdaily.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20061116/APF/611162631>Edwards acknowledges staff asked Wal-Mart for Playstation 3

Maybe Aunt Nancy P. Brain can initiate legislation to close down all the WalMarts... well right after they do their Christmas shopping of course!

hit and run

Makes me feel bad for referring to Euless as Useless all my life.

Tom U

Sounds like a religious ceremony to me, should be banned.

hit and run

Tom U - good point.

But then again, highschool football in Texas is a religion


Every healthy kid ought to give sports, especially team sports, a shot. They learn lessons that serve them through life about sacrifice, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and plain old hard work. Camaraderie of shared experience is priceless. I have buds I haven't seen in decades whom I know I would pick up with just like we never left off.

"On the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that on other days and other fields will bear the fruits of victory." W. Churchill

Major John

Rob is right - that is the Maori "Haka Ka Mate". The New Zealand All Blacks perform it.


Gary Maxwell

Euless is about three minutes from me. There is a large Tongan choir that sings at Mass at St Michaels Sunday night. Beautiful acapella songs, that I have no idea what the words mean! And the article is correct Tongans are a rule are large people. Many of the female tongans could play for the football team too! Trinity has graduated a bunch of Tongans who have gone on to play college ball.


I remember going to pep rallies while at Lamar before playing Trinity when some guys blew up rubbers and threw them on the basketball court...I also remember driving to Odessa for the playoff game where Permian crushed us in 1990. The whole town seemed to be in the stands and the entire non-football student body appeared to be on the track before the game. I recommend seeing it for yourself. Do they still have the oil drill in front of the stadium? VFND




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