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November 19, 2006




Setbacks Leave Bush With Fewer Supporters

"Former advocates of Iraq war are disenchanted, insiders are registering public dissent and Hill Republicans blame president for losing Congress."


And "Pinky" Reid, newly discovered to be a Mormon will be a stalking horse for Romney.

Is this the silly season or what?


It would be interesting to see how chaining Hillary to Pelosi. Pelosi will show the world her incompetence and lack of leadership skills.

Hard to believe that she won that role unanimously....


Neanderthals can be found in both parties.
This has more to do with the threat to male dominance. Part of the efforts of this WH to expand Executive powers is the perception that
the Speaker is, perhaps, the most influential force in politics.


Other than the rather sexist overtones, it's not a bad idea. They are both abyssmal for the country.


More fun will be watching the moonbats switch from offense to defense.


Yeah the best part is the Democrats will do most of the heavy lifting... http://www.breitbart.com/news/2006/11/19/D8LG7MNO0.html>JF'n Kerry still thinks he has a chance.

I love it when Christmas comes early and can stay for 2 years!

Charlie (Colorado)

Leo, have you ever considered recording a cover of the "One Note Samba"?


watching the moonbats switch from offense to defense

That's one herd that should be easy to spook.

With their precioussssssss power to protect manipulating their predictable and craven pandering should be easy.


AntiSemanticleo says :: """Part of the efforts of this WH to expand Executive powers""

That's laughab;e when the Clinton white house wanted to add perjury and obstruction of justice as executive Powers.


Pelosi's term as speaker will allow Americans to see a female in a big leadership role. Seeing how she started, it is obvious she will not handle well at all. Some on both sides are already calling her "the wicked witch of the west". Will Americans want a wicked witch of the east?

Remember, the wicked witch of the east was killed when the "house" landed on her. Is Nancy's house going to fall on Hillary?


I hear that Byrd is urging Spkr2B to run the House like a plantation...you know what I mean....


Pelosi's term as speaker will allow Americans to see a female in a big leadership role.

I object to this. We would never say that seeing Tip O'Neill as speaker allowed us to see how a male would act in a big leadership role.

However, I do believe that a woman that runs for president can't run on the "I'm a woman" platform. Like it or not, our political climate has turned everything but white men into special interest groups, and nobody running for president can look like a representative of a special interest group.

It leads me to believe Pelosi and the Dems have made a mistake by making a big deal out of the First Woman Speaker/Grandmother angle. She should just be another Speaker.


Well, she could make Harman the first female chair of the Intel Committee (Smirk)


Let's see how many ways we can make this a bellweather for Hillary, then:
Jane Harman could show us what it is like to have in power a woman who has had questionable jewish intervention in her politics (is that orthodox?)

Alcee Hastings could demonstrate how well someone who has been impeached handles national security secrets.


I love it when Christmas comes early and can stay for 2 years!

It does feel like that. Of course if they manage to make some policy changes I doubt I will be as exuberant.

On the women in big office thing - part of it is the press - they would never talk about a man's fat butt or changing hairdo, or even sense of fashion. It's up to the women to call them on that shit. Meanwhile, if they do it to Pelosi and Clinton I'm happy to sit back and enjoy until they figure it out. But I tell you, the one who does, will probably be elected in an landslide.


If Hastings is nominated, can the senate pass some sort of law saying impeached guys can't get national security credentials, or is there some general cleansing of all sins when you get elected to the senate?

Anyone know?


Ohh come on with the female glass ceiling BS.

I say if a marriage doesn't require a women, why does a House? Or a Congress?


I have no objection to a woman being president as long as it isn't Hillary or any Democrat.I think there are tons of similarities between Pelosi and Clinton. Both hold grudges for a long time and both have stepped on others to get to where they are today. In Pelosi's case she stepped on Hoyer and Hillary stepped on Nita Lowery who has been in New York politics for years. Hil is and always be a carpetbagger. She never would have won her seat if JFK Jr. was still alive. He would have left her in the dust in the primary.

JM Hanes


Actually, I have the impression that the Executive branch is responsible for assigning security clearances, as Intel is an executive function. Nice, eh?

and MayBee:

I find the gender business irritating too -- whether it's the implication that someone like Pelosi could somehow be more sympathetic to "my" issues because of her sex or that her success/failure will reflect on anyone but herself. In fact, when the "first woman" theme surfaced, it actually surprised me that anybody cared enough to mention it. Maybe it's a guy thing.


Jane, this Executive is not compelled to issue Hastings a security clearance. In fact, in case of a leak on the Hill--all staffers and implicated solons must take a polygraph and are denied access to classified material is they fail to take or flunk it.

"JEFF JACOBY LOOKS AT ANTIMILITARY BIGOTRY IN SAN FRANCISCO: Just for fun, a GOP member of Congress should introduce a bill requiring high schools that get federal funding to offer JROTC.

With Democrats talking about bringing back the draft, how could they oppose this? "


Can someone point to anything official that lays out the Democratic Party's position on the United Nations or that gives pro & con arguments?


Well it's been two weeks and we still don't have a coherent stated Democrat policy stance on Iraq. I think the dems will prove their ineptitude long before their two years are up.

John Konop

Bush: Trades Jobs & Wages for Peace?

(CNN) – President Bush stressed on Saturday the shared advantages of U.S.-Asia cooperation in trade and in fighting militant Islamic terrorism and a nuclear North Korea.

“Asia is important to America because prosperity in our country depends on trade with Asia’s growing economies,” he said in his weekly radio address. The U.S. president is in Hanoi, Vietnam, attending the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum.

“Today, America’s trade across the Pacific is greater than our trade across the Atlantic, and we need to continue opening up markets in this part of the world to American goods and services.”

The issue of global free trade has been a contentious one in the United States, with critics saying Americans lose jobs because they are unable to compete with cheaper labor and business costs overseas.

Last week Sectary Rice issues a warning that Red China is building up its military beyond regional needs. America has massive trade debt running out of control with China. Our Countries has sold 1 trillion dollars of debt to China. Also the majority of bulk Pseudoephedrine the ingredient that makes meth that is terrorizing our communities comes from Asia. And now President Bush wants to give away more industries and further destroy the Middle Class in the name of helping out with terrorism by letting Red China walk all over us.Does anyone agree with this policy?


BRING BACK SMOOT-HAWLEY!! This minute. It worked before to create a depression. Let's see if it can work again!

Gary Maxwell

Let me see if you hold a huge amount of unsecured paper ( debt ) are you more likely or less likely to attack the person that owes you the money? Cuz one attack of any kind and the payments dry up for a long time. Never understood how China holding a receivable for trade was somehow a horrendous thing. But them Walmart is also a bad place until you need a new Play Station.


So Leaky Leahy's request to DoJ can be rejected because of his past history?

And if Alcee cannot be granted security clearance, will he remain a chairman of the committee or Pelosi has to find someone else?

Boy, what incompetence reeks through this parteeeeee!!!


China certainly is involved in a lot of counter intel work in the U.S. trying to get our military secrets. And it certainly sees itself as a rival of ours. Nevertheless, it has dire problems waiting for it--an aging population with no pension programs for one. And if the leadership intends to stay in power it must create emplyment opprtunities for its people. It has some interest in keeping its largest customer (and debtor) alive and prospoerous.

Gary Maxwell

an aging population with no pension programs for one.

Oh and Social Security is our answer. Oy Vey!

But lets not fix it cuz Al Gore says its all in a lockbox. The Democrat pander will cost them with younger voters at some point. There is no way to do it painlessly.


Yes, we have a problem. But China's is more acute.
"China, seen by some as the rising economic power on which other countries will be leaning by mid-century, will be grappling with a demographic problem of its own. By 2040, 28 percent of China's population will be at least 60, a higher percentage than in the United States, and because China has a thin social safety net, the burden of an impoverished elderly class could be especially acute, according to a CSIS study on China's aging problem. "



I also note that SF threw out the JROTC
due to the don't ask/don't tell policy


Since it was passed by a Democratic Congress and signed into law by a Democratic President.


I don't believe Congress had anything to do with it. It was an executive order as I recall.


"I think there are tons of similarities between Pelosi and Clinton. Both hold grudges for a long time and both have stepped on others to get to where they are today."

You're worried about grudges now, are you? You should have thought about the grudge factor before electing


I'm trying to see a downside to Pelosi just appointing that newly elected Muslim congressman to the head Intel position. It'd placate the Black Caucus as well as announce to the whole world how tolerant and multicultural the Dem's are. If he winds up being solid and reliable, then more power to him, and if he winds up leaking the stuff directly to our enemies, then at least he cuts out the traitorous CIA and State middlemen who've been leaking that stuff to the NYTimes these last 30 years. 'Bout time they had to do some 'honest' dishonest work.


Daddy's a proud bigot.


The major problem for the conservatives is that they have not developed a comprehensive strategy for dealing with an aggressively hostile media.

President Bush went silent in 2005 for the most part, the MSM, effectively functioned as a propaganda arm for the Democratic Party, a well-financed 527 which the Republicans could not counter.

Conservatives talk about how the newspapers are dying and use this as an argument. One only has to look at the Yahoo homepage to see that liberal bias is alive and well on the net. In fact, I could argue that the bias is far worse.

Time to counter this nonsense.


""Daddy's a proud bigot.

Posted by: stan""

So what's your Mom?


Well, the best thing about Speaker Pelsoi is women will now get positions of power in the House.
No more glass ceiling, no more denying women there rightful positions of power...

Unless your a Jewish girl named Harman.


""I also note that SF threw out the JROTC
due to the don't ask/don't tell policy""

This is just another way for the liberals to demonstrate to us how much they love our military and support it in any way they can.

Sarcasm off!


Daddy's a proud bigot.

Dunno why

He didn't mean anything by it...

I wonder how many of these we can find in one day.


We live in a feel good society where everyone wants credit for something, even before doing anything.

Whatever happened to the concept of doing before talking. I would much rather see the effects of a good PR campaign than hear about how the campaign is going to work.


I find the gender business irritating too

For the record, I'm not complaining about a gender glass ceiling. What I was trying to say is when it comes to women the press often conveniently changes the focus - a better analogy would be how the NY Times would concentrate on "the failure of tax cuts" and ignore the booming economy.

It's an issue of harnessing the press, not being victimized by it. And for a woman who figures out how to do, it will be a clear advantage.

Florence Schmieg

Well, if the Rs are blaming Bush for their loss of Congress they have learned nothing from this election. Bush didn't force them to be corrupt, load up on pork, do virtually nothing of note over this last year, and run lousy reelection campaigns. I'm a strong R but that bunch of bozos infuriates me. Part of me is glad they lost the majority. Unfortunately, that means Ds in control which is worse. I wish we had term limits.



Went back to check, per Wikipedia

"Don't Ask, Don't tell" is the common term for the U.S. military policy which implements Pub.L. 103-160 (10 U.S.C. § 654). The policy prohibits anyone who has sexual bodily contact with a person of the same sex from serving in the armed forces of the United States, and prohibits any homosexual or bisexual from disclosing his or her sexual orientation, or from speaking about any homosexual relationships, including marriages or other familial attributes, while serving in the United States armed forces. The policy also requires that as long as gay or bisexual men and women in the military hide their sexual orientation, commanders are not allowed to investigate their sexuality.

It was introduced as a compromise measure in 1993 by President Bill Clinton who, while campaigning for the Presidency had promised to allow all citizens regardless of sexual orientation to serve openly in the military, a departure from the then complete ban on those who are not heterosexual. The actual policy was crafted by Colin Powell and has been maintained by Clinton's successor, George W. Bush. The policy is opposed by some pro- and anti-gay advocates alike.


Thanks,SG..For some reason I had misremembered it as purely an Executive Order.



I disagree.

Frankly it's been more like two weeks of Pelosi is like 4 years of Hillary. By the time 2008 rolls around it'll seem like Hillary's been in charge for 250 years.

Sara (Squiggler)

I'm getting to the point where I am beginning to think we need more than the restriction of being 18 to vote. Want a draft? Make voting tie into mandatory service of 18 mo. min. for those between 18 and 30. Serve and you get to vote immediately. Don't want to serve, then wait until you are sufficiently mature to make reasoned and informed voting decisions, say age 35. Sound harsh? Yep! Funny how those who are the most supportive of the military, the ones who don't need a draft to do their duty, are against this dumb idea. But, hop over to the conclave of anti-war moonbats, HuffPo, and there you find the Code Pinkers and the wooses and weenies cheering the idea. Nah, it isn't political or anything.


Jane get yourself a copy of today's WSJ...

50 women to watch - Special Section

Tom Ault

While it's not fair to use Nancy Pelosi's performance as speaker to attack *all* women in leadership roles, it is perfectly legitimate to use poor performance on her part to debunk the notion that "women make better leaders than men," a canard I've been hearing (and seething at) since I was a young lad.



I'll look for that online. I'd love to see it. I'm about as pro women as you can get, but I'm not pro-giving women things just because they are women. In fact I see that as a disservice.


This has more to do with the threat to male dominance.

I think it's silly of EITHER party to point out the male/female thing.

I don't think Americans CARE if their leaders are male or female so they make their choice on other criteria.

When I vote against HRC it won't be because she's a woman, it will be because I don't care for her policies. But the NYTimes will misconstrue my vote anyway.

In fact, I'm sure the NYTimes will tell me to vote for her BECAUSE she's a woman. Not in so many words, but that's the way they see the world. It's all black vs white, male vs female.

Unless, of course, there's a black or a female who happens to be Republican--in that case the NYTimes suddenly becomes gender/race blind.

So perspicuous.


"I'm about as pro women as you can get, but I'm not pro-giving women things just because they are women. In fact I see that as a disservice."

Jane that's exactly how my wife feels... and she cringes every time she hears of special treatment.


Pelosi already lost to Hoyer's constituents and that was a lesson; dems hire and take care of feds. Murtha was squished because Pelosi chose him and did not explain this preference clearly so that others could explain they have to vote the other way.

The intelligence committee handles the CIA. It's an agency created by Congress and considers itself 'special.' Hoyers constituents are these. Plame. CIA analyst moving over to DIA - DIA asking for domestic license like CIA. These are the issues the person they put on the committee has to care about or you may end up with another Murtha. Reality is that the feds at CIA and DOJ, possibly with the exception of DEA, have overstepped or passed on their responsiblity. The intelligence that the Congressmen will be involve in is really the death heaves of what used to be non military intelligence taking the last of what the DOD/DIA has to offer. It's the US intelligence community dying off. So, better take care of the feds like dems are supposed to and don't forget PLAME WASN'T FREE.

Pelosi and Hillary? Sorry, but too much happened under Bill to let things near the White House-Pelosi already won this. She will do okay as long as the feds learn their place and history indicates they will not, so Newts off and there goes Pelosi.


Not all comments posted here by 'Anonymous' (if that is his or her real name) were written by 'anonymous.'

Caveat emptor. Nullius in verba.


Jane that's exactly how my wife feels... and she cringes every time she hears of special treatment.


You know the only way to power is to rise above that stupid hand-out mentality. Women did it relatively quickly, gays will accomplish it in record time. I can't figure out why so many blacks refuse to catch on.

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