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November 09, 2006



Gawd! That is how pitiful it has become. I actually believed the story until I noticed where it originated. ::grin::

JM Hanes

""Dble Ditto"" what Sue said!


Ott has been on a roll.

Lew Clark

Pelosi reads "Scrappleface" and believes it's the AP. So she thinks she did say that. Luckily, she doesn't read it often because there are no pictures.

JM Hanes


He's going to have a lot of material to work with! And Allahpundit over at Hot Air says:

‘Fess up, righty bloggers: as bummed as you are about last night’s washout, you’re kind of enjoying the thought of how much easier your job’s about to get.

Tom Maguire

Ott has been on a roll.

The Dems are back in power and righty comics are in heaven.

That said, Frank of IMAO had great Bush-tweaking (Rummy the strangler comes to mind).

hit and run

I agree about the comic aspect of the dems winning.

Again, silver linings.

As much as I rely on humor or attempts at humor to mark my presence here, however, I would trade it in a heartbeat for a repub victory.

But, as they say "it is what it is" so let the fun begin continue escalate.


Forbearance is no acquittance... Blanche

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