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November 01, 2006



Heh! Here's the key to understanding the Times' distinction:Is it a good thing for us and our allies? If it is, it's a development not worth cheering.

(Check your TAC secret decoder ring for instructions.)


Love that it is a win for Beijing in NY Times speak. The fact that Bush refused to restart the talks unless it was a 6 nation talk seems to have disappeared from their view.

I am glad someone is reading the NYT so I don't have to - and I live in NYC.


The real problem here is that this whole NoKo mess is a regional problem. Worse, the chattering class seems to think that the US has come real stake in this mess, which it does, but the US is really 3rd man out, as China and Japan are clearly in the breech ahead of us.

The much touted bi-lateral talks would do nothing but perpetuate this mess, but foreign service officers like that kind of stuff.

The Unbeliever

American envoys will be returning to the negotiating table to face an adversary that now has a demonstrated nuclear capability

I'm not a trained diplomat (nor do I play one on TV), so I may have missed something here. Assuming the point of these talks is to shut down NK's nuke program--implying a futher assumption that no one wants North Korea to have nukes except the North Koreans--doesn't that mean those diplomats actually go to the conference with a bloody obvious stick to bash over the heads of the other participants?

In other words--doesn't this mean the US can now scream "I TOLD YOU SO" at any holdouts who wanted to play nice with NK?


Whenever people talk about "negotiating" with North Korea, I am reminded of the movie, "Pork Chop Hill".

It's a great movie about the Korean war. There are scenes of "peace" talks. Watch that movie and realize that those scenes are absolutely accurate. Absolutely.

These talks are just like the ones between Iran and the EU(nuch)-3 where the EUnuchs would come out saying, "We have a deal! Peace in our time!!!" and the mad mullahs would walk out and say, "We made no deal."

Look forward to futile and meaningless talks that will nonetheless be hailed as "Groundbreaking!!!"

It will be depressing.

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