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November 18, 2006



I understand the Democrats are planning a bill to fund research on a new engine that runs entirely on embryonic stem cells.

billy missle

Maybe It's just me but I love all the different small effecient automobiles there..

Aren't the taxes imposed for road usage, not gasoline taxes?

Posted by: Sue | November 19, 2006 at 09:35

You Sue..I believe you are correct..Thanks

billy missle

I meant Yes Sue...


The problem with those small fuel effiecient vehicles is that they don't meet U.S. emmissions specs. You put our emmissions controls on them little engines, and you'd have to add a set of pedals to help get you down the road.


Go ahead, why not tax oil up to $120/bbl.

Then my company in Mexico that takes oil, splits off the hydrogen for fuel cells, and sells hydrogen fuel cells (not overly taxed, possibly subsidized) to the US. We'll be able to provide hydrogen for much cheaper than the US could (because we'll have cheaper oil).

Sure it isn't as efficient as simply using the oil for energy, but if you're going to cripple the U.S. economy for the benefit of others, I'd like to cash in...

I don't see how this could possibly go wrong, well, for me that is. It certainly will go wrong for the U.S. economy, but hey, I'll head to Mexico and make a freaking mint.

billy missle

The population density or Europe is like having the entire population of the US squeezed into Texas. As much time as US folk spend on the road smaller cars would result in much higher death rate from accidents.

I respectfully disagree. Back later to post actual Statistics....( or admit I'm wrong)


billy... it really doesn't matter. The point is that Europe has taxed their citizens for fuel and roads for nothing more than the revenue, and has done nothing to make Europe successful through better technology.

Certainly smaller cars are better, from a fuel efficiency standpoint, but that's not the argument here.

Sementhead cleo thinks that only the government can get technology off it's lazy butt. But the reality is, only a truly FREE Marketplace can stimulate innovation, and not some punitive taxation by some bungling bureaucracy!

billy missle

Everywhere you look there are small cars that get great mileage.. and if you live in Holland and want to drive an SUV then you pay a road tax of a couple hundred bucks a month..Thus few SUV's. -Billy Missle
Sue, I did say road tax in my about post.
So as hard as it to believe...methinks I'm right on this one.
..and Sue, I've read abit and..
You've done some excellent posting in the past..Kind Regards,
( As he bounces down the Hallway screaming' I was Right, I was Right!!) haha
Just kidding..
really.. kidding ..

billy missle

I meant to say 'above post' but said about post.
--The spell checker confirmed that 'about' was properly spelled.
--The Idiot checker was off by default.


billy... I like the phrase "about post". It sounds sort of like "about face". I thought you were just being clever!

billy missle

mmmm..Bob You're both right.
Together the Gov't and private sectors can perform and create technological miracles.
I worked as a gov't employee building nuclear submarines for 24 years.

I know of no private industry that could even begin to engineer the complexities of a Nuclear 688 sub. ( What? Toyota?)

I left ( full disclosure..Clinton layed off 15,000 of my fellow Nuclear workers in '94. )to work for one of the largest global companies in the world..And what we do, no Gov't could or ever will, Create, Enginner and build the products that only the private industry can.
Would you buy a flat-screen from the US Gov't. DUH!
Could the gov't with all thier programmers ever start-up a microsoft? of course not.
Together the gov't and private sector can work together to help solve these complex and troubling issues facing our world, Of this I have no doubt.


billy, When it comes to things like submarines, I doubt a private company would venture into such a bust/boom market. So yes there are exception to the rules.


I understand the Democrats are planning a bill to fund research on a new engine that runs entirely on embryonic stem cells.

Posted by: Anonymous | November 19, 2006 at 05:18 PM

I don't believe you.

Best wishes,


P.S. Read my rosy Irish hips: No New Texas.


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