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December 23, 2006



You've got one: the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers.


Oh I know all about the BBO, I pay my dues religiously every year. But we also have the MBA, which is what the NC Bar sounded like. That' a voluntary association. The BBO (from what I know) is just a handful of lawyers, some hired, some appointed who are supposed to answer ethical queries (I've never known them to actually come up with an answer) and who preside over cases brought before them.

OTOH The MBA which is the sister org of the ABA is more of an educational and social group. We also have MATA (MA Academy of trial attorneys). Typically defense lawyers, and non-trial lawyers belong to the MBA, and the plaintiff bar inhabits MATA.

And let's not talk about New York, where the Supreme Judicial Court can be over-ruled by a mere court of appeal....

Oh I know, and that may be the reason that every NY lawyer I ever met had a huge bark and no bite.


SAM another grim milestone


I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner (and this is going to be soooo worth waiting for):

I think the charges would have been brought if they were poor, and the defendants would probably have copped a plea by now - unless of course you make the case that Nifong would have actually paid attention to how un-credible the victim is if the defendants were poor. I doubt that for some reason.
The real issue concerning, Nifong, Earle and Fitzgerald seems to boil down to the fact that they all seem to be putting politics in front of justice.

But that's just it. Without the rich lacrosse players, the political situation just isn't there for Nifong. We can go back to the previous accusation of being raped by three men that this very accuser made...they were poor and the charges went nowhere.

As for the second sentence, I do think other prosecutors say the kinds of stuff that the complaint outlines. I just don't think it gets highlighted in the same way, because that takes attention and money. And yeah it's wrong, but defense lawyers says a lot of stuff too. We don't have a gag order on trials the way that Canada does. And everyone spins.

Perhaps for what the complaint outlines, that is true. I think his overall behavior brought about the complaint though, his words are just a small part of his aggregious behavior, but maybe the easiest part on which to take action.

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