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December 09, 2006



Mission Accomplished


Yep let's here once again how there's no bias in the MSM... Since Hastert and the Republicans didn't break any ethic rules by their "inaction", then I believe the Democrats "actions" constitute the real scandal here.

But as Bumper says, that wasn't their mission!




here = hear! boy, must have been my late night attending my daughters Christmas Play... I'm no scrooge, but boy these things can really tax your Christian Heart!


I believe the report validates the investigation conducted on this very blog well before the election.

Congratulations to the Tom and the JOM gang.

>...Matt Miller saw the e-mails as inappropriate, but rather than taking them to authorities, he shopped them to the press, first to the Miami Herald and the St. Petersburg Times that November, then to the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call. He also gave the e-mails to the communications director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, a point apparently validating Republican charges that senior Democrats were behind the revelation of Foley's conduct.

Democratic Family Values in action.


Just curios, but is this the same Matt Miller

...Menendez has said the deal did not even constitute an ethics violation because he had cleared it with a lawyer on the House Ethics Committee. The lawyer Menendez named, Ellen Weintraub, has said she does not remember the case but probably would have found it ethically sound.

“We’re confident that after any review, the U.S. attorney will come to the same conclusion as the House Ethics Committee, which was that this transaction was completely appropriate and legal,” Matt Miller, a Menendez spokesman, said Friday.

If so, it's pretty rich.


This whole report reminds me of the ending of the movie "Capricorn One" where James "Dr. Motorcycle" Brolin (AKA Mr. Buba Streisand) runs up to a memorial service for him (and two others) due to their untimely "deaths" on a bungled mission to Mars, and apparently exposes the whole coverup.

There is no scenes of the legal and political repercussions, because frankly they are "Page 18 News." The NYT did the best at showing the producers of the movie were right. To steal from the Sam Waterson joke in the movie .. "Mom's on the roof."


A guy returns from a long trip to Europe, having left his beloved cat in his brother's care. The minute he clears customs, he calls his brother and inquires after his pet.

"The cat's dead," his brother replies bluntly.

The guy is devastated. "You don't know how much the cat meant to me," he sobs into the phone. "Couldn't you at least have given a little thought to a nicer way of breaking the news? For instance, couldn't you have said, 'Well, you know, the cat got out of the house one day and climbed up on the roof, and the fire department couldn't get her down, and finally she died of exposure... of starvation... or something? Why are you always so thoughtless?"

"Look, I'm really, really sorr," says his brother. "I'll try to do better next time, I swear."

"Okay, let's just put it behind us. How are you, any way? How's Mom?"

There was a long pause. "Uh," the brother finally stammers, "uh... Mom's on the roof."


I heard yesterday on Fox that the report found Rahm Emmanuel was aware of the emails (and the shopping of same) despite the fact he told the press he knew nothing about it. It was said like it was an afterthought.

Imagine if the shoe were on the other foot. The right really doesn't have the same stomach for scandal that the left has.


Yes. It doesn't. And Emmanuel is known to be the cut out to the Soros groups like CREW and works closely with Hillary!


Finally, the end of the Foley affair. Sounds like time to turn over a new page in Washington.


Does this mean that there will be a new congressional rule that E-mails between House members and interns will be "monitored?"

Tom Maguire

Does this mean that there will be a new congressional rule that E-mails between House members and interns will be "monitored?"

Yeah - but only of it is man to boy. Since no man in Washington ever hit on the female interns, that won't be an issue.


The WaPo suggests (correctly IMO) that the Reps were a bit chary of intervening because they were afraid that given that the emails they had were so innocuous they'd be tagged with hoophobia if they made much of it.

No kidding.

Perhaps we should pretend to be journos and write the story as it would appear in the NYT and Wa Po if much more than a warning had been issued on the basis of the picture request.


On second thought, a column on this in the style of the Andy Sullivan would be fun, too.


I call bullshit. Is there any real doubt that Trandahl and Fordham minimized the concerns about Foley because of their sympathies for his orientation? The notion that the two individuals. If the House leadership was "blind" to the problems (and let us note once again the deliberate obfuscation of relatively minor misconduct with the later IMs), it's because Trandahl and Fordham provided the blindfolds.




clarice - write the story.


I'm sure you can give Iowahawk and Scrappleface some good competition. :)


I wish.


Pelosi's comments on this matter will be fresh powder when the Rep. "Icebox" Jefferson matter comes up in the House before long.

But of course there is the matter of the election in New Orleans this weekend.

I sure bet a whole bunch of Democrats wish that "Icebox" would lose so the matter will slip quietly into the Potomac or Mississippi, take your pick.


I find it amazing that all those politicians, who did nothing to evacuate those poor people, and who are obviously corrupt, got re-elected.

I'm sorry but NOLA deserves whatever it gets. That's just nuts.

At least we kick them out when they do crap.


I find it amazing that the leftwing nutballs that invaded this site spewing the DeMSM talking points are nowhere to be found. It is truly impossible for them to admit they were wrong. It's disgusting. I do have to hand it to Glenn Sock Puppet - he has slammed Rahm Emmanuel for the fake he is - he lied about what the knew.

I said it before - Rahm Emmanuel is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He is the architect of Democratic Lying Liars.

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