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December 06, 2006



From a friend who just returned from Anbar the situation is worse--we search with JAG officers in tow, find the perps, write up detailed evidence forms, turn them over to the Iraqis with the dossier(all nice and legal) and find the perps back on the street while patrolling a few months later.

Between fake reportage and treating the occupation as a law enforcement matter, how could we win?



They have got to get the JAGS out of the frontline and away from being the first line of reference for commanders. Soldiers know the rules. Let them fight.


Woolsey is right. You have to maintain a level of stability after you liberate an area. Leaving just lets the ratbags back in.

Why would an Iraqi civilian get up and support the government and the coalition if he knows the moment they leave he is going to get killed or worse.

Who can blame the Iraqis for wanting to talk with Syria and Iran. All indications from our fractured government are that we will leave.


Woolsey's F O S. As Tom said above, we won every battle in Vietnam. The RVN would have made a go of it if not for the treacherous Dem congress that cut off support funding. Rules of engagement that handcuff warriors are just plain immoral. Send the JAG Corps home. All they're doing is using warriors' oxygen.


I recognized only one rule of engagement: If they shoot at me, they die. So I'm a war criminal. Prosecute me.


and find the perps back on the street while patrolling a few months later

This is the disturbing thing about the current Iraqi government. When I read that Maliki insisted that we let a HVT go, and we did it, I wondered what he's up to? Seems he's catering to Sadr.


This summer, when Israel went into Lebanon, and she said out loud: SHE DID NOT WANT TO TAKE LEBANESE TERRITORY; I read a military piece.

It taught me to look at WHY "holding territory" is something conventional armies do. But guerilla's DON'T. Because "holding" is expensive. And, the guerillas can't afford to do it!

While guerillas are good at coming in, doing devastation, and fleeing.

IF CHENEY DIDN'T GO TO RIYADH and get "instructions" from the saudis, including the link-up to Israel. Where Israel was to be TOLD! No raids into gaza ...

I wouldn't be so suspicious.

But right now? The OLD Congress is still in session. That means the THIN MARGIN to the NEW CONGRESS, being democratic territory, begins on January 1st.

Well? Where are the democrats stronger? Here? No. In 2007. And, there's another thing about battlefields, laid down long ago by Sun-Tsu. DO NOT FIGHT YOUR ENEMY WHERE YOUR ENEMY IS STRONG!

Patton used to define warfare as "grabbing your enemy by the nose, and kicking him in the pants." In other words? The tanks raced around and kicked the enemy's rear.

So, I think everything is left, now, for January. I don't think the arabs have an army between them that could lick the IDF. So, they're not gonna look for that.

Sure. They'll look for Condi to add to 1701. Round up the number.

But what does Bush say in his next State of the Union speech? People voting for him signed up for that? While all our soldiers have been denied the ability to fight! The Saudis wanted to take over Iraq with an IRON FIST. And, now they cannot. While we've blown away a whole bunch of friends. On our own LOSERS.


Davod, you are on the money.
Talked to a good friend last night, just returned from Afghanistan, and his comment about his area of that theater was almost precisely what Woolsey said. Essentially he said we defeat the enemy handily when encountered in whatever little hamlet, but then instead of leaving even a token presence, we pull out. The bad guy's return, and then when we go back in to roust them out again, we've lost the cooperation and trust of the locals because they don't believe in the long run we can be depended upon to keep them safe. Thus the job gradually gets more difficult.

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